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Soldier's Story: Chapter 3 reviews

Posted by Miggy (email: faro)
This is beautiful I swear! Please don't let it end.. This is my favorite series so far and also the When I'm With You by Kieran Lee.. You and Kieran are my two favorite authors! LIKE! SWEAR!!
Posted by kale (email: k)
OMG! so i have read all the chapters so far, and i absolutly love this! it's one of those mixed emotions, sexy, and action filled love storys! i love it! love it! love it! please continue writting this. i know it's alot to type but you have lots of followers on this story and i speak for all of us when i say please do not stop writing this, publishing this! (: haha thanks ;)
Posted by Andy (email: rfed)
OMG! I hope Alan doesn't die! PLEASE! This is too much! :(
Posted by taurus (email: zama)
i'm with u on that one Andy.......Alan must'nt die, he's a great guy. i've never read anything like this FUUUUUUCCK....i'm hooked.
Posted by luis (email: just)
oh my god this is great i hadnt read anything like this, i absolutely love it the way someone cares about you... dude you must continue writing this
Posted by CaptUSMC (email: USMC)
Excellent! Please continue with many more chapters. Your writing draws the reader in wanting more. Do not stop now. You have the style of writing the reader wants to visualize and feel all the different emotions. Well Done!
Posted by Borgie (email: borg)
u r very good writer.... great job!

keep writing, mate!!!
Posted by David Bula (email: Ad_l)
Thanks you guys are the best and chapter 4 should be available for you to read soon
Posted by Nikki Kane (email: 6Nik)
This is amazing! I've read all three so far and hoping for more! May i suggest when writing further Don't exhaust the words "Says" & "Said" Use more descriptive words for dialog, Like exclaimed, Bellowed, Objected, affirmed, announced,Declared, responded, Answered.
Good site to find some juicy more descriptive words :) Always check the definition as well! ;) Good luck! Hope to be reading more soon! Feel free to reply :D -Official fan- Lol.
Posted by billy (email: bill)
Bula! Standing ovation, we're screaming and throwing flowers. Strong, straightfromtheheart writing. Publish on paper, mistooks and all, exactly as is. My eyes are wet, so are my jeans. Bravo! Encore!
Posted by Cash (email: cass)
Omg I love dis story Mark just takes my heart away keep doin wat you doin my dude I'll love 2 read more of yur stuff
Posted by ErinBennett (email: Erin)
Beautiful and erotic story. Very well done. Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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