Straight to Hell - Prologue & Chapter 1

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

Okay, I admit it. I like to have sex with . Actually, I like to have sex with men, period, but there is something about doing it with a heterosexual man that excites me. I used to think about it and wonder if I was just a fucked up , or if I was just fucked up. But, the more I thought about it, the more I decided to say, "fuck it". You can get yourself really screwed up by wondering about things that you just don't have the answer to! And, honestly, even if I DID know the answer to it, I don't know that I would care!

Now, I will admit, that all of these . . . . hmmmmmm, how shall I say it . . . . "moments" with straight men haven't been voluntary on their part. I know that's wrong and many tell me that forced sex isn't good or pleasurable at all. I think people who say that are full of shit because I doubt they have ever forced a man to have sex before. Especially a straight man. So whadda they know? All I know is that I have done it. Many times. Sometimes the guys did something that they shouldn't have done so I blackmailed them. Other times, I just saw them and took what I wanted.

I am not asking for understanding or criticism. I just wanted to tell you about what I've done, how it felt, and the straight men who'll probably never admit they've had sex with another man.

Here are their stories.


Have you ever wanted to fuck someone so bad you could taste it?

That's how I felt about Debjeet. Debjeet Sidra. He was 27 year old, Indian, 6 tall, and around 200 pounds of muscle all over his arms, chest, legs, and . And God, that ass! That fucking tight, virgin ass. Not to mention a bulge that screamed 'suck me!' whenever he wore his tight pants, which was pretty often.

And straight. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Debjeet is as straight as they come. So, unless he's been poking his fingers up his hole, I knew that straight boy pussy of his would be virgin. Not to mention that it would also be tight, warm, and wonderful.

Of course you're probably wondering if Debjeet is straight, how did I think I was gonna fuck him. After all, breeder boys aren't into gettin their cherries popped. Then again, I didn't say that he was just gonna LET me fuck him! No, no, I can pretty much guarantee that he won't give up that fine-as-hell body and fuckable ass voluntarily. So, that means I'm gonna have to take him involuntarily. And I really don't give a shit either way because all I know is that I AM gonna fuck him!

Debjeet works for me. I manage the technical services for a large corporation and Debjeet is one of my technicians. Actually he works for one of my lower level managers but I knew who he was. I definitely remember the first time I saw him. I had finished a meeting and was coming out of a conference room when I saw a guy bent over a computer monitor, trying to attach a cable. He was in a pair of work pants but with him in that position, they were pulled up tight. And his fucking ass globes just jutted out. I mean they jutted out there so much that there was no mistaking that he had a muscular ass! A nice ass. Even when he walked, you could tell he had one helluva firm tight ass. One that definitely needed some loosening up!

I walked over to where he was working.

'Having a problem?'

Debjeet turned and smiled at me. Fuck, what a smile! White, even teeth and lips that you just wanted to suck off his face when you kissed him. And definitely lips you wanted wrapped around your cock when you shoved it down his throat.

'I think I'm doin okay, thank you sir.'

'You work for Bobby Reynolds, don't you?'

'Yes sir. You know Mr. Reynolds?'

Mister Reynolds. How cute! Sounds like the boy knew how to respond appropriately to his bosses. That could come in handy later, I thought.

'I hope I do. He works for me.'

Debjeet looked a little surprised. 'Wow, are you Mr. Carlyle?'

Mister Carlyle! I love it! I'd definitely have to make sure he knew other ways to show me the proper respect.

'Yes, I am. And you are . . .'

'Debjeet Sidra, sir. I just started three months ago.'

'How do you like it so far?'

Debjeet started telling me how much he loved working here and how much he'd learned, blah, blah, blah. While he talked, I looked him over and found that the rest of his body was just as fine as his ass. He had to be a gym rat because his chest was huge! Even with his white company shirt on, I could see his large brown nipples clearly. The tips were pointy and had to be at least quarter size. Actually, they were probably larger than that and sat on top of some massive pecs. God I wanted to lick and chew on those nips and bite on those muscular pecs right then and there! As my gaze went farther down to his tight work pants, I saw a sizable lump where his dick was. Whether his dick was really that big or just positioned that way, it certainly sent blood rushing to my crotch! The tight pants also encased a huge pair of thighs that made my senses swim. I closed my eyes and thought about putting my head between them while I sucked his large, hard, brown cock and nursed the cum out of his full nuts.

'Mr. Carlyle, are you okay?'

I opened my eyes suddenly and realized Debjeet was watching me.

'Oh yeah, I'm fine, Debjeet. Just thinking about some important work I need to take care of.' Like getting you outta those clothes and getting my hungry cock up that gorgeous ass of yours, I thought.

'Well, that's good, sir! You had me nervous for a second there.'

'Nah, I'm fine. You go on back to your work. I didn't mean to bother you.'

'Oh, no bother sir.'

'Well that's good. I'll see you later then.'

As Debjeet walked back to the computer he was working on, I watched the rise and fall of his sexy tight fuckable ass. Little did he know that before long that fine muthafuckin body was gonna be mine . . . whether he liked it or not.

Later that afternoon, I called Bobby Reynolds in and told him I wanted to review the evaluations of some of his technicians. Of course, I made sure Debjeet's 90-day evaluation was in the and I saved him for last.

When Bobby got to Debjeet's file, he went on and on about what a good technician he was and that he was the type of person that would eventually make a good manager, etc., etc., etc. I absorbed all of this but my ears pricked up when Bobby told me he was concerned about Debjeet's personal life.

'What's the problem, Bobby?'

'Well, it's really not a problem now, but it could be eventually if he isn't careful.'

'Careful about what?'

'Drugs. Some of the guys told me that he told them that he's been having a tough time with his girlfriend lately. They've been together for awhile but evidently she's been nagging him that he should be higher up than where he is.'

'What's that got to do with him using drugs?'

'Well, he's gotten real friendly with Kurt, my senior technician. Kurt said that Debjeet asked him last week if he wanted to smoke some pot after work. Said his girlfriend was always bitching at him all the time and he smoked some joints every week or so to mellow out. Kurt warned him that it was dangerous to be smoking that shit because if he got called for a random drug test, he could lose his job. He said Debjeet looked shocked and told him he'd forgotten about the randoms. Said he also told him that he couldn't lose his job because he was still paying for damages from a car accident he had a couple of years ago. That he'd gotten behind twice before and the couple he'd hit said they'd toss him in jail if he got behind one more time. But, it makes me nervous that he'd even have that kind of poor judgment. On the other hand, if he's got a real bitchy woman, I guess I understand why he'd be tempted. But it still doesn't make me feel any better.'

'Did he ever smoke the pot?'

'Not that time. Kurt said it sounded like he'd been doing it pretty frequently before, but it looks like he stopped cuz he thought he might lose his job.'

I sat there quietly and thought.

'Does Debjeet know that you know about it?'

'No. I told Kurt not to say anything to him yet because he's really a good worker and I'm hoping it will work itself out. But, maybe I need to set him down and have a talk with him.'

'What if he gets called in for a random?'

'Well, if he gets called, he gets called. I can't do anything about that. You know the policy. Even you can't do anything if one of the employees gets called in. All I can do is hope he doesn't get called for awhile and it'll pass out of his body.'

'Okay, Bobby. Thanks for going over these evaluations with me. You need me to do anything else?'

'No, everything else is fine.'

Bobby left and I sat back in my chair. Evil thoughts were running through my mind. The more I thought about what Bobby told me, the more I thought about Debjeet. His smile. His chest. His cock. His . . . ass. Shit, that did it. I HAD to get that ass! And now was the time to do it.

A week later, the monthly random drug checks were sent to me. Normally, when I get them, I send them to the supervisors and they have their employees report to the company infirmary. However, when it's the first time an employee is called for a drug test, then I talk to them. That way, they know what to expect since a drug test can be a little scary. Plus, I discuss with them what happens if the test scores a positive. Since Debjeet had never been called for a random drug test before, I had him report to my office, like I would any first-timer. The only difference was that Debjeet really hadn't been called for the test! But he didn't need to know that.

When Debjeet walked in my office, I was sitting behind my desk working on some paperwork. I looked up as he walked in and felt the heat rush to my crotch! His shirt was sweaty and stuck to his chest. You could even see a tank top under his white company shirt. But that did nothing but emphasize his massive chest. He was wearing some older jeans but they looked like they were molded to his muscular legs. And his cock. That fucking cock! It was gonna be interesting to see if it really was as big as it appeared to be in his pants. He stood there a minute while I finished writing and finally said, 'You wanted to see me, Mr. Carlyle?'

'Yes, Debjeet, sit down. Looks like you've been workin hard today.'

'Not really, sir. We've just been workin in the telecom room in the basement and it's pretty hot down there.'

'Oh yeah, it's hot as hell down there.'

'Yessir, it is.'

'Debjeet . . . does everyone call you Debjeet?'

'Most people do, sir. My nickname is DJ and some call me that.'

'I see. Okay. Well . . . DJ, I called you in because you've been called up to do a random drug test. Our company's drug policy calls for all employees to be eligible to be tested randomly. You haven't been called for one before, have you?'

When I said 'random drug test', you could see Debjeet's face change. His eyes narrowed, he looked down, then back up and swallowed. Yep, this was one nervous puppy.

'Uh . . . no sir, I haven't.'

'I didn't think so. I normally talk to the employees the first time they get called so they won't be nervous. It's pretty routine but I wanted to let you know what will happen and what to do if your results come back positive.'

I started going over what the procedure was like, who he'd see, and the more I talked, the more Debjeet fidgeted. After a few minutes watching him squirm, I stopped abruptly.

'DJ, are you okay? You look nervous.' Fuck, I'll bet he was nervous! And probably scared shitless!

'Mmmmm . . . yessir, I'm . . . mmmmmm . . . fine.'

'Well, you don't look fine. Seems you're pretty jumpy. Like I said, I'm sure you'll do fine with the test. Don't worry.'

'I uhhhh . . . uhhhhh . . .'


Debjeet was silent a moment.

'Mr. Carlyle, can I tell you something in confidence?'

'Sure, DJ. What is it?'

Debjeet paused a moment and then started telling me the same sob story that Bobby Reynolds had told me a week earlier. Just with a little more detail. He kept telling me how he couldn't lose his job and he couldn't go to jail and on and on and on. I sat there silently and listened to him. As he talked, I began to visualize what it would be like stripping his clothes off, one piece at a time. I almost came just thinking how fun it was gonna be getting in this straight hunk's pants. With his firm muscular butt, he was gonna be one hot fuck!

My sexual reverie was suddenly interrupted when Debjeet started crying. One minute he was talking and then suddenly he stopped and put his hands over his face. His shoulders were heaving and you could tell he was trying not to cry. I walked over behind him and started patting his shoulder.

'There, there now, DJ. I understand what you're going through. I mean, given what you've told me, I can see how you'd be upset. But, buck up, man! How long has it been since you last smoked one?'

'3 weeks, sir. I KNOW I'm gonna test positive!'

'I know, DJ, I know. But, all we can really hope for is that the drug has passed out of your body and it won't show up.' Boy, was I milking this for all it was worth! This fucking fine-ass boy was gonna be mine!

Debjeet turned his head up and looked at me. 'Mr. Carlyle, isn't there anything you can do? I mean, can't I take the test at a later date?'

BINGO! Yessiree, quid pro quo time. He wanted something and I would deliver. And so would he. My cock, which had been hard ever since he walked in the door, started throbbing as I thought about him bent over my desk, his hard glutes spread and his tight hole ready to get fucked.

'No, I'm afraid not, DJ. I'd get in a lot of trouble if I tried to delay your test.'

'Please, Mr. Carlyle! I mean I'm BEGGING you, sir! I just CAN'T lose this job. I'd do anything if you could just delay the testing, sir. I mean, just another month! One month isn't long.'

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . like music to my ears!

I walked back over to my desk and sat down. Debjeet was leaning forward slightly in his chair with a pleading look on his face, watery eyes and his big sexy stud tits poking through his shirt. Fuck, I wanted to rip that goddamn shirt off and take him right there!

'I can't, DJ. I really wish I could. But, I'd be risking my job if I did. I'd like to help you but that's too big a price to pay versus what I'd be getting for helping you.'

Debjeet looked totally desperate and slumped back in his chair.

'Then again . . .'

Debjeet looked up at me quickly.

'Yes, Mr. Carlyle?'

'Maybe I can ask for a favor from a friend of mine in Human Resources. He might be willing to put your name back in the database and draw it another time.'

Fuck, you shoulda seen Debjeet's face when I said that! His smile broke out, he stood up and walked over and stood right in front of my desk. Shit, that fuckin bulge was just inches away, straining at the front of his pants! I almost reached out and grabbed it but fought the urge.

'Oh, Mr. Carlyle, that'd be great, sir! I'd really appreciate it!'

'Wait a second, DJ. I said I COULD ask a favor. I didn't say I would.'

Debjeet lost his smile and that pleading look returned.

'PLEASE, Mr. Carlyle. PLEASE, sir. I'd do anything.'

'Anything, DJ?'

'Yessir, anything. I'd owe ya big time.'

I was silent a moment and looked at the handsome, in front of me.

'Okay, DJ. Let's see what you'll do.'

Debjeet's face looked puzzled a minute. Then he cocked his head slightly.

'What I'll do? Mmmmmm, yessir, what do you want me to do?'

Slowly, I stood up and looked at him.

'Well, why don't you start by taking off your shirt?'

Debjeet looked confused and took a step back.

'Take off my shirt?'

'Yes, DJ. Take off your shirt.'

'Why sir?'

I looked Debjeet full in the face.

'Because you said you'd do â€anything' for me to keep you from taking your drug test for a month. So, go ahead and do it. Take off your shirt.'

Finally! set in. Debjeet stepped back another foot or two but, this time, with a scared look on his face.

'Mr. Carlyle. Please sir. I'm not like that.'

'You're not like what, DJ?'

Debjeet started shaking his head and put his palms out towards me as if pushing me away.

'I mean I'll be glad to do anything but I can't . . .'

'Then, I guess you didn't mean you'd do anything, DJ. Because if you say â€anything', there are no buts.'

Debjeet turned his hands outward and sorta laughed.

'Well yeah, I guess that's true, but I didn't mean I'd do that for you.'

I shrugged my shoulders and sat back down.

'Okay, no problem then, DJ. Just be sure you report for your drug test this afternoon.'

'Mr. Carlyle . . . sir . . . you said you'd help me . . .'

'And you said you'd do â€anything', DJ. Anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, anything. But, what you really meant was you'd do â€anything' that YOU wanted to do. That's not how it works.'

'Sir, I am NOT gonna take off my shirt for you. You may be into that but I'm not.'

'As I said, that's fine, DJ. But, don't expect favors if you're not willing to pay the price for them. I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do.'

Debjeet walked quickly towards my desk and put his hands on the top.

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