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(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I fairly new to the scene, I've had a few girlfriends in my 30 years of being alive. But having sex, being fucked, hard, and trying to throat ANY size that's in my mouth really makes me appreciate cocks.

Sure I've had a couple encounters with other males but my three-way was something I wanted to never forget and always revisit in my mind. A month earlier I had posted an ad in a gay personal, this is the ad itself 'hwp bottom, smooth, looking for a nsa encounter.

Willing to try anything, twice...' Two days later we met at a planned parenthood to get tested, the messages between us were hot, to say the least. I knew what I wanted, cock, cock in my mouth than my than my mouth, repeat. After the clinic we went to my small studio apartment. He was pleasantly surprised that a 5 5 inch asian could take down his massive 11 inch Caucasian cock. I enjoyed sucking him off for the 10 minute car ride.

Once we got into my small studio, he told me to lean over the couch, my pants were already on the floor, no boxers easier access, before I could turn around I felt both his hands on each ass cheek spreading them apart with so much force that the only way to ease my pain was by something warm and wet. I've had my smooth hole rimmed but never eaten. Three minutes into his tongue fucking he was now sucking my hole.

At that point i was more than eager to help him spread my asscheeks even further apart. I like to practice good hygiene before any encounter, shower, douche etc., but hearing him say 'your ass tastes so fucking good,' just reassured me that I too would be tasting my own ass, from his cock. After leaving my hole sloppy wet and quivering I sat him down on the couch and rode him reverse cowgirl, very slowly so he can see how smooth and elastic I am.

I sat down on his 11 inch member all down to his balls, I wasn't done yet. I grabbed both my ass cheeks proceeded to spread them as hard as I could just so I could put a little more cock in my hole. I have never been penetrated that deep, ever. As I slowly stood up, making sure to enjoy every inch, I told him to just sit back. As soon as all 11 inches were out of me I turned around and grabbed his shaft and hungrily shoved it down my throat, tears welling up and all.

Sloppy blowjobs are my specialty, no need for lube, ever. 2 minutes later and he had me bent the couch, again, no tongue just 11 inches of Caucasian cock in a smooth and tight Asian hole. I knew we were gonna fuck again, so I asked him to just pump my ass as hard as he wants till he cums. A minute later he moaned I am cumming and pumped me harder and deeper and slower. I pushed back into him till he pulled out leaving his cum and my ass juice running along my testicles and down my leg.

I hadn't cummed yet and was still wanting to thank him for making me quiver by licking and sucking on smooth tight hole. I took his cum covered cock into my mouth and sucked on it for a good 10 minutes, or however long it takes to again after cumming.

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