Sexual orientation reprogramming

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I told my I didn't want to be straight anymore.

He chuckled, "seriously?"

"Yeah. I don't know what to do." I replied.

He wrote down an address and made a phone call.

"I have him here right now." He explained.

"Oh wonderful. I'll send him there now. Thanks."

He turned towards me and told me to go directly to the address he had written down.

It looked like a tiny office from the road but after an elevator to the treatment facility it was clear I was in a massive underground cave the size of a city. I walked three blocks to the facility and I was immediately given a waiver and confidentiality agreement to sign and a lie detector test by one man and one trans woman. I wasn't allowed to see their faces until after treatment They explained that it helps them better understand and customize treatment for each individual.

"Do you like fucking girls?"


"How often do you women"

Every other day or so.

"Have you ever fucked a before?"


"Have you ever let a you?"

Not yet. One will.

"Ever been with a trans woman?"

No but that's a great fantasy of mine.

"What is it that you want to get out of this treatment?"

I want to only be able to cum with a using my prostate as a punching bag.

"I think you will find that your expectations will be more than fulfilled."

I was given a Viagra.
I was told to strip, my shaking hands quickly removed my clothes. I was then bound by my wrists and ankles to a device that positioned me like vitruvian man. Warm water and soap covered my body as I was maneuvered about a shower that more resembled a car wash.

A water jet from the floor aimed right at my asshole began to intermittently shoot warm water. I felt myself relaxing and soon a steady stream of warm water was washing out my asshole. The water stream turned into lube When it was 100% clean and a 4 inch butt plug easily went inside me and felt absolutely incredible. I was told my body hair would be completely removed next, and was given the option to have it removed permanently. I agreed, and barely caught a glimpse of the flash before being sprayed with water again to wash off the hairs stuck to me still.

An IV was placed in my arm and I was given a device that would administer medicine with a button press.
Then, what resembled an oxygen hose was placed in my nostrils.

The door was shut and I was left alone in the dark. A screen on the wall played a cheesy commercial for an inflatable butt plug. It seemed great but I hadn't caught on just yet.
The words "administer medication now" appeared on the screen.

I pressed the button. I didn't know what I was being injected with.

I coughed and felt my face get hot and precum started dripping from my cock. I was writhing in ecstasy, whimpering and moaning. I felt an indescribable rush of pleasure.

That's when the toy in my hole began to expand and nitrous began filling my lungs cause me to giggle uncontrollably. I was so turned on.

"Holy fuck" I said out loud.

A very quick deflation felt incredible as well. Soon it was inflating and deflating over and over. Then it was fully inflated and ripped out of my hole extremely hard eliciting a super loud pop. My man pussy was gaping and snapping shut.

My restraint repositioned me facing upwards and onto a long table. A small window opened up and the lower half of my body was transferred to another room. Someone on that side tied my legs spread far apart and tied my torso to the table.

They began breathing on my asshole and started lightly tonguing my hairless hole. We both had headsets on as an option to communicate. Soon learned it was in fact a man.

"Your pussy tastes so good" he whispered before suckling on my hole and pushing his tongue deeper inside me.
He had a gene Simmons like tongue getting fucked by it was indescribable.

An alarm sound went off and I was moved back to my original room, and thoroughly showered again and given another enema. a close up of a pussy getting fucked began to play, and I was getting turned on again. An unnervingly loud "NO!!" reverberated and I was given a painful (no not in the good way) electric shock.

It was as if the doctor knew my favorite female porn stars because I can't stay soft for Jada Stevens, Riley Reid, Rachel star and that is all they showed me. I was tortured like that for a couple hours.

"Administer medication now. Concluded the video"
I clicked the button

I blacked out within one minute and fell asleep involuntarily, after seeing a silhouette moving towards me.

To be continued...

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