Soldier's Story: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

One month has passed since the day that Jake has died. One month of working tirelessly in the hospital, treating all of the soldiers that pass through the ER. Dr. Collins has seen my dedication to the hospital and to the soldiers and he has granted me two years on the base. Jennifer and I are still called the twins and I leaned on her for the past month. Alan however has been avoiding me, he does talk to me but sometimes he can’t even look at me. Dr. Collins has taken me under his wing teaching me techniques that only doctors know. Sometimes Dr. Collins talks to me about med school and pushes me to attend; he offers me a letter of recommendation so I can get in. I respectively decline his attempts; Dr. Collins doesn’t know my biggest weakness.

Now a month later I am in a car with Mark; we are driving down a road that’s full of houses. The car has been silent just like the flight over to the states. My heart begins to race as I know that we are nearing Jake’s house, Mark tries to make small talk but all I do is smile, nod or smirk while exhaling. I don’t know what I am going to tell Jake’s parents, “Sorry about the death of your son…hey by the way I couldn’t save him because I didn’t know what else to do” I say in my head sarcastically. Mark then pulls up to Jake’s house; it’s a decent one floor house that’s in the middle of the block. “Ready?” Mark asks me as we unbuckle our seatbelts.

I simply take a deep breath and both of us get out of the car slowly, it’s at this point that my nerves shoot up high. We were almost to the front door when I stop dead in my tracks, “I can’t do this” I whisper to Mark. “Hey, hey, hey” Mark whispers to me while getting closer to me and holding my hand. “Yes you can” Mark whispers to me while placing his other hand on my cheek. I take a deep breath and walk to the front door leaving Mark behind; I look at the door bell for a while and finally press it. Mark stands next to me, he was about to say something when the door opens. A woman who has Jake’s eyes opens it and looks at Mark. She smiles and tears start to come down her face as she hugs Mark for a while. “Martha this is Adrian Davis” Mark says introducing me. “Hello Mrs. Evans” I say and extend my hand but she pushes it away and hugs me. She then tells us to come in, she then yells out for her husband. “PHILIP” Mrs. Evans yells and sits us down in the living room. Mr. Evans then comes into the living room, Mark hugs Mr. Evans and I shake his hand. We all sit in the living room for a while in silent not sure where to begin.

I look around and see pictures of Jake when he was a kid, funny I couldn’t picture Jake as a kid. Other photos where of Jake and Mark growing up, Jake’s graduation picture, his Marines picture and other pictures. I also notice the American flag folded and placed in a frame in the middle of all of Jake’s pictures. I look down in shame, and in the mist of the shame I start to hear a song coming from the kitchen. I can barely hear it but yet at the same time I know what she is saying. The song is called BRING ON THE WONDER BY SUSAN ENAN and it’s almost as if she is singing to me. I have been pushing Jake’s memory down for too long, I have been keeping myself busy in the hospital. My nights consist of me tossing and turning and sometimes crying. I think now is the time to face what I have been pushing down for too long. “I uhhh…” I say breaking the silence “I know that the can’t give you an exact explanation on how your son died” I say while forcing my eyes to look at Jake’s parents. “I also know that Mark isn’t allowed to give you an explanation because he has been told not to” I say while glancing at Mark. “However I am not part of any military branch and so I can tell you what happened” I say looking once again at Jake’s parents eyes.

Mark just stays still motionless almost as if pretending not to hear a word that I am saying. I then tell Jake’s parents how Jake and I got close, how he was friends with my step brother Alan, how Jake became my friend, how Jake looked after me, how Jake saved my life in that small room and the events on how Jake died. I didn’t know if I should have told them any of it but they had to know the truth. Once I finished my story Jake’s parents where holding each others hands and crying silently, when I finished my story Jake’s parents hugged each other in comfort. I stare are Mark and he stares back at me, Jake’s parents crying in silent. I then remember what I promise to say to his parents, “Your son was the bravest soldier I’ve met…and he stayed brave ‘till the very end” I say trying to control my tears. Jake’s parents look at me, “You should be proud of your son” I say while looking at the pictures one more time. “We are” Jake’s mom says while smiling at me.

I stay looking at them trying to ask them a question that has been wondering in my mind for a month now. I try to ask the question but nothing comes out and it’s getting harder to breath. “We forgive you son” Jake’s dad says to me. The way Jake’s dad said that last sentence almost sounded like he knew what I wanted to ask and he knew what I wanted to hear. The expression on my face says ‘I don’t believe you’ and so “We have forgiving you for a month now” Jake’s mom says while reaching out to me. I take her hand and tears start to come down my face, “Thank you” I say in a whisper. As we left Jake’s house both of his parents hugged me one more time and reassured me that they are grateful that Jake had met someone like me.

The sun was setting as Mark and I settled down into our hotel room, Jake’s parents urged us to stay but we kindly refused. Even though we have said everything that needed to be said it still didn’t feel right spending the night at Jake’s house. I open the back door and walk out into the balcony it’s a hotel with twenty floors and we are on the fifth floor. The sunset was beautiful and for the first time in a month I feel at ease. I hear Mark moving around in the room and think to myself that this is going to be a long night. I have faced my greatest challenge and I over came it, it feels good but now I face another challenge.

I hate to admit it but I still have feelings for Mark and I have been giving myself lectures to get over Mark because he is straight. Mark could never love someone like me because I am a guy and what happened back at the village was just the heat of the moment. I hear Mark again moving around the room and suddenly I needed to be by myself. I quickly turn around and head into the room and walk straight for the door. My hand was on the door handle, I was about to turn it when Mark steps in front of me. His muscular body manages to squeeze between me and the door; I take a few steps back not taking my hand off of the door handle. “Please move Mark” I say while looking at the wall trying not to look into his eyes. Mark doesn’t move and he doesn’t say anything “Please move Mark” I say again and still not looking into his eyes.

I can feel his eyes on me while I look at everywhere but in his; “Mark” I say while my breathing becomes uneven. “Please….move” I say while holding my tears back. Mark still doesn’t say anything; he then takes a deep breath. “I wasn’t lying when I said that you scared me” Mark begins to talk in a quiet manly tone. “I didn’t mean to hurt you but I didn’t know what I wanted… in a short time I grew fond of a guy I just met. I grew fond of a guy and that scared the shit out of me. But the more I knew about you the more I fell for you. When we were in the city I thought you where dead and that destroyed me so much that I led my troops through multiple gunfire’s. I felt my world shattered when I came to the conclusion that you where dead.

When I saw you at the restaurant my world came back to life and that’s when I knew that I wanted to be with you forever.” Mark says to me in the gentlest voice I have ever heard. Mark then takes my right hand and places it on top of his heart. “You feel that, that is for you. You can hate me, you can ignore me and you can…” Mark pauses for a moment “You can fall for someone else but this will always belong to you” Mark says. When Mark finished his sentence he placed his forehead against mine. I am stunned I can’t move, I don’t know what to do Mark just spilled his heart out. I take a deep breath and slowly I begin to look up at Mark until I see his dark blue eyes. I can feel butterflies in my stomach once more and I let go of the door handle, my hand is still on top of his heart and I can feel it beating. I pull back my head so I can see into Mark’s eyes, as I see his eyes I can feel safe.

As I look into Mark’s eyes I can see that he cares for me, I’ve never seen that in my past relationships. We stay looking at each other for a while until I did something that just felt…right. I leaned in and pressed my lips against Mark, the wave of mixed good and passionate feelings went through my body. The first time Mark kissed me it was more of a shock that I didn’t really have time to feel something. Now that I am wrapped around his big muscular arms and making out I can feel so light and I can feel so loved by him. Mark then lays me on the bed ever so gently and gets on top of me, our kiss is more passionate. I know what Mark wants to do next and I hate that I am giving in to him; we kiss for a long time. I then put both of my hands under his shirt and run them all along his muscular back; it just felt so good to touch Mark again. Mark then breaks our kiss and puts his forehead on mine, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Mark asks me out of breath.

I look into his eyes and they are mixed with lust and passion. I don’t say anything all I do is pull Mark’s shirt off and kiss him again, Mark wraps his arms around me and kisses me with more passion. I then roll him onto his back, Mark lets go of me as I start to kiss his neck and head further down. I lick and kiss his nipples for a while; I can hear Mark moan in pleasure as I do this. I then head further down and lick his abs, one by one I kiss lick and lightly bite on them. I then get to his jeans and kiss his rock hard on top of his jeans. I then unbuckle his jeans and pull them down along with his underwear. A rock hard eight inch Marine meat is standing at attention and it’s all mine tonight. I lick the head and Mark moans in pleasure, I then move down the shaft and play with his balls with my mouth. I then take the whole eight inch of meat into my mouth; it surprises me how I didn’t gag.

It’s like his dick was meant for my mouth, I suck him going up and down slowly. I can hear Mark moaning and calling my name breathlessly. I then see that Mark tightens his muscle legs and I pull the dick out of my mouth. Mark looks at me kind of disappointed “Not yet” I say while my face is next to his dick. Mark then pulls me up with ease and kisses me again; he then turns me around so that I am lying on my back. “My turn” Mark says smiling seductively with his dark blue eyes. Mark kisses me and puts his big strong hands under my shirt. In one quick motion he takes off my shirt and makes a blindfold of it. He places my shirt over my eyes; I give a quick laugh and so does Mark. Mark then kisses my right ear “Don’t move” he whisper in my ear. Mark then starts to kiss my neck and it felt so good I almost came right then and there. But instead with my left hand I quickly place it on my side and grab the bed sheet. The bed sheet is between my fingers as I squeeze it harder as Mark is playing with my nipples. With my right hand I place it at the back of his head stroking his dark hair; Mark then moves further down and kisses my belly button.

Mark then stops; I lift the shirt a little and see that his face is on top of my dick. I can see that he is debating whether he should suck it or not, “You don’t have to Mark” I whisper to him. Mark then rips off my jeans and kisses the side of my thighs; once again my left hand grabs the bed sheet and I moan as my breathing becomes uneven. Mark then lifts my legs and starts kissing my cheeks; I call his name out of breath. Mark then kisses my pink hole over and over again; then Mark sticks his tongue into my hole. I moan a little loud in pleasure; as I moan in pleasure my right hand reaches out for something to grab onto. I must have grabbed the radio because it started playing; I was in heaven that I didn’t notice the song that was playing. The song went so well for what we where doing; the song is BEAUTIFUL BY ME’SHELL NDEGEOCELLO.

As the song was playing Mark spits into his dick and gets on top of me. Mark takes off my shirt blindfold and starts kissing me, Mark then pulls away and he looks into my eyes. It’s as if the singer is talking for Mark saying that I am beautiful, I then smile and pull him closer for a kiss. Mark is kissing me with a lot of passion; he then pushes his hips forward and his dick enters me. I moan in pain as I hug him and bury my face in his neck; “Relax baby” Mark whispers in my ear. I then begin to relax and Mark pushes his hips more forward, the pain instantly turns into pleasure. Very slowly Mark sticks his whole dick in me; like I said before it’s like his dick was meant for me. The only discomfort I felt was when his dick first popped into me; after that it was all pleasure. Mark started to thrust his hips long but slow, he almost got his dick out of me but then pushed his meat all the way back in.

Mark wraps his big arms around me while my fingers are lightly digging into his muscular back, both of us are moaning in pleasure in between our kisses. Mark then starts to kiss my neck and it’s my biggest weakness, a guy kissing my neck but Mark knew where to kiss and how long he would stay before he would move to another place on my neck. This was all too much that I came in between our stomachs; I could tell Mark was turned on by this that he started to go a little faster but not too much. Mark wasn’t fucking me he was making love to me and the song just backed up my theory. Mark then exhales a couple of time loudly and I know he is close, Mark then grunts in between our kisses and I can feel hot liquid inside of me. Mark then just lays on top of me both of us are out of breath; Mark’s forehead is touching the side of my head. We are both trying to catch our breaths when “I love you” Mark whispers in my ear.

I turn my head and look at him but he has his eyes closed and still trying to catch his breath; he then opens his eyes. “I love you too” I say. Mark then kisses me and smiles, Mark has the most beautiful smile that I can’t help but smile myself. Mark then gets up and heads for the restroom, he must have been there for a while because I dosed off. I was lying on my side when I feel Mark sneak up behind me; he puts his arm under mine and his forehead on the back of my head. I smile and pull his hand closer to me; for the first time in a month I sleep through the entire night.

We only had one night on the states and so by mid afternoon Mark and I were on a cargo plain back to Iraq. This time Mark and I talk, laugh and share stories. I just love how Mark pays attention to me, not once when I talk does he look around. When I talk Mark looks into my eyes and absorbs everything I say; when he talks its like his eyes lighten up as he talks to me. Somewhere over the Atlantic I have my head on Mark’s shoulder; Mark then takes out his iPod and places an earphone on my ear. Without opening my eyes I feel what Mark has put in my ear, “Just listen” Mark says to me while grabbing my hand. Mark quickly kisses the back of my hand and presses play. The song is SMILE BY UNCLE KRACKER, as the song is playing I can’t help but smile myself. Mark is telling me that the ‘thought of me makes him wild’ I smile all through the song. When the song finishes I can feel Mark’s hand on my cheek and he quickly kisses the top of my head.

We get to the base and part ways, as I walk to the hospital Mark walks to where the humvees are. Mark likes doing maintenance work on them. We both walked backwards staring at each other until both of us where out of sight. The next day I am in the hospital doing my rounds, it’s kind of a slow day. For both Jennifer and I a slow day is kind of a bad day; guess that sort of thinking comes when you are hungry for surgeries. It was around noon when Jennifer and I where eating lunch; we never took fancy to the cafeteria so we would always eat outside in front of the building. I walk talking to Jennifer about a previous patient I had when Jennifer interrupts me. “You had sex didn’t you?” Jennifer says while smiling at me. I look at her in shock “No I didn’t”. “Yes you did…I know men can’t glow like women but you are glowing” she says while smiling and laughing. “Honey I am so happy for you. You and Mark made up…he must be hitting it out of the park huh?” Jennifer says intrigue for any answer.

All I can do is smile and shake my head. “To tell you the truth you and Mark belong together” Jennifer says. “You think so?” I say while taking a bite out of my sandwich. “You can tell right away. He moves you move. You move he moves. It’s almost like a perfect harmony” Jennifer says while sipping her cup. “Jealous” I say sarcastically. Jennifer laughs “Don’t worry about me I have my own” Jennifer says but then her face turns red as if she didn’t want me to know. “Who is he?” I ask her. “Nobody” she says while putting together her lunch fast. “Jen who is he?” I ask her now with determination on who it is. “Ill see you later” she says while she gets up and runs inside the hospital. For the rest of my shift I was going through every patient I could remember trying to figure out which soldier could tame Jennifer. I love Jennifer but she was a kind of girl that wasn’t impressed easily, except in surgery.

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