Strangers on a Train

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Total Fiction

I'm James. I'm 5'11, I have a swimmer's body, and I have blue eyes and sandy blond hair. I'm 22, and bisexual, favoring girls. I had never really thought about guys before, just been curious. You could say that I'm well endowed, my penis being 7 inches when flaccid and 8.5 when hard. I was not a virgin.

One night after swim practice I had tot take the Subway home. It was Midnight, and there was only one man on the bus with me, he was dressed in a suit. He was handsome, I placed him at late twenties to early thirties. The sight of him made my begin to stir. We made eye contact once, and he winked at me. Now my was really hard, and visible through my mesh shorts. I wasn't wearing underwear. I was also wearing a wife beater.

I was really tired, though, and was not able to stop myself from falling asleep. But something jerked me awake. I slowly stirred, and opened my eyes a little. Across the aisle from me was the business man, his pants pulled to the floor, his shirt unbuttoned, his tie loose. He was tugging on his dick, it looked to be about 6 inches. His chest was covered in light brown hair that went down to his cock, and my boner, if possible, got harder.

The man, still thinking I was asleep, groaned a little. He was staring at me as he jerked himself off. Then, he stood and walked over to me. He reached down and lifted up my shirt, looking at my abs,

"What the Hell?" I asked, opening my eyes. He leapt back, blushing.

"Sorry man, I'm super horny and you're super hot," He started to redress himself, but something made me tell him to stop. I gestured for him to come towards me, and he did. I stood, and pushed him against one of the poles that people use for balance. I took one of the shoelaces off of his shoe and used it to tie his hands around the pole above his head. I leaned down and pulled his pants off completely, cupping his balls in my hand as I did so. He moaned and tensed against his bindings. He was rock hard. I licked up and down his shaft, then I sucked his balls. Next, I began to deepthroat his dick, and he thrusted into my mouth. He moaned and just as I felt his dick begin to twitch in anticipation for his orgasm, I pulled away.

"What the man, don't just leave me hanging!" He nearly shouted at me, his face red. I just leaned in and kissed him passionately, letting him taste his precum. Then I ripped off the rest of his shirt. I had to rip it off, as his hands were tied over his head. I admired his body, letting my hands rub over his biceps and nipples, then down to his abs. I let one of my hands grab his cock and I began stroking it. I kiss him and turn him around so that his bubble butt is facing me, "Have you ever been fucked before?" I whisper into his ear. He groaned back, "Yeah, please fuck me!"

I knelt down and spread his cheeks apart. I spit into them and began to finger. He definitely wasn't tight. I added more fingers until I was him, and he was moaning with pleasure, "Get on with it, I want your cock!" He groaned.

I pulled my dick out of my shorts, it was at full length, longer than I had ever seen it. 9 inches. I slapped his with my hardness a couple times and then began to slowly insert my tool. He moaned. I made it all the way in, and then began the journey out. With each thrust I went faster, and deeper, until I was slamming my groin against his ass, my balls slapping his cheeks. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load all over the ground in front of him. I wasn't quite done yet. I continued to slam him until I couldn't contain my cum. I shot 10 loads into his hairy hole, so much that it started leaking out. I moaned with my release, and he did too. When I pulled out, my cock was covered in the sticky white juice, and I turned him around to face me, "Clean me off," I ordered him, and he did, licking all of my sum off of my cock and balls.

Then, I pulled up my shorts, grabbed my bag, and headed for the door, leaving him naked and tied to a pole. I left the subway without a doubt that I wasn't bisexual, but 100% gay.

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