Swinging with Tina and Don : Part 2

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

Tina and Don had gone through a serious discussion about how they might meet other couples that were interested in swapping partners. It had actually been a mild argument brought on by Don's reluctance to take their fantasy to the next level.

They finally agreed on subscribing to a Swingers Magazine. Tina agreed to take care of it. It was summertime and as school teachers, they had the summer off. Don had actually taken a part-time job helping his Dad in a small air conditioning and heating business, but for the most part, he worked when he wanted to.

Tina had experienced her first sexual encounter with someone other than Don. They had been together since fourteen they both felt they missed out on their teen-age years and the dating experience. They were both ready to explore the swinging scene and as Tina anxiously awaited their first magazines, Don was apprehensive.

Tina had no idea there were so many resources available to men and women that wanted to share their the spouses with others couples. The first magazine she received, listed only one couple within a reasonable driving distance. Fifty miles wasn't too far to go for the potential of having a really great sexual encounter. She contacted them without telling Don about it and because they sounded like tailor trash, she decided not to make any further effort with them. They were in the same age , mid-thirties, and the woman was small and petite, meeting Don's requirements. Still, Tina just didn't feel like they had anything else in common.

A magazine catering to fatties came a couple of days later. She actually found a couple of that she could have gotten interested in, but one was single and the other had a wife that weighed close to three hundred pounds. She was disappointed in the magazines.

Still later, a magazine advertising black swingers arrived. Tina looked it over as she lie on her bed and masturbated, thinking about the only man, other than Don, that she had ever had sex with and thought about trying to contact him.

That night, she gave all three magazines to Don and asked him to look them over. "Take your time and keep an open mind. If there's anyone there that you think we might connect with, circle their ad and show it to me. If there is no one, we'll try something else," Tina said.

Some of the ads had photos and some didn't but they promised to send photos if they were contacted with a request. Don liked the description of several of the women but none of them had a photo. In the three magazines, he found four potential women that he wanted a photo of. He showed them to Tina and she sent out the request.

One of the photos arrived a week later. Tina knew that Don wouldn't like the woman because she was much more plump than her written profile had indicated. The man looked to be Arab or possibly Hispanic. She liked his looks and wished that Don wasn't so damn fussy.

She called the number of the people that she had previously talked to. What kind of person puts their phone number in their ad, for gods sake, she wondered. Still, she decided to talk to them again. The same woman answered the phone. She sounded uneducated and very southern. She claimed to be five one and weighed one hundred and eight pounds. Her husband, a five foot ten man admitted that he was a little overweight. "Not bad," he said. "Just added about ten extra pounds around my middle in the past year" he told Tina.

"Would you mind sending a photo of yourselves?" Tina asked.

"Oh hell no, honey. We do that all the time. Some folks seem to like us and some don't. Isn't that about the way is is with everything?" she chuckled.

Tina contacted every couple that Don had circled. She decided that there was no harm in pursuing them. She wasn't making a commitment just because she asked for a photo.

AS the photos came in, Tina realized that everyone wanted her to reciprocate by sending a photo of her and Don back to them. Of the five people she contacted, she was interested in all of the men except one. He was fifty's, small and frail looking, thick glasses and balding. To top it off, he had a tiny weenie. His wife was actually rather cute, forty's, small tits, nice face and weighed only one hundred and twenty pounds. She almost didn't show their photo to Don because she was afraid that he would pick them.

The couple that she had spoken with on the phone was actually the best fit for them if she were to consider nothing but looks. The man was about Don's age and size, thick dark hair, muscular with a neat, well kept beard. The woman that she believed had privately thought of as a hillbilly, was petite, her boobs were pert but probably too large for Don's liking.

A couple that lived just over a hundred miles away, was her personal favorite. They called themselves , but they both looked like white Caucasians to her. He was five eight with a decent build, she was five five, cute and sexy looking. The photo of her with her clothes on made her look prettier than the nude photo, but she thought Don might like her. The man wore glasses and and a suit and tie in one photo and his nude photo showed him standing next to a white horse. His cock was bigger than Don's from the looks of it and she wondered if it might hurt her.

A photo of another couple came and enclosed only a nude photo of a couple standing next to one another. The woman met Don's requirements, except that she wasn't very good looking. The man, an overweight man that appeared to be ten or fifteen years older than the woman, was actually the the best looking man of them all. He was a little gray with a strong, handsome face, and a hairy chest. His uncut cock was smaller than Don's but adequate. He had a lot of pubic hair. Their package included a phone number while the others just asked for Tina to send a photo of themselves.

Tina called and a man answered the phone. She introduced herself and decided he had a pleasant voice and decent phone manners. "I haven't showed your photo to my husband yet, but I'm sure that I'm interested.
We're new to this so we don't even have any nude photos of ourselves, but I'll talk to Don and see what he says. If he agrees, I'll send them out in the next day or so," Tina said as she ended the conversation.

Once Tina looked over the photos and organized them, she realized that none of the couples that she spoken with, had inquired about Don's features at all. They both asked about her weight and heights. She thought that a little unusual.

She left the package of all four responses in a big envelope for Don to look at. When he arrived home in the late afternoon, she asked him to look at them on his own, read her comments, evaluate them and let her know if he was interested enough to send a nude photo of themselves back to the potential playmates.

Don took them to the garage, studied them briefly and brought them back. "You pick. I'm willing to try any of them. You're the only perfect woman I know," he said.

"How are we going to get a nude photo of ourselves?" she asked.

"I'll take one of you, you take one of me. Simple. We don't have to be in the same picture do we?" he asked.

"No, I guess not" she replied thoughtfully.

"Tell me when you're ready," Don said. "I'm ready when you are," he added.

Tina said she would be ready in a few minutes. She went into the bathroom, combed her hair, put makeup on, trimmed the few pubic hairs that she had left at the top of her groin. He pussy was clean shaven and had been for many years.

Don hollered at her told he would be in the garage. When she arrived with the camera, he was standing naked against his blue camera, grinning. She took six pictures quickly before he changed his mind and asked him to take her pictures lying on their bed.

Tina looked beautiful at thirty four years of age. Don was handsome. When she put the photos in the mail, she was sure that they were a better looking couple than any she had seen.

A few days later when, she received a call from her new hillbilly friend. "Listen friend, you guys are hot. We're going to a swingers in Chicago on Saturday night. We check in at 8:00 in the morning and it ends at midnight on Sunday. We'd sure love to meet you guys there if you're interested.

Tina was elated. She didn't like the woman's voice, but she seemed friendly enough. She wished she had asked how many people would be attending, but she decided that it was a perfect way to get things started. Don agreed.

The party was being held in a large penthouse in a Hilton hotel in the downtown area. She called, made reservations and got the discount that her new friend, Edie had told her about. "Just tell them you're with the Midwest Exchange Group," Edie had said. "It'll save you a bundle."

Just being in the hotel made Tina horny. Every guest she looked at made her wonder if it were one of the men that were attending the party. Riding up in the elevator with another couple, made her pussy itch as she studied a dark-skinned African American couple. She wanted to have sex with Don as soon as she got in the room so she could fantasize about the man in the elevator, but she knew it was best to save herself for the party that would begin the following morning.

She slept very little that night. She woke up every hour or so and played with her pussy. When she did sleep, she thought of the teacher friend, Alex that had taken her to a local hotel and gave her an unforgettable fuck. She felt haggard and unattractive as she prepared for the party the next morning. Edie had suggested she wear some really sexy shorts for the daytime events and a cocktail dress without underwear for the dance party that night. She dressed in a short pair of blue, terry cloth shorts and a white, silk blouse. Don wore Levia and a blue polo shirt. They set out to the penthouse.

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