Steven is hung but as I discover so is Matt!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Steven and I had been having a relationship for a while now certainly a year or two, on and off, without it going any further than Oral sex or the Dice game as it was now known, which involved between 11 different forfeits to perform on one another based on the roll of 2 die..
Amongst my favorites was giving head whilst my mouth was full of ice cold water - then kissing the water into Stevens mouth, also crumbling a 'flake' over the beast and sucking it off his monster ! All very enjoyable, especially when I was doing stuff to Steven - I have to admit I worshipped his cock and couldn't wait until the next time I would get to hold or suck it as soon as the last occasion had passed!

On the other side of Stevens house lived
My other Neighbor Matt, a year older - maybe 2, a good laugh, a drummer in a small time band who was convinced fame whitened him, but overall a top bloke.
We used to hang out at nights looking for mischief, garden creeping, knock-a-door-run you name it we were up to it!!

One night we made our way to the local fields, I had seen Matts Cock prior to this, once, when he offered to show me a magic trick, "ok" I said, he asked for a sewing needle which I produced and then without warning Matt unzipped his trousers, dropped them to his ankles - quickly followed by his briefs to unvail a Huge flaccid cock, memory plays tricks over time but I am convinced it was 8" when soft and as thick as my wrist - 6" in girth I would say, either way it was Huge! Now as I was sort of with Steven I didn't pay a massive amount of attention to Matts Cock, I stared - such was its size - it was hard not to - but he showed me the trick of feeding the needle into his cock and that was it, the trick wasn't memorable but his Dick was!! Anyway at the fields Matt confidently asked me if I fancied being brave, "go on then...." I said, " I bet you daren't strip off, and then run around the field and hang off the crossbar - upside down!" Matt said." of course I would" I replied "as long as you do the same..."
"Definitely" came the reply

We stood at opposite ends of a hedgerow and started to undress, after a minute or so Matt emerged near me, Naked and with a giant Penis hanging down in front of him, it was colossal! And I was turned on - my cock became slightly erect, and Matt could see this, "you like?" He quizzed, " Yes I do" I replied ."....Wow Matt, That's a Huge cock"

With that Matt turned and began running across the field, soon he reached the Goal post and lifted himself onto the bar hanging upside down off the bar he was swinging
Around upside down, as was his giant cock which I could clearly see and was enjoying watching. My own average cock was erect now seeing Matts and I was so turned on I wanted to grab his cock and suck it there and then...!
Eventually Matt called over to me, " I can tell you like my cocks size and I know you've been enjoying Stevens how about you try mine...."

I panicked, how did he know I Was with Steven, had we give the game away? Was it.
Obvious when I was out with Steven? My erect cock transfixed on Matts huge member was an obvious signal I liked the look of his but I was worried about who knew about my ....

Now though wasn't a time to reflect, It was maybe a one off chance, Maybe Matt knowing about me and Steven meant he wanted some action with me, Maybe he wanted me to service his cock, Maybe he wanted to fuck my arse with his own Beast, there was only one way to find out - I walked over to him still hanging on the goalpost upside down, My own cock swinging around and approached his cock, I grabbed it with my hand - and held it towards my mouth it was enormous and it wasn't even hard!! I kissed his shaft and felt it growing in my hands... I wrapped my lips around it mad sucked as much as I could down my throat, as it grew it swelled in girth and length - my mouth was full and my cock sucking lips were stretched! His shaft after a minute was full sized, and I estimated the 10" length was matched equally impressively by the 8" of girth - Matts Cock grew wider from

The base to the tip and at its widest it gave me jaw ache as I sucked as much as I could down my eager throat, it had a smell of sperm and sex and tasted great, I began wrapping my hand around and stroking it firmly, after a minute Matts cock began and his body was flinching, for the first time for me, having never seen Steven cum, I knew this was my chance to get some cum action, I carried on his shaft whilst keeping it warm in my mouth - albeit only 6" of the 10" available - but the sucking I was giving his huge cock was helping his cum reach its climax quicker! Then it happened, Matt went quiet, his cock jerked, I closed my lips around his shaft and it hit me - hot sperm coated my mouth inside, it kept cumming, I opened my mouth a bit to breath and splodge, his Jizz hit me in the face, I pushed his big cock quickly back inside my lips and more hit my throat, he was like a cum machine... Eventually it subsided, I licked my lips and wiped my mouth with my hand... Matt swung down off the bar, that was great he commented, I know why Steven keeps coming back for more! - Little did Matt Know Steven hadn't actually cum with me yet! This was my first Cum action and I loved it...

Matt also Pointed out I had actually cum whilst sucking him, it felt great but I was so wrapped up enjoying sucking him off I had barely noticed... we walked back to our clothes and dressed....

On the way Home whilst walking along the pavement Matt suddenly pulled his cock out and proceeded to walk along with his cock swinging outside his trousers!! It was so hot! I asked if I could walk along holding his cock, "Sure" he said, I moved next to him and put my hand alongside him and reached for his cock, once reached I held his girth barely able to get my hand around it....

Later that week Matt decided to erect his tent, at the weekend he asked if I was up for sleeping outdoors - of course I was, we stocked up with the usual junk food Etc and bedded down for the night.... At least that's what the parents would have thought! We sat up all night talking About random stuff but weirdly the subject of the previous weeks antics didn't come up for a while, it was like a conversation that skirted around the main topic until someone was brave enough to bring it up... and it was Matt who struck first, " Has Steven even taken you up the arse?" He asked... quite shocked at the sudden nature of his question - but not surprised I quickly replied..."what do you mean about me and Steven..?

"Oh come on" replied Matt, "its obvious" - I can see you two have been up to things"
I blushed slightly and could tell in my cheeks, fortunately As it was late with barely much light Matt wouldn't have known I was blushing at my secret being out
"Actually, no he hasn't" I stated
"You have wanted him to though? Haven't you, and you've also had Oral sex if not haven't you?..."
"Whets this - 20 questions..."
"I would venture where he hasn't if you want?" Said Matt

Somewhat stunned I wasn't sure how to come back on that...
"Errrhhh, what, here?" I quizzed
"yeah - I kind of enjoyed last week.." said Matt, clearly wanting me to service his 10" again
"Ok then, as long as you go easy I will let you take my anal virginity"
Matt laughed, " I will go easy" he said

With that I unzipped the side of my sleeping bag down the side facing Matt, I slid my shorts and Briefs off, Matt did the same, Once again the 10" of meat hung down his legs it was practically like another leg!

"Do you want to suck me again" he asked, I didn't need an invite, I knelt forward and headed down to his groin, though darkish I could smell my way to his cock, and soon had my hand around it, again my grip barely met around his shaft, I lowered my lips and sucked the tip of his cock, it felt bigger the right way up! I bobbed down onto his cock swallowing his shaft down my throat, I tried not to gag, and did a commendable job of getting 7" sucked in, I then set about going up And down using my thick lips to feel every vein and keep his cock warm and Moist, he was clearly enjoying by the moans he made, at one stage I withdrew the cock from my lips and licked up and down his shaft on the inside - it worked as Matt was moaning in ecstasy as I licked his huge tool occasionally sucking the head...
"Get on all 4's" said Matt, so I turned away from him, my arse raised in the air, waiting in anticipation of his cock prodding my door

To my amazement though the first sensation I felt was Matts tongue licking the inside of my arse cheeks, and it felt very hot! He licked and kissed my arse bit didn't go near my hole, which I puckered out sticking it more into his face - eventually Matt got the hint And I felt his tongue touch my opening, I shuddered it felt so good, I reached behind and pushed his head further into my arse whilst pushing it back towards him, he licked more aggressively knowing I was enjoying it...
"Fuck that cock into me.." I demanded

Matt sat up and crouched behind, I could tell he was close, and then I felt the first nudge, he guided his cock around my hole, I reached my right hand to his cock and guided it directly to my lubricated opening.... Matt pushed forward whilst I held firm, I could feel his cock moving in, my arse was open and his 8" of girth was literally stretching me as tight as possible without a tear appearing!
It felt so good, and my moans let Matt know not only was I enjoying but I was keen to feel it all in...

He carried on a bit further and although I couldn't see it felt like 9" was in - how wrong I was, Matt held my arse and began thrusting in and out, I was used to the girth now I just couldn't gauge the length buried inside... after a few motions of calm Matt began pounding harder, "wait!" I said, " how far in are you?" just half way came the reply, I know his balls hadn't hit my cheeks so I knew we had a few inches but 5" left felt like a mile!! Matt began thrusting again a bit further with each thrust..

Then I felt him shuffle his position, he had effectively stood up, but still squatting I soon realized why, with his first thrust in this new position I felt Matts Balls bang mine, they were big and hung down but I knew this sign meant he was near the bottom! He carried fucking me getting a bit quicker on each forward penetration - I could literally feel my internal organs being shoved to the side to make way for his 10" invading my privacy! After a few mins, Matts body began jerking, his pace quickened and he grabbed my arse tight, a few forceful thrusts and then I felt it hit me, warm hot Cum gulfed my anal passage, shot after shot filled me, my Arse felt so good receiving Matts Jizz that I came too, all over my sleeping bag it was so hot! Eventually Matts cock began to soften, He pulled out slowly but I could feel the cum dribble from my opening.... "That was so hot...!" Matt commented

"Did you enjoy...?"
"oh god yeah, my cock felt amazing up their"
"Well I have to say; I didn't think I would be able to get that monster in, but I am so glad we tried, and in fact anytime you need to dump a load you can fuck my arse..."
"That's a deal"
We dressed and then sat around drinking and snacking for an hour or so, my arse was still twitching an hour later, and the jizz was just slowly running out of my man cave
" Are you ready to go again?" I suddenly blurted out
"Yeah" said Matt
"How about this time I ride your cock on top" I asked

Matt pushed down his boxers again, I leant over and began sucking, my lips again acted like a neat cushion as his giant pole went into my mouth, I devoured his cock up and down, sucking it for all my life, I knew he was enjoying it...

Eventually I stood over Matt facing away from him and lowered myself, this time my arse opening embraced his girth much more openly and I began sliding down his pole, It felt even hotter this way and I began speeding up, soon I was bottomed out on top of him - and it felt like a huge rod was going to pop out of my throat! Certainly my eyes watered I am sure!! I rode his pole like a bronco until his trembling began and then jizz shot up my arse again, it was so warm and coated my inside! I lifted off Matts cock and crawled backwards so my arse was over his face, and mine met his cock, I licked his cock with my fresh jizz coated all over it, and then I felt Matt licking my hole, nuzzling away and licking inside with his tongue, I could feel his lizard like tongue reaching in to get to the cum! It was so hot!!

In the morning Matt woke with a hard cock poking from his sleeping bag, I duly offered my arse and he pressed his meat pole inside once more, his cum supply wasn't full bit he still fucked my ferociously until a deposit was made, I pulled up my briefs knowing I had Matts cock fuck me 3 times very quickly, my arse felt very stretched like it wouldn't retract into place, I was worried people would notice me walk funny, I grabbed my things and left the tent, "Thanks Matt" I said on the way out, "no thank you" he said, winking as I turned to look back...

"Anytime" I cheekily said...
And I was gone
When I walked back round to mine, My folks shouted as I went straight upstairs "Steven called around for you," we let him wait in your room as we knew you wouldn't be long..." I opened my room door and Steven was sat on my bed,
"Oh, Hi" I said, looking very sheepish
"Hi" he said, "How was your night in Matts tent?"
"Great" I replied
" I hope he didn't try anything on did he!"
"What sort of questions is that"
"Well I think if he knew we were together he wouldn't mind trying it on with you too"
"You're joking" I hurriedly replied

With that I went and sat next to Steven on the bed, "come here" I said, I leant towards Steven and kissed him, he met my embrace by burying his tongue into my mouth, I could feel his tongue probing around - I held his face and allowed our lips to fully be locked together, I reached down towards his trousers immediately feeling a bulge in his joggers...

Steven suddenly sat back, "I can taste cum in your mouth!" He exclaimed
"You've sucked Matt off haven't you?" He questioned

I said nothing....
"You have I can tell, In fact I bet you sucked him off and I bet has fucked you hasn't he?"
"....well...., we did something" I couldn't help but tell him
"Matt has fucked me 3 times last night, and Yes I have sucked his cum off his cock...."
"What else?" Quizzed Steven
"Is he well endowed" He asked
I couldn't lie," yes, He very well hung..."

I knew Steven would want to know how big and sure enough that was the next question
"Ten inches long and 8" of Girth"
He sat quiet, "Wow" he said "Did you take it all in"
"Yes - Yes I did" I almost bragged

Steven sat quiet
"Well next time your arse is getting fucked its going to be me doing it ok?"
"Definitely" I replied

I knelt on the floor in front of Steven, I worked his joggers down - even though My folks were in I wanted to make him feel better, I unleashed his cock and wrapped my cock lips around it, I sucked him off with a great blowjob, I let him face fuck me for a while and his cum slammed into the back of my throat, I kept some of his goo on my tongue without swallowing, I stood up and kissed him full on the lips, In doing so I pushed sperm onto his lips and fully kissed him allowing the sperm to be spread all around our mouths, it felt so hot!
Steven seemed happy again and knew next time we were alone he would finally get to fuck my arse off...!

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