Sergio's Mouth.

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

One of the things that I used to look forward to in high school was class in first period. By my senior year, some of my male class mates had gown to become real studs, most of those were sports jocks. And it was during the first hours of the morning that I was able to dive into my breath , talking to some of my hot class mates just so I could smell their warm bad morning breath.

Granted, no all of them had this trait, but with a bunch of eighteen year olds, no one is expecting top oral hygiene.

It was a real struggle sometimes to escape those conversations without a noticeable hard on. There is something so sensual to me about smelling hot, sweet, stinky odor from a man's mouth, that just thinking about it gets me all hot a bothered.

As a it was practically impossible to act out on this thoughts, since I was the only in my class, or so I thought.

I'm not much of a sports player, really. I'm more of the artsy, clumsy guy. But a guy, non the less. So whenever they invited me I never rejected a chance to work up a sweat with these guys.

One of the guys, named Sergio, who would always sit a couple of seats behind me, was looking to have a soccer match in an unused back lot behind his apartment building. So I jumped at the chance.

We got there right after school, changed into our gym shorts and t-shirts and started playing. It was a cool game, not thanks to my limited expertise, tough. I think I actually cost my team a couple of goals. Yet, the guys were really chill about it.

After the game was over everybody headed home and I asked Sergio I could use his bathroom for a sec. So he took me up to his apartment. Once we got to the elevator we started talking about the game and thats when it hit me. Forced closed to each other in the tiny elevator, I could smell Sergio's hot shitty breath. It was like he hadn't brushed his teeth since the night before, and my hormones started kicking.

Also, his looks were not helping, half Italian and half Hispanic, Sergio is a 6 feet tall, roughly handsome guy, with cinnamon skin and wavy hair, a real sight. I was having a hard time trying not to stare into his plump pink lips, the source of that warm stink that was turning me on so much. Once in the apartment, I practically ran into the bathroom, worried that my ragging boner was about to burst out of my gym shorts.

I stayed there for a sec, in an attempt to cool my self down. After a minute I came back out. Sergio had taken his shirt off and was parading his bulging abs around. I mean, it's his house, who am I to tell him otherwise. But I was in a trance, with a smelly pie hole and a banging body. He offered me a beer. I said yes. He sat down on the couch, and I followed. He started taking about how his parents were out of town and other stuff, I wasn't really listening, I was too focused on thinking about kissing his smelly mouth.

That's when I saw a bottle of lube on the coffee table. Sergio saw me catching it with my eyes and then, with a little embarrassed but with a grin in his face, he apologized and stood up to take it away. I said it wasn't a big deal, we all had some of it, no guy wants to rub himself dry. He explained that since his parents were away, he took the chance to watch some porn on the big TV in the living room. I thought that was funny and laughed. He assured me it was really good porn, like, the one you keep watching for a long time, a favorite. I saw a possibility and I took the chance. I told him I had never seen porn so good that I would keep coming back to it to watch it over and over. I mean, it's the Internet age, there are infinite possibilities. With disbelief in his eyes, he asked: "you wanna watch it?"

Score! Sergio popped in the DVD and it started playing. It's a girl off a pretty hot muscular guy. Then she starts blowing him. Sergio kept taking about her tits and what not. I'm sniffing his breath and watching his bulge grow under his gym shorts. Sergio stopped talking after a second and for a minute we just laid back watching the the brains out this chick. After another second I hear: " I hope you don't mind" And just like that, I see Sergio's dark, veiny, thick come out under his short. When he starts massaging it, he blows a quiet moan, and his hot breath inundates the room. God must me more than everybody else.

I played shy for a sec, I didn't want to give it a away to quickly. But I couldn't resist myself any longer. I pulled my dick out, hard as humanly possible and started jerking off. Sergio kept exhaling next to me, and his potent stink breath was driving me insane. I had to slow down or I was going to blow my load right then and there.

I teased him by reached across his wide chest to grab the lube, and he didn't flinch. Good sign. I kept glancing at his cock and his beautiful mouth, but I thought he wasn't noticing. When I offered him the lube he took his hands off his cock, like an offering and I just poured a bunch of lube all over it. He looked at his own throbbing dick and then at me. So I reached out and rubbed the lube up and down his pole slowly. It must have felt great for him because he moaned, right in my face. The stench was so strong I could taste it.

I kept jerking him off for a minute, and then he grabbed my cock and did the same. And so there we were, masturbating each other.

At one point we were facing each other while lying on his couch, the smell of his man breath was asphyxiating, I loved it.

At one moment, we looked right into each other's eyes while massaging each other's dicks. I moved closer out of instinct. Yet, he didn't respond and I moved back. But he pulled in again and our lips locked. Then our tongues. I sucked on his big, fat tongue and it tasted amazing, I could feel his breath in my mouth. I couldn't hold any longer and I came. All over my self and his hand. We kept kissing and moaning and exhaling on each other until I felt his body jerk a little and he came all over his big fucking chest and my hand.

Most dreams aren't this good, I thought to myself. He just said: "Fuck, that was a good one" I just smiled in disbelief. The End.

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