Summer Lifeguard part 7

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

Peter stood above J.J. on the beach, his skin bronzed to a rich copper color, giving his skin a metallic sheen in the rising sun. His shoulders were so wide that he seemed as though he would have to enter the garage door sideways. He was bare from the waist up, from the waist down his body was covered with a pair of baggy gray sweatpants that were fastened at the waist with a drawstring.
His feet were bare, for running in the sand, as he evidently had been doing, to judge by the shining perspiration, which shone on his body. J.J. looked around, his face flushing as he realized his nudity.

“Well, look what the tide has washed up!” Peter laughed. “Where are your clothes? Not that you don’t look perfectly charming – the way you are.”
J.J. said lamely, “I, uh, I can’t explain just now. Let’s say it was a rough night.”
“Here, let me help you a hand up!” Peter said. Leaning forward, he extended a hand to J.J. and pulled him to his feet. Now that he stood up, J.J.’s flesh sparked when Peter touched his back. “Let me brush some of the sand off you,” Peter offered, his mighty hand sweeping sand grains off J.J.’s shoulders and upper back. The touch sent shivers through J.J.
“Chilly?” laughed Peter. It can get pretty cool on the beach at night, especially in your birthday suit.”

Peter worked his way down J.J.’s back, flicking off the sand. “We had better get you covered up before people start arriving on the beach.”
“If only I could remember where my stuff is!” J.J. replied, “But all these dunes look exactly alike.”

“Ok, why don’t you come back to my place, It’s a little beach house, just a quarter mile down the shore! We’ll find something to fit you.” Peter said, “Let’s get going – I’ll set you up with something to eat. Well come on, let’s go!”
Peter led the way, setting off with bold long-legged strides, his body flashing with mighty muscles flexing like iron. J.J. felt like he was living a dream, nude as he was. It was like he was living a dream where everyone was naked.
Walking was a bit rough for him. His asshole irritated by the rough fucking the day before. Twinged and sent intense sensations throughout him. Pain flickered across his face, and he gasped.
“Something wrong?” Peter asked. “Uh, no, I guess that I’m just kind of stiff from sleeping on the beach,” J.J. replied.
“Well, I didn’t want to say anything. But it looks like you ran into some pretty rough surf,” Peter smiled.
J.J. took a good look at himself in the light of the early morning. His body looked pink and glowing, and he was bruised and scratched.
He noticed that some of the bruises were a little embarrassing, to say the least. On both sides of his hips were lines of bruises, each hip bearing five round purple-brown bruises arranged in vertical rows.

The bruises were nothing more than the imprints of the hands of Jerry and Danny, hands which had held his hips too tight while they had fucked his . He had the same bruises on his shoulders where Danny had held him down and fucked his face.

J.J. blushed and told Peter “I’ll explain later.” As they began walking, Peter followed a course which wound through the low hills of the dunes. Gulls dipped and swooped, their wings forming shinning white V’s.
Finally, Peter stopped and pointed across a long flat stretch of ground to a one-story wooden frame house, very modern in design. “That’s my beach house,” he explained.
The sands were deserted as they crossed to the house. J.J. shivered, not from the chill, but from the mere closeness of this magnificent man. Peter entered first, swinging back the screen door. J.J. stepped inside the shadowed cool dimness of the house, his bare feet slapping on the wooden floorboards. The two men stood in a kitchen. Through the kitchens open doorway could be seen a large open living room.

Peter turned and slipped off the sweatpants that he had been wearing. “They’re all sandy!” he remarked.
He now wore nothing more than very scanty pair of neon orange Speedo’s, the low slung bikini style which Jerry and Danny had also worn the day before. The crotch of the trunks was filled out by the basket like bulge of his genitals, which were clearly outlined against the tight trunks. And J.J. gasped at the sight, having flashes of memory as to what was concealed in them.

J.J. looked at Peter and said “Maybe I should explain…!” But Peter insisted that they have some breakfast and coffee before anything else, and he went to work in the kitchen.
There was a table set up in the living room, which was a large central room. In one corner was a mass of weight training equipment. The beach house had lofts overlooking the studio living room, a large set of glass sliding doors looked out on a wonderful vista of sand and sea, which was a few hundred yards distant. Soon there was the sound of bacon frying, and the invigorating aroma of hot coffee brewing circulated in the room.
J.J. offered to help in the kitchen, but Peter would not hear of it. He said, “J.J. you look like you could do with a bit of cleaning up. There’s a shower stall out in the back of the house, you get showered while I finish.”
“Oh, yes, I’d love a shower!” J.J. said.
By now, the sun had come up, creating a splendid morning. Some misty haze still clung to the sea and shore, but was being rapidly burned off by the sun’s rays.
J.J., stepped outside naked, it was exciting to step back out without a stitch of clothing.

The shower stall was outdoors, attached to the side of the house which faced away from the sea. Not far away, on a high hill, began a thicket of small dense scrub pines, which formed a sort of natural fence, providing privacy from the gaze of outsiders.

Cool breezes caressed J.J.’s bare flesh, as he walked to the shower stall. It was a simple box-like container with a showerhead at the top of it. He walked in and turned on the water and it felt so good to be washed down, he closed his eyes and turned his face up to the sharp needles of the spray. Hot water washed down over him. He soaped himself and gurgled and splashed as the grime and grit of the last day was splashed off him. And as the spray was rinsing off the masses of soap and J.J. was about to step out of the shower, Peter was standing there watching him.
He handed J.J. a long, white, terry cloth robe, and J.J. snuggled inside its sheltering folds. He closed the robe via a sash, which he belted at the waist and followed Peter into the house.

The meal was already served and laid out on the table. J.J. had not eaten since the morning before and he was ravenously hungry. At last the plates were emptied, the silverware set down, and the pot drained of its last ounces of coffee. Peter smiled as he cleared the table of the dirty dishes. “Well! That was just fantastic!” J.J. said. “I don’t know how to thank you!”
“Oh, I’m sure that we’ll think of something,” Peter said, his eyes twinkling. “It’s a pleasure to have you here.”

Peter walked into the living room, classical music played over the speakers of a stereo system, through the broad glass panels of the doors could be seen a beautiful vista of the sea. And under the swelling harmonies of the recorded music was the steady pounding of the breakers rolling onto the shore.
Peter sat on the sofa and patted the cushion next to him, motioning for J.J. to come and sit down. When J.J. sat down, his thigh was pressed on one side by Peter’s massive muscular thigh. Peter put him arm on J.J.’s shoulder, his fingers curling with power as the kneaded J.J.’s arm and shoulder. Peter said, “Now, tell me the story. What happened?”

Heated anger flared into Peter’s face when J.J. completed the story, and J.J. blushed, a bright and rosy red color. He didn’t want Peter to feel so angry toward those guys, it was a done deal and he just wanted to forget it. So J.J. stood, and just smiled at Peter.
Peter looked up into J.J.’s eyes and he knew what to do. He reached for the knotted sash of the robe wrapped around J.J., he untied the sash and the robe fell open. Now, their passions were stirred as his robe was taken off, leaving him naked once again. Peter reached up, wrapping his hands around J.J.’s hips and pulled him down so that he sat on his lap. J.J.’s bare butt, smooth and warm, pressed with all the weight of his body down on the lap of the man who held him.
Peter still wore only his Speedo, leaving his massive muscular torso bare. There was a richly pungent smell of sea and salt and a man’s musk clinging to his flesh that made J.J. nearly dizzy with lust as his buttocks pressed down on Peter’s package and he felt it begin to harden.

Peter exclaimed what soft, smooth skin J.J. had. He did his to feel and fondle every inch of that skin. He let his hands roam all over J.J., he kneaded J.J.’s bare shoulders, his smooth pectorals. He played with his nipples until they stood out stiff and throbbing. He caressed the taut tops of J.J.’s thighs. His hand pressed open the thighs and reached for J.J.’s balls.
J.J. sat sideways on Peter’s lap, with his legs dangling down on one side, he had put one arm around Peter’s shoulders. Peter now rested his hand between J.J.’s legs, and with surprising delicacy, he began fondling the cock and balls. He circled the hard cock between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing and playing with it, as J.J.’s passions were stirred. More than passions… under the fondling feelings, his cock jumped and throbbed. Arousal grew steadily, as Peter pulled and kneaded the cock. Chills raced through J.J. when his balls were fingered. And as the torrid handling of his cock and balls got to him, J.J. squirmed involuntarily with arousal, rolling his butt back and forth. His soft bottom flesh pressed down on Peter’s cock and balls, and his rolling moves massaged sizzling arousal into the muscled giant. J.J.’s eyes widened as he felt the rod beneath him stretch, expand and grow into an awesome erection.

Now, as in a daze, he moved in response to the guiding movements of Peter’s hands, which were lifting him up off his lap. Looking down, J.J. saw his own cock jutting stiffly from his hips, jerking and waving thanks to the force of erotic arousal. He looked over his shoulder, down at Peter's crotch, where a massive bulge showed in the crotch of his tight swim trunks.
J.J. stood with his backside facing the man, and Peter held J.J.’s hips in both hands. Leaning forward, he planted a series of hot quick kisses on J.J.’s bottom. That bottom blushed hotter and redder under the licking kisses. The silken growth of Peter’s beard was a constant caress against his ass. Peter reached around to the front to take hold of J.J.’s erection in one hand and began to pull and knead and play with it as he licked his way around the hot cheeks.
J.J. felt weak and shaky with erotic heat as Peter rose from the couch, his cock bulging more than ever.

He reached for the drawstring of his trunks and slipped them down his muscular hips, their waistband caught on the rim of his cock head and pulled it downward. When the trunks pulled free, the cock released from its tension, sprang up and slapped him on the abs. The swimsuit went down his legs, falling in a heap of orange at his feet.
Waves of erotic weakness and need swept through J.J. at the sight of that mighty man and his mighty erection. J.J. got down on his knees, where the swollen hard-on bobbed only inches from his face. Hunger churned in his belly, a sexual hunger… his mouth watered, and his eyes glazed as he stared at the awesome rod of flesh.
Peter took hold of his shaft, squeezing it. When his closed fist tightened on the cock, its massive head seemed to redden and expand even further. J.J.’s lips glimmered under the shining coat of moisture, which he licked on them in preparation for receiving the massive rod. Peter stepped forward, pressing the cock against J.J.’s parted lips, and J.J.’s pink pointed tongue flicked out.
J.J. licked the cock head, which seethed hotly against his tongue and Peter pressed his cock to the hot waiting lips. J.J. opened his to take the rod and Peter put it in his mouth. J.J. felt as though he was dissolving into a mass of quivering ecstasy as his mouth was filled with the strong surging cock. Peter pushed his cock deep, the width of it stretched J.J.’s mouth at the corners, while its weight lay heavy on his tongue, he then pressed his lips against the shaft and it throbbed with a pulse as heavy as that of a beating heart.
Peter stepped back and his cock was pulled from J.J.’s mouth with a popping sound. Peter leaned down; he took J.J.’s chin in his hand and lifted his face upward. He bent to J.J.’s ear and whispered. “Do you want this baby, do you want my cock? Tell Daddy how much you want my cock!”
“Use me,” J.J. whimpered. “I don’t care what you do to me, fuck me in my mouth, in my ass, cum on my face – but let me serve you!”
“You’re a good ,” Peter said, and stroked J.J.’s hair. “I think that you’ll fit in nicely here.”

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