The Window Cleaner

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was on my P.C. upstairs in my bedroom surfing gay websites...I was so engrossed in the film i had found and downloaded ....The two each other had turned me on...
I slipped my hand into my shorts and began fondling my penis. I was hard as rock and the bulge was massive. My other hand i slipped into the top of my shirt where i was caressing my nipples and chest. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped my shorts down. I then began to wank myself while watching the on my screen. I spat into my hand and rubbed the saliva into my stiff and pleasured myself even more.

I was so into the hot guys screwing each other i had not heard the window cleaner place his ladder outside and climb up to my window....He was watching me as i slowly tossed myself off.
Precum appeared on my tip, i ran my finger through it and easing my arse up i rubbed it into my crack.

One of the guys on the movie was cumming in the others mouth, this turned me on more, so i wanked myself harder and was soon shooting cum all over my chest. I groaned out loud as my spumk dripped over my hairy body.
Spunk was all over my hand, so i licked it off and drank it down, i then ran my hands over my chest and rubbed the spunk into my thick hairy chest, then again licked my fingers dry. I scooped more spunk from my pubes and standing, i massaged it into my glory hole.

My penis was still hard and throbbing, and i still felt fucking horny. I pulled from a drawer a long white vibrator and slowly inched it into my arse, i pushed it up as far as it would go, and began fucking my arse with it, while caressing my body and hard nipples.

The window cleaner, still unknown to me was watching from the window furthest away from me, i moved over to my bed, where i lay on my side, i began my cock, and carried on fucking my butt with my sex toy.
I was soon on the verge of shooting another load of cream, so i pulled the sex toy from my crack and came over it, i then pushed it back into my warm moist hole. I then pulled it from me and running it over my chest i then placed it my mouth where i sucked at it.

I lay om the bed just running the vibrator over my body and touching myself all over, when i finally caught sight of the window cleaner !!!!

"Fucking hell !! " i yelled, jumping up and pulling my shorts and shirt on...." How long have you been watching me ? " i asked embarrassed beyond belief.
" Long enough mate...i was enjoying the show. " he replied

I felt myself blushing but even though he had seen what i had been doing, i realised it was a bit of a turn on. ..My cock, which was still semi hard showed through my shorts.
The window cleaner said " Have you got any juice left in that tool of yours or have you wanked it all out ? "

" Why did you want some ? " i asked him.

"Lets just say i would like to put my cock where you had that sex toy. " he replied looking at the vibrator that was on my bed.

" you had better climb in then " i said smiling at him.

He was in his early twenties, blonde and tanned from working outside. He was wearing a pair of white jogger bottoms and a matching zipped jacket. He climbed in the window, and came over to me. He put his arms around me and fondled my butt, and we began kissing long and . I felt his hand moving into the top of my shorts and down to my crack where he fingered me.
Easing my shorts down he moved me to the bed where i lay down with my legs open waiting for him. He stood next to the bed and took off his trainers, and pulled down his joggers and got onto the bed next to me.
He wasted no time in going straight down to my erect cock and began sucking at me with gusto. One hand was holding the base of my shaft, while the other moved yo under my still done up shirt, he felt my hairy chest. I groaned with pleasure at his touch and the feel of his wet mouth over my cock.

" That feels so good. " i said as he went deeper down my shaft. He moved up the bed and lay next to me. We kissed, i un-zipped his jacket . He was smooth and well toned, i pulled his jacket open and felt his chest as we kissed each other. I slid my hand down his hairy legs and felt his hard cock through his boxers.
" Lets get these off. " i whispered, slipping my hand into them and feeling his pubes.

He pulled them off and began to unbutton my shirt, he lay on top of me and kissed my chest all over, our cocks were rubbing up against each others.
He then knelt below ma and i placed my legs over his shoulders, he spat on his hand and rubbed it in his cock, then he slowly entered me, he was so tender and gentle.
He pushed his member up into my hole and slowly began to make to me.

" God that feels so good. me you you sexy fucker. " i groaned at him in delight. " Your cock feels so good up my crack."

He fucked me for a while then pulled out oif me. He moved to sit on my stomach, then facing me, he eased himself down onto my red hot poker. He started to ride.

" Let me suck your cock. " i begged him.
He got up and lay down, i went down on him and deep throated him, while fondling his thick balls . I then moved round into the 69er and we sucked each others cocks hard.
I could feel myself cumming for the third time that morning.

" I`m gonna cum" i said. ...he sucked me harder, soon i spouted all my juice into his mouth, he gulped it down as if he was thirsty....His balls tightened in my hand and i felt him tense as his spunk exploded into my own mouth..i drank him down, enjoying his manhood and juice.

When we had finished fucking, we lay together on the bed holding each other tight. I stroked his chest and my knee was in his lap, i felt his limp penis against my skin. I turned my face to and we started to kiss.....My hand moved down between his legs where i slowly bought his limp cock back to attention . He was soon hard in my hand, i wanked him gently as we kissed.

He also wanked my again now cock, and soon we were necking each other while wanking each other off harder, our breathing became heavy as we both realised we were going to shoot our loads once again. Soon we were covered in spunk, i t dripped from us onto the bed. I went down on him and licked his cum from his cock. I then went back up to him where we kissed, i passed his spunk from my wet mouth to his.
After a while he said he had better get on with window cleaning round....I watched him as he dressed. He kissed me again and said he would love to fuck me again.

" My window is always open. " i said as he climbed back out onto his ladder.........

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