The American Abroad

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was the summer of 1995 and I had accepted an internship working for a small manufacturer in a border town of Germany. I had been on the job for a week and was looking forward to my Saturday, just exploring the town and getting to know the surroundings. I had studied in Germany my Junior Year of college and was now in the midst Grad School in California getting my International Business Masters Degree and part of the program was an overseas internship.

I had gotten up late, ate a small breakfast then boarded the bus to downtown then spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the local history museum. I was planning on enjoying a coffee and pastries at a small cafe, then I was going to tour the cathedral, with no plans after that. I picked a table out on the sidewalk, sat down and ordered my coffee and a strudel when I overheard a at the next table speaking English to the waitress, attempting to figure out the menu. I turned- typical American college student. Jeans, t-shirt, hiking boots and a large backpack sitting next to him on the ground. I smiled in his direction. He was a nice looking guy, probably a few years younger than me. Brown hair, stunning green eyes, about 6' and . "Hi, need a little help?"

He looked at me and smiled. "Yeah- I don't speak a word of German. Do you mind?" he stated. I answered "No problem. I speak German. Mind if I join you?" Without even waiting for an answer I got up and took the chair next to him and asked him what he wanted and placed his order for him. The waitress walked away, appearing a few minutes later with our coffees and pastries. We made small talk. He was between his sophomore and junior years and had taken the summer off to tour Europe on his own. He was from Minneapolis. He was planning to walk around town then get a room at the Youth Hostel for the night then take off for France the next day by train. We ordered a couple more coffees and sat and talked some more. I told him my plans for the afternoon and asked if he would like to join me exploring the town. We finished our coffees and he was kind enough to treat then we headed off in the direction of the Cathedral.

We did the tour, then walked around town for a couple more hours. I knew quite a bit about the history of the town and he appreciated me being "tour guide" for the day. Dusk was approaching, and we headed to the Youth Hostel so he could check in. It was a good half hour walk from the town center and when we finally arrived and he inquired about a room, we found they were booked solid. No rooms whatsoever. We walked out, then I thought for a second and said "Tell you what- I have a small basement room I am renting for the summer just north of town. I'm renting from a little old lady and I'm not suppose to have guests- she was quite upfront about that- but she's gone for the weekend visiting her son so you can stay with me if you want." He gladly accepted.

I said, "Well, let's walk around a bit more then catch the bus back to where I'm staying. There's a little restaurant right around the corner from the house and we can have dinner and maybe a few beers." We walked back to the town center, then caught the bus for the 20 minute ride to where I was staying. We stopped off at my room so he could freshen up and drop off his backpack then walked around the block to the restaurant. I ordered a couple half liters of beer, then he ordered a "wurst" platter and I ordered the schnitzel and we sat and talked over dinner. Two more rounds of beer with dinner, then two more after. We were having a good time talking about anything and everything. I ordered a round of schnapps, then another and another. Two more beers after that. As we were talking and getting more than a little , he was leaning closer and closer into me, at times placing his hand on my arm or knee as he talked. I could tell he was getting REALLY drunk. The innkeeper came around and told us last call, so I ordered two more schnapps and two more beers then finally around 10:00 PM we got up and staggered back to my room.

The room was really small- just a double bed, a wooden chair and desk, a small closet and even smaller bathroom with a shower. I grabbed my PJ bottoms and changed in the bathroom, brushed my teeth and came out. He was sitting on the end of the bed sort of wavering back and forth. "Man, I am wasted!" he said. I laughed and replied "Me too." He got up and staggered towards his backpack, reached in and pulled out a pair of boxers and practically fell over walking into the bathroom and came out about five minutes later then looked around. "I guess I'll get my sleeping bag out and sleep on the floor." I looked at him and said "There's room on the bed. I don't mind." He thought for a second then said "Nah, I'll sleep on the floor." I quickly replied "Nonsense- that's cold concrete. There's room on the bed and I really don't mind." He thought for a second then said "Are you sure?" I laughed and said "Just get in the bed. You take the left, I'll take the right. I really don't mind."

He climbed in and I followed. He laid on his back and I on my side, turned towards him and we talked a bit more. At one point in the conversation we had in the restaurant he had mentioned that his back was really sore from hauling around that heavy pack. I noticed him shifting around quite a bit in the bed and casually said "Your back still sore?" He said yes. Now I was feeling a little more than horny- I hadn't had any action in weeks. I decided to take my chance. "How about a back rub? I'm pretty good at it." He looked and smiled nervously. "Nah, that's all right."

"You sure?" I answered, "Come on, I'm really good!" He looked away and muttered something I couldn't make out. "Come on, roll over, I promise I'll be gentle." He laid there a good minute or two. "Come on" I repeated, 'Roll over. You'll like it." He muttered "Okay, I guess" and rolled over. I sat up and straddled his thighs then leaned in and started to rub his shoulders, then slowly worked my hands up and down his back, applying steady, firm pressure. His back was all knotted up, especially his shoulders. I scooted forward a bit, my crotch right at the bottom of his firm, bubble butt, then started to dig with my hands just below his shoulder blades. I could feel my thicken and was soon boned up good. He let out a groan. "Man that feels good."

I leaned in and scooted forward more, the entire length of my rock hard, 6.5" cock shaft was now nestled in the crack of his . I started to work down his back again, scooting back over his thighs. I got just to the waist band of his underwear, thought a second, then slipped them down, exposing about half his ass. It was smooth, covered with fine reddish-brown hair. I moved my hand down and started to massage and his upper ass. His head turned. "What are you doing?" I answered "Just relax" and he complied. I worked my hands over his ass, then carefully slipped his boxers down to his thighs and started to squeeze his ass cheeks. He turned again. He was really slurring his speech. "Uh, I'm not Gay you know" he muttered. I answered, "That's okay- just relax." My cock was twitching by then. I took a chance. I eased myself off him and pulled his underwear down even further and started to massage his upper thighs, reaching my hands between his legs, inching closer and closer up his thighs until I felt my fingers rub against his his balls. He just laid there, breathing slowly and moaning a bit as I rubbed him gently.

"Why don't you turn over and let me suck your ?" I said softly. His head turned and he looked up at me. "I don't know..." he muttered, his voice trailing off. "Turn over" I repeated. He slowly turned and I reached down and pulled off his boxers, tossing them on the floor. His cock was hard. He had a dark, thick thatch of pubes and a smooth chest. A compact set of almost hairless balls hung below a six inch slender cock, curving to the right, slightly veined with a very pronounced rim around a brownish, dark head. I positioned myself next to him then leaned in and took him in my mouth. I sucked slowly, working circles around the tip of his shaft with my tongue.

I could taste the sweetness of pre-cum oozing from his slit. "God that feels good" he muttered. I took his right nut, then his left into my mouth, licking them gently as the musky odor of his groin filled my nose. After a bit, I went back up his shaft with my tongue then started deep-throating his manhood. After a few minutes I felt his balls tighten then the shaft of his wonderful cock pulsate in my mouth. Soon the tart taste of his creamy load filled my mouth as he laid there, only the sound of his heavy breathing filling the room.

I sat up and walked to the bathroom, swirling his cum around my mouth then swallowing it down. I brushed my teeth then went back out. He was snoring gently, eyes shut. I laid down next to him and jacked off, leaning over and shooting my load all over his stomach and chest. I reached over, shut off the light and fell quickly to sleep.

I woke up around 11:00 the next morning. He was gone. There was a wet towel lying on the floor of the bathroom and a note tapped to the mirror. All it said was "Thanks." I then realized that I had never asked him his name....

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