Stranger In The Park

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The day is bright and I decide I need to get out of the house for a while, and know just the place I want to go to. With Ebook in hand I set out for a little village I know of and decide to spend a few hours there enjoying the weather and reading the latest Western I have gotten into. About an hour into my time there a voice asks ‘Can I join you?’ I look up (a little perturbed at having my peace interrupted) and see a gentleman (older than me) wanting to sit and read the paper he has with him.

‘Of course, by all means!’ I reply and try to get back into my book but he wants to have conversation. We sit and for about an hour or so during which time we exchange names.

‘Would you like to come back to my cottage for a coffee?’ Geoff asks . . . how could I refuse such an offer.

‘Yes, I would love to thank you!’ A few minutes or so later he opens the back door of his home and enters a beautifully maintained kitchen. ‘This is so inviting and comfortable!’ I tell him as I accept the invitation to take a seat. He makes the coffee and we sit and chat some more and then he decides he is going to look at his post which has been sitting there in front of him. He puts to one side the usual white enveloped letters of which there are three and he rips open a brown envelope and extracts a magazine. During our chats, we have briefly touched on the subject about – well you’re bound to at some point I think, I can see some of the back page of the magazine and it has turned me on. Okay there are pictures of naked young men but I can’t see much more than that.

‘Have you ever been spanked Stephen?’ he asks a look in my direction.

‘Yes, I was spanked many a time as a child!’ I reply.

‘No I mean have you ever been spanked as an adult? In a sexual way!’ Geoff adds putting the open magazine down in front of me so I can see cocks . . . but not just any ordinary cocks. The Models in the pictures all have large long thick cocks which turn me on which he spots as I fidget.

‘Erm . . . I have been caned many a time over the last few years but not spanked!’ I admit to him.

‘Oh, why not spanked?’ he asks.

‘The guy just wanted to cane my arse as hard as he thought I needed it and gave me many, many strokes of the cane.’

‘And what did you do to him?’

‘Strangely enough . . .’ I start to reply, pausing for a moment or two, ‘Nothing!’

‘How come?’

‘He didn’t want me to do anything as he could never enjoy stuff like that as he had problems with his manhood!’ I tell him. ‘Can I get another coffee please?’

‘Of course, help yourself!’

‘Thank you!’ In the process of making another cup I stand and look out the window, ‘You have a gorgeous garden!’ I comment. This prompts Geoff to come and stand by me and moments later I feel his hand on my bum cheek. He waits to see if I object to it being there and feeling he has been given the ‘All clear’ he caresses the other cheek. I just so happen to be wearing my jogging trousers which are light and thin and this allows my to get harder than before.

‘You have a nice butt!’ he tells me and moves his hand inside giving the cheeks a firm kneading. What I do next surprises him but he smiles as my trousers slide down and settle around my feet. I turn slightly towards him so that he can see my erection. ‘Oh dear!’ he mutters.

‘Oh, dear what?’ I ask him.

He takes my stiff cock in his hand and says ‘I am going to have to spank you for getting a hard on!’ he informs me.

‘I couldn’t help it!’ I complain, enjoying the attention he is giving me.

‘That doesn’t matter . . . I am still going to have to spank that butt of yours. Take the rest of your clothes off and let me have a good look at you.’ A moment or two later I am standing bollock naked for him. He looks me up and down, pinches both my nipples and again he holds my erect cock in his hand. ‘Not such a cock is it!’ he comments.

‘No sadly it isn’t!’ is my response and I close my eyes as he masturbates me for a moment or two. ‘If you keep doing that you’ll make me cum!’ I advise him.

‘You will not cum until I tell you . . . is that clear?’

‘Then you had better stop doing that!’ I tell him. He releases my cock but then gives it a big smack.

He walks around behind me and he takes my bum cheeks in both hands. ‘Nice butt . . . this is now my butt . . .’ he declares and then asks ‘Who’s butt, is it?’

‘Your butt Sir!’ I reply.

‘Open your legs and bend over!’ he tells me. I do just that and whoosh the first of a multitude of spankings hit the mark leaving a stinging sensation. The second one does like wise and the third and fourth. He spanks me six times in all but that is only the beginning. ‘Well you took those okay and as you have been caned before . . . guess what . . . I am going to cane you as well.’ He lets me stand upright and he takes my cock in his hand again.

‘Oh God . . . ‘I whisper ‘I love what you are doing to me!’

‘Put your hands on your head and don’t take them off. If you do I will cane you . . . I will cane you hard!’ he tells me and he lets my cock go and goes to a cupboard and comes back with a few bamboo canes and a couple of ordinary ones as well. He also attaches a couple of pegs to my nipples which initially hurt but I get used to them. He plays with my cock again and I know I am leaking juice on his hand and he confirms this when he puts his hand up to my mouth and tells me to lick the stuff off it. The next thing he does surprises me and that is he hands me the magazine and says ‘I want you to take a really good look at those pictures. I want to watch what happens to your cock as you do.’

He sits down and says ‘Come and stand here!’ he points to a spot close to him. I stand facing him and browse through the magazine and can feel my cock throbbing. ‘Step back a minute!’ he tells me and when I do he stands up undoes his flies and pulls out his cock that is solid, thick and long. He sits back down and has me kneel and take his cock in my mouth. I can’t take it all in but I can most of it. It doesn’t take long for me to taste his juice and he wants me to suck it harder. I think he is near to shooting his load and he confirms this when he says ‘Get up turn around open your legs and bend over.’ I do all that and I feel him place the tip of his cock against my hole and he shoves it in slowly.

‘Oh, my God . . .’ I cry out ‘Urgh . . . fuck me hard give it to me . . .’ I plead.

‘You are going to get it all and some!’ he tells me and starts giving me a damn good fucking. When I decided to go out for a while I most certainly did not expect this to happen. I must support myself against the table as each fucking movement shoves me forward. ‘I promise you this is just the first time you are going to get fucked . . . you have a nice arse for fucking . . .’ and a few minutes later I feel his juice pulsate into my arse. He pumps me a few times more and then regretfully he pulls his cock out of me. I cast a quick glance as it comes out and I can’t believe it but it is still hard. He gets a small cloth and washes his cock clean and then hands the cloth to me. I wipe my arse as I can and am so overjoyed with what has happened. He gives me a towel to put on the chair so I can sit down.

He makes coffee for us both and as we are sitting there talking someone opens the door and walks in. It is by all accounts a good friend of his (Toby) and we are introduced. I am very nervous as I am still naked and I am told to let Toby sit down. As I stand up and move around Toby, he cheekily takes my cock in his hand and sits down and I am stood there facing him as he plays with me. ‘Where did you find him?’ Toby asks.

‘He was in the park and we had a good long chat and then I invited him here for coffee and you can see the rest!’ Geoff tells him.

‘I like his huge cock!’ Toby comments and they talk about me as though I am not there. I am standing close to Toby as he continues to play with my knob. ‘Not very big but nice all the same!’ he declares.

‘He has let me spank him, haven’t you?’ he asks me.

‘Yes Sir!’

‘ . . . and not only that . . . ‘Geoff paused. ‘I have just given him a good fucking . . .!’

‘Oh . . . and I missed all that!’ Toby replies sardonically. He lets go of my cock and says ‘Turn around and let me see your arse . . .’ and as I do he runs his hands over both cheeks, digging his fingers into my flesh. ‘Can I spank him?’ he asks Geoff.

‘That’s up to him Toby, but I’m saying yes you can!’

‘Do you want me to bend over?’ I ask him.

‘Yes please!’ Toby stands and turns me to one side, runs his hand over my butt cheeks and then gives me a good . His spanking is harder to what Geoff gave me but it turns me on nonetheless. I don’t know how many times he spanks me but I do know that my arse is feeling warm and tingly.

I think to myself that with all that has happened I haven’t been allowed to shoot my load and I say as much to them both. ‘When are you going to let me cum?’ I ask.

‘If you remember rightly . . .’ Geoff replies ‘I said I will tell you when you can!’

‘I’m leaking juice!’ I tell him.

‘Come here!’ Geoff orders, and when I am standing by him he runs a finger or two over the tip of my cock. ‘Here . . . lick my fingers!’ he orders putting his hand up to my mouth. I do as I am told and get to taste my own juices. As I do that he remembers something and says ‘He has been caned before Toby!’


‘Meaning I am going to cane him for being naughty and letting his cock leak juice.’

‘Oh boy . . . this I must see!’ Toby responds excitedly.

Geoff chooses one of the canes and swishes it through the air. ‘Bend over on to my chair!’ I am told and a few more swishes are heard. He then gives me a couple of strokes and pauses to see how I react. As he can see I am accepting them, he then gives me six straight strokes which I am told ‘Leave their mark!’

‘Show me!’ Toby says indicating that he wants me to show him my, now well and truly striped butt. He stands up and turns me to one side and gives my cock a good wanking.

‘Oh, please stop!’ I mutter ‘I want to cum . . . fucking hell . . . don’t let me cum . . . ‘he grips my cock harder and it is then I notice that Geoff is with us and I feel him caressing my arse. Toby kneels and gives me a fantastic blow job and I can’t hold it back any longer and shoot my load into his mouth. Geoff gives a good spanking for doing that.

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