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Soldier's Story : Chapter 1 reviews

Posted by anthony (email: wine)
Awesome!!! I'm hooked and want to read more
Posted by taurus (email: zama)
oh my god.....this would make a great movie. i think i'm inlove with Alan and Mark
Posted by lee (email: kira)
oh man its really wonderful...... Though theres no sex on it.....still I really likd it... No i love it really... Cant wait for chap 2. Sorry man i just cant tell u everything i wanted to say bec my englich is limited u know... Lol... Anyway i leave in the philippines.. And im closeted... For ur info... Lol
Posted by David Bula (email: ad_l)
THanks guys for the comments...i alreay posted ch 2 but it takes a while before the story is available to the public so keep on checking
Posted by Frank (email: lion)
Awesome story, as a 56 yo, it had my emotions very high.
Posted by orion (email: orio)
very good story, moving and quite dramatic, but i love it
Posted by Sharock G. (email: shar)
These soilder stories have been on here awhile im guessing because there are so many and this is my first time on this site but hands down one of if not the best stories i have ever read I started and didnt wanna stop you are a true writer/genius
Posted by vhris (email: chri)
HURRY write the nextone
Posted by MaryamBrown (email: Mary)
love the 4some by the way lol. you should write another one in with ;D Now i go here bit. ly/ivanovoivanovo.ru and hookup someone))))
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