Sales Figures

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Sales Figures

''It is a sound business plan'' moaned Chris as he rechecked the figures before him ''We''re in the middle of a 90% gay owner area and a men''s lingerie shop should be booming.''

''Don''t worry Chris'' replied Chuck. For the 12th time today he marvelled how great his life was at the moment. His boss is a total Adonis over six feet tall with fine Nordic features and a totally cool to work for. The job it self had a few perks, not mentioning a casual (purely sexual) relationship with Chris but also the action he got from occasional clients at the beat 10 minutes away. The men were always hand picked from the store and Chuck very rarely got a refusal.

As Chuck was contemplating Chris, Chris was thinking about Chuck. Moving quickly, he locked the front door and turned the sign to ''Back in 20mins.''

''We''re closing early''' asked Chuck ''Or is this my coffee break'''

''Shut-up and come here!'' teased Chris and his eyes roamed over Chuck''s perfect little body. At only 5''9'' he was the perfect miniature David. His curly blonde hair is cut short so it fits like a cap and Chris knows from experience that that is the only hair on the rest of his body. Even his pubes are so light and fine he looks naked even there.

Chris'' is responding to the mental image he is making of Chuck and pulls the toward him and bends down to take his tongue in his mouth. ''Let''s go back to the office'' he rasps but Chuck shakes his head and drops to his knees in front of his boss. Unfastening his tight jeans and pulling them around his ankles, Chuck is always amazed that he doesn''t wear underwear.

''No not here'' says Chris trying to pull his jeans back over his hips but Chuck had already fastened his lips around his cock and pushing back his foreskin with his tongue proceeds to give him great head. Chris sighs and leans back on the counter quickly checking that they were not visible from the street. All clear, he settles back to enjoy the ride.

Chuck is aware that his boss is a bit shy and loves to shock him like this every now and then. Chris'' dick is hot and heavy in his mouth and his hips start rocking back and forward pushing his rod deeper into his warm mouth.

Licking his lips Chuck stands back up in front of Chris and slowly pushes down his shorts, turning and bending over the counter Chuck presenting his lily white butt to him. Chris'' knees go weak at the sight of those twin globes straining against the Lycra of his trunks and with no further invitation required, Chris kneels to feast on his employee''s arse.

The thin fabric slides smoothly down his hips as Chuck feels his boss''s tongue glide up his crack. He knows all thought of business has fled Chris'' mind. Grabbing a cheek in each hand he allows his boss access to his tight rosebud and a shiver of delight ripples through his body. Chris takes a deep breath; Chuck always has a special scent, a mixture of soap with a slight citrus flavour that drives him wild. His tongue reaches out to taste the delicious arse and he can feel the rosebud flutter against his insistent mouth. Using the opportunity he quickly pushes deep into the crack and Chuck relaxes granting Chris entry.

With his tongue firmly up his arse, Chris prods as far as he can and when he breathes through his nose the breeze excites Chuck''s wet arse hole. The tongue retreats and he can feel Chris licking around his hole making it wet and slick. Chris enjoys this part the but he knows that the only thing to satisfy Chuck is dangling between his legs.

His face still munching on Chuck''s hole, he reaches into the pocket of his jeans retrieving the little foil packet and expertly covers his own cock. Taking long swipes with his tongue he licks the entire length of Chuck''s crack and allows the excess spit to coat his palm which he uses to slick his cock. Chuck feels the change in motion and shivers in expectation for the plunge he knows is coming. Chris stands quickly and drives his dick straight into Chuck''s bowels forcing the air out of his lungs but he knows this is the way Chuck likes it and doesn''t pause but drills his arse hard and fast.

Chuck''s dick is trapped between his stomach and the glass on the counter and is sliding pleasantly with the aid of pre-cum. All thought of the world is cast aside as Chris'' cock takes up a pounding rhythm. He wants this to last forever but he knows that Chris is fast to rise and faster to cum.

The velvety smoothness of Chuck''s chute surrounding his dick is sending him into a state bliss. He can feel the cum rise for his balls as his butt clenches in the throws of passion.

Suddenly Chuck twists away from him and drops to his knees whipping off the condom as a torrent of cum coats his face and chest. Transferring the sticky mess to his own dick he pulls himself to satisfaction coating his belly with his creamy load.

As they clean Chuck up and dress the apathy returns to Chris ''Well, we might as well close for the day. I don''t think it would hurt.'' And he quickly counts the meagre takings and starts turning off the lights.

''Wait a minute! You go to the bank; I''ll finish this and lock up. If you hurry you''ll just make it.'' offered Chuck

''Thanks, you enjoy your day off and I''ll see you Monday'' said Chris wondering to himself how long he could stay open. He knew that Chuck could get another job in a flash but the thought of going back to working for a boss again in Advertising would be admitting failure to all his colleges and well as a huge hole in his bank account.

Chuck was finishing with the closing, checking that the change rooms were empty and clear of clothes (people were always leaving things behind for him to pick up; which was really the only thing that annoyed him about the job). He was approaching the 3 small cubicles wondering how he could help Chris when his over sexed brain started forming a plan.

After a few phone calls he knew that he didn''t have much time but he did have lots of friends and the plan was in motion.


Monday morning came around too quickly for Chris; he had lost most of Sunday due to a fierce hang-over. It had only taken a few drinks to send him over the edge and although he didn''t drink very often, he had never lost control like that before. All he knew was that there was a man in his bed the next morning and he didn''t know how he got there.

Chris parked in his usual spot behind the store and entered through the back door. When he opened the door from the store room he stopped in shock as a wave of ''SURPRISE'' broke over him. A crowd of people surrounded him and he wondered if he had walked into the wrong store.

''How do you like it''' it was Chuck handing a glass of Champagne to Chris who couldn''t do much more than stare with his mouth gaping like a fish.

The Store had been transformed, the windows had been covered in heavy cream drapes that let in light but shielded the inside from view. The walls were painted pale blue and all the shelving rearranged to a confusing maze that led to the change rooms. The register had been moved to this area, a fact which confused Chris a little but his eyes were drawn to a fresh stock of what looked like a range of leather and rubber underwear.

''What' Why' When''' all that Chris could get out but Chuck was took over, addressing the crowd ''Okay guys! ''s over! We are open for business!''

A roar greeted this statement and people filed past congratulating both Chris and Chuck and soon the store was empty except for 3 young men who were wearing nothing but skimpy underwear. Chuck introduced them to the still confused Chris who was explaining that Stan, Wes and Bill had taken holidays and were willing to help out until the shop could afford new staff or until word got out enough not to need them any more. Which ever came first.

Chris looked over the men, Stan was a as Chuck and his butt was shown off to good effect by the small G-string covering a nice package. Wes was a tall muscular man; his dark skin was contrasted by a pair of pure white briefs which were very tight so that every bulge in his package was clearly outlined. Bill was almost a mirror image of Chris 7 years ago, tall with dark Nordic features and a package covered by a pair of leather jockey shorts.

Bill suck out his hand and a still baffled Chris took it abstractly ''Pleased to meet you, the leather stock is my work; a sort of hobby, Chuck said you would agree to me taking a 30% commission on all sales.'' Chris was still dumb founded but agreed that a unique designer in store was a great idea and the commission was fair. They all turned to the front of the store as the bell announced that their first customer had arrived.

''Okay boys! Let''s get to work!'' said Chuck as he hustled Chris to the register. The boys all spread out and Chris was starting to find his voice. The place did look amazing and Chuck had done it all in fewer than 2 days, he turned to give belated praise to Chuck but found himself looking instead into the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

''I need to try these on'' the man breathed ''but I was told I was to pay for them first. Is your store policy correct in saying you will give me store credit if I needed a different size' Not that I''ll need it, your staff seem to know what they are doing. But, well, just to be safe''''

''That''s exactly right'' Stan pipes up from behind the customer ''49.95, thanks''

Chris makes the transaction without saying a word and he is treated to the sight of a firm arse clad in denim make his way into one of the 6 doors. He hears the bolt turn and three things strike him at once 1. There have never been locks, 2. The rooms looked covered entirely in mirrors and 3. There were 6 doors not the original 3!!!

He looks around to find Chuck but another customer is coming toward him with a fist full of leather products and Chris is forced to concentrate on the transaction.

When he is done Chris asks Stan to look after the till for a minute and goes in search for Chuck.

He walks aimlessly around the store trying to locate Chuck when he sees his familiar body sneak into a door marked ''STAFF ONLY''. After wondering for a minute Chris follows and finds himself in a long corridor that is dimly lit. He stops to allow his eyes to adjust to the light and the final shock of the morning is revealed to him.

Chuck is on his knees in front of a hole in the wall, the sound of slurping and groans can be heard and Chris'' eyes refuse to believe what he sees.

Chuck is oblivious to the fact that his boss is behind him; this was the riskiest part of the plan. The sometimes uptight Chris would never agree to this but he hoped the sales figures would convince him.

He couldn''t believe his luck that the first customer was such a Stud! He had the bluest eyes he had ever seen and the sexual tension between them would have Chuck making an appointment at the local beat in no time but this way both Chris and he could win.

The Stud peeled off his tight T-shirt revealing a firm chest and flat stomach, a trail of dark hair led down from his navel disappearing under the band of his jeans. The denim and old underwear were peeled off his body and Chuck had a glimpse of a semi-erect dick before he turned to slide on his new purchase. Turning all the way around, he viewed himself in the mirrors that covered the walls and the ceiling. He then noticed the small curtains at crutch height; curiously, he parts them and looks through the hole. His mouth waters as he sees a muscled man trying on several pieces of leather that leaves his arse bare and
his cock encased in the stiff material. Intrigued he moves to the other side but that room is empty, so he tries the last one to find an open mouth filling the gap. Shocked he looks further down and sees a gap at the bottom of the wall and recognises the underwear and legs of that cute assistant from earlier. Instantly he tucks the waistband of the briefs under his balls and plunges his cock straight through the hole into the moist mouth.

Chuck gags slightly at the suddenness of the assault but he is pleased at the quickest of the man''s perception and the feel of the stiffening cock in his mouth. He quickly finds the rhythm and proceeds to try to give the best head of his life. He listens to the grunting coming from the man and notes what style makes him groan the loudest. Chuck discovers that he loves to have the head of his cock sucked continuously while his hand slides up and down the shaft. Concentrating on that method he is soon rewarded with louder groans and hips thrusting forward and at the last second removes his mouth and allows the cum to shoot all over his face. The cock retreats and a whispered ''Thanks'' can be heard from the other side. ''Cum again soon'' whispers Chuck cheekily and soft laughter can be heard.

After dressing, the man unlocks the door and is walking back toward the counter when he notices a jar with ''Tips'' discreetly painted on the side. He smiles and drops a few notes in, vowing that he would ''Cum again soon'' really soon''.

Chris watches Chuck rise from the hole and move down to the end of the corridor and after a quick freshen up leaves through another door. ''Excuse me, sir'' Chris jumps and spins around at the sound of the soft voice behind him and sees Wes slip past him toward the line of holes ''just need to thank my first customer''. He drops to the floor and a whispered conversation stars through the hole.

I can''t believe my luck. I had never seen this store before even though I had probably walked past it a hundred times. The window display had caught my eye and I can''t believe the range of original leather wear available. I was a bit confused at paying first but that delicious sales boy had convinced me, and now, staring at the way the items show off the body that I had carefully sculpted over the years I felt it was worth every cent. I could hear muffled groaning from the other side and then noticed the small curtain. Moving it apart I had a full view of a guy obviously being serviced through a Glory Hole and watched as his muscled back bunched as he dumped his load into it. I watched him dress, stuffing his shrinking cock back into his jocks and depart with a smile on his face. I turned my attention back to my leather clad body and couldn''t be a little jealous of the other guy.

I can look at myself for hours and I had been told that I love myself more than anyone else but that was fine with me. Lovers come and go. My attention is drawn to a whisper and I open the other little curtain to find my delicious little assistant at the ready. I slip my cock into the hole and can feel those moist lips wrap around my impressive 7 inch semi-hard erection. In no time I can feel that it had reached its full 9 inches under the attention of my cock sucker. I do enjoy a good blow job but I had woken with a hard-on that hadn''t gone away all through my morning exercises and I wanted more from this little stud than an anonymous suck-off. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and heard a whisper of protest and then reached under the partition to drag him into my change room. He got to his feet gracefully and kissed me, thrusting his tongue past my lips and exploring every part of my mouth. I could taste my cock on his breath and that turns me on more than looking at myself, I started to grind my bare cock against the little shorts as our tongues fought for dominance. I managed to wrestle him to the ground and pulling down the shorts, grasp his stiff dick and massaged it to full hardness.

''Don''t get me off yet'' he whispered ''Fuck me with that dick!'' I couldn''t wait and fumbled around in my jeans for the condom I knew was there. While I was dressing my cock he positioned himself against the mirrored wall, spreading his legs, hands splayed in front of him. I noticed that he had picked the best place for me to access his arse and he had access to the hole that my cock had just occupied. I thought I saw an eye at that hole but shrugged it off, I enjoy people watching and I had a lot of admirers. I focussed my attention on oiling up the willing hole and heard the boy wince slightly as I filled him to the brink. I forced my self to pause to allow him to get used to it and when he pushed back sightly I let my hips start to fuck the shit out of him.

''Harder'' I heard him moan and I obliged happily. This little fucker wanted it and I was up to the task. Soon the sound of my cock slamming into his butt was getting louder but another noise was coming to my attention and I realised that our mystery watcher had replaced his eye with his dick and my horny little piece of arse was sucking him off. Thrusting forward harder and faster I could see that he was letting my thrusts set the rhythm for his sucking and soon all three of us were panting toward a great climax.

Grabbing his cock I jacked his respectable erection and it only took a few strokes to make him cum all over the floor. His butt clenched on my cock as each blast went off and I couldn''t hold back filling the rubber with my load. Our mystery guest was spitting great arcs in the air landing in my fucks hair and over his back. We all sighed and my cock slipped out of the boy''s arse with a plop. I kissed him deeply and when we released I noticed the cock withdraw from the hole. As I was pulling my clothes over the leather I told him that I would recommend this place to everyone in the club and was opening the door as my horny little fuck slipped back under the partition. I left the store composing a text message to everyone with a smile on my face.

Chris is waiting for Bill in the corridor but before he could say anything, Bill held his hand up and said ''Just a minute, sir'' he ducked back under the partition with a towel and a bottle and Chris put his eye back to the hole. He could see Bill quickly cleaning up the mess and spraying air freshener liberally. Ducking back under the partition he walked to the sink and refreshed himself.

Chris decided that he really needed to speak to Chuck, so instead of demanding answers from Bill. He goes back to the register and relieves Stan to go and serve another man who is looking at various G-strings. After a short while the man comes forward to the register with a large assortment of underwear, pays and makes his way to the dressing room.

This goes on for the rest of the day and once the late comers had been chased out, Chris locked the front door and tracked down Chuck, who looked tired but satisfied with the day''s events.

''Okay Chris, you can finish up. I did it last time and I want to treat the boys to a drink

''Wait one minute'' Chris says in his best ''Boss'' voice and Chuck flinches at the tone. ''You''ve saved my business, thanks'' Chuck beams at the praise, but Chris isn''t finished and holds his hand up to stop Chuck who was about to say something ''There are a few things we need to discuss. We need a sign so no minors enter and we need to pay the boys more than just commission. I''d say we have made over $15, 000 in sales today.''

Once again Chuck surprises Chris and smiles ''Well as for minors; we could set up a camera at the door and a bell to let guys in and didn''t you notice the tip jar by the register! You might have made a lot for the business but we made a lot as well! And'''' Chuck stalled Chris with his hand ''we don''t have any overheads.''

It was Chris'' turn to smile ''Give me a minute and I''ll join you all for that drink.''

The End

{If you want to read what happens during the rest of the week, please leave me a message }

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