Return to Truck Stop Glory Hole

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

For those who didn’t read my first story let me introduce myself again. I am in my mid thirties about 5’9” 180 pounds with a hard straight of 6.5 and cut. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Some say that they are bedroom eyes.

I had finally found my first glory hole at a nearby truck stop. After my first visit I had promised myself that I would return and try for some hotter action than even before. All I needed to do was to wait until I had the free time. If finally came when the wife had to take a trip to visit her mother that lived in a nearby town. She decided to take the kids with her for a short visit. I thought wow some time alone and no rush to return from my visit to the local truck stop.

Friday was here I arrived at home and the wife was already packed and ready to leave. I put the bags into the trunk of the car, loaded the kids kissed them all good bye and waved good bye as they drove off down the street with no idea of what was going through my mind.

I practically ran back into the house, went upstairs and tore my clothes off and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. My cock was getting hard with the water running over my body as I thought about what I was about to embark upon. I finished my shower dressed and headed out to my new favorite spot, the local Truck Stop.

It was dark outside by the time I arrived at the Truck Stop but the lot was almost empty and I thought I wasn’t going to get much action. It made me kind of sad feeling. I thought well I will go on inside just to see what might happen anyway. I entered the restroom and as outside there were very few people inside. A couple of men were over by the urinals taking a piss. One was just finishing cleaning his hands at the sink. I decided to make my way to the stalls and take a seat.

I took the middle stall in the row. I entered it, loosened my belt and let my pants fall to my ankles. I then pulled my hot white briefs down and took my seat. Since there was no one in the stalls next to me I just set and started playing with my own cock. I didn’t have to make it hard since it had been rock hard since I entered the rest room. I saw some pre-cum leaking out the tip. I took my index finger and my thumb and pinched my pre-cum between them and raised them to my lips. I rubbed the pre-cum across my lips for a taste. It tasted sweet and a little salty. I moved my hand back to my cock and slowly started moving my hand up and down the length of my cock. I was enjoying the feeling as my cock seemed to be getting even harder.

I was relaxed and enjoying playing with my hard cock when I heard a noise next to me. It was someone in the booth to my right. I looked through the hole to see if I could catch a glimpse of the man. It turned out to be a young probably in his early 20’s. He had long blonde hair, as he lowered his pants I couldn’t see a tan line. It seemed as if he tanned someplace completely nude. He lowered his boxers and I got a look at his cock. It wasn’t hard yet, but seemed to be thick and was about 5”. I figured he didn’t know I was watching because he never tried to hide anything. He had also shaved his pubic hairs so was clean. My cock was jumping up and down just watching this hot young stud in the next stall. He sat down on the seat and spit into his hand and started stroking his cock. It started to grow before my eyes and I could see that it was so thick his fingers could barely reach all the way around his cock.

My mouth was salivating over the sight before me. I then saw some clear liquid forming at the tip of his cock. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted to taste that hard cock and the pre-cum that was storing up on the tip. I kneeled down and put my finger into the hole and wiggled it to ask for his cock. He didn’t respond at first and I thought he wasn’t interested in my hot mouth. I was getting desperate so I made some noise tapping on the side of the stall. He then looked and seemed in a little bit of shock. Maybe he hadn’t noticed the hole before now. Could it be he didn’t know this place was known for its glory holes? I decided to become a little braver and I placed my mouth up to the hole. I whispered to him that I wanted his cock in my hot mouth. He seemed a little hesitant but he began to move toward the hole with his cock still in his hand. I heard him say “I have never done this before” I told him if he was really as horny as his cock seemed to be showing that it wouldn’t matter to his cock whether it was a man or a woman who was servicing it. He had moved his thick cock close enough that I was able to reach it with my tongue. I licked the tip and the glistening pre-cum hit on my tongue and it tasted so sweet.

I knew I had to have more and I could tell he was so horny if I kept licking he would want more. I swirled my tongue all around the tip of his hard cock. He then leaned forward and the tip of his cock slipped inside my mouth. It was so sweet tasting. I wanted more of it. I leaned back a little and told him to push his cock through the hole for me. He was so horny now he had no choice. He pushed it all the way in and now I got to see the whole length of it. It had grown to about 9” and was really thick. I could imagine what this cock did to a woman’s pussy. I also got a grin on my face thinking that my hot mouth was going to please him instead. I wrapped my lips over my teeth and moved my mouth over the head of his cock and started going down on his thick shaft. His hard cock stretched my mouth as wide as I had ever felt it. I pushed down further on him. I heard some soft moans coming from his stall. I wasn’t sure how deep I could take his thick cock. I was determined to swallow as much as I could of this young stud. He was getting hornier by the minute. He started pushing his cock into my throat. I was moving up and down the length of the hard cock until I finally felt my lips brush up against his stomach. I knew I had swallowed all of his hard meat and the thickness of it had me stuffed full. I could feel the veins of his cock sliding along my tongue. His cock was leaking down my throat and I tasted his pre-cum as his cock head slid back and forth across my tongue. I was now rapidly moving up and down his cock my mouth devouring his length and width. I heard him groan again only this time it was a little louder. I knew he was about to cum. I clamped my lips down tight on his cock and put more suction on his hard cock. I then felt his cock start to tighten more and to wiggle deep against my throat.

He let out almost a yell as I felt the first hot load of cum hit the back of my throat. He thrust forward even harder as another big load of cum hit me. I slid the cock out a little more so I could catch his hot cum on my tongue I wanted to get a good taste of his juices. It tasted sweet with a little bit of saltiness. I savored the taste on my tongue. He again jammed his cock to the back of my throat and held it there. His loads now were smaller and were just flowing instead of shooting. He pulled back now but I grabbed it before he could get it all the way out of the hole. I lick all around the tip with my tongue savoring all the taste that I could. I cleaned his dick so completely that all he needed to do was stuff his cock back into his shorts. I watched as he pulled his clothes back up and prepared to leave. He stopped long enough to tell me that was the blow job he had ever received. I sat back on the toilet and savored the sweet taste of cum still on my tongue.

Then I heard a noise to my left and looked at the hole on that side of me. The first thing that happened was a voice telling me how hot that was to watch. He asked if I was ready for more. I hadn’t even noticed anyone had entered the other stall. I said sure I am ready for more cock.

This new cock was a big one and I could see the veins running the length of it all the way to a big ball sac. The balls looked expanded like they were already filled with cum. It must have been 10” long and the hole on this side was big enough he could fit his hard cock and all his balls in the hole. I moved over to the hole and took his balls into my mouth. I would take one ball into my mouth and wash it around and release it and take the other and do the same. I could here him groan as I took both his big balls in my hot mouth. He smelled a little musky but manly and I was getting hot thinking about pleasing him. I released his balls and took my tongue and started sliding it up the whole 10 inches of his cock to the tip. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip and I licked it with my tongue and tasted it. It was saltier than the young lad and thought maybe he had been drinking some beer. I wrapped my lips over the head of his cock. It felt hard and I began to slide my mouth down the length of his cock. It went all the way to the back of my throat and I could feel his pubic hairs tickle my nose.

He was really horny as he started to fuck his cock back and forth into my mouth. I just left my mouth against the hole and let this hot black cock fuck my mouth. His cock was rock hard but the skin felt soft as it slid back and forth in my mouth. I could tell he wasn’t going to last long as he was now fucking my mouth like it was a hot pussy. He was slamming against the wall hard as he was fucking me. I just opened my mouth wide and waited for what I knew was going to be a big hot shot of black cum. He was fucking my mouth faster and faster. I heard a loud groan and then I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled his cock out and took the next load onto my face. I had never let a hot load hit me in the face before. Then I slipped his cock back into my mouth to taste the rest of his cum.

He finally finished Cumming and I took his cock and licked it clean.

I was really horny by now and my cock was as hard as I could ever remember it being. I asked him if he would enjoy having a hard cock up his . I was really horny and wanted something more exciting now. I wasn’t sure how he would react until I noticed his ass pushed against the hole. I put my hands out and placed them on his nice bubble butt. The skin felt smooth to the touch. I spread his ass cheeks out so I could see his sweet asshole. I knelt down and lick my tongue along the crease of his ass toward his nice puckered hole. It tasted sweet and I stuck my tongue right on the middle of the hole and licked all around it. I then pushed further into the hole with my tongue. Licking in little circles to loosen it and prepare it for my cock. I was so horny I could hardly wait to bury my cock inside this inviting pussy hole. I finally decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I stood up and held my cock and pointed it straight at the nice black ass in front of me. The tip of my cock found the edge of his tight asshole. I pushed forward slowly and felt the head of my cock slide inside his pussy. He moaned a little and I pushed on with my cock. I pushed until my cock was buried deep inside of him and I was against the stall wall. His ass was hot and fit snugly around my cock. I thought my cock was gripped inside a vice. I slowly started moving my cock back and forth inside him. His ass pussy began to loosen somewhat around my cock.

I was so hot and horny I couldn’t control myself. I started to plunge deep inside him at a faster pace. It didn’t seem to bother him as he started to move his ass back and forth in rhythm to my thrust. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I could feel my cum building up inside my balls and cock. I needed to cum and the power of my orgasm was ready to hit me. I felt myself tense up as my cum traveled down the length of my hard cock and out the tip into his hot waiting ass pussy. Load after load shooting into him and I heard him moan from the feeling of my hot cum load. I held myself against the wall for a while and just enjoyed the heat of my own cum. I slowly pulled out of his ass and as I did so he turned around and took my cock into his mouth. He said he wanted to clean my cock for me. His tongue slid up and down the length of my cock which was now slowly shrinking. After he had finished cleaning every inch of my cock I heard him stand up and put his clothes back on and leave the stall. This is what I had come in here for anonymous sex. No names just hot man to . I sat back down on the seat for a rest not sure I was done for the night. Maybe I had more left in me.

I was now relaxing setting back and thinking of what all I had been doing in my new found fun place. I finally realized that my hand had taking a hold of my cock and was gently massaging it back to life. I was rubbing and cradling my balls with my left hand as my right hand was slowly massaging up and down making my cock hard again. I knew I was going to stay longer and enjoy myself.

If you want to hear more of my story please let me know if you enjoy them and write to me with what you would like to hear.

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