Sammie's Choice: Part 7

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

"W-wow Jack, it's been a while since I saw you" I stuttered, closing the door behind me. Jack wiped his feet on the door mat and once again a warm smile spread across his face.
"Yeah well like I said, I wanted to see how things were going. Is this a bad time?" he asked. It was a very bad time. Not only was I absolutely exaughsted but I also had no time to hide any traces of Ruben. But I bit my lip, looked up at him and smiled warmly, shaking my head.

I lead him into the kitchen to where my parents were standing, both with cups of coffee in their hands.
"Oh, hello sir!" My mother said as soon as I entered the kitchen with Jack closely behind me.
"Please call me Jack" he replied, something he had asked us to do the day we met him.

"What brings you here?" my dad asked him, adding a little more milk to his coffee.

"I was in the area and I thought why not stop by and see how Sammie is doing? I honestly hope it's not a bad time and I understand it's kind of unprofessional of me, stopping by without an apointment. But it has been a long time since I visited, and sometimes knowing that someone in my profession is visiting can often effect the activity within the house" Jack said, my forehead began to get a little sweaty.

"No no, that's fine! Do whatever you need to do to sort things out. I must say there hasn't really been anything at all. I don't know whether what you did last time got rid of them all or whether it was just our imagination but everything weird going on seems to have stopped" my mum replied, and I nodded furiously. Hoping that on hearing this Jack would see that everything was ok and just leave like I wanted him too.
"Well I would still love to have a look around if that's alright?" he said, smiling sweetly.

"I'm really tired!" I blurted out. Hoping my parents would go into 'Defend Sammie' mode and tell Jack it was not a good time and that I needed sleep. But them both being exaughsted too they weren't really thinking straight.
"Show Jack around Sammie, i'm sure he won't be long" my mother replied, and with that they both left the kitchen and went into the living room...

I'll be honest with you, I was kind of freaking out. "You can't let it show Sammie!" I thought. This guy was a psychic, he would be able to tell if I was lying in a split second. I needed to really make sure I didn't give anything away. I took a deep breath and spun round. "You wanted to look around the house?" I beamed, fluttering my eyelashes.

I hadn't forgotten that the last time I saw Jack he had called me beautiful and had also, almost kissed me. I knew that if someone found you attractive you could get away with more things than someone who didn't. Once again Jack smiled and fallowed me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I stopped on the landing and waited for Jack. When he reached the hallway he automatically made his way towards my bedroom. "I always feel so drawn towards this room" he whispered, edging closer.

"Yeah I bet you fucking do!" I heard a voice growl. Not just any voice, Ruben's voice. My eyes shot up to the back of Jack's head to see if he had heard, but there wasn't any reaction on his face, his body language remained the same, Ruben was once again, just talking to me inside my head.

"Please, just be quiet for a while and don't do anything stupid!" I said to myself. Ruben heard me because I heard an annoyed grunt and then there was nothing but silence. I realised I was now inside my bedroom and Jack was inspecting the place.
"Your parents mentioned that there hadn't been anymore disturbances since the last time I came, is that true?" Jack said, he stared into my eyes, daring me to lie to his face.
"Nope, none at all" I said surely. It was half a lie as I didn't see Ruben or his family people who were actually bothering me, as frightend and cautious of them as I was, I still welcomed them.

"That's really strange, it normally takes quite a few apointments, what I did the day I met you, was only a sort of practice ritual, I didn't expect it to work" he muttered. He took out a cotton bud and swabbed my desk and put the cotton bud in a plastic bag. I then watched him swab my laptop and place the second cotton bud in a seperate bag. He then placed the bags in his back-pack.

"You must just be really good at your job then" I replied, giving him my most dazzling smile. I think he was slightly taken back by what I had said, he just looked into my eyes, a smile fixed on his handsome face. He took a step closer to me and I suddenly felt extremely awkward.

"Want a cup of tea?" I suddenly blurted out, stepping ever so slightly backwards towards the door.

"Not a fan of tea, but I would love a coffee" he replied, seeming to snap out of his trance and continue to wonder round my room. I left quickly, pratically sprinting down the hall. I passed the living room where my parents were still sitting watching a film and entered the kitchen. I was so scared that Jack was going to find some sort of trace. I felt sick in the stomach as I boiled the kettle. I honestly thought that like last time he would just look around, ask a few questions and leave.

I had no idea he was swabbing for DNA otherwise I would of cleaned the house from head to toe. I had a quick flashback of when Ruben and his family broke into my house around a month ago and the police had said no DNA was found, I was praying to all the gods in the world that this was still the case and that no trace of Ruben would be detected.

Once our coffee was made I began making my way up the stairs, being careful not the spill the boiling liquid down my arms or on my bare feet. I was just outside the door. I wasn't sure If I wanted to go inside just yet and be around someone who made me feel so awkward. The door was slightly open and I peered inside to where Jack was looking around. Suddenly he stopped and looked at the floor to where a pair of my underwear was laying.

I had been wearing them yesterday morning. Jack picked them up and lifted them towards his face. I gasped as he started smelling them. After a while he let out a contented sigh. I felt sick to my stomach. "What a freaking pervert!" I thought, even if he is goodlooking that's just creepy. I was thinking about just running back downstairs and telling my parents what I had seen him doing but the mugs of coffee were heating up my hands and I had to put them down somewhere and fast.

I took a two steps back, "Hey Jack can you open the door for me my hands are full" I called. "Sure Sammie" Jack replied as I watched him drop my boxers on the floor. He opened the door and I passed his mug of coffee to him and forced a smile. I had to act like I hadn't seen anything and that everything was okay.

"Well Sammie i've looked around enough, done what I needed to do, I guess i'll be off now" Jack said, finishing his coffee. He looked around my bedroom a little more. "It's a nice colour this, cream, very light, easy to get dirty...My ex wife wanted this colour in our living room and I told her it was a bad idea" he muttered.
"W-woah wait a minute? Ex wife?!" I stuttered.
"Yeah, why so shocked?" he chuckled.

"Your a bit young to have already been married aren't you...I mean, I thought you were in like your early twenties!" I replied. Jack let out another laugh.
"i'm thirty-nine in january" he smiled, "But thank you, that makes me feel really good about myself!"
"Wow! I'm so suprised Jack!"

"Anyway, you mentioned you were tired earlier so I should leave you to rest, i'll see you soon Sammie and i'll let you know if I found anything!" he said. He gave me another bright smile and left my room. I let out a huge sigh and closed my bedroom door. I pulled off my clothes and flopped down on my bed and pulled the covers over me. The second I placed my head on the pillow I felt two warm, muscular arms wrap round my waist and rub my stomach. I took hold of one of the hands and kissed the back of it. Then I closed my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep...


I woke up late at night to a tapping on my window. When I opened my eyes I noticed straight away how cold it was in my bedroom and that the body that I fell asleep next to was no longer beside me. Reluctantly I rolled out of bed and crossed my room. I could see circular shadows casading down my curtains. I reached for them and when I pulled them apart I layed my sight on a pair of beautiful, silver eyes which I had grown to love. I opened my patio door and spoke; "Ruben what are you doing out here? What time is it?"

"Get dressed and come outside" he whispered, then disapeared into the shadows. I put on a t-shirt, and a thick tracksuit on, laced up my trainers and then stepped outside. It was the first time I realised that it was snowing. Very heavily, there was already a thick layer of snow on the ground, which crunched under my feet as I walked. The soft snowflakes, some and some small landed in my dark, red hair and eyelashes.

The sky was a bright white, heavy with the gallons of snow it was to release throughout the night. Ruben came to my side and took hold of my hand. "Isn't it beautiful Sammie?" he sighed, sticking out his tongue and catching a small flake on it. I giggled at this and he threw me a puzzled look. "It's lovely Ruben, but what are you doing out here? It's late, you do know it's christmas eve tomorrow, I have a lot to get done!" I whispered.

"Actually it's past 1am, so it's christmas eve today" Ruben chuckled pulling me close. I let out a sigh of suprise.
"Oh..." I whispered, smiling up at him.

"I have a suprise for you" he said and taking my hand once again walking me along my balcony. To be honest I felt kind of sick being up so high. My balcony was not the most sturdy of places. Leaning against the side of the house was a medium size wooden ladder which went up to the roof.
"Why is there a ladder here?" I asked.

"It's always been here" Ruben replied, I was going to argue back with him, but then I figured, how the hell would I know? It's not as if i'd ever been here before. "Go on climb right up". I took hold of the ladder and put my leg up. Ruben could tell I was nervous, "Go on i'm right behind you, i'll catch you if you slip." Feeling a tiny bit more reassured I began climbing up the ladder.

I reached the top with Ruben close behind me, even though I probably only climbed about two meters high I felt as if I was taking a ladder to the stars. I felt like a god, standing high above, looking over the houses and trees with the snow wirling to the ground around me. Ruben put his arm around me and turned me.

Behind me was a small gazebo type thing which he lead me towards. Inside there was a small table, an armchair with a blanket folded up in the seat and a small stereo. On the table there was a flask, a box of matches and some unlit candles. We stepped underneath the gazebo, because the open half was facing towards the back garden we were sheltered from the on-coming snow and harsh wind.

Ruben walked over to the table and lit the five candles. They went out in an instance. He tried again, once again they went out. "Ruben I don't think that will work..." I sighed. Ruben gave me a quick glance and turned his focus back on the candle. This time he only lit one, then carefully clasped both his hands around the flame. He stood there, staring at his hands for about twenty seconds, then he slowly removed them and put them down by his side.

To my amazement the flame was purple and about three times the size it was before. The other amazing thing was that no matter how much it bounced around it didn't go out. He repeated this four more times until each candle was lit, the vibrant purple a great contrast to the beautiful snowwy scene around us.

"Sammie come sit on my lap, get your feet out the snow" Ruben said, it was more of a demand than an offer. I followed him over to the armchair where he pulled up the blanket and sat down. I placed myself in his lap, my feet dangling about six inches from the floor. Ruben then put the blanket over the both of us and cuddled me close. We both looked ahead, out the opening of our shelter. "Ruben it's beautiful" I sighed, leaning back and resting my head on his shoulder.

Most people would've had so many questions on their minds, Like; Why was he at my house at this time of night? How did he get all these things up on to my roof? And most of all how did he do that to those beautiful flames? But me? I had none at all, even though it still amazed me, it also was completely normal to me now. My magical boyfriend was completely normal, it was what i'd grown used to. Although Ruben's body was very warm I found myself starting to shiver again from lack of movement. "Do you want to dance?" Ruben whispered, right in my ear.

"Dance?" I questioned, slightly confused. He stood up slowly causing me to slide off his lap and land on my feet in the fluffy-looking snow. Ruben then walked over to the stereo I had seen earlier and flicked it on. It wasn't an actual song like I thought it would be, it was just music. Slow, perfect music, that i'd never heard before, but I liked it, it suited the atmosphere.

Ruben stood in front of me, towering over me and put his arms round my waist. I placed my hands up and on his shoulders and we began turning round in a circle, slowly, so we wouldn't get dizzy. We stepped in time to the music. I accidently stepped on Ruben's and I blushed.

"Sorry...I don't dance" I stuttered.

"Why not?" Ruben replied, smiling at me. When I replied with a shrug he said; "You should, it's fun." And with that we continued our 'dancing'. He pulled me even closer so that our bodies were right against eachothers, making it impossible for my clumsy self not to bump my legs on his. I was embarrassed, and I don't know why, thinking that I was the only in the whole entire world who would mess up doing something like slow dancing.

I raised my red face and looked into his eyes, then down to his lips. Raising myself on my tip-toes I began to kiss him gently. I wanted to squeel with delight when he began kissing back. His lips felt strong against mine, passionate, like I was the last person he would ever kiss. His tongue pressed into my mouth and gently massaged my own. It felt good. You know I never imagined myself to like open mouth kissing?

The thought of someone elses slobbery tongue drooling in the inside of my mouth. When I saw people at school do it, it looked gross. But I guess Ruben really knew what he was doing, it was gentle and loving, he had such talent when it came to kissing, or anything sexual for that matter. Thinking about this caused me to go hard instantly and of course, being so close to Ruben he felt it.

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