The Attic

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

When my friend john and I turned 18 he moved to an attic apartment above his parents. We weren’t real popular back then so our summer after we graduated we spent a lot of time there. Now as you know us geeks stick to each other and rarely had the opportunity to make to a woman, and so we ended up relieving our pent up sexual curiosity and supply on each other.

We both discovered our mutual attraction when we were wrestling and both got hard-ons. It didn’t bother us we were alone in an attic above John’s deaf parents. No one could see or hear us. Our wrestling hard-ons were great fun and no one could stop us. Next we exposed ourselves to each other when watching porn and from there our inhibitions grew. We developed a game so we wouldn’t have to sound gay by saying things out loud. Instead we put our thoughts on scraps of paper and placed them in a hat. We drew them one by one and acted them out. We called our game Dirty Minds.

John drew mine , and my idea was naked wrestling. So out go the lights and off came our clothes…Soon we were on all fours trying to wrestle our naked selves to the floor. Looking back we just used it as an excuse to touch each other. John was bigger and pinned me quick. He kneeled on my arms and his dangled in front of me. I couldn’t help it, I just pretended to bite it. I loved having it in my mouth. He pretended to fall back and once again we were on all fours like dogs in heat waiting for a chance to sniff the others meat. This time he jumped over me and wrapped his arms around my back, I didn’t care I just dove for his cock and wrapped my mouth around it. He just let me suck it. He must of liked it because he then flipped into a 69 position and attacked my cock. Life was great. There is nothing like that first cock in your mouth and that first mouth on your cock….

John’s idea was next and it was a naked massage. Our cocks were still dripping precum when he layed me down on his silk sheets. When he started on my shoulders his cock just kept dragging on my and I was on fire. I just lay there putty in his hands and knew when it was my turn I was going to go for broke. He massage my entire back side and then layed flat saying he needed a massage. I was eager for the opportunity to return the favor and slowly climbed on his ass. I dropped my cock right on his ass crack and rubbed some precum on him. I slowly rubbed his shoulders and got bold enough to lower my head to smell his hair. I probably rushed through the backside rub, but I wanted him.

When I finished I told him to roll over I wanted to massage his whole body. As he rolled over his cock stood straight up and I jumped on him. This time I sat right on his cock and pretended no to notice how it pushed at my ass. I slowly rubbed his chest and used my ass to rub his cock. Only for a few minutes and then I was kneeling on his arms straddling his chest. I was massaging his head and dangling my cock and balls inches from his face. He opened his eyes and without hesitating swallowed my cock. He then threw me top the bed and mounted me. My cock was wet with precum and saliva and he used it to slide his cock against mine. What a feeling.

Before I knew it we were kissing deeply and breathing hard pulling each other as close as we could without becoming one….and then…..sweet release hot jets of sperm covered our cocks and stomachs but we just kept grinding for a few minutes, oh my god…I could cum just telling this story….Next we moved to the shower and soon discover delight…

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