Ron and I become lovers : Part 8

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

I got round to Ron's flat at about eight that evening and was surprised to find Sam was there as well. They were both dressed only in y-fronts. I could not recall that the three of us had arranged to meet up.

'Hi,' Ron said coming up to me and giving me a kiss. 'Sam called me this afternoon and asked if it was all right if he came round this evening. I knew I couldn't get hold of you and so I said yes. He's been here since just after six.'

It didn't take much working out what they had been doing up to now and for a moment I felt a twinge of jealousy and then I thought of my afternoon with Pete and smiled at them both.

'It looks like you and Sam have been shagging,' I said not unkindly. 'You might have waited for me.'

'Well after last night you should know that Sam doesn't hang about when he wants some ,' Ron said.

'Yea, my arse was crying out to be screwed,' Sam said. 'And I kind of threw myself on Ron.' He continued in a rather boastful voice.

'I hope your arse is still desperate for a fucking 'cause I want to screw you too,' I said, trying to sound as randy as possible. In fact my cock had gone rock solid and was bursting in anticipation of pounding his hole.

Sam approached and wrapped his arms around me giving me a passionate kiss on the lips. His groin was pressing against mine and he was aware of my rampant hardon and I could sense that he was aroused too. I ran my hands down his back down to his arse cheeks and started to squeeze each one pulling him even closer to me. I knew that in a minute we would be alongside each other naked on Ron's bed both desperate to fuck each other. If I had allowed myself to analyse my feelings I would have realised that between Sam and me existed pure lust.

Ron had stripped also but he did not immediately join us on the bed but instead waited until we were in a 69 position before coming round behind me with a greased vibrator and placing it against the rim of my hole. My intention was to fuck Sam and so I did not object to having my arse stimulated and stuffed with a vibrator at the same time. As I continued to suck Sam I felt it entering my ring and then penetrating me for the whole of its nine inches. Ron worked it in and out making sure it rubbed against my prostrate. I felt I was nearly close to coming and told him to stop for a while.

Sam and I took this opportunity to get into position so that I could fuck him doggy fashion. This also enabled Ron to continue working the vibrator in and out of me. I was thoroughly enjoying the total experience. I did not try to control my orgasm, when I first felt it stirring, and then suddenly I released a load of spunk deep in Sam. For a moment I felt both exhausted and exhilarated and just lay still with my cock still buried deep in him and the vibrator still buzzing away inside me.

'Fuck that was good,' I said a little while later still breathless. I slowly pulled out of Sam and Ron took the vibrator out of me. I rolled over on my back. Sam had his lips around my cock straightaway and was licking the jism from it. I thought to myself, as he did this, that I loved Sam just as much as I loved Ron but I was not in love with either of them. Sam looked me in the face when he had finished.

'Now you're even with Ron who fucked me earlier,' he said. I grinned and imagined him being impaled on Ron's cock which I could see was also erect and throbbing.

'Now that you've been fucked by both of us what do you want to do now?' Ron asked Sam.

'I'm hungry,' he said. 'I was so keen to get to Ron's I forgot to have anything to eat first. Can we go and get some fish and chips?'

It was about nine o'clock and getting a bit dark but the evening was still warm.

'I'm a bit peckish too,' Ron said. 'Let's get some chips and sit in the park eating them and watch the comings and goings of the cottage while we do.'

This was the cottage where I had originally lost my virginity. It was also were I had been seen coming out of by someone from college and subsequently had my sexuality exposed by him. I had not been there since.

'Ok,' I said. 'I've had something to eat so I'm not hungry but I wouldn't mind seeing that cottage again.'

'I've never been cottaging before,' Sam confessed. 'Is there anything I should know?'

'Well if we're going in there to have sex then it's not to wear too much,' Ron said. 'Just put your shorts on and a t-shirt. If you get lucky you will have hands groping you all over and it will enable them to gain easy access to your body. When we go in there, if it's busy, just relax and allow things to happen. It'll be quite dark so you may not know who is touching you up but that all adds to the fun.'

'Sounds great,' Sam said. 'My cock and arsehole are telling me they want to be there.'

The three of us laughed as we knew exactly what Sam meant.

We quickly got dressed and headed out. There was a chip shop quite close to the park and Ron and Sam got themselves something to eat. I did not bother but joined them on a bench in the park from where we could see the entrance to the cottage and who was going in and out.

'That looks like those two guys we met the last time we were here,' I said as a couple of chaps entered the place. 'Mick and Dave, I think were their names.'

'I reckon you're right,' Ron said. 'That was a horny session.'

I let my mind drift back to that evening which had been an of huge dildos and fisting.

'I wonder if they are interested in doing it again,' I said. 'They did tell us to call round their place sometime.'

Sam and Ron had finished their fish and chips by now. While Ron went to put the litter in a bin Sam asked me what had happened with Mick and Dave. I was telling him about how they were both tops and had dominated both Ron and me. How we had been penetrated with their huge cocks and then dildos and fists.

'It was the first time I had been fisted,' Ron said when he heard what we were talking about. 'It was a great feeling and I bet you would enjoy it too, Sam.'

'I bet you're right,' Sam agreed. 'So why are we sitting here. We should be in the cottage seeing if they are up for a session with three hot guys.'

Sam, as seemed to be his inclination was keen to get his arse screwed some more and had stood up and started to make his way to the cottage. We got up and followed.

The place was totally unlit just as it had been the first time I had ventured there. It didn't need lights to tell us that there was plenty of activity going on though. We stood at the entrance and could just make out the dark outlines of figures and the groans and sighs that were made when bodies were in intimate contact. Gradually our eyes got used to the gloom by which time we had each had hands roaming over our bodies. I ignored the advances that were being made towards me as I strained to see where about Mick and Dave were. I finally spotted them and saw that they were spit-roasting someone on the far side from us. I nudged Ron and whispered in his ear.

'I can see them over there,' I pointed in the relevant direction. 'it looks like they are getting their ends away.'

Ron headed over to where they were and I tagged along closely followed by Sam. As we got closer we could see that the person being spit-roasted by them was a lad about my age. He caught a glimpse of me and Sam and stopped sucking on the cock in his mouth and froze. At the same time that he recognised us, I recognised him. I let out a gasp of surprise which attracted the attention of Mick and Dave. They thought I had gasped because I had seen them and they beckoned me and Ron nearer so that they could snog us while their cocks were being serviced.

The bloke who was doing the work of their dicks was Max, the chap who had taken delight in telling the whole college that I was gay. As Ron and I were now standing right next to Mick and Dave, Max was hemmed in and even if he had wanted to escape he couldn't. I was snogging with Dave who was the one Max was sucking. I felt him move and looked down to seen that he no longer had a cock in his mouth and was trying to stand. In the process Mick's cock had slipped out of his arse. I put my hand on his shoulder and prevented him from getting up.

I bent down so that I could whisper in his ear.

'Don't even think about trying to get away,' I said. 'If you make a run for it Sam and I will catch you outside and kick the shit out of you.'

Sam guessed what I had said to him but Ron, Dave and Mick were looking at me strangely and didn't know what was going on. I beckoned the three of them over to me and whispered.

'This 's a real bastard and a hypocrite,' I said angrily but only so that they could hear. 'He took great delight in condemning me in front of my friends when he found out I was gay and then he turns out to be gay himself. With your help I want to teach him a lesson he will never forget.'

'What have you got in mind?' Dave asked.

'Can we all go back to your place and let him have the delights of those rather large you've got and maybe we can show him how good it is to be fisted,' I suggested.

There was a general nodding of heads and they moved back so that I could release the pressure on Max's shoulder allowing him to stand up.

'You're coming back to their place with all of us and we are going to teach you how a good should behave,' I whispered in his ear. Even in the gloom of the cottage I could see that he was visibly frightened. He made no attempt to get away but walked between Sam and me when we left the cottage. Once outside though he did try to wriggle his way out of the predicament.

'I'm sorry I told the college about you,' he said. 'I only meant it as a joke.'

'Too bad cause the joke's on you now,' I said. 'I bet when you saw me last time coming out of that cottage, you were going in there yourself to see what you could pick up.'

I could see he had turned red and that I had hit a nerve. Realising what I had said about him being a hypocrite, Mick turned on him.

'We've seen you a number of times in that cottage and every time you get yourself screwed by somebody. Dave and me have spit-roasted you on several occasions which is well before we met up with Phil. So he's quite right in calling you a hypocrite. You may think that we are taking you back so that we can all fuck you,' he said. 'Well you would only be half right as we are going to do a lot more as well and when the night is over you will be lucky if you can sit down again.'

Ron and Dave laughed when they heard what Mick had said. I wondered if Pete had been one of the men who had screwed him in the cottage. Max was looking nervous so I thought that I would enlighten him and at the same time give him something to worry about.

'As well as each of them having a large cocks, which you've sampled already, they're also into large toys and then fisting. Ron and I have both been on the receiving end and it was great. It will be interesting to see if you think the same way.'

We had reached their flat by now and Max knew there was no escape.

'Let's strip him,' Mick said and several pairs of hands were pulling at his clothing. He was soon naked and his clothes stashed away so that unless he wanted to go outside starkers he had no choice but to stay. I had seen Max naked several times when we had showered after sports and PE but apart from sly glances I had never looked closely at his cock. I could see it now. It was flaccid but still hung down about four inches and was thick enough to almost cover his balls.

I suddenly had an idea and took Dave aside.

'Have you got a camera with a film and flash?' I asked him.

'Sure,' he said. 'Don't tell me, you want to take some photos of our friend here in a compromising position.'

I nodded. Dave went and got his camera.

'Let's each of us give him what he likes best,' I said. Everyone understood and Max was forced onto his knees. Mick had removed his clothes and was the first to push his cock in his arse. I stripped as well and stood in front of him pointing my dick at his mouth.

'Suck on that,' I commanded. 'And don't think about biting it or I'll clout you round the head.'

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