Ron and I become lovers : Part 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

We stayed like that until early the next morning. Pete had woken first and he had thrown a cover over the three of us. When I awoke I decided to find Pete and see if he needed any help. Our clothes had been neatly folded and brought up to the bedroom. I dressed in just my pants and went downstairs. Pete was sitting in the lounge with a cup of coffee. He was dressed in just a pair of shorts. He told me to fetch a coffee from the kitchen and join him.

"Did you get a good night's sleep?", He asked me. "yes very good. That bed of yours is really comfortable and easily accommodates the four of us".

"Good", he said, "but for most of the night there were only three of you. I find I can't sleep so well these days".

"Why is that?", I asked, "are you worrying over something?".

"No it's been the same for a few years now. You know I told you I wasn't looking to get involved with anyone, well the main reason for that is because until five years ago I was in relationship with a friend I'd known for many years and then he died. I was more than a little upset. In fact I don't think I'm reconciled to losing him yet. That's why I cannot commit to another relationship. I just wouldn't be able to really love that person. So that explains why I like to play the field. I think a lot of my friends, but that is where I want it to stop. If anyone gets closer than just friends then I can't return their love. Does any of this make sense to you?".

"I suppose it does but I've never lost anyone close as you have. I can't know how you feel. I can only imagine and in that respect I think I understand what you mean".

"You're very wise", he said, "a lot of people would offer me advice. Tell me to snap out of it. But it's not that easy. In fact it's not easy at all. My friend left me this house and so I'm well provided for but what is the point of nice things. It's no substitute for the one you love".

I went over to Pete and asked him if it there was anything I could do at that moment.

“Just hold me”. He said, "that is the most useful thing you can do when I feel depressed like this. I need to feel close to someone genuine".

"I've never realised you had lost your partner it must have been devastating", I said "do you want to tell me about it?".

"It might help to talk, but not now the others will be down soon. We'll talk another day. Just the two of us. But thanks for being understanding. Somehow I thought you would be. You and I are very alike. My relationship was similar to the one you have now with Ron. In fact I was about your age when I met John". It was the first time he had mentioned his name. "we shared everything together our lives our men and our happiness. Just as I hope you and Ron will. You both have the right attitude".

I held Pete tight and looking in his eyes I could see tears welling up there as his own memories flooded back.

"Thanks for listening", he said, "it means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me and Ron as well. I value your friendship very much".

We heard the others coming downstairs then and Pete got up as I released my grip on him. He went into the kitchen and Ron and Jack came into the lounge.

"Hi", I said, "I've been up for hours what have you lazy pair been up to?".

"Nothing you haven't been a part of", Ron said and we all laughed.

"There's coffee in here if you want it", Pete shouted from the kitchen.

I could not detect his recent depression in his voice. He must have a lot of self control. I replenished my cup and with Pete joining us we settled in the lounge to drink it.

"We all seem to be a bit subdued", Pete said. "I turned the jacuzzi on earlier I think we would all benefit by having a dip in there after this coffee".

"Sounds good to me", Jack said, "and then I think I might have some sausage for my breakfast".

We laughed at his remark because we knew whose sausage he was thinking of. It crossed my mind that Jack and Pete would make a good pair, and perhaps that was what Jack was angling after that. I wondered if that was what had brought Pete's depression on. We all got into the jacuzzi and Jack and Pete started to caress each other.

I turned to Ron and said, "I think those two might be better left on their own. Shall we go when we have finished in here?".

"Ok, my darling, let's do that. After all I need to smarten myself up to meet your mother", he said.

It was the first time anyone apart from my mum had called me by that term of endearment and it sent a warm glow through me.

"Don't worry about dressing up for my mum. She knows what you look like and she's already impressed. Just be your natural, beautiful self". Saying this I kissed him and I suddenly felt an irresistible urge to make love to him.

"Let's get back to your flat quickly", I said, "I want it to be just the two of us and for us to make fantastic love together".

"Ok", Ron said, "I want that too".

Jack and Pete were well engrossed with each other and could only wave when we bid them farewell and left. Ron drove back to his place and we immediately stripped off our clothes and got on top of his bed.

"I want you to fuck me Ron", I said, "after Pete's forceful fuck last night I need to be treated with gentleness. Will you do that to me?".

"Anything for you, my love", he said and he started to explore my body with his hands, lips and tongue. I could feel my body reacting to the thrill of his attention.

After all the sessions we had been having it made a pleasant change to have Ron to myself. Although neither of us would insist on our relationship being monogamous, I think we both felt that from time to time we needed to be just the two of us, otherwise we would lose the essential quality of togetherness. Ron and I made love for a long time. Neither of us were in a hurry to come and as result we were happy to let our bodies engage in as many positions as were possible, but eventually we could not hold back any longer and we each shot our cum. Ron licked mine from off my belly and also rimmed my arse.

He kissed me straight after so that I could enjoy our combined fluids and then we just lay in each other's arms until it was time to get up and for us both to go to my home. We got there a short time before lunch was due to be served. Mum was very relaxed which helped Ron to feel comfortable.

"It's good to meet you properly", she said, "by the way you must call me Pam".

"Thanks Pam", he said as she handed him a sherry.

"We don't always have a drink", mum said, "but meeting you for the first time is something special. I hope you will be coming round here often".

"I hope so too", he replied. The rest of the meal went by happily and Ron and my mum hit it off really well.

"I find it easier to talk to your mum than mine", he told me when we were left alone for a moment.

"I think I know what you mean", I said, "she's more of a friend to me than a mother, so we do find it easy to talk".

Ron stayed the rest of the afternoon and in the early evening I walked back with him to his flat.

On the way Ron said, "Do you fancy going into the cottage?".

I was a little surprised by his suggestion, but then I thought, "that could be a bit of fun, let's try it". So out loud I said, "Ok, let's go for it, but not for too long".

The cottage, which was the one where I had met Pete, was just a short walk from Ron's flat so we went round there first for some lube and tissues, just in case. When we got back to the cottage it was empty and because it was light enough to see I explored the place. It was really quite mucky in there although it did not smell too bad. There were three closets alongside each other. The dividing walls between the middle one and the two outside ones had holes cut into them at height.

"I don't need to tell you what they're used for", Ron said.

I could easily imagine and to be honest I had a desire to try them out but not tonight. Just then we heard the sound of someone approaching. Ron and I stood up at the stalls at either end of the row. The chap who came in was about forty, slim with a full head of hair which was turning grey. He was quite nice looking. He hesitated when he saw the two of us and then walked up to the stall next to Ron. I was a couple of stalls away from him. I was interested to see what would happen next as I did not know the protocol for this kind of action.

I looked over towards the two of them out of the corner of my eye and saw that the bloke was quite obviously stroking himself. Ron was doing the same. They were both looking at each other's cocks. The man now extended his arm and went to feel Ron who turned slightly towards him to give him easier access. Ron also starting feeling him. I noticed that I had gone hard by this time. Ron and the bloke were now facing each other, feeling each other's cocks and giving them a good stroking. Ron then waved me over and I could clearly see this chap's cock. It was quite long but not too thick.

Ron asked me, "how would you like to be fucked by that?".

"I'd love it", I said, "but not in here".

"No, not out here. Go in one of the closets. I'll keep watch out here", Ron said and turning to the man he asked, "Is that ok with you?". The bloke nodded and Ron gave me a sachet of lube and told me to get on with it.

We went into one of the end closets and the first thing the bloke did was to cover up the hole with paper so that we could not be observed from next door. Then he dropped his trousers and pants and I did the same. I opened the sachet of lube and applied it to his cock. The remainder I smeared around my arsehole. I then bent over the toilet pan and he came into me from behind.

Without a word being spoken he proceeded to fuck me. There was no finesse about it, it was simply as if he was having a wank and using my arse as his hand. Compared to my other experiences in this toilet it was quite tame and boring. I had no inclination to come myself and hoped that this bloke would finish his business quickly. He did come in the end and he pulled up his trousers, opened the door a crack and, seeing that the coast was clear, left the closet. He had not spoken a word the whole time. I wiped myself and when I was respectable left the closet to join Ron.

He asked me, "What was it like?".

"Boring", I replied, "I thought he was quite nice at first, but he did not do anything for me. He just shot his load in me and then buggered off without a word".

"Some of them are like that", Ron said, "but not all. Cottaging can be real fun but you've got to take the rough with the smooth".

We again heard footsteps and we stood up at the stalls again. This time we had two gaps separating us. Two fellers came in who were in their late twenties. They stood at the stalls between Ron and I. I was immediately aware of the one next to me looking my way. My cock was quite hard but covered by my hand. I took my hand away and he put his hand straight onto my cock and squeezed it. I looked at him and he winked then smiled at me compared to the last bloke he was a hell of a lot better. I took hold of his cock which was still hardening.

We were facing each other now and I bent down and started to suck him. It filled my mouth nicely and I could get a lot of him in there. He placed his hands either side of my face and gently moved his cock in a fucking motion. I stopped after a while and stood up again. We now kissed and it really turned me on. I wanted him there and then. I had forgotten about his mate and Ron and only became aware of their presence when I felt my jeans being undone and pulled down over my arse. It was his mate who was doing this while Ron was delving inside his trousers.

I wanted us all to have sex but I was also acutely aware of the danger of being caught and said, "I'd love to get down to some serious fucking but not here, it's too dangerous".

The two fellers stopped and one said "Why don't both of you come back to our place then, it's only around the corner?".

I looked at Ron and he nodded, "Ok", I said answering for both of us.

We made ourselves respectable and left the toilet Ron was walking alongside one and I was with the other. We got back to their place in a few minutes and went straight to the bedroom where the four of us stripped completely. I started kissing the guy I was with and Ron was doing the same with the other feller. I then felt myself be guided towards the bed and we both fell on it still wrapped in each other's arms. he then moved down my body and started sucking my cock. I found his and did the same.

I felt his fingers probing my arse and he said, "It feels like you've been fucked already. I bet you'd like some more. I'm sure my mate and I can oblige".

I stopped sucking him for a moment and said, "Yes the last fuck was a bit of a let down. I hope you lads can make up for it".

"We have our methods to make you happy", my bloke said. "I'm Mick by the way and my mate's Dave".

We introduced ourselves as well.

"Do you lads both like taking it? Because Mick and I only give it, we neither of us like to be fucked".

I told them I like giving and taking. Ron said the same but explained that he had only just started taking.

"We'll go a little bit easy with you then", Mick said. He then opened a drawer and took out some dildos. They were of varying sizes from the equivalent of one about the size of my cock to one similar to that which Jim had tried to force on me.

"Would you like to play with some of our ?", Mick asked, "and we've got some poppers as well to help you relax".

"Excuse my ignorance", I said, "but what are poppers?".

"You mean you've been screwing around and you don't know what poppers are?", Dave said, genuinely amazed.

I told him that my experience was only in the last few weeks and although there had been lots of fucking and a bit of fisting it had been within a close circle of friends. When I said fisting I could see they were impressed.

"If you've enjoyed a fist inside you, you'll love our big toys", Mick said, and he brought a dildo over that was in the shape of a fist.

"If you want to stick that inside me let's try something a bit smaller first. Or maybe you'd like to open me up with your cock. That's what I would prefer".

"Ok", Mick said, "Dave and I will screw you for a bit until you've opened up enough. In the meantime perhaps your mate would like a vibrator". Mick fetched this vibrator which had a sheath over it to make it look more like a cock. It was not particularly thick and Ron said, "yea, I'll have a go at taking that. It could be fun."

Mick greased it thoroughly and then with Ron on his knees began to push it up his arse. I was watching this as Dave got ready to fuck me doggy fashion. Before he did he passed me an open bottle and told me to close one nostril with my fingers and sniff the vapours from this up through the other then swap it around. I did this and within seconds I began to feel light-headed and was conscious of my blood rushing through me.

I could feel my pulses throbbing but this was not unpleasant. Just then I was aware of Dave pushing his cock up me. My light-headedness was turning to euphoria as he penetrated me. I felt as if I was on a different planet and was only mildly conscious of Dave's fucking action. Whereas before I had been sent by the actions of the person fucking me, now I was being sent in the same way by simply sniffing a bottle. I noticed that Ron had had a sniff as well and that Mick had replaced the small vibrator with a much larger one.

Ron's face was wreathed in pleasure as this large object was pushed inside him. He seemed oblivious to the fact that it was bigger than anything I had known him take before.

Ron then said, "I really want to be fisted I've never had it done to me before".

"Ok", Mick said, "but first let's give you some of the fist dildo and then I'll give you my fist which is even bigger".

"Oh yea", said Ron enthusiastically, "but first I want to sniff some more poppers". He was given the bottle and he sniffed from it deeply. I could see it taking effect as he seemed to drift off and become putty in the hands of Mick.

Dave was still fucking me and he handed me the bottle which I sniffed from again. The feeling of light-headedness hit me immediately and at the same time I noticed that Dave had taken his cock out of me and was pushing a very large dildo inside me. This was every bit as large as the one Jim had tried to force on me, but now instead of my body tightening up I found I was completely relaxed and it slid inside me bit by bit.

I knew I was being well and truly stretched but it felt wonderful. I also knew that this was penetrating me by almost a . No-one had gone that deep before. I put my arms out to grab Dave so that we could embrace and kiss. When our lips met it was like being in paradise. His tongue probed my mouth deeply and I felt an intense pleasure from the intrusions at both ends of my body.

Dave and Mick now swapped places and Mick said to me, "Do you see this fist, it's big isn't it. I'm going to fuck you with this. I hope you're ready for it".

"I will be", I said, "if I can have another sniff of poppers. He passed me the bottle and while I was sniffing from it he thoroughly greased his right hand which he had not bothered to cover with a glove. I now knelt doggy fashion. The dildo was still in my arse and he removed this quite quickly but equally quickly he pushed his fist inside me. I felt my arsehole stretch really wide for a moment and then it relaxed as it wrapped itself around his wrist. He was inside me already and he was working his fingers to stimulate me as much as possible.

"That's fucking fantastic", I shouted, "now start fucking me with your fist and screw it around".

He did as I asked and the pleasure it was generating increased. The poppers were wearing off so I sniffed some more and Mick pushed in even deeper. I was almost delirious.

Dave had now been working on Ron who had the fist dildo pushed right up inside him. Dave was simulating a fucking motion with this and Ron was purring like a cat.
"Are you ready for Mick's fist?", Dave asked him.

"Yes", he replied, "let's have the real thing now".

Dave greased Mick's other fist and he then took the fist dildo out of Ron's arse and Mick gave a really hard shove of his fist up Ron. It went in quickly and I heard Ron gasp. Mick now had a fist up both of us and he started to fist fuck us both. Dave held the bottle of poppers under our noses and we sniffed at it eagerly. Dave then lay on his back between us so that we could suck his cock in turns.

After a while Mick's fist fucking slowed as he began to tire and he said, "that's as much as I can do for you. I think I'll stuff both of you with our maxi dildos and then lets have a good sucking session".

Ron and I both agreed to this and we each felt Mick' fist leave our bodies to be replaced by a dildo which was over three inches in diameter, which he pushed in deeply. My arse felt really full. Mick then rolled me on my back and brought his cock over my face. I started sucking him and he did the same to me. I noticed that Ron and Dave were in a similar position. The effects of the poppers was wearing off completely now and I was acutely aware of the dildo inside me. It did not feel in the least bit unpleasant but rather served as a reminder of the fantastic fisting I had just enjoyed.

I was soon near to coming and I felt my cream shoot out. Mick swallowed it down and, almost at the same time, he came in my mouth. There was a lot of it and although I swallowed some a lot dribbled out of my mouth and around my cheeks and chin. Mick removed his cock from my mouth and licked around my lips to clean up the residue of cum there. Ron and Dave came shortly afterwards.

We rested for a while and I noticed that the dildo inside me was slowly slipping out. After a few minutes it just popped out completely. I picked it up and was amazed at its size and the fact that I had been able to accommodate it.

"You'll have to get one", Mick said, " and then on lonely nights when you are desperate for a cock you can use it as a substitute".

It was not a bad idea but I hoped I would never get that desperate. I turned to Ron and smiled at him. He looked really pleased with himself no doubt because he had been fisted. I was glad because it added to the things which we could do together. I had quite enjoyed sniffing the poppers it had made us able to do things we might otherwise have resisted.

Ron leant towards me and we kissed. "That was a wonderful experience", he said, "being fisted I mean. I'm not surprised you enjoy it. The poppers helped though. I think I may get some. We could both benefit".

I agreed with him. I let my hand probe his arse and found that his hole was quite wet and relaxed. "You've certainly come a long way in a few days when it comes to taking", I told him.

"Yes", he said, "I would never have imagined I would be able to take a fist. Wasn't it fantastic?".

I would have liked to stay there talking to Ron but we had to get up and go to our respective homes. Mick and Dave were cleaning up the dildos and left Ron and I to our own devices. We got dressed eventually and saying cheerio to the other two, who told us to come round again, left the flat.

It was getting late now and I told Ron I had to go home but that I would ring him the next day. He was happy with this and we parted to go our separate ways. It was about eleven o'clock when I got back and mum was still up. She made a bedtime drink and we sat up together to drink it.

She said to me, "Ron's a really nice young man I hope you both make each other happy".

"It's early days yet", I said, "but we do seem to have a lot in common and he's a very undemanding sort of person".

On that happy note I went to bed for some much needed sleep.

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