Soldiers Story: Chapter 5

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I lift my leg up above the water in the bath tub; I can hear the water drip down my leg and back into the tub. The soap that’s in my leg forms little bubbles and most begin to pop filling my leg with a tingly sensation. Mark’s hand comes across my leg and wipes the soap off; he then laughs quietly to himself. Both Mark and I are in the bath tub together; Mark is behind me his abs and chest along with my back are connected. The back of my head manages to rest on Marks shoulder; Mark then gently pushes my leg back down into the soapy warm water. Mark then starts to kiss the side of my forehead gently planting one gentle kiss after another. I close my eyes and lift my head a little so Mark can have easier access to my forehead. I then feel Mark’s strong hands glide up my thighs and head for my hole; Mark opens my butt cheeks up and starts to play with my hole. I quickly moan in pleasure and grab both of Mark’s strong forearms; his kisses go from my forehead to my ear.

For some reason as Mark is kissing my ear I feel a pleasure that’s almost overpowering. A couple of moans escape my lips and Mark sticks a finger inside me; Mark then pushes and pulls his finger from my hole. I grab tighter to Mark’s forearms as he is still kissing my ear with passion. I couldn’t take it anymore so I pulled Mark’s finger off of my hole and turned around. I feel like the dominant one tonight and Mark is more than happy to let me take control; I straddle Mark. I then push Mark into an almost laying down position; Mark’s abs disappears under the water and half of his muscled chest is above it. I then put one of my hands on his chest for support and the other I reach down to guide his cock into my hole. As his head pops in I dig my fingers into Mark’s chest a little; as always it’s only when the head of his dick pops into me that hurts the most. After a couple of seconds I begin to sit on top of Mark with his dick entering me slowly. I can hear a couple of manly moans escape Mark’s lips. I then start to kiss Mark on the ear and do the exact same thing he did to me; more manly moans escape Mark’s lips.

I lift myself up and down on Mark’s dick and the water is going up and down as well. Mark wraps his arms around me and starts to push me down harder; I then moan in pleasure as I lean my head back. Mark starts to kiss the front of my neck and then he moves to the side where my greatest pleasure spots are. As Mark is kissing my neck I can’t help but moan a bit louder in pleasure. Even though we are wet I can feel our sweat coming down both of our faces; I then wrap my arms around Mark’s neck as he pushes me down on his dick harder. A couple of more hard thrust from Mark and then his long moan comes out of his lips. I then feel his hot liquid inside of me as I feel my hot liquid between our stomachs. Both of us are trying to catch our breaths but our lips meet and we kiss for a while. Mark then pulls out of me but I stay on top of him kissing him like this is the last night we will spend together. Mark then wraps his big muscular arms around my back and stands up from the tub. With his he pulls the plug and turns on the shower; the water coming down between our bodies washes away the soap that is left behind on us.

We kiss for a while until Mark turns off the water and steps out of the tub while I am still wrapped around his upper body. I then unwrap my legs from his waist and I dry Mark off with a towel; Mark does the same but our lips never part. Mark then takes me by the hand and leads me to my bed; he lays down first and pulls my arm gently so that my body naturally gets on top of his. We make out for what seemed like forever; I then put my head on Mark’s chest and hear his heart beating. I just stay listening to it for a while “That’s still for you” Mark says in a manly whisper to me. I then smile and take in a deep breath as I wrap my arms around Mark. Mark pulls the covers up to my waist and then wraps his big arms around my mid back. I then feel him take a deep breath in “I love you” Mark says as he exhales. “I love you too” I say as I tighten my grip on Mark’s upper body. I then look at the clock and it’s one in the morning; I have to get up in five hours. But I didn’t mind because staying up late with the man that I love is well worth it. I close my eyes and drift into a peaceful sleep mainly because Mark’s chest made my head go up and down gently.

The sun was rising and I was already in my scrubs and in the hospital. I left Mark sleeping in my bed but left a note stating that I had a shift today. As always Jennifer and I team up only this time there wasn’t any soldier that needed surgery. The day went by with soldier with sprains, cuts and some broken bones but nothing to serious. By my lunch hour I went down to Alan’s room to pay him a visit; to my disbelief a particular nurse was assigned to look after Alan. Kareem the hot Iraq American soldier nurse was Alan’s nurse; before Kareem turned to look at me I roll my eyes. “Hey” Kareem says to me while looking at me straight in the eye. All I do is nod my head and sit next to Alan as quickly as possible ignoring Kareem; “So how are you?” I ask Alan. “Good I might get out tomorrow” Alan says with a smile. I smile back but at the same time I feel sad because Mark won’t spend the night with me anymore.

I then take a look at his scar from where Dr. Collins opened him up to do the surgery. The images of Alan on the ground bleeding come back to me and I quickly cover up his scar. “Listen when do you get off?” Alan says to me snapping me back to . I look at him and try to remember when I get off “It’s just that I need to tell you something and I need you not to be distracted afterwards” Alan says kind of nervous. I look at him puzzled “I’ll be distracted all day because you didn’t tell me what you needed to tell me” I say with a smirk on my face. “Yeah well deal with it” Alan says sarcastically. I laugh and stand up “Get out of here” Alan says with a huge smile on his face. For the rest of the day I spent treating soldiers that came into the ER with minor injuries. Dr. Collins left for a few days home to spend some time with his wife; I just hope that she didn’t mind that Dr. Collins stayed a while longer because of Alan. I also make it a habit to check on past soldier patients just to see how they are doing. All of my past patients are grateful that I was their nurse when they came into the ER; some were transferred to another hospital before I could visit them.

It was close to the end of my shift when I decided to pay a past patient a visit. I grab his chart his name is Cory Pearson; he’s Alan’s age. I call him my miracle patient because on the brink of death I saved him. I was about to enter his room when a female nurse stands in front of me. “Just to let you know…” the nurse says “He’s an ALPHA” the nurse says and rolls her eyes as we hear laughter coming from his room. I look at her puzzled but I knew what she meant; the alphas are a of soldiers that are the of the best. With that said the alphas are a bit cocky and think they are above everyone. I just take a deep breath and gather myself up because these guys don’t trust anyone. “How are we today Mr. Pearson” I say while walking into the room looking at his chart. I then stand at the end of the bed looking at Cory straight in the eye waiting for an answer.

Cory Pearson is not bad looking he has dark brown hair, big muscles like Mark, and has the most piercing dark green eyes ever. His facial hair is barely visible which enhances his masculinity more; I actually had to try not to blush in his presence. Cory is in the bed while there are six other soldiers around him; to tell you the truth all look intimidating by just looking at you but I stood my ground. “I am all right” Cory says not interested in answering the question. “It says here you’re not eating” I say while looking down at the chart and back at him. “Look let me make this clear I am no fag so I am not interested. I don’t need a fag nurse checking me out every chance he gets” Cory says while the other laugh at his remark. I then look down at the chart and wanted to walk out of the room with my tail between my legs. But I hold my ground and think of all of the things that I have gone through and came to the realization that I have been through much worse than a cocky soldier calling me a fag. I then laugh while still looking at the chart and shake my head; all of the soldier stop laughing and look at me like I am crazy. I then look up at Cory with a smile in my face; we stay looking at each other for a while. “What’s so funny fa…” Cory says but I cut into him. “Well let me see I find a few things funny actually” I say with confidence in my voice. “First off I find it funny that when you came through the ER a couple of weeks ago everyone in the room pronounced you dead. Even the called your time of death in the room. I on the other hand stayed behind and after ten minutes and so close to losing my job here I brought you back.” I say now a bit louder and more confident than ever. “I also find it funny that I thought you alphas knew everything.

For instance you would have known that Dr. Collins, the head doctor here who deems whether you’re still fit for duty. He respects my decision and all I have to say is to clear you for duty and he wouldn’t think twice about it.” I say while not breaking my eye contact with Cory. “I also find it funny that when you go home and you tell your survival story countless times; everyone will tell you how lucky you are to be alive. And every time someone tells you that I know that in the back of your mind you will be thinking that you’re alive because of a fag. A fag that didn’t give up on you when all of the other straight folks did.” I say while closing his chart hard that it echoed around the room. “Now you listen to me. If you don’t start eating your food I will personally come down here and shove the food down your throat with the same windpipe I revived you in.” I say confidently. “You have a nice day and a safe trip home” I say with a smile on my face. As I turn to walk out of the room none of the other soldiers dared looked at me. As for Cory his face was hard; it’s the type of face someone gets when they know they have been schooled.

I walk out of the room not looking back; as I pass the nurse station the female nurse who warned me about him gives me a huge smile and mouths the words ‘thank you’. I smile at her and wink; I walk down the halls feeling more powerful than I have ever felt in my whole life. I know for a fact that the alphas will keep my sexuality a secret because they don’t want anyone to know that they got their asses handed to them by a fag. As the sun sets I remember Mohammed telling me to come by his shop because he will have new DVD’s for me. I rush out of the hospital and run across the base to Mohammed’s stand. Mohammed was already putting his stuff away “There you are” Mohammed says while putting a box into his trunk. “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it” Mohammed says to me while shaking my hand. “Sorry I got caught up with a patient” I say out of breath but with a smile on my face. Mohammed then hands me a couple of DVD’s “How much do I owe you?” I ask while reaching for my wallet. “If you promise to watch them all day tomorrow that is enough for me” Mohammed says with a smile. “Sure” I say knowing that I don’t have a shift tomorrow.

Mohammed takes off and I walk back to the hospital; I was almost at the entrance when I stop dead in my tracks. I then decide to take the DVD’s to my room just so I won’t lose them somewhere in the hospital. I get to my door and open it; I was supposed to just throw them onto my bed when something catches my eyes. Mark opens the bathroom door; he has oil lines all over his body. For some reason the black oil lines enhance his muscles to the point that my lust for him shoots sky high; this turns me on so much that I jump into his big strong arms and press my lips against his. Mark lets go of the towel around his waist and he tears my scrubs like they were paper. He then lifts me up and I wrap my legs around Mark. We kiss for a while until I move onto his neck; Mark then spits on his hand and lubes his dick. He then sticks his dick into me; I let out a moan of pain followed by a moan of pleasure. Mark begins to thrust his Marine meat inside me with long slow thrust; my back brushes up against the doorway lightly. We kiss each other hard almost as if we are trying to suck each other into our lips.

Mark’s thrusts continue for what seemed like hours and it’s at this point I reach euphoria and don’t care about anything except the man in my arms. I then can’t take it anymore and I cum in between our stomachs. For some reason this always turns on Mark more that his thrusts become short and fast. Soon after he moans into my lips; I can feel his hot liquid inside me. Both of us are sweating, covered in oil and out of breath but keep on kissing each other. Mark then turns on the water and soon we are rubbing the oil out of each other’s bodies. Afterwards we lay on my bed; I am on my back looking up at the ceiling while Mark is on his side. One of his hands is bent for supporting his head while the other is across my stomach. We talk for an hour just about anything; we laugh and make fun of each other as well. In the middle of our conversation I turn and look at the clock; it reads eleven. I then place one of my hands on my forehead and exhale loudly. “What’s wrong?” Mark asks me. “Nothing it just that I told Alan I would visit him after my shift” I say putting my hand on Mark’s forearm and looking at him. “You can go in the morning. He will be pissed but at least you went” Mark says while removing his hand from my stomach and into my cheek. I then smile at him and snuggle a bit closer to him while still on my back. Mark then looks down at my shoulder; a scar was left behind from when I got shot.

Mark doesn’t take his eyes off of my scar and his breathing increases. “Mark” I say in a gently tone and put his face between my hands. I force him to look at me “It’s not your fault okay…I am alive, I am here with you and I love you that’s all there is to it” I say while Mark gets on top of me. Mark then looks away from me and clears his throat; I find it kind of cute how Mark is trying to hide and hold back his tears. I smile to myself and press my lips against his. Mark gives me the most passionate kiss I have ever received from him and I wasn’t going to let him stop anytime soon.

I wake up looking at the ceiling; I turn my head and Mark has his back towards me. I then snuggle into him and kiss the back of his neck a few times. I then hear him take in a deep breath; Mark turns and presses his forehead on mine. “Morning” Mark says in a manly whisper to me. I then press my lips against his and he tightens his hug. I then hear the door open and quickly break our kiss and look back; Jennifer walks into the room. “Come on Alan has been asking for you almost all of the night” she says while looking at me. Jennifer then looks at Mark “Sorry” she says and throws some scrubs to me. “I’ll wait outside and hurry” she says while walking out. Mark and I look at each other and laugh “Go before she comes back and drags you by the hair” Mark says in between kisses. “I’ll go later on just going to stay in bed for a little while longer” Mark says as he spreads himself on my bed. I get dress and kiss Mark one more time; I then head out with Jennifer to the hospital. I glance at Jennifer from time to time as we are heading to the hospital. Jennifer looks nervous and she is walking a bit too fast almost as if she doesn’t want to talk to me.

We get inside the hospital and into the main lobby “Okay what’s going on?” I say stopping dead in my tracks. Jennifer tries to make me walk but I hold my ground and won’t move until she will give me answer. Jennifer was about to say something when explosions near the entrance pushes off of our feet. We were far away from the blast radius that can cause serious damage but not far from the blast wave. I can hear screaming all around me but my senses seem to be off; I can’t focus. As I regain some of my senses I look over to my right and see that Jennifer is on her back unconscious, bloody and full of black dirt.

I grab her by the shoulders and drag her away from the entrance as far away as I could. I shake her and call her name but she doesn’t respond. All of my senses are then in high alert as I know that we are been attack by someone. As I shake Jennifer one more time she takes in a deep breath and covers her ears. As Jennifer regains consciousness we look around to see the damage; everyone that was near the entrance is dead. Only a few managed to survive; Jennifer and I picked up as many survivors as we could and treated them on hand. The weird thing is no one came to help us it’s almost as if the hospital itself was empty this day. I was treating one nurse when I hear gunshots go off in the distance; the gunshots were not coming from outside but inside the hospital building. Jennifer and I look at each other and know that we have to move the injured to some place safe.

One by one we drag each soldier and nurse to a room down the hall. The room is an emergency OR; it’s a big room it serves as an extra OR if needed on emergency surgeries. The good thing about this room is that the door locks from the inside and being so close to the entrance the door is bomb and bulletproof. We have at least ten people in the room; several gunshots go off in the distance. I then turn to Jennifer and tell her to stay with the injured while I go and get Alan out of his room. Jennifer fights me for a while but eventually both of us head out of the room and head for Alan. As we walk pass the entrance hand in hand I see that the main entrance of the hospital is caved in; but that doesn’t explain why back up hasn’t arrived. When the bombs went off in the entrance of the base the soldiers reacted in less than five minutes. I then begin to think that this attack isn’t just a random one but a well planed one to an end I cannot see. We turn corners with extreme caution; we hold each other’s hand tightly but neither of us loses control of our emotions. As we get near Alan’s room something in my head tells me to be careful.

As we both walk into the room my eyes open wide and I immediately run to Alan’s side while still holding Jenifer’s hand. Alan is tied up and is knocked out unconscious; Jennifer then picks up a small bottle that we use for sedation. Jennifer and I look at each other but then our stare is interrupted by a sound coming from the room’s restroom. Jennifer and I quickly and quietly free Alan from his restraints; both of us put Alan’s arm over our shoulders and carry him out. We were near the door when the restroom door opens; Jennifer and I stop dead in our tracks and hold our breath. No one comes out and the door closes again; Jennifer and I carry Alan out of the room. Both of us try to walk fast but Alan is too heavy for the both of us; we then hear screaming from behind us. I spot a janitor’s closet and motion Jennifer to head for the door; as we open the door I can hear footsteps quickly approaching. The room is long but not wide; we manage to hide Alan behind some buckets. Jennifer and I hide behind the door as it flies open; both of us stay very still behind the door. Both of us hold our breaths as we can feel the other person at the other side of the door; I could hear my heart pounding.

The door closes and that is when I hear them; it’s two men arguing amongst themselves. I then hear Alan’s name in the conversation but I can’t make out any of the other words they are saying. Two men are the ones who are attacking us in the hospital; two men with the only guns in this hospital. My guess is the gunshots we heard earlier were them getting rid of our security; the security guys were the only ones allowed with guns inside the hospital. “We have to get Alan to the OR…it’s the only safe place left” Jennifer whispers to me. “We don’t know where the shooters are… not to mention that we can’t go any faster than a slow walk” I whisper back. “There is a stretcher in the OR where everyone is…I can get it and I’ll come back” Jennifer says while getting close to the door. “NO…I am not letting you do this alone” I say in a louder whisper. “Do you want Alan to die?” Jennifer tells me while holding back her tears.

I freeze when she tells me this; I must have not said anything for a while because the next thing I know Jennifer runs out the door. I try to go after her but she is out of sight; I then close the door. I look at the opposite wall for a while somehow I kind of knew what Alan wanted to talk to me about but I couldn’t be. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear Alan mumbling quietly; I kneel beside him and shake him trying to wake him from his sedation. Alan mumbles some more and is swinging his head from side to side. “Jenn…..Jennif….Jennifer I love you” Alan says and drifts back into his sleep. I just stare at Alan with my eyes wide open and my mouth as well; “WHAT THE HELL” I say in my head.



I hear an explosion in the distance and I immediately get off of the bed and onto my feet. My first worry is the safety of Adrian. I quickly put my pants and shoes on; as I head out the door I put my shirt on and head outside. My heart is racing but my face is calm; “Please oh please” I kept saying in my head. I hoped with everything I have that Adrian is safe and away from where the bomb exploded. My hope started to come true but that all quickly vanished when I saw the entrance to the hospital. My heart sank as I saw the entrance caved in. “SMITH” I yell out to my mechanic buddy “HEY SMITH” I yell again and this time Smith turns around. “What’s going on? why hasn’t anyone gone in?”I say to Smith as I get closer to him. “The entrance is caved in we can’t move it by hand, the other entrances seemed to be chained and blocked from the inside and there are two shooters in the hospital” Smith says “Calm down Turner everything is going to be fine” Smith tells me and puts his hand on my chest.

I didn’t notice it but I quickly run to the side of the hospital; as I run to the side I grab a small handgun from one of the other soldiers. In the corner of my eye I see a window; I smash the glass as quietly as possible and unlock it from the inside. I jump up and over the window; as I am inside a small closet I can feel the tension in the air. I open the door with the small hand gun in front of me; in all of my years as a Marine I have never heard this hospital so quite. As I walk through the hospital everything seems to have come to a stop; this isn’t just a random shooting and bombing. Whoever is doing this they have thoughts about it well and have planned everything down to the second. As I walk through the empty hospital I can’t help but lose myself in my thoughts. A million things go through my head wondering if Adrian is all right; hoping to god himself that Adrian is not harmed or worse.

I push those feeling aside and focus on what I am looking at in front of me. I then hear a noise about ten feet to my left and see that a soldier is walking around. This soldier has the same determination in his face like I do mine to find whoever we are looking for. I see him and he sees me; I nod at him and continue. I really do best in a team but this is something I have to do on my own. I was almost down the last set of stairs when I hear a gunshot; but not only do I hear it I feel it. When I feel the bullet lodge itself into my shoulder I fall down the stairs. I mange to look up at the stairs and notice that the soldier I nodded to was the one who shot me. I unload a couple of shots at him as he disappears up the stairs. I somehow manage to pull myself up and run away from him so I can see the damage. But as I am walking away my vision starts to go blurry and I feel light headed.

I am now leaning against the wall for support as I am still trying to get away from the bastard that shot me. I then fall to my knees; I try to get up and keep moving but my legs are starting to buckle as well. I then feel a hand on my chest and point the gun at the person who has their hand on my chest. “Whoa easy with that soldier” Jennifer says to me as she helps me up. “Adrian…” I say almost in a whisper. “He’s fine…let me get you somewhere safe” Jennifer tells me and starts to walk with my arm on her shoulder. As we get to the OR near the entrance I can’t help but look around; some of the people here I know but Adrian isn’t around. My eyes then start to feel heavy and it seems that all of my body is starting to go numb. I try to say something to Jennifer but she is too busy trying to fix my shoulder. I grunt in pain as Jennifer puts pressure on my shoulder; then I pass out. But before I pass out I see a figure by the door. A man I suppose with something in his hand.



I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming; my best friend and my brother are a thing. I don’t know how to feel about this exactly should I feel angry, happy… both? I guess anger is out because I didn’t tell Alan about me and Mark. This is what Alan wanted to tell me yesterday; this is why Jennifer has been acting strange. So my brother is the man who could tame Jennifer…I wonder if Jose knows about these two? But now is not the time to think about these things because Jennifer is out there and there are two men with guns looking for Alan. I then start to worry because Jennifer should be back by now; I look at the door for another minute or so. I then decide to look for Jennifer hoping that she hasn’t got shot or anything like that. I take a deep breath and open the door; before heading out I look both ways like I was about to cross the street. My breathing becomes uneven and memories of me alone in the alley come back to me.

This time I have no weapon to defend myself and I feel more nervous than anything; I turn a corner and then another. Somewhere along the way I grab a pen and hope to stab anyone that poses a threat to me. I know a pen won’t do that much damage but I at least have a weapon; I look at the pen and shake my head. This pen isn’t going to help me, Jennifer or Alan; I then hear a noise in the distance but nothing afterwards. Then I hear a scream coming from the distance; my heart sinks down to my stomach. There can only be one person who that scream belong to; I drop the pen and start moving my legs forward faster and faster. I am sprinting down the hallways; I can also feel the tears start to accumulate in my eyes. There can only be one place where Jennifer can be and so I run as fast and hard as I can to the emergency OR. I burst through the door and stop dead in my tracks as I see a gun pointing at me.

Even though I was out of breath my breathing became more uneven and my eyes widen as I looked at the gun man. I try to talk but nothing came out; I then try one more time and say “MOHAMMED?” Mohammed is standing in the middle of the room between me and Jennifer; my eyes then go further down and see that she is putting pressure on someone. That’s when I lose it tears begun to come down my face and I had no control over them. I look at Mark as he is lying on the floor unconscious and bleeding from his shoulder. Jennifer is sobbing loudly but won’t take her hands off of Mark’s shoulder. “I told you to watch my movies all day” Mohammed says as if it’s my fault I am here in this room with him. “Mohammed please…” I say “NO…don’t you dare tell me to stop…Don’t you dare tell me this isn’t justice for my son” Mohammed says with tears in his eyes. That’s when it clicks Mohammed is the father of Amir. I was lost in thought trying to remember the story; it’s one of the saddest stories I heard around the hospital. I then see Mohammed turn the gun on Jennifer “And you stop saving him…let him die. Let justice be done…LET HIM DIE” Mohammed screams at Jennifer.

Jennifer screams back with tears in her eyes and her sobbing gets louder. She sobs for a couple of seconds “NO” she screams at Mohammed. “I WILL SHOOT YOU” Mohammed says while cocking the gun. “WAIT” I say as Mohammed was about to pull the trigger. “Shoot me” I say. With that said Mohammed’s face softens and Jennifer stops sobbing. “Shoot me Mohammed” I say again as he turns and looks at me. “You want justice right I know what happen I just didn’t know it was you” I say taking a step towards him. “Dr. Collins was the doctor who operated on your son but failed to save him…I am the closest thing he has to a son” I say while tears begin to come down my face and with a shaky voice. “Medical officer Davis...the soldier who tore your son away from you and brought him here to the hospital….he’s my brother we are the only family we have left” I say trying so hard not to break. “And the man on the floor…United States Marine officer Turner….I am the love of his life” I say while glancing down at Mark.

Everyone in the room was quite all of them where either looking at me or Mohammed. “So if you want your justice Mohammed…the justice that you have been planning for, for god knows how long…than shoot me” I say with a steady tone now. “I am your justice Mohammed…do it for you son. I won’t resist” I say while putting my hands at my side and my head held high. I could see the turmoil going on in Mohammed’s eyes as he is trying to figure out what to do. After a while he looks up at me and points the gun at me; Jennifer whispers my name. I see her lift her hands off of Mark’s shoulder lightly “Tell my boys that I love them and that there was no other way” I say holding back my tears. I knew there was nothing Jennifer could say to Mohammed because even though Dr. Collins viewed her as a daughter and she was Alan’s love she didn’t have the one thing that Mohammed was after.

Mark is what separated us Mark is the one person Mohammed came to kill because of what he did to Amir. Mohammed takes a few steps closer to me with the gun shaking slightly in his hand. Mohammed’s breathing becomes uneven and I can see tears covering his eyes. “Found Davis” a voice from a radio Mohammed has on his other hand says but I don’t pay attention to it. I just hope that after Mohammed shoots me he would tell the other person not to harm Alan. I don’t look at Mohammed; I look at the gun that’s about three feet in front of me. The gun is pointing directly to my forehead; I close my eyes because I don’t want to see Mohammed squeeze the trigger. Images of Mark and I come to mind; all of our time spent together all of the things we said and done together. I can see Mark right in front of me smiling at me; looking at me with his dark blue eyes. His dark black hair moves with the wind; his touch ever so gentle on my skin. I take a couple of deep breaths and a tear comes down my face. Mark comes closer to comfort me wrapping his big arms around me; he was about to kiss me when………..BANG!!!!!

Chapter 6 coming soon…

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