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Soldier's Story: Chapter 7 reviews

Posted by wholegrain (email: bymk)
Thanks for uploading chapter 7 David! Can't wait for chapter 8.

Keep up the good work :) you rock!
Posted by Chris B (email: chri)
I like this one, it adds a twist we or I did not see coming!
Posted by Ian (email: redk)
Posted by smithy (email: smit)
OMG, i dont beilve that Mark would do that! please write the next one very very soon, x
Posted by John Smith (email: bryc)
Don't jump to conclusions! So many things that could be happening other than a relationship. Let's give Mark the benefit of the doubt.
Posted by Joe (email: mysa)
This is just amazing. I can't wait for chapter 8 just as I was waiting for 7! Keep it up David!
Posted by Luis (email: just)
OMG this was just great but why will the next one be the last? dont do that!
Posted by John (email: hapl)
Pls pls pls get Adrian and Mark back together, I'm really really looking forward to the last chapter!!! Thx a lot for all ur stories!!!
Posted by Charles Moody (email: char)
That Last Part Almost Made Me Cry ! Pleasee Finish ! 3 .
Posted by Charles Moody (email: char)
Pleasee Finish 8 !
Posted by jon (email: mell)
Write the final chapter!!! Sooo good. I love the plot, the setting, the people, the mood. Keep it up!
Posted by Anonymous (email: Rurb)
Please, hurry up and get on with that final chapter!! I want to know what happens to Adrain and who he ends up with!!!!!!
Posted by David Bula (email: ad_l)
Just to let you guys know that i have summitted the final chapter. it's under review now and should be up in a couple of days.
Posted by Kay Cee (email: ceci)
We've been waiting for months now! What's the delay with the final chapter?
Posted by David Bula (email: Ad_l)
Don't know I submitted the story about a week ago
Posted by Ian (email: redk)
I think I'll all be worth wait :)
Posted by Ro (email: roe_)
David, you're just brilliant .. I love how you manage to capture and express every emotion .. While I was reading your other story named "A Story", the song 'Pictures of You' by Angie Hart started playing on tv .. I dont know what happened but I just lost all control and started bawling my eyes out .. You're awesome .. It was a pleasure reading your stories and I cant wait for the next one :)
Posted by Danny (email: i)
Posted by Luis (email: boyt)
Any updates on the last chapter?
Posted by Daniel (email: danc)
This is amazing! I don't usually read but this story has me too interested! Please upload chapter 8, I'm dieing of anxiousness!!
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