Summer Camp

(Part 1 from 11. Fiction.)

All characters contained within are entirely fictional; any similarity to any real or fictional person living or deceased is totally unintentional. Do not read this story if you do not enjoy reading about consensual sexual activities of an exhibitionist nature. Otherwise read on...


Hi it’s me, Jo Ashram, I’m back again, putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to carry on where I left off with “Becoming a Model Patient”. It’s been a week since the private party, life is resuming some semblance of normality and my body has stopped aching from the ordeal it endured the previous week! It is now the University’s summer holidays and virtually all of the students have gone home for the duration. As a result we (Ethan, Tang, Marc and I) are not required, instead we will receive a retaining fee until the autumn term commences. For me this is music to my ears, six weeks to do as I please and get paid for it!

Having parted company with the guys late on Saturday morning I went home and caught up with all the mundane chores that were waiting for me i.e. housework, washing, shopping etc. What a come down, I thought, from being the centre of attention at an to being a cleaner! On the other hand it was good to get some time to myself, straighten out my head and get my ego back to a manageable size.... By the evening I’d completed all the chores and had crashed out on my sofa with a couple of bottles of beer to watch a football match on TV. Compared to the football games that I’d played it all seemed rather tame and before long I called it a day, went upstairs, had a shower and crawled naked into bed exhausted.

I had a restless night, tossing and turning feeling that something was missing. When I did eventually drift off to sleep I dreamt of a handsome muscular black man who kept enveloping his arms and legs around me, pinning me down. I felt both trapped and secure simultaneously, initially I tried to resist his encompassing limbs but after a long struggle I gave up the fight. No sooner had I relinquished control than I felt his throbbing cock nudging at my back door, surrendering to the sensations I let him in and felt him slide up inside me until he could go no further. Then my dream took a surreal turn because I felt his cock expanding and his body merging into mine until we had become one person yet retaining our own identities. The dream faded out but one word lingered in my mind – Marc.

Sunday morning dawned late for me; pulling back the bedroom curtains I squinted and held a hand out before my eyes as the hot summer sun struck me full in the face. It felt good on my skin but was a shock to my senses having only just woken up. Once my eyes became accustomed to the brightness I gazed out over my back garden. Garden? More like a jungle! It is my pride and joy but since working at the University I simply haven’t had the time or energy to devote to it and in my absence the grass and weeds had grown like wildfire turning the neat borders, lawn and vegetable patch into a wilderness. I decided that today was the day I regained control of the wilderness, so quickly making my bed I donned a pair of shorts, went downstairs to have some breakfast before making my way out into the garden. I have always found gardening therapeutic so as I mowed the lawn any cares I had melted away, life felt wonderful and I was in my own little world. In the background I heard a phone ringing, sounds familiar I thought, then with a jolt I realised it was my phone! I raced into the kitchen, and yes, as is predictable it stopped ringing as I ran into the room. Checking the missed call function I saw it was Marc, my heart skipped a beat, I wondered what he wanted and it seemed like ages since I’d last spoken to him (all of one week). Wasting no time I called him back, trying to maintain a calm tone in my voice was considerably harder than it should have been especially when his baritone and slightly husky voice answered my call with a “Hello dude, I was hoping you’d call me back”. Making small talk for a few minutes Marc then asked what I was doing right now, so I informed him that I was standing in my hallway wearing just a pair of shorts, all hot and sweaty as I’m in the middle of mowing the lawn to be then followed by several hours of weeding. Sounds like I need a pair of helping hands Marc declared and said he’d be round in half an hour. Keeping my broad grin in check I said “Why thank you kind Sir, I’ll pop some cans of beer in the fridge for afterwards. When you arrive, just come round the back, the gate will be open”. “Will do” was his reply before hanging up.

Heading back to the garden I had an extra spring in my step as I got back into the swing of mowing. That half an hour flew past because before I knew it I heard the sound of the back gate opening and a man’s wolf whistle. Looking over my shoulder I shot him a big grin and then said you’re not so bad yourself. Boy was he one fit looking man! A in his early forties, heavy set, close cropped hair with a goatee. Today he was wearing combat trousers, his customary muscle vest and work boots. Smiling in return he sauntered over and gave me a great hug and to my astonishment a long lusty kiss on the lips before stepping back. After getting my breath back I raised my eye brows and asked him what brought that on. Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’ve missed you buddy was his amused reply.

With that he sat down on the back door step and motioned for me to continue cutting the grass, cheeky beggar I said, I thought you were coming to help me. Marc replied that he’d help with the weeding shortly but in the meantime he was going to sit there and admire the hot body labouring before him! Well, I guess he had a point (being very modest of course); from what I saw in the mirror and other guys had told me I was reasonably pleasing to the eye. My olive skin tones and black hair which cover most of my chest, arms and legs (but thankfully not too much on my back) and now thanks to the University’s gymnasium, my muscles were well developed, which all seem to make me a target of both men and women’s eyes.

Chuckling to myself I resumed the grass cutting, doing my best to ignore Marc’s smirking each time I headed towards him with the mower, and his eyes burning into my back as I headed away. Soon enough I’d completed the grass cutting, putting the mower away I sat down next to Marc just close enough to touch him but outside of his personal space. Hey you look like you could do with a beer he said. I would love one, there’s some in the fridge I replied. Jumping up Marc fetched two cans of beer and sat back down within an inch of me, clearly he wanted to be closer to me.

Taking a couple of swigs from my can I turned to Marc and asked what his plans were for today. He looked at me thoughtfully for a couple of seconds before responding. His sons were staying with their mother this weekend, so he was free to spend some time with his favourite fuck buddy without suspicions being raised in his kids’ inquisitive minds. He was hoping to stay overnight, if I had no objections, stay until mid morning before leaving to collect them around lunch time. Inside I was elated but I managed to retain a veneer of composure, with a trace of a smile I raised my can took a swig and said his plans were fine by me but we had work to do first. Giving him a hard push which sent him sprawling, with a giggle I jumped up and headed for the shed to fetch two sets of kneeling pads, hand forks and gloves. Turning round I saw that Marc was still sitting where I’d left him, giving him a mock frown and told him to get up and help me or I would punish him later. Calling me a slave driver he rose and sauntered over and took the tools from me and we set to work on the flower beds.

Within an hour we had completed the beds and were making headway with the vegetable patch, it was hot work under the baking sun and I could feel the sun burning my back. Marc, sweating profusely, decided enough was enough and stripped off his top then started unbuckling his belt. Nervously I glanced at the neighbouring houses, laughing Marc told me not to worry he had boxer shorts underneath. Relieved, I resumed watching Marc remove his trousers, God I could gaze at his body forever! Bringing myself to my senses I returned to the task at hand concentrating as hard as I could on pulling up weeds. Finally we were done and surveying the garden I was pleased with the results and said so.

Smiling in acknowledgement, he took my hand and led me inside and up to the bathroom where we stripped off our shorts and stepped into the shower. Soaping each other up was incredibly sensual, I could have exploded there and then, but Marc had other ideas. Each time my hands drifted down to my crutch he growled and slapped them away. As time went on my needs became more urgent and my hips began to buck trying to make contact with any surface to get some friction. Marc acknowledged the situation by kneeling down in front of me, wrapping his arms around my waist he slowly licked his way up my shaft. Aaargh! I didn’t know if I was in agony or ecstasy but my balls were getting tighter and tighter and my cock was beginning to pulse. Finally his mouth reached my cockhead and in one smooth movement he swallowed the whole of my cock so that his goatee was pressing into my balls. I could contain myself no longer and with one almighty groan I started to orgasm sending load after load of jism down his throat. I expected him to pull away, instead he simply swallowed it all and carried on sucking my cock until I stopping jerking around and my cock started to shrink. Releasing me, he stood up gave me a broad grin and led me by the hand to the bedroom, not even pausing to dry ourselves. Pushing me sharply in the back in the direction of the bed, I stumbled and landed in an ungainly sprawl face down but before I could utter a rebuke I felt two large hands take hold of my thighs and forcefully spread them wide, then his bearded mouth pushed its way between my cheeks and a hot wet tongue started lapping at my whole. Any thoughts of protest swiftly evaporated as I gave into the heavenly sensations caused by his probing tongue, round and round it lapped before darting in and out, then thrusting back in again before slowly retreating. My hips responded by rising and falling in time to his lapping trying to get as much of his tongue in me as possible, my cock began to rouse once more. Before long the tongue withdrew and I felt the bed move as Marc changed his position on the bed and in the place of his tongue I felt his cockhead gently push against my ring. I knew what was coming, looking up at him I asked him to do me a favour and use some lube as my hole was tight and virginal. Between fits of laughter he said I don’t think so, not when you can take two fists up there quite comfortably! Good point, I replied but it would be kinder on me though. Winking at me in agreement Marc reached across me to be bedside cabinet, grabbed the lube bottle and generously applied it to his cock. Then without further delay he slowly pushed his cock inside me, giving me time to adjust to the invasion, until all nine inches were firmly buried within me. Keeping his cock still he lowered his body onto mine and I could feel his breath on the nape of my neck just before he started to kiss my neck and shoulders. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to thrust in and out of me, withdrawing until my ring clasped the ridge of his cockhead before plunging back in again. His thrusting became more forceful and faster until he was pulling out completely leaving my hole gaping before re-entering. My mind was swamped with the incredible sensations and I assumed that he was going to continue until he came, I could feel his breath getting hoarser; surely any moment now he’ll shoot his load up me.

Instead, catching me by surprise he pulled out, climbed off the bed, flipped me over onto my back and pulled me towards him until my bum was hanging over the edge. Then still holding my ankles he grabbed one of the nearby pillows and shoved it under my hips. Next he told me to wrap my arms round the back of knees and not to let go until he told me to do so. Yes Sir! I said with a chuckle which resulted in me getting a playful slap on the bum. Holding my legs in this manner exposed my hole totally and Marc wasted no time in plunging his cock back into me, on and on he went until my ring had lost all resistance and wasn’t closing when he pulled out. Seemingly satisfied with this state of affairs he pulled out completely and inserted four fingers with ease, then tucking his thumb in behind them with a slight push his hand was drawn inside bringing an involuntary sigh from my lips. I felt his fist open up inside me and then his cock joined it and I realised he was wanking himself off! In no time at all his body began to heave and shudder and then he exploded sending jets of jism deep into my bowels. When he’d stopping cumming he pulled his cock out but left his fist inside me, kneeling down he started to gently push his fist further up into me. Reaching the second ring he teased, stroked and massaged it until it opened up like a flower and let him pass through. I was panting and my cock was ready to explode again but with no hands free there was nothing I could do to relieve it. Like a giant cock Marc’s fist and forearm fucked me until with a cry I exploded jism all over my chest and face. Only then did he remove his fist from my hole and allow me to lower my legs. With a broad grin on his face he looked at me before announcing that he’d been waiting a long time to do that to me. Extending an arm towards me he helped me off the bed and led me to the bathroom for our second shower of the day. This time it was purely for cleansing purposes and while we washed we discussed our options for the rest of the day.

Stepping outside I locked the front door behind me, I turned and as I did so I caught the reflection of Marc and myself in the glass and it took my breath away. Suited and booted was a phrase that sprang to mind, we looked like we meant business and a little voice in the back of my mind said we made a handsome couple. Except that we weren’t a couple, not it Marc’s mind at least, a relationship was one complication he didn’t need or require. I dismissed that thought as quickly as it had appeared; nothing was going to spoil our evening. Now as we walked down the street to catch a bus into town Marc’s attitude and mannerism towards me had changed, gone was the horny devil who’d screwed me senseless a couple of hours ago and wanted to be as close as possible. In its place was a streetwise gangster look-alike holding me at arm’s length (in fact acting very straight). I am ashamed to say that I don’t know which turned me on the most; I was just enjoying the ride and hoping that he wouldn’t tire of me.

Our first destination in town was a high class restaurant in the nice part of town, one that I would normally walk straight past because of its exclusivity and its prices. Marc had promised me a treat and he wasn’t bluffing, he walked in as if he owned the joint and the Maitre De greeted him in a way which indicated that he’d been here many times before. As we sat down at our table I commented on this fact, nodding in agreement he confirmed that although it was expensive the food was excellent and he always came here when there was a special occasion or he wanted it to be intimate. The food and service was impeccable and I was having such a good time that I simply didn’t want it to end, all too soon though we were drinking after dinner coffees and debating on whether to continue with our plans for the evening or to call time and go home to make some of our own entertainment. I was in favour of the second option but Marc was in the mood for dancing, so I gave in gracefully and agreed to go clubbing. Having paid the bill we casually made our way out onto the street, just as I reached the threshold I held a sly hand touch my bum and gave it a sharp pinch, hard enough to make me jump and Marc chuckle.

Catching a taxi across town we arrived at the nightclub, lit up like a camp neon beacon, it was hardly a discreet destination for a straight acting guy! But keeping my thoughts to myself I followed Marc into the foyer where a large number of people were gathered in the process of paying their entrance fees and using the cloakroom facilities. I quickly realised that despite its outward appearance this wasn’t a gay venue at all and that the age range was broad, from teenagers up to men and women in their forties. At least I wouldn’t feel like a granddad and out place. Marc must have read my mind because he turned to me giving me an affectionate squeeze on my arm and asked me if this was what I had been expecting. Deciding to be honest I admitted that it had come at as a surprise, I thought he had been making a grand gesture of coming out of the closet. A look of horror flashed across his face momentarily before his composure was restored, I thought I’d blown my chances and started to stammer an apology. Putting a finger to my lips to hush me he said it was okay, he had asked me a question and the answer had surprised him that’s all. Then he said it was his turn to be honest, he had chosen this nightclub deliberately precisely because it was popular with a wide age range of partygoers of all sexual persuasions so if he happened to meet anyone he knew no suspicions would be raised if they saw him with me. Oh, right I see I replied. Do you expect to? Who knows, you can never tell, I am such a popular guy he replied, at the same time grabbing his sizable trouser bulge. With my eyes following his movement I agreed that he most certainly was, but I thought I should verify his claim later tonight and licked my lips to emphasise the point. Mmm, I think that may be in order he chuckled, but first things first, let’s have a couple of drinks and a few dances to get us in the mood before heading home for, well you know.

Having paid our entrance fees Marc led me to the bar and I bought two beers for us, leaning up against the bar we surveyed the room taking it all in. As we sipped our beers and made small talk, looking over Marc’s shoulder I became aware of a young black guy standing not too far away. What caught my eye was that although he was clearly with a girl between smooches he was edging ever closer and appeared to be studying us, or rather Marc. As I was about to mention this to him, I heard “Dad? I thought it was you, what are you doing here?” Uh oh here we go; this is going to get very interesting I thought. Without batting an eyelid Marc turned round smiling broadly and said hello son, so your mother’s let you out to play then? Before anyone could react, Marc gestured to me saying “Jo, I’d like you to meet my eldest son Lloyd and his girlfriend Nikki. Lloyd and Nikki I’d like you to meet my friend and work colleague Jo”. I stuck my hand out to shake Lloyd’s tentatively offered hand and then proceeded to kiss Nikki’s cheek in greeting. To break the ice I asked them if they’d like a drink, which they accepted with a grin until Marc told me to only get them soft drinks as they’re under age. As their faces dropped I felt a little sorry for them but I did as Marc had requested, returning to the trio I handed them each a coke along with another bottle of beer for Marc. Finding some vacant seats we sat down and chatted about how each other’s day had gone. Lloyd was a real joker once he opened up and had us in stitches relating his antics at home with his mother and in town in Nikki. For her part she smiled in all the right places but when the attention was off her I noted she was studying me more than I would have expected. Suddenly she clapped her hands in glee, burst out laughing and pointed a finger at me announcing “I remember now! I thought I knew your face when Marc introduced you; it’s now come back to me. I remember my mum making a great deal of fuss about going to see a charity football tournament and how she “admired” a particular goalkeeper who managed to lose his clothes several times during the afternoon and how he’d given her a kiss during the lap of honour the team had made at the end of the tournament. I didn’t believe her until I saw the highlights on the local evening news, she was so flustered that it made my dad really cross and he turned the television off! Well you’re even better looking in real life than you were on the telly”. “Uh thanks, I think” was all I could say in reply. Lloyd looked from her to me and back to Nikki, I don’t think he could believe what he was hearing. “Dad is this true? Is your friend that guy off the telly?” “Yup sure is” Marc replied. “Jeez, I’ve never met anyone famous before.” “I’m hardly famous” I commented, “All I was doing was participating in a fund raising event”. I was trying my best to change the topic of conversation.

The next couple of hours flew past, we never did get on to the dance floor, instead we sat around chatting and laughing as if we’d known each other for years and this was a regular occurrence. Eventually Marc turned to me and said it was time to be making a move, Lloyd and Nikki stood up to join us but Marc said that it was getting late and they should be heading home otherwise Lloyd’s mum would be getting worried and start asking him awkward questions (as would be Nikki’s parents). With a sullen expression Lloyd reluctantly agreed and shook my hand again, Nikki gave me a great big hug and announced that her mum would be sooooo jealous when she tells her. Laughing at this comment we parted company after making sure the two kids were safely in a taxi and on the way home.

Turning to Marc I asked if he wanted to carry on clubbing or shall we make our way home. Yawning he decided we’d get a taxi back to my place and stay the night as planned. Okay I laughed and called for a taxi. While we waited I remarked what a strange coincidence it was that on our first night out together we should just happen to bump into his eldest son and he (Marc) didn’t seem all that surprised. If I didn’t know better I would have said that it was deliberate. As we climbed into the taxi which had just arrived Marc gave me a half smile and admitted that it was partly by chance and partly planned. He had a good idea that Lloyd might show up because it was his favourite night spot, if he hadn’t shown up it wouldn’t have mattered we would simply have carried on with our plans as normal. However he was hoping that Lloyd would show up because it would be the ideal way to start introducing me into their lives and getting them used to me being around. Okay, I replied, I think I get the direction you’re going in with this but exactly how much is Lloyd going to know. At the moment I just want him to think we’re mates and work colleagues, nothing more, okay if he guesses so be it we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I just thought this would be a good way of us meeting up more often without suspicions being raised or having to rely on random timetabling when my sons would be out of the way. I agreed that this sounded like a good idea especially if it means I can get you into bed more often! I must have said this louder than I had intended to because the taxi driver looked into the rear view mirror and gave me a wink before resuming his focus on the road ahead.

Turning on the hallway light I asked Marc if he’d like a coffee or something to eat, in answer he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said he just wanted to have a shower and get to bed. This sounded promising so I agreed and led him by the hand upstairs and into the bathroom. I let him shower first so that I could prepare the bedroom i.e. put some soft lighting on, pull back the duvet, make sure plenty of lube was at hand etc. As he got out of the shower I got in giving his bum a playful grope. Having showered and shaved I made my way into the bedroom to find Marc laying sprawled out on the bed quietly snoring. No sex tonight then but at least he’s in my bed I thought to myself as I climbed in beside him, pulled the duvet up and gently held him in my arms. Without waking up he adjusted his position until we lay spooned together and within a few minutes I drifted off to sleep as well.

I woke up early disturbed in part by the fact that I wasn’t used to sharing my bed but mainly because I had a raging hard on! Although it was clear that we’d shifted positions during the night, my crotch was pushed into his bum and my cock lay between his cheeks. Acting on impulse I reached behind me for the tube of lube on my bedside table, then pulling away a little I liberally lubed up my cock and smeared a generous glob around his anus. In his slumber Marc responded by adjusting his position to make access easier for me. Aiming my cockhead at his hole I slowly pushed until it had pushed past the ring, pausing for a minute to allow Marc to become accustomed to its presence I then drove the rest of my cock inside until we were tightly spooned together again. Holding him tightly to me, gently nuzzled his neck and shoulders as I slowly fucked him. He was a talented bottom because he relaxed his hole as I pushed in and tightened it as I pulled back, the sensations I was experiencing were fantastic and it wasn’t long before I shot the first of several loads deep inside him. After the first orgasm I left my cock in place until it started to recover and then started to fuck him once more, this time more energetically and having woken up Marc was more responsive. By the third round of fucking we were like rampant beasts, not able to get enough of one another. It was just as well that he has dark skin because it would cover the love bites I gave him very well. Finally I was spent, pulling out for the final time I told him it was time to get up and to get cleaned up, he was a dirty little so and so. Oh am I he cried and giving me a hard slap on the bum he chased me laughing into the bathroom where we showered again, this time together and in a way that felt so good I could have told him that I loved him – except that I didn’t.

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