Soldier's Story: Chapter 6

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

*** Chapter 6

There once was a happy Iraqi family; a family who had everything. All were blessed with good lives; it seemed that their lives were perfect. But when the war came everything changed and the family was destroyed. The three members of the family where in the market one day with American troops walking around. Gunfire started and the family was caught in the middle of it; the man’s son Amir who was a year shy away from his teens looked on in horror. Amir had one flaw and that was bravery; Amir showed bravery when he shouldn’t. The gunfire raged on when an Iraqi rebel was shot dead no more than ten feet away from him.

Amir thought to himself that this would be a good chance to show the American soldiers what he is made of. Amir tore off of his parents grip and ran for the dead Iraqi rebel; Amir’s parents screamed for him to come back. Amir lifted the gun from the dead Iraqi rebel but before he could point the gun at the rebels he was shot. In the midst of the gunfire no soldier would stop and wait for someone to pick up a gun and see where they start shooting. To a soldier it is second nature to them to eliminate any threat before it becomes a threat to him/her and to his/her unit. To Mark it was second nature to point and shoot at someone who looked like the enemy.

To Mark it looked like an enemy was going to pick up the gun and start shooting at him or at his unit. An innocent mistake that turned deadly; when Amir’s parents ran by his side Mark knew what he had done. The was bleeding from his chest and gasping for air; Mark called a medic over. Alan came over and did the he could to save the boy but the boy’s injury was far more than Alan’s capabilities. The father held onto his only child for dear life; the father didn’t understand that every second was crucial to his son’s survival. Alan had no choice but to rip them apart so he could take Amir to the hospital. The father and mother were left behind crying for their only son. When Alan came through the doors Dr. Collins was the first on the scene; during surgery Dr. Collins did everything he could to save the boy. The boy lost too much blood and the bullet shredded his aorta; Amir died in late afternoon….it was a Tuesday.

When Amir’s body was handed over to his parents Dr. Collins personally told the father that he did everything he could to save his son. After the funeral several weeks past and the mother couldn’t take the pain anymore; she sliced her wrist open and bled out in the kitchen…she died on a Tuesday. After her funeral the father sat in his living room in the dark for days. The fathers thoughts went everywhere and anywhere and somewhere along the way hatred became his friend. The father devised a plan to kill the three people responsible; the father knew it would take years before he could make his move. It wasn’t murder or revenge but justice; justice to those who took away his family and his life…his plan was put in motion on a Tuesday.

As for me I told Mohammed to shot me instead of Mark; I told Mohammed my connection to the three men he was after. I didn’t know if it was love or just pure second nature; second nature to put myself in harm’s way for the betterment of several others. I guess a soldier’s thinking of the protection of his unit has rubbed off on me. The last thing that went through my head was Mark coming closer to me to give me a kiss but the gunshot beat him to it. I feel numb; nothing is happening. I don’t see a white light or heavenly music; I just don’t see or feel anything. I don’t even feel pain; maybe the bullet went so fast through my skull that death was instant.

I then hear Jennifer calling my name and I quickly open my eyes and take in a deep breath. I am still alive and still standing in the same spot that I was; I smile to myself and tears begin to come down my face. I look down and see that Mohammed is dead; a bullet hole is on the side of his head. But he did not commit suicide because the bullet hole is on one side and he is holding the gun in the opposite hand. I then hear a noise to my left and quickly look in that direction thinking it’s the other shooter. But to my surprise it’s Cory Pearson the alpha soldier I schooled yesterday; Cory is leaning against the door way with his small handgun pointed at where Mohammed was standing. I should have known the alphas always carry some sort of weapon with them at all times. I laugh out loud while tears are coming down my face; I then take a step towards Jennifer and Mark. “ADRIAN….” Jennifer screams my name and looks at me.

I then remember that the other shooter has found Alan and would probably shoot him dead. Jennifer then starts to work on Mark’s shoulder; I take a few steps towards her. “Adrian please…I am trying to save your guy….now please go and save mine” she says while she digs in for the bullet. I quickly bend down and grab Mohammed’s gun from his hand; I then rush out of the room passing Cory. I run as fast as I can to the storage room where I left Alan; in my mind I am thinking that he is already dead but I just keep going. I turn the corner as fast I could someone was standing over Alan with the gun pointing to Alan’s head. Without hesitation I point the gun to the man and pull the trigger.

I hit him in the back and I pull the trigger over and over again while stepping closer to the second shooter. The last bullet went into his neck and he fell on his back while his blood made a small pool all around him. I kneel on Alan’s side but he is not harmed in anyway; I then look at the second shooter and my mouth drops. Kareem the hot Iraqi nurse was holding onto his neck for dear life while gasping for air. Kareem’s blood kept coming out of his neck and the pool of blood got bigger; I just look at him and he looks at me. I just stay where I am not moving; not trying to save a fellow soldier. But after the events of today he, Kareem, is the enemy; and he tried to kill my brother. So I let him die right in front of me and I give his lifeless body a cold hard stare.

I then hear footsteps coming down the hall fast. I look up and see the rest of the Alpha team followed by other soldiers; I look at the Alpha’s and they look at me. “He’s in the OR near the entrance” I say to them knowing what they were asking me from their eyes. Alan was starting to come out of his sedation but he was still weak; I and some other soldiers got him into a bed and into his room. I stayed with Alan the whole time as the hospital began to come back to life. I stayed with Alan for a couple more hours until I see Jennifer walk into the room; she looks at me and I look at her. She smiles at me and nods; tears begin to come down my face and I hug her.

“Adrian… I….” Jennifer begins to say. “We’ll talk about it when Alan wakes up” I cut into her. She smiles and nods her head; she then turns her attention to Alan. “I’ll leave you guys alone” I say while I walk out of the room and across the hall where Mark is. Mark looks so peaceful; he has bandages on his shoulder. I grab his hand and kiss him in the cheek “I love you Mark” I whisper to him as my forehead connects to the side of his head. I then hear heavy footsteps outside the door and pull away from Mark. “Commander Stone” I say as he walks in. Commander Stone is the head guy here; this is his base. He runs it and nothing moves unless he says so; he has short salt and pepper hair, dark blue eyes, and stands a good six feet. Commander Stone ignores me and stays looking at Mark “Is there something you need sir” I say while stepping closer to him. Commander Stone looks at Mark for a while and then looks at me; “Sir” I say confused as to why he is staring at Mark.

“Get out” he says in an intimidating whisper. I was about to say something but decided not to he is after all everyone’s boss here; I get to the door and look back. I don’t look at Commander Stone…I look at Mark with a sincere look. Commander Stone notices this and closes the door almost pushing me out of the room; I stand outside confused about the whole situation.

“Are you sure?” Jennifer asks me after I tell her that Commander Stone is with Mark. “Did he say what he wanted?” Jennifer asks again. “It doesn’t make sense at all” I say while deep in thought. “Well to tell you the truth Commander Stone and Mark have been good friends” Jennifer says to me and I look up at her. “Mark and Commander Stone are like you and me with Dr. Collins” she finishes saying. It then makes sense Mark is so good at been a soldier that Commander Stone took Mark under his wing just like Dr. Collins did to Jennifer and I. Alan shifts a little in his bed and both me and Jennifer stand still and hold our breaths but Alan doesn’t wake up. “Davis can I have a word with you” Commander Stone says while standing at the door way. As I walk out I turn and look at Jennifer and she shrugs her shoulders but then turns her attention to Alan. Commander Stone is outside of the room with his arms crossing each other and he is pacing back and forward. “Sir” I say almost in a whisper; even though I haven’t met Commander Stone personally this guy is intimidating down to his eyebrows. Commander Stone takes in a deep breath “I really need to talk you and I but I also need to follow protocol and so….when Dr. Collins comes back from his vacation we will talk” his voice sounded like he was trying so hard not to yell at me. Commander Stone then looks into Mark’s room and walks away; I guess he blames me for Mark been shot or something.

Alan hasn’t woken up yet so I decided to go to Cory’s room and thank him for what he did. As I get closer to his room I get a little nervous but somehow manage to put that aside. I step in and it’s almost the same thing as when I first walked into Cory’s room. Everyone is laughing and telling jokes but when they notice me all of them fall silent and look at me. “I…um” I begin to say but for some reason I can’t say thank you to Cory. Mainly because thanking Cory would mean that we would be friends and to tell you the truth I don’t want to be friends with him even though he saved my life.

I look up and see that Cory has his dark green eyes locked into mine. We stare at each other for a while I then take a deep breath in “Congratulations Mr. Pearson you are still fit for duty….when Dr. Collins comes back in a couple of days he will sign off on your reinstatement” I say and I begin to walk out of the room. “CORY” he says to me and I stop dead in my tracks. I then turn and look at him and has this half smile on his face I then smile and shake my head “Yeah right” I say and I walk out the room before this huge smile comes across my face and my cheeks turn red. As I walk back to Alan’s room I couldn’t understand why Cory had such an effect on me. I am with Mark and I love Mark; but Cory has this cocky attitude that makes him desirable. I just shake those thoughts out of my head and walk into the room. Alan is awake and he is staring at me with watery eyes.

Jennifer is standing next to Alan’s bed and Jose is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. I almost busted out laughing because Jose has this worried look on his face; I then turn my attention to both Jennifer and Alan who are now holding hands. “Adrian we ummm…..” Alan begins to say “I know it just happened” I say with a half smile on my face. “But may I ask when did this happen?” I say while stepping closer into the room. “When you and Mark went to go visit Jake’s parents” Jennifer says with a serious tone. “She was there and I don’t know….like you said to me when I found out that you and Mark were dating….it just happened” Alan says. “They were actually more scared to tell you then they did me” Jose says with sarcasm on his tone. “My brother and my best friend” I say and smile. “I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming but I am glad” I say while hugging Alan and then Jennifer.

I spent the next couple of days alternating with Alan, Mark and my shifts. All around the base everything seemed to be at peace but only one thing was bothering me. Commander Stone’s words that he needed to talk to me kept looming around my head. What did Commander Stone have to talk to me about it’s not like I did anything wrong. As I walk to Alan’s room and I notice that the door is closed I was about to knock when I hear Jennifer laughing inside. I just pull back and decide to close Mark’s door; it was dark and only a small light illuminated the room. I step closer to Mark who was asleep; as I put my hand on top of his, he opens them. Those dark blue eyes that I love so much look into mine and that smile that makes my knees weak spreads across his face. I then smile back at him and take off my pants and scrubs “What are you doing?” Mark whispers to me as I get on top of him. “Just because you’re in a hospital doesn’t mean you can’t get some” I say while I pull the sheets down and his gown up.

By now Mark is rock hard and I spit on my hand and lube my hole. I then stick his Marine meat inside of me and in one quick motion sit all the way down. We both moan and I start to rock back and forward; with one hand Mark gets the back of my head and pulls me to his lips. We make out and my thrusts are slow and deep now. Mark then sits up and puts his hand on my shoulder pushing me down hard onto his dick. I can feel every inch of his meat going up and down my hole. The pleasure I get when Mark kisses me on the neck and when his dick is deep in me makes me so hot for him. I would never betray Mark he is my one and all; the thrusts get harder and harder. Mark grunts into my lips and I can feel his hot liquid inside of me; as we are both trying to catch our breaths we look at each other. We stare into each other’s eyes; my fingers caress Mark’s cheek and his hand is on my cheek. Mark goes soft after a while and I put my clothes back on. “Come here” Mark whispers to me and I lay beside him; his arm under my head brushing up on my forearm. I place my forehead on the side of his chin and for once I feel at ease; nothing can tear us apart. Before I drifted into sleep I heard Mark’s voice “You’re mine forever”

Dr. Collins returns to the hospital and asks me and Jennifer a million questions; but the main one was him asking us if we were okay. It took about an hour to calm Dr. Collins down but eventually he did and when he did he took a breath of relief that nothing happened to us. It was in early afternoon that Dr. Collins and I are in Cory’s room; Dr. Collins goes over the form and signs Cory off as still fit for duty. Cory thanks Dr. Collins and gives me his half sexy smile. I couldn’t help but smile myself and I had to look down because I felt my cheeks turning red. Dr. Collins leaves the room and Cory and I are staring at each for a while. I then clear my throat and break our eye contact “Congratulations” I say almost in a whisper and begin to walk out of the room. “Is that it?..... I don’t get a hug or something?” Cory asks me with his sexy smile and his dark green eyes checking me out.

I turn and laugh at him but I don’t say anything all I do is walk out the door before I say anything stupid. As I am walking down the hall I couldn’t help but think that I am acting like a child; Cory means nothing to me and yet I am here blushing and behaving inappropriately. Dr. Collins then breaks my thoughts by stepping in front of me his eyes meet mine. “Commander Stone is waiting for us in the conference room do you know why he is waiting for us?” Dr. Collins says all puzzled to me. I just shrug my shoulders and begin to walk with Dr. Collins to the conference room. As we enter the conference room Commander Stone is sitting at the head of the table; Dr. Collins closes the door. I am on Commander Stone’s left and Dr. Collins is his right; the room stays quite for a while. “I called this meeting due to troubling evidence that has been handed down to me” Commander Stone says while he opens a file. “The shooting that happened a few days ago was well planned….we know for a fact that Kareem was Mohammed’s inside man. But what troubles me the most is….is the fact that Mohammed befriended you and I can only ask myself what part did you play on his plan?” Commander Stone says with a serious tone. “Adrian had nothing to do with the shooting” Dr. Collins steps in and defends me.

“Out of all of the soldiers on base only Davis has been his regular customer visiting Mohammed almost every day” Commander Stone is looking at me with hate in his eyes. Dr. Collins steps in and defends me a couple more time; I should have spoken up I should have defended myself but something caught my attention and I couldn’t look away. Commander Stone’s dark blue eyes seemed familiar somehow; they look so familiar it’s like I have been seen them for a while now. Commander Stone looks at me one more time and that is when it hits me; that is when I find out who Commander Stone really is. “Oh my god” I say almost in a loud whisper. Both Commander Stone and Dr. Collins stop their arguing and look at me; I on the other hand have my hand over my mouth and can’t take my eyes off of Commander Stone. Dr. Collins looks puzzled but Commander Stone knows what I am thinking about; Commander Stone was about to say something when Dr. Collins’s pager goes off.

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