Ron and I become lovers: Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Ron and I had ended up in Pete's bed after the (see erotic stories “an intensive course of education) where I had learnt more about sex in one night than most people learn in a year. I had not only gained lots of experience though I had, in the case of Ron, found someone with whom I could relate on many levels and I started to feel very close to him

We went under the shower together enjoying soaping and spraying each other, dried ourselves and then went downstairs to find our clothes.

Ron looked at me admiringly in my tight t-shirt and jeans and said, “you look really sexy, if you walk down the street like that all the men will be lusting after you".

I laughed at the picture he painted, wishing that it could be true.

We found Pete in the kitchen. He was making coffee and looked as fresh as a daisy. I'd never thought about how old he was but reckoned now that he was perhaps thirty five. Nearly twice my age. I hoped I could stay as good looking as him. He asked cheerily if we wanted any breakfast but I declined knowing that my mum would be serving up dinner in an hour's time.

"I must get home soon", I explained, "I don't want my mum worrying and it's too soon to let her know what I'm really doing".

Pete agreed and offered to give me a lift back, but Ron said he had a car and would gladly drive me. I thanked Pete for a wonderful day and night and asked him for Jack's and Mike's telephone numbers. We kissed tenderly and then more passionately and I think if I had not pulled myself away from him we would have ended up making love again. Ron also got his share of warm embraces.

As we left Pete said to both of us, “you have my telephone number, come and see me again soon, and I mean soon. That's both of you together if you want".

"I've never heard Pete speak like that before", Ron said after we got in his car, "it sounds like he really has the hots for both of us, and he thinks we might be an item".

Ron dropped me off near my home and asked me if I would like to see him that evening at his place. I hesitated for a moment and he then said, "I know you don't want to get serious with anyone just yet and I'm not pushing you. I just like your company and want to have you on my own for a while".

Since I had nothing else arranged and I had done all my college work I agreed. He gave me his address and phone number. I got home just before one o'clock as my mum was just finishing cooking the dinner. She asked me if I had had a good time, and I told her that I had met some friends from a while ago who were throwing a party and they had invited me.

"It was good fun and I didn't get ", I told her, "in fact I'm meeting one of them again tonight, but don't worry I won't be late back".

"I wasn't worried about you, dear", she said, "I just hope that your friends are good to you and don't let you down".

I wondered for a while whether she was trying to tell me something but I couldn't work it out and let it pass. I was moving rapidly into a new world and new experiences with new people and I did not want to be seen to be over-reacting.

In the evening I had a light tea and went over to Ron's flat which wasn't very far away. He worked in a chemist’s shop and lived above it. It seemed that the shop manager was gay and that is how Ron had met him. They had not been lovers but the had taken a shine to Ron possibly in the hope of it leading somewhere further, but Ron was not interested and was worried that someday he might lose his job.

I suggested that he should get out of this entanglement by getting another job. He agreed but said he was concerned about losing his flat and with it his independence. I sympathised with him. The flat was neat but had minimal ornamentation. He brought a couple of beers from the fridge and we sat on his settee drinking straight from the cans.

I was still puzzled by what my mother had said and I asked Ron, "do your parents know you're gay?".

"Yes", he said, "they weren't very happy about it but they seem to be coming to terms with it now. My dad was the worst. He was convinced there was something medically wrong with me and thought the could cure me. It was simply that he was ashamed of me that's all and he wanted to find a rational answer to what he considered an irrational situation".

"So what has happened to change his mind?", I asked.

"Nothing really", he said, "it's just that after a while he stopped being angry with me and realised that I was no different from the he had always known and loved. My mum got used to the idea much quicker and is keen to see me mixing with friends that make me happy".

"Did they try telling you that you were under-age?", I asked.

"That did crop up, but I told them that I knew my mind even though I was young and that I didn't have sexual feelings for women at all but I did for men and it was something I could not change. I told them straight and there was nothing they could say that made any difference. In the end they had to accept it".

"I'm sorry to keep asking you questions, but how did they find out in the first place?", I asked.

"It was purely by accident. It was a couple of years ago and I'd come back home after having been out all night staying at a friend's house. My dad asked me where I'd been and I told him I had spent the night with George, as he was called. My dad then said that the way I said it, it sounded like I'd slept with him. I just couldn't help blushing and was tongue-tied, but when I found my voice again I said, 'so what if I have?' and that is how he knew. There was no point in denying anything after that. There was the most awful row and dad would not speak to me for days, but as I said it's better now".

"There's only me and my mum at home", I told Ron, "and I wouldn't want to hurt her ever, but at the same time I don't want to have to keep dodging the truth every time she asks me about who my friends are and what we do together. I have the feeling she suspects something, but perhaps that is just me being over-sensitive to anything she says".

"I should think that is the case", Ron said trying to assure me. "sometimes you can be so convinced that other people know your secrets you feel they are pointing accusing fingers at you and taunting you. It's only in the mind though. It will be if you tell your mum rather than she finds out by other means. But try to find the right opportunity. At least you only have one parent to deal with".

"I still have a father, it's just that he and my mum are divorced. He lives in London now and as far as I know is on his own. I only see him occasionally, but he would have to know as well eventually".

It was good to be able to speak to Ron like this. He was the first person I had discussed being gay with and because he was only just older than me, he could understand better what I was going through and offer advice based on his recent experience. I'm sure Pete would have listened and helped as well but since he was nearly a generation older than me it would feel more like an adult passing on advice to a child.

I didn't want to spend the whole evening discussing these matters with Ron so I then asked, "how did you meet Pete?".

"I met him a couple of years ago, I must have been your age then, it was when I was cruising"

"What's that?", I asked innocently.

"Wow, you are new to the scene”, he said. “cruising is where you hang about a recognised area for gay encounters hoping to meet other guys. The woods alongside the picnic area just outside of town is such a place and that is where I first saw Pete. I should say I caught him because I nearly bumped into him while he was giving this other chap a good fucking. Seeing Pete give this feller a good shafting really turned me on and the chap he was screwing told me to get my out which I did and he started sucking it. It was all so spontaneous and horny.

“Pete winked at me and asked if I would like him to fuck me. I told him I couldn't manage his cock but that I wanted to give the feller he was screwing one. ‘I am sure he won't mind, will you Mike?’, Pete said. Yes it was your school mate Mike. Pete came soon after that and I put my cock straight up Mike's arse while Mike licked Pete clean. When I'd finished Pete licked the cum from Mike's arse.

“For sex in the open air it was great so uninhibited. Pete asked me who I was and also introduced Mike to me, properly this time. Mike and I hung around with each other quite a bit after that and as he was a regular at Pete's parties that's how I got invited too. I've been cruising many times but that night was one of the best because I met Pete and Mike"

"Cruising sounds really exciting and just what I would enjoy", I said. I could feel my cock getting aroused from the thought of it. "I must try it sometime".

"Well if you do let's do it together. It's better and safer if there are two of us and since I am familiar with the woods I can show you the best places to hang about. Also we can get there in my car. How about next Friday night, we could go then if you wanted?".

"Yea, that sounds great and gives me something to look forward to all week", I said.

"That's a date, then", agreed Ron, "remember to wear just a few clothes, like shorts or a track suit, with no underwear it'll make for easy access. Also bring some lube if you're intending to indulge in some fucking".

"I haven't got any lube", I told him.

"Don't worry", he said, “I've got plenty but if you want to get some go to one of the sex shops in Birmingham. Any chemist can let you have tubes of it but sachets are a lot easier to carry about.”

Having talked through these arrangements and agreed the time we would meet I was feeling as horny as hell and put my arms around Ron and kissed him hard.

"What's that for?", he asked.

"I feel really randy and I want to fuck you right now".

"Great", he said, "I thought you'd never ask. Let's go to bed".

Ron led the way and in no time we had stripped off and got on the bed. I held Ron tight and felt the warmth of his smooth body. It was so inviting. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me and put my hand on it so that I could feel its firmness and vibrancy.

"I want that deep inside me shooting its cream inside and making me feel good all over", I told him.

"And I want you to do the same to me, I've really developed a taste for being fucked. Thanks to you".

I wasn’t sure who was going to do what to whom first but Ron took the initiative and rolling me on my back grasped my legs, opened them slightly and put them on his shoulders. He reached over for some lube and applied it to my arse allowing his fingers to probe my hole. I was reminded in no small measure of the fisting I had had earlier. He now pushed his cock surely and expertly inside my willing arse.

Once he was inside I grasped him tightly and started kissing him passionately, while at the same time moving my hips in order to feel the presence of that cock in my arse. I let him go and he started to pump his cock in and out of me. It felt good and we were both exhilarated. His climax came and for a second I felt deflated but then remembered that he wanted to take me now. He had not forgotten either and he took his cock out of me and let my legs come off his shoulders. But before doing that he collected a large amount of his cum, that was oozing from my arsehole, onto his fingers and applied it to his arsehole.

"That'll really lubricate it", he said. He then straddled my hips and holding my cock along its shaft started to feed it slowly into his arse. He was a lot more confident and relaxed about this than he had been less than twenty four hours before. My cock gradually made its way in and I could tell by his face that he was enjoying it. Once it was all inside I started to fuck him, taking it nice and slowly letting each stroke count. I could see and feel him squirming in an effort to get every last inch of me inside him and I did all I could to oblige.

We were both enjoying this relaxed pace and Ron's cock was still hard. I took hold of it. It was sticky from his cum and my arse. I wished I could have it in my mouth while I was fucking him but not everything is possible. I started gently wanking him instead. Ron told me to stop a minute and he then emptied a sachet of lube on the palm of my hand and he asked me to continue. Wanking him was a lot easier now as my hand slipped easily over his big helmet. I wanted us both to come together and told Ron. He said he was nearly there, like me, so I increased my thrusts and wanked him a little faster.

And then as I felt myself coming I shouted at him, "I'm coming I can't wank you anymore. Aaahhh!".

And with that I shot my cum deep into him. He took up wanking himself and in just a few seconds he had shot a load of cum in a straight line from the top of my chest to my belly button. I started massaging his cum into my chest it felt beautiful and silky. When I had finished I licked my fingers clean savouring the taste of Ron’s spunk.

Ron slid off my cock now and as I had a yearning for more spunk I asked him to squat over my face so that I could easily lick out his arse. He licked my cock clean of all cum. We separated both satisfied with the tasty snack we had enjoyed. He lay in my arms and we caressed each other and occasionally kissed only lightly but it still carried the same weight of feeling as if we had engaged our mouths with full passion.

It was soon time for me to head home and reluctantly I got out of Ron's bed where I was so comfortable and got dressed. Ron remained naked his beautiful body leaving a lasting impression on my mind as I kissed him and confirmed that I would go round to see him on Friday. I then let myself out to walk the short distance home.

Ron had been right about one thing and that is that it was easy to believe you were in love and at that moment I felt I was in love with Ron. In fact that feeling never went away during the days up to Friday and I phoned Ron regularly. I also phoned Pete to tell him we were going cruising together on Friday . He told me to be careful and wished me good hunting.

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