Sailor Slave, Part 2

(Part 1 from 3. Fiction.)

Story written by Richard Barber

This fantasy story contains domination, penetration, golden shower activity (urination) and man-to-man sexual contact. All the characters are over the age of 18. If this type of story offends you or you are under the legal age, then you should leave.

Part 2,"Thank you, SIR!”

I looked around to see that Butch was now the only one in sight. All of my body worshipers and the pussy were gone. As I began to focus my eyes I noticed a large leather barrel had been rolled onto the platform. I leaned on it catching my breath and relax. I was handed another bottle of water and a toke on the joint he was smoking. I took a deep toke and looked at Butch.

“Thank you, SIR!” I said as he tilted his head looking at my semi-hard .

“Now can I go?” I said. Butch snarled at me and said,

“May I go now, SIR”? He repeated after me.

“O.K. May I go now, SIR?” I snarled back.

“NO!” He said and walked away from me.

Two of the helpers undid my wall straps and crossed past me to the opposite side. This directed me to turn around towards the leather barrel. They pulled them tighter this time causing my legs to spread apart. I lost my balance and fell on the barrel with my ass facing the opposite direction. They came over to me with the wrist straps and attached them again pulling them to the attachments on the wall causing me to fall over the barrel with my ass in the air.

“Oh no. I am not going to be fucked.” I said out loud. “Let me loose, you cock suckers, let me loose.” I shouted.

“The butt plug was all right after I got use to it but no fucking cock is going into my virgin ass. No way!” I shouted as I was bending over the barrel.

I struggled once again trying to release myself from my bondage. Butch came up behind me and slapped my butt hard with his hand. He took the strap he has used earlier and smacked me across my bare butt. I shouted out in pain.

“You son of a bitch.” I yelled at him.

Without saying a word, he came up behind me once again. I was prepared for his belt strapping this time but instead he bent behind me and kissed my ass. He dropped to his knees and placed his tongue back into my ass hole. I had no choice but to let him have access to my ass. I began to relax until I felt another foreign object touching my ass hole again. It was another butt plug only this one felt much bigger. He put some lubrication on it then began to place it into my hole again. It hurt a bit as it stretched my hole yet it felt good. He slowly moved it in and twisted it around and around opening and relaxing the lining of my ass. I tried to relax and enjoy the sensation until he got it all the way in. I thought that once again I might cum.

I felt part of the barrel moving and a large hole opened beneath my cock. Some one inside the barrel gently pulled my cock and balls into the open space. They fondled it then licked and sucked on my cock very lovingly. My feet were being braced with another leaning platform as soft foam padded leather pillows were being placed under my chest and body. I was being made comfortable but for what reason? I was enjoying my cock being sucked again through the hole and my ass was enjoying the entry of the plug.

I was getting excited again as Butch walked up to my face and gave be another puff on his joint. I could not help but notice his magnificent cock as it hung a few inches from my face. It was so perfect. It had a large tulip shaped head buried under his lacy foreskin. It hung down a good 7 or 8 inches soft. His balls were covered with soft fuzz of dark hair. He wore a large silver cock ring at the base of his cock. I could scent the manly odor of his body sweat and leather. The head of his piss slit had formed a clear pearl of pre-cum. I took a deep whiff of him and realized my desire to touch him but was still tightly secured. I stretched my head toward his cock as he slowly moved toward my mouth. He placed the head of his cock on my lips. I stuck out my tongue to taste the pre-cum slowly oozing from his piss slot. It was my first taste of man juices except my own. It was a pleasant sweet taste with just a slight hint of his body sweat. He smelled of leather and of man. I stretched my head towards him and licked his sweet pre-cum cock. I opened my mouth wider hoping he would place it in my mouth. He moved closer as my tongue searched under his foreskin to taste even more cum. He slowly started to get hard. I was impressed and amazed at the size of his cock. Meanwhile my cock was being sucked on, in the hole, as I leaned against the barrel. As I got harder I was more aware of the large butt plug still up my ass.

“You are a good slave . Now you are beginning to enjoy your self. I told you we were not going to hurt you. We only want to make you feel good. Now relax before I make love to your beautiful ass.”

Butch moved away from my now willing cock sucking mouth. He went behind me again and pulled the butt plug out slowly. I thought I would cum it felt so good. He once again licked my ass hole then wet his cock and placed the head of it to the entry of my ass. I felt his cock sliding into me and it did not hurt like I thought it would. He was gentle as he moved into me. I could not move back to meet him but he shoved his cock all the way into me. My cock was still being sucked but I did not want to cum just yet. I wanted his cock in me. I desired his cock in me. It was fantastic. He started his moves as he held onto my ass cheeks. He was in a good position for fucking as he pounded away at my now willing ass. The grass that I was smoking enhanced the sexual activity. What ever we were smoking was tops. I really loved this man’s cock up my ass. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard.

Butch pumped his cock into my ass with the precession of a piston on the ship. He fucked me long and hard for about 10 minutes. I could feel his body preparing for a fantastic orgasm. He was getting wilder as he got closer to his release and started to pump harder and more violently. He slapped my ass several times causing me to tighten up my ass hole and insides. He gasps and moaned and talked dirty to me as he pumped his hot manly sperm into me. I could feel my cock still being sucked and I was going to cum at the same time. I could not stop. I released my load into his mouth as he took my cock deep in this throat. I gasp just as Butch finished his pleasure using my ass. I could feel his gushes of cum shooting into me. It was great.

Butch fell forwards over my body after he shot his load. I almost collapsed with pleasure. I still did not want him to pull his cock out of my ass. I wanted his load to stay with me but he pulled out causing some of his big load to run down my balls and the inter parts of my legs. My cocksucker friend in the barrel licked it as it came down my balls. It was pleasant. I almost fell asleep but felt someone licking my ass hole again and sucking the juices out of me. I like the feeling of being cleaned out but I did like Butch’s cum in me. It was very relaxing as someone was eating my ass.

I was so relaxed from my last orgasm and the good smoke that I was about to go to sleep. My ass-licking friend left me and another body was about to fuck my ass hole. I was hooked on something up my ass. I wanted to get fucked again. He entered me and started to fuck me. As I looked up again Butch was standing by my face again with his beautiful soft cock. He knelt down beside me and kissed me on my cheek then came down to my mouth and warmly kissed my lips while another cock was fucking my ass.

“You all right?” He said as he looked concernedly at me.

I nodded then he came back for another kiss. I had never kissed another man before but I found it nice. I was now taking strangers cock up my ass and I found it excited to be used like this. My cock was getting hard again. My cocksucker friend had left my cock hanging in the hole and another mouth had replaced him. This cocksucker was using a different method but it was good too. I didn’t think I could cum right away but I still enjoyed the feeling of being sucked. There was nothing I could do anyway I was at their mercy. I was being used and I loved it.

I felt my new ass fucker about to cum as he pumped away then released his load. He gasps a few times then pause for a short time then pulled out. He leaned over and kissed my used ass before he left.

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