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Soldier's Story: Chapter 4 reviews

Posted by Nikki Kane (email: 6Nik)
oh my goodness! That was intense! Cant wait for the next one!
Posted by Miggy (email: faro)
OMFG! THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTINUE! AND NO MORE DYING! PLEASE! :(
Posted by Nick (email: x)
Although I'm a big fan of this story, I'm not too biG to the new 1st person perspective for each character, I felt the natural course you took with chapter 1-3 was exceptional, but you. Drifted far off from your natural course, the scene with adrian at the shooting range was way from the protagonist nature, but I guessed that was on purpose XD, please don't drift too far and keep up the gOOD WORK! 3
Posted by taurus (email: zama)
i'm just glad Alan is'nt dead....it would've destroyed me. can't wait for the next chapter *wink*
Posted by David Bula (email: ad_l)
Thanks guys once again you are the best.
Nick i wanted to give this story more than one point of view. just figured that we should hear what other people from the story had to say about themselves, eachother, and their experiences. But thanks for your comments they mean alot to me.
taurus i was planning on Alan's death on this one but i thought it was too much for Adrian to handle and i would be the end of him and all of the people around him. so rest assure Alan wont die in the furture (OR MAYBE HE WILL)
Spoiler Alert: (Do not read further because there is a spoiler for the next chapter)

Two people will die on the next one....... : )

Posted by Denys (email: deny)
Another great story...keep writing, mate!!!
Posted by Kris (email: oneo)
This is the best story I have read so far on this site. I absolutley love Adrian and Marks relationship. This is the most powerful and intense story I have read its so GOOD!!! Keep writing man keep up the the Good Work!!
Oh and when is the next one coming?
Posted by David Bula (email: Ad_l)
Hey guys just posted the next one so it should be up in the next couple of days.
Posted by sdmofo777 (email: chic)
please make the next one soon please!
Posted by ian (email: redk)
Please continue! this is the BEST story i've ever read. (this should really be made into a book too! :D
Posted by Chris (email: Chri)
You're the greatest writer ever. I can't stop reading your story. Never stop writing.
Posted by AlexandraRoberts (email: Alex)
Completely amazing! Gave me some very good introspection into my own life and thoughts. Now i go here bit. ly/ivanovoivanovo.ru and hookup someone))))
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