(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I've always been the athletic type, playing sports of some sort my entire life. I especially enjoyed contact sports and played football throughout high school - but I wasn't good enough to make the college team so I opted for intramural rugby instead. It just wasn't the game, though. It was the other guys. Especially on hot, muggy days. I first noticed this in early season football practices when we weren't in full . In the huddles the aroma of sweaty armpits was like perfume to me- the smell just gave me an incredible rush, often making me get partially hard. I actually looked this up one afternoon. It was the pheromones excreted when guys got sweaty that caused this excitement in me.

One afternoon after practice I was in the locker room, stripping down to shower. The next to me was pulling off his pants. I was sitting down on the bench and as he bent over to pull them from around his ankles, his hairy, sweat-drenched was practically right in my face. I looked quickly over at his ass and I could see his nut sack hanging low between his legs, shiny and dripping with sweat. The overwhelming musky odor of his ass filed my head and I was swimming in ecstasy desperately concentrating trying to avoid popping a boner. It happened anyway. He stood and I quickly grabbed my towel and threw it over my lap and sat there for a minute hoping my boner would subside. Luckily it did and I walked into the shower.

The same guy was using the shower across from me and I kept glancing over at him when he faced away from me, bent over and legs slightly spread. SHIT. His balls were swinging back and forth between his legs as he lathered up his calves with soap. I felt my stir again and quickly ran from the shower, wrapped my towel around my waist and headed back to the locker. I couldn't get home fast enough and once there I ran to my bedroom, got undressed and masturbated thinking about the sight of his sweaty balls swinging between his legs and the tangy smell of his ass. God, I shot so hard I plastered the head board of my bed.

Then there was rugby. Glorious rugby. The wonderful aroma of sweat and in the scrums. The smell of armpits as the guys on either side of me wrapped their arms around my neck. The piles of men, with their asses and armpits right in my face. There wasn't a single practice or match that I didn't get an erection. I took to wearing a cup to hide the stiffness in my shorts. I started to purposely get a locker next to one guy in particular- his name was Jim and he was a muscular, covered with a thick pelt of rough hair from the neck down. He sweated like a pig and the odor was extremely strong. Fuck, that turned me on! I lived for the moment when he would be taking off his kit, bending over with his bare, fur covered bubble butt practically right in my face. That dude was turning me into a world-class masturbator- I loved fantasizing about burying my face into his ass and groin as I madly stroked my cock.

Now this may seem exceedingly weird, but I soon discovered another smell that drove me over the brink of ecstasy. The ripe, pungent odor of another guy farting. I discovered that one afternoon in the locker room when Jim was next to me stripping down to shower. Jim liked to kid around and tease me a lot. I didn't mind one bit- more masturbation fodder for me. I was sitting on the bench still in my jock strap- I hadn't showered yet - and Jim was clowning around. I was bent over sitting there pulling off my socks and Jim turned and placed his bare ass right in my face and cut a loud fart, cracking up laughing. God, the odor, mixed in with his sweaty ass funk! It was all I could do not to start wanking my meat right then and there!

I wanted to turn my masturbation fantasies into . So, one Sunday afternoon after rugby practice I got on my computer and opened up an Adam for Adam profile, making known my love of man smells. Day after day I checked my profile. Plenty of views, but no interest in hooking up. Finally, three weeks later I got a bite. I responded right away. The guy's name was Steve. He sent me a couple of pictures. He was about 6' tall, extremely hairy and said he weighed 420 pounds. One was a full frontal the other a mirror shot of his rear. Folds of fat covered his crotch. He had a huge set of balls and a stub of a penis, no more than three inches long, uncut and fat. The rear shot was of him bent over and spreading his ass cheeks. The thick fur down his crack hid his asshole from view.

We went back and forth for a couple weeks, telling each other about our fantasies, until one Saturday evening he said he could come on over the next morning. I quickly replied that I would be at home waiting for him. I gave him my address and told him not to shower or wash up before he came. He was fine with that. The last text I sent, I requested that he eat a dinner that would "gas him up good" - responded "LOL no problem." I couldn't wait for his arrival the next day.

He showed up, right on time at 10 AM. I was still in my robe and invited him in the door. It was rather warm and muggy that day and when he came to the door I saw the sweat stains in the pits of his t-shirt. Instant hard-on. I invited him in and we went right to my bedroom. I removed my robe and asked him if I could undress him. No problem. I asked him to lift his arms and I removed his t-shirt then buried my nose right in his armpits, inhaling deeply. His musk filled my nose and swam around my head. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick out his hairy pits. I worked my face down his chest, breathing in deeply, then licking and sucking on his dark brown protruding nipples. I could taste the saltiness of his sweat in my mouth. Slowly I went down over his huge gut, smelling and licking the entire time.

I pulled down his shorts and Y-fronts around his ankles and dived into his crotch with my face. I licked his balls first while sniffing away at the pungent, piss smell of his cock. He was uncut. I reached up and gently pulled back his foreskin. The head of his cock was covered with thick, white cheesy smelling smegma. I breathed in deeply then put my mouth over the tip of his cock and tasted the tangy bite of his dick cheese. I worked his stiff, fat little stiff member for a while, then looked up and said "turn around now" softly. He turned.

I started to rub my nose all over his damp ass cheeks, breathing in as deep as I could and holding the funk in my nose then exhaling and breathing in again. I spread his ass apart, exposing his deep, hairy ass crack and buried my face into it. I started licking up and down his crack then pulled my face away a bit and said "Fuck! This is so HOT! Try cut a fart now!" Steve strained a bit then a rapid succession of small farts expelled from his brown-ringed hole. I inhaled deeply. My cock started to throb as the strong odor filled my head. God, I was in heaven! Steve looked back as I pulled away from his ass, saying "Bro- you are fucking NASTY! I LOVE IT!"

I moved down his , thick legs, smelling and licking until I got to his feet, then breathed in deep, taking in the wonderful stank of his feet. I moved back up to his ass and spread his cheeks again, then muttered "Dude, cut a fart in my mouth!" Steve laughed and said "Bro- that is fucking kinky! Are you sure?" I smiled and said "Yeah- do it." I placed my mouth over his hole as Steve strained, cutting a loud, long juicy fart right into my mouth. Fuck. I never dreamed I would be so fucking turned on by such a seemingly gross act. My cock quivered and my balls tightened and I immediately expelled gush after gush of thick, white cum all over the back of his calves. I quickly went down and licked my load from his leg, the salty sweet musky taste of my own load filling my mouth. I went back up to his ass and spread his cheeks again, spitting my load into his loose, swollen hole and filling it with my cum. "Fart my load back out of your ass" I muttered and Steve complied, filling my mouth once more with my cum as I swallowed it down.

I looked up and said, "Sit on the edge of the bed. I'll suck your cock and finish you off." Steve answered, "It takes me a while to cum- I hope you don't mind." I answered "No problem, Bro- my pleasure." He sat and I went to work. I sucked away madly for a good half hour, in the process shooting out another small load without even touching my 6" cock. Finally Steve moaned, "Man, I'm gonna shoot!" letting out a loud "UNH! as his thin, very salty load filled my mouth. I could definitely tell there was quite a bit of piss mixed in with his load but I didn't care one bit.

Steve laid back on the bed as I withdrew his manhood from my mouth. I laid next to him and passionately kissed him hard, passing his salty, funky tasting cum between our mouths for a bit, then I got up and muttered "God, that was so fucking hot! Bro, anytime you want to, if I'm available come on over and we'll do this again!"

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