Soldier's Story: Chapter 7

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Chapter 7

I stand on my own two feet in a room that looks like an OR. But yet at the same time it’s not an OR it’s just a room I am standing in. about five feet away from me stands a man with dark blue eyes and jet hair. “Mark” I whisper his name. His eyes lighten up and a half smile comes across his face; he just looks perfect. Mark never takes his dark blue eyes off of mine; I feel so peaceful. I then whisper Mark’s name one more time; as I do I lift my hand up while holding a gun. I point the gun at Mark, scream his name and pull the trigger. I wake up in the same small room I have been in for what seems like a lifetime. The nights seemed to be getting colder so that would mean that we are somewhere in November or December. But it’s hard to tell what day it is exactly I stopped counting the days when it reached four weeks of my capture. More than four weeks have passed since the day we were attacked in the middle of the desert going to the pit. I have to remain strong but now my nightmares are occurring more frequently now. It’s the same dream over and over again; Mark and I standing in a room. I killed Mark so many times in my dream that I just don’t know what to make of it exactly; could it be that myself conscious is telling me that Mark is the one to blame for the situation I am in. to tell you the truth after more than four weeks in captivity it’s starting to sound like the truth but I just push those thoughts away. Mark is the one I love and I made the decision to go to the pit for our love; I made the decision to break up with him so he wouldn’t follow me. Sometimes I wonder if that was such a good idea; sometimes I wonder what things would be like if I told Mark who Commander Stone really was. Mark would have believed me but yet I didn’t know how Commander Stone would handle it. Commander Stone is the one to blame for all of this; Commander Stone is the one responsible for all of this.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear Cory turn over on his side. I give myself a smile knowing that at least I am not the only one held hostage. After the bomb went off the two soldiers in the front died in a shoot out; Cory was unconscious but yet still alive. After we were brought here Cory was dead weight to our captures but I made them keep Cory alive. I made a deal with our captures; I would treat their wounded men while Cory would teach them how to shoot. It’s not the of deals and not the one that I liked making; but it kept us alive all this time. Cory still has his eyes closed but I just look at him; anyone would be lucky enough to have Cory as a friend…..I mean . As for me my answer has gone from no to maybe; I have been going over and over again in my mind why I have changed my answer. I don’t love Cory I love Mark it should be simple to be true to the one you love; but yet again after more than four weeks of been cut off from the world things do get fuzzy. Cory takes in a deep breath but yet hasn’t opened his eyes. When I met Cory he was clean shaved and now the same dark brown color hair goes down his chin. He trims it from time to time and yet he still looks sexy; Cory is one of those guys that looks good in any type of hair or beard style. I wipe my sweaty forehead with my forearm and lye back down on the ground. I only have one thin blanket for warmth and lately this blanket sucks at keeping me warm.

I shiver for about a couple of minutes until I find sleep; I am then awoken by the door swinging open and one of my captures screaming at me in his language. Cory opens his eyes and quickly stands on his feet; as for me I am dragged up to mine by my captures. Cory tries to defend me but is quickly hit in the stomach with a gun. I am dragged out of my little room and into one of the tents that is somewhere in the mountains. There are a lot of men around the tent; I am then pushed in and in the middle of the tent are four people. Two are holding down some ’s chest to stop the bleeding while one is trying to gather all of the tools needed to save him. The man on the table is grunting in pain; as I look at him I realize this is a man of great importance to our captures. This guy that’s on the table is the guy who leads most of the rebels here in Iraq. I would do everyone a favor if this guy dies right here right now; but how do I make it look like I did everything I could to save him? I am pushed out of my thoughts as the man who dragged me in pushes me closer to the table. Everyone is screaming at me and I get to work on his chest; blood comes out like a river and I do my best to control it.

It took a couple of hours but I found the bullet and removed it all from his chest. The thought again comes into my head on how to kill this rebel leader without making it look like I killed him on purpose. Would it be so bad that I don’t do anything and get killed for it; I don’t mind giving my life for the countless soldiers this man on the table would kill if he lives beyond today. It then hits me a great idea on how to make this man dead in a couple of hours. I sow his artery back together but I leave gaps here and there. The gaps cannot be seen unless you were a but these guys look on not knowing that I am killing their leader right in front of them. My heart starts beating and sweat begins to form on my forehead; my breathing becomes uneven but I control it without arousing suspicion. The guys are looking on around me making sure that I don’t do anything stupid; I glance at them from time to time. They must be thinking that I am nervous because if this man dies Cory and I die with him; I sow the last piece of artery and close him back up. Since we are on the mountains there is hardly any good medical equipment out here. Which means that this man will bleed out and no one will know it; I put everything away and look at my captures. Some have come to like me simply because I saved their lives but none will do anything to help me with anything.

I am then pushed into the small room with Cory; Cory catches me with his strong arms. We both are in each other’s arms as the guard closes the door and walks away. “Did they hurt you?” Cory asks me with a worried look. “Fine but this may be the last day we will be alive” I say with half a smile on my face. Cory looks at me still holding me with his big strong arms. “Ashram was shot and I had to retract the bullet and sow his artery back up….” I begin to say while Cory looks on kind of guessing where this is going. “Let’s just say I may not have done a very good job of sowing his stitches tightly” I say while I look down at my feet. Cory looks at me for a while and with his hand he gently places it at the bottom of my chin and lifts my face up. I look at him and he looks at me; Cory’s dark green eyes say thank you because Ashram is the one guy no one could ever get. Cory then comes closer to my lips; I then feel his body heat. Cory’s lips brush up against mine and that is when I pull back “You’re still in love with him aren’t you?” Cory says in a manly whisper. I just nod and try not to make eye contact with Cory even though we are still in each other’s arms. I can feel the disappointment in the room as Cory let’s go of me and sits at the far end corner of the room. I was about to say something but I just didn’t move my mouth; simply because I had this feeling that Cory was just playing an act so I can feel bad. The worst part is that it was somewhat working but I didn’t say anything I just sat back down. The hours went by and nothing was heard; no one came to bother us except when the guard throws the food at us like we were caged animals. In the midst of waiting I begin to doubt if I had really loosened up the stitches to the point where there will be bleeding internally.

I begin to doubt myself; I may have done a really good job that the stitches hold and Ashram lived. The sun was setting and the night was getting colder by the second; I hugged myself hoping that I would keep me warm. For a couple of hours it did but as the night went on what little warmth I had was gone and the cold night air replaced it. I was shivering and rubbing my arms for warmth but that didn’t work; I could even see my breath and this time I couldn’t find sleep. I was shivering so much that I thought that I was going to die of it perhaps this is my punishment. “You could have just ask for help you know” Cory says as he lifts me up and sits behind me. Cory’s body heat feels so good that I don’t resist at all; his chest and abs connect with my back. Cory’s big strong arms wrap around my chest and stomach; I was still shivering but the heat that Cory produce was calming my shivering down. My mind raced with ideas but simply it was two guys sitting in a corner trying to keep each other warm. “Feel better” Cory whispers to me in my ear as I feel the side of his face on the back my head. I knew that if I push him away or say something wrong he would leave my side and the cold would return. To tell you the truth I didn’t want that to happen so I just nodded my head. I then lean my head back and it landed on Cory’s shoulder near his neck. I then heard Cory laugh to himself quickly but didn’t say anything; for some reason my eyes started to feel heavy and I drifted into sleep.

I am back in my room on base the lights are off. Someone is on top of me I can’t see his face but we are both naked and on my bed. The man on top of me then starts to kiss my neck and I moan in pleasure; it was Mark I know it was. I know Mark’s touch anywhere I didn’t have to see his face; I then tilt my head to the side so Mark can kiss more of my neck. Mark’s big strong arms are around me holding me tightly and his kisses are gentle on my neck. My hands explore Mark’s muscular back; my hands go up and down his back feeling every inch of it. I then turn my head and meet Mark’s lips the kiss is just as I remembered. Mark and I kiss for a while gently but yet dominant; all of my worries disappeared and only the man in my arms only mattered to me. I then spread my legs telling Mark in body language that I wanted him inside of me. Mark moves his hips back and forward as his dick gets harder; Mark’s dick rubs against mine and my dick gets harder. We kiss more passionately and Mark’s thrust get a little faster; I can hear his breath becoming uneven. My breathing becomes uneven as well mainly because I have missed his touch and kisses. I lift my a little so that Mark’s dick can slide down to my hole; with my legs I push Mark’s butt closer to me. Mark then pushes his dick in finally getting the message that I wanted him inside of me. It’s just as I remembered pain for a second and pleasure following; I moan in between our kisses and so does Mark.

Mark thrust his dick all of the way inside of me and pushes further down my hole even though his whole Marine dick is inside of me. I wrap my arms around his neck; both of our breathing has become uneven and sweat is starting to come down my forehead. Mark then slowly takes his dick out and pushes it back in with force. He does this several time and it just feels so good that I don’t want him to stop. His thrusts are deep and slow; Mark’s thrusts are powerful though so powerful that it knocks the wind out of me. Mark’s thrust then go to a short fast pace and his dick feels so good around my hole. By now Mark has been working on my neck and I feel so close to melting in his arms. All I can hear is my moaning, Mark’s manly moaning and the clapping sound that Mark is making with his dick as it hits my ass cheeks. Mark continues to slam me down for what seemed like hours until he stops working on my neck and kisses me. Mark’s manly moans can be heard between our kisses and then I feel hot liquid inside of me. Both of us are out of breath but don’t stop kissing each other; Mark then stops kissing me and looks at me. It’s so dark that I don’t see him but I know it’s him; then he leans over and turns on a light. My eyes widen as I see that is was Cory this whole time; Cory has a smile across his face and his dark green eyes sparkle as he looks at me. Cory is still on top of me; his dark green eyes locked onto mine. My breathing become uneven I fell like throwing up; how could I do this to Mark I feel so ashamed. Cory then gets a gun from nowhere and points the gun to the side of his head and pulls the trigger.

I open my eyes and for a split second I am out of breath. Cory’s arms are still wrapped around me as he sits behind me still providing me with warmth. “You ok” Cory whispers to me as he opens his eyes. “Yeah I am fine” I say trying not to make eye contact or tell him that I just had a dream about him. I was about to say something when the door to our little room flies open and I am yanked out of Cory’s arms. The guard then slaps me across the face but doesn’t let go of me. He then punches me in the face and pushes me hard to the wall. I hit my head and fall to the ground I feel blood coming out of my head; I place my hand on my head to stop the bleeding. My senses are off I feel lightheaded and I can’t concentrate right; I then hear a large cracking sound followed by a thud. My senses somewhat come back to me and I see the guard on the floor with his head twisted backwards. I then look up and see Cory breathing heavily looking at the guard with a cold hard stare. It’s the same stare Mark got when Alan slap me across the face when he found out that Mark and I were dating. I look at Cory for a while and that’s when it hits me; Cory Pearson cares about me and he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I then shake my head and stand up as quickly as I could “Come one let’s go” I say to Cory while on the door way. Cory picks up the guards rifle and heads out the door with me. Cory has the rifle in one hand and is holding my hand behind him with the other.

My breathing becomes uneven but not that much because I know Cory can take care of us really well; after all Cory is an alpha. We head outside and everyone is running around the death of the leader meant that now there will be a power struggle. Cory takes a couple of grenades and throws them at every direction. All of the grenades explode, some things explode and other things catch on fire. The campground has turned into more of a war zone “Come one I think I know where we are” Cory says as he pulls me behind him running towards the mountains. I then stop dead in my tracks and Cory feels the tug; he’s so strong that I literally had to pull as hard as I can to stop him. “Go on” I say to Cory while thinking things over. “What? No I won’t go without you” Cory says as he tries pulling me to the mountain. “You know where you are and I will just slow you down….not to mention there are a lot of them we won’t make it far” I say looking into his dark green eyes. Cory looks at me knowing that I speak the truth but isn’t going to except it. Cory then says my name and moves closer to me; I then place his head in between my hands and kiss him. I had to tippy toe to reach his lips but I made it; I try to savor this moment. The kiss was soft, elegant and mesmerizing; another explosion goes off in the distance but I barely heard it. I pull back and take a couple of steps back the expression on Cory’s face is priceless. “GO” I yell at him “I’ll come back for you I promise” Cory says as he starts to run to the dark mountain. A tear comes down my face knowing that this time I will die here; it wasn’t a smart move to do but it was the last kiss I would ever experience. I run to the nearest semi-truck and start driving it down the dirt road.

I swerve knocking down tents, crashing other vehicles and try to avoid the bullets that seemed to be coming from everywhere. An explosion goes off behind the truck and it’s powerful enough to make me crash. I get out as quickly as possible and start to run down the dirt road; I can hear the men screaming in their language. Some even shot at me but I just keep running and for some reason I start to hope that I may actually escape. But my hope quickly vanishes as I am surrounded by vehicles; I stop dead in my tracks as twenty rifles are pointed at me. This is it this is how I am going to die in the middle of the desert; but I manage to help someone escape and he will spread the news that Ashram is dead. Someone gets out of the vehicle and walks towards me; his anger can be viewed by his walk and his eyes. I have both of my hands up just waiting to see who is going to shoot me first; the man that got out of the vehicle quickly hits me in the head with his gun and I black out.

I take in a deep breath and feel tile under me; my best guess is that I am somewhere back in the city. I then feel a sharp pain on my leg. I scream out in pain and open my eyes; I try to move but I am held down by someone who is on top of me. The man in a blue turban presses the knife deeper in my thigh and I again scream out in pain. “Do you know who I am?” the man in the blue turban asks me. Tears are coming down my face and the pain is so excruciating I don’t even answer. “You killed my brothers in this room a while back” the man in the blue turban says in an intimidating voice. I then force myself to look around trying to find something that can distract me from the pain. The room looks familiar and then it hits me; this is the room that I was brought to when I got captured the first time. There were three men; there was a huge light, and a camera. I try to breathe through the pain but that didn’t help “The camera recorded everything….and I saw you kill my brother with a knife….you stabbed him over and over again” the man in the blue turban says while trying to hold back his tears. “PL….PLE….PLEASE” I scream to the man who is on top of me. I force myself to look around the room one more time and there is no one except us. “I am going to kill you the same way you killed my brother….but before I do I am going to leave a mark so that everyone will know what you are…..a coward” the man in the blue turban than extends my left hand out.

With his left forearm he turns my head away and presses it to the ground hard. I cry even more and plea with him but he won’t listen to me at all even though I am screaming in pain. I then feel more pain as he gets another knife and starts carving down on my left forearm. I scream in pain again louder and louder each time the knife cuts into my skin; with my right hand I try to push him away but he is too strong for me. Tears come down my face while I scream as loud as I can in pain. I try to move away from him but he is too strong; he holds me down still carving something into my forearm. I scream out in pain one more time and that is when I hear bullets coming from outside of the room. It only lasts a couple of seconds but the man in the blue turban is too caught up in what he is doing to me. The door then swings open and the man in the blue turban is yanked off of me; I lay there not moving. I try to move, breathe and calm my tears but nothing seemed to working. I then see American soldier shoes; the man in the blue turban is now lying on his back while a soldier is on top of him. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE” Mark screams at the man in the blue turban as he is on top of him. Mark then start to hit the man in the blue turban over and over again on his face. I then see someone next to me “You’re okay Adrian” Alan says reassuring me. Alan then gets to work on my leg while Mark is still hitting the man in the blue turban.

Alan then yanks out the knife on my leg; at this point I am in so much pain that I don’t even feel Alan yank out the knife from my leg. Alan then throws the knife at Mark; Mark catches it and stabs the man in the blue turban in the stomach. Mark then presses the knife harder down making the knife go deeper into the man in the blue turban. The man in the blue turban dies a slow painful death; Mark then looks at me and his face softens. “How is he?” Mark says out of breath and kneeling beside Alan. “He’s okay for now but he still needs to go to the hospital” Alan says to Mark as he finishes patching me up. I am then lifted off of the floor but not by Mark or Alan; I still can’t move but I see that I am been carried out of the room and out to the hall. “I’ve got you” Cory says to me as he carries me down the hall, down the stairs and finally outside. We get to the Humvee and Cory places me in the middle; Alan gets on and searches his bag for something. I then see Mark he is not looking at me; he is looking at Cory with the coldest hard stare anyone can give. If looks could kill Mark slaughtered Cory with just his stare; “Can’t you give him something for the pain?” Cory tells Alan as he pulls out a small bottle. Alan then looks at me for a while and tears start to build in his eyes; a look of relief that he found me and of sadness that he has to see me like this. “I am going to give you a sedative; I promise when you wake up everything will be all right” Alan says as he gives me the sedative. My eyes feel heavy and before I close my eyes the last person I look at Cory; I could have sworn I say tears in his eyes before I blacked out.

I take in a deep breath and feel sheets underneath me; it’s the first time in a long time that I feel clean sheet underneath me. I open my eyes and look around; it’s the middle of the night. I see Alan on a chair next to my bed sleeping. For some reason I wanted to see Mark I haven’t seen him or touched him in a while and that’s all I want to do right now. I force myself out of bed and head for the door; I was so quite that Alan didn’t even notice anything. I sneak out of the room and out of the hospital; I then start to head for the mechanic station knowing somehow that Mark will be there. As I am walking to the mechanic station I can feel the stiches on my leg loosen and blood starts to come down my leg. I really didn’t care about that I just wanted Mark; it took a while but I finally made it to the mechanic station. The office light was on and I knew Mark was in there; I am ready to see Mark I am more than ready to hold him.

The office is on the back with large windows that you can peak through I walk towards them with a huge smile on my face. The pain on my leg mattered too little now knowing that Mark is on the other side of glass windows. I stop to look and see where Mark is but when I do my smile disappears and the pain comes back to me. I see Mark standing in the middle of the office but he is not alone; George Smith his mechanic buddy is holding him. George has his hands on Mark’s chest and both of their foreheads are touching each other. Tears begin to come down my face as I realize that Mark has moved on; Mark has found another person to love. There is a lot of blood coming down my leg; the pain returns but it’s nothing compare to what I am seeing. I fall to the ground; there is a small pool of blood around my leg. I try to apply pressure but I am weak and can’t do it. My eyes feel heavy and i lay down on the ground; I am bleeding out alone. It’s then that I realize that I am going to die because the man that kept me alive for so long now belongs to another.

Final Chapter coming soon…..

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