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Soldier's Story: Chapter 6 reviews

Posted by X (email: juic)
You are truly amazing. I can not wait for Chapter 7!
Posted by John Smith (email: bryc)
What a jackass father! Chapter 7 best come quickly :). Keep up the goood work
Posted by Adrian (email: adri)
Wow what a great story. Excited for Adrian's new love interest. Cant wait for ch 7! Great work!
Posted by Kris (email: Oneo)
Great job again David! Damn you just keep making each story full of surprises! I don't mean to sound like a jerk to mark but I am curious if Cory and Adrian do anything together... Keep up the great stories david! Love the drama, passion and emotions! I can't wait for chapter 7!!! Keep us updated. :)
Posted by John Smith (email: bryc)
No! Adrian and Cory can't do anything! Adrian went to the pit FOR Mark. And the main trait that David has built into Adrain as a character is loyalty. He can't do anything with Cory because that would completly ruin his character in the story... Mark and Adrian all the way! Don't take his true loyalty out David!
Posted by smithy (email: smit)
OMG, please right the next one very soon, :D x
Posted by Adrian (email: adri)
When's chapter 7?!? Keep us updated please! My name is Adrian and I love your stories. Everytime I read it I imagine I'm Adrian in this story. Keep up the great work! =D
Posted by Giffy (email: Giff)
Wow you are really good at this,i cant wait for chapter 7
Posted by David Bula (email: Ad_l)
Hey guys thanks for the comments....your comments keep me writting and I want you guys to know that chapter 7 is about half way done went on vacation but i am back now and will finish chapter 7 soon
Posted by Joe (email: mysa)
This story is moving.. I love your work David.
Posted by Charles (email: char)
PLEASE Finish Chapter 7 ! I love this story . it gives me encouragement that i can find love eventually . Your A Great Writer & I Hope You Continue . You'll Be Very Successful (If You Aren't Already.) Lol
-Love Charlezz .
Posted by Matt (email: matt`)
Posted by Brandon (email: Bran)
I love this story!!! And I need more! It's so awesome and you are a great writer!
Posted by Jonathan (email: hapl)
I love your stories so badly!!! Especially this story is so frickin' awesome!!! I really can't wait anymore for chapter 7!!! I really really look forward to it!!! (I know this request may not be accepted, but please, can u make it a happy ending? thx thx thx a lot!!!
Posted by Jack (email: mysa)
Where the fuck is chapter 7? I've been waiting WEEKS!
Posted by David Bula (email: Ad_l)
All right guys sorry it took me a while to finish classes have started. Just wanted to let you guys know that ch 7 is already been reviewed and should up in a couple of days
Posted by Kris (email: Oneo)
Thanks for uploading chapter 7 David! You are the bomb!! I can't wait!!!
Posted by wholegrain (email: bymk)
this series are incredibly amazing! i can't wait for the next chapter to come! keep up the good work, you rock!
Posted by MaisieStewart (email: Mais)
I love your writing ... and I adore your subject!! xo Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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