Restrained Freedom

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

We sat there sipping coffee and chowing down on donuts in an all-night diner, my new partner Hank and me. I was trying to figure him out. Ever since I’d come out in the department, potential partners had avoided me like the plague. But here I understood that Hank had asked to be partnered with me. As I drank coffee and listened to him complaining about his wife, Janine, I was wondering if maybe he swung both ways. I certainly wouldn’t mind if he did. He was a good ten years older than I was and outweighed me by at least twenty pounds, but he was all muscle and handsome as all get out. Dark complexioned and black curly hair matting his forearms and pushing out at the neck of his blue shirt. Pale blue eyes and a smile to die for.

The open neck of his blue uniform shirt. There it was. I thought to myself, “Shit. Nailed it with that swinging both ways supposition.”

“Does this mean what I think it means?” I asked, as I moved my hand to under his chin and got the round medallion on a sterling string between two fingers. It was red, white, and black enamel on silver in a design like that Oriental Yin-Yang swirling tear drop pattern, but with three swirls rather than two—the universal sign of BDSM.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it means,” Hank said, staring me down real good. He moved his hand to behind his collar and pulled around another silver charm he’d been keeping at that back of his chain. It was a miniature set of handcuffs. When he brought it back around to where I could see it, his fingers lingered on mine at the other medallion.

“Do you mind?” He asked. “What I really mean is are you interested? I maneuvered like hell to get a partnership with you. I’ve had my eye on you since you were transferred to the squad.”

“Fuck yes, I’m interested,” I whispered hoarsely to him under the din of the noise of the civilians around us who either couldn’t sleep or were on their way to an early shift or back from a late shift. I raised my and forced it between his thighs under the table, crushing the sole of my boot into his crotch to emphasize my interest. He gave me a surprised, but desired-filled look, gripped the edges of the table with white-knuckled fists, and squeezed my calf tightly between his thighs to confirm his own interest.

“But what about Janine?” I continued nonchalantly. “I’d heard you were happily married and an attentive daddy.” I dropped my hand from his medallion, not wanting those around us to get the right idea about what we were discussing.

“Yeah, I am,” he answered. “I can’t explain it, but I’ve got these urges that go beyond Janine and the family thing. It was getting a little tedious with Janine. Being with a guy now and then heightens the pleasure for both me and Janine when we fuck.”

“But bondage and SM?” I asked. “That’s quite a bit farther along that road. And it can get rough.”

“I like it rough,” Hank shot back. “And the bondage? Well, I think that helps take the guilt away. If I’m bound, it’s like I really am not making the choice, if you know what I mean—restrained but suddenly free to fully enjoy it.”

I sat and stared at Hank for a couple of minutes, grabbing the edge of the table hard where his fists had just been to keep my hands off him. But I could feel the juices flowing already.

“Well, when it’s convenient, maybe we can hook up and . . .”

“Now,” Hank hissed through his teeth in a voice strangled with urgency. “When I saw you in the showers this evening after the squad workout and before we hit the streets, I nearly creamed myself. I wanted you to see my jewelry. I want you take me someplace right now, tie me up, and fuck me hard.”

“Well, if it’s a quiet night, I know of some places we can park. The car’s not the place, but . . .”

I felt an insistent buzzing in one of my pockets that had nothing to do with the effect Hank was having on my cock.

“Shit,” I exclaimed as I reached for my mobile phone. “It’s dispatch.”

I listened to the assignment call for a several seconds. Hank was already standing and flipping a couple of bills on the table.


“Yeah, I’m afraid so. But not a rush, rush. They caught up with that guy who’s been kidnapping and raping those college guys over on the east side. We’re to go pat down his pad. Guess our business will have to hold fire for a bit.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Hank said. I kinda liked the tone of regret in his voice on that one.

Chas Sheldon, a smart-assed cop in our squad who razzed me pretty bad about my preferences was standing at the door of the small, rundown bungalow hidden in the undergrowth of a quiet east side street when we rolled into the driveway. He was giving me a snide stare as Hank and I approached.

“You’ll just love this one, Lance,” he said to me as we walked up to him. “It’s right up your alley.” He sniggered at his double entendre. Real genius; I bet he’d been working on that for a half an hour.

“Yeah, well, they couldn’t have gotten this guy any too soon in my opinion,” I answered brusquely. “Any sign of any of the missing men?”

“Just the one we caught him in the act with,” Sheldon smirked. “He was pretty far gone, but they’ve sent him off to the hospital already and the perp just left for the department in a squad car. We caught him in the act and followed the book, so this one should be air tight. The forensics crew has started on the basement, but I think they’re about ready to call it a day. We’ve got a crew starting to dig in the backyard too, but it will be too dark to continue with that for a while. Guess you’ll want to see the scene yourself though, to, ya know, get some pointers maybe.”

I could have shoved my fist down Sheldon’s throat, but that would just make for good conversation and more razzing in the squad room. Hank gave a disgusted sound deep down in his throat and pushed on by Sheldon and into the house. I was senior and hadn’t gotten the full assignment yet, so I stuck with Sheldon for the moment.

“So, what’s the call here?” I asked. Sheldon saw that I wasn’t going to rise to the bait, so he got through it quickly with just one more jab.

“I was just to stick around until another set of blues—which would be the two of you, I suppose—showed up. Since they won’t be able to process the scene completely until tomorrow, we’re to maintain a presence here overnight. I understand you’ve got the shift for the next four hours and then they’ll send someone else. Think you can handle that without messing up the in there?”

“Roger, Sergeant,” I said, staring right at him, reminding him that I outranked him. “By all means shove off now. Hank and I will hold the place.”

I pushed by him and turned back after I’d gotten inside the door to see that he was already half way across the yard to his ride. I looked around for Hank but didn’t see him in the small, drab living or dining rooms. I found him in a back bedroom, just standing there, mesmerized by the trophy photos this perp had papered the wall with of what he’d been doing to his victims. I could see at a glance that the perp been busy and had quite an imagination. Hank was growling deep down in his throat again and was rubbing a hand up and down on his crotch. No doubt that the photos and the other paraphernalia in the room were turning him on.

I turned on my heels and made tracks to the basement in time to see that the forensics crew was struggling up the steps into the kitchen with their bulky cases banging against the stairwell walls and would be gone for the night within a couple of minutes. I quickly scanned the basement to see what I could see and then followed the technicians back up the dark stairs. As they left the house, I looked out in the backyard and saw the last the workers out there leaving as well. I prowled around the house quickly to ensure that Hank and I were alone now and locked the front door from the inside before I returned to the back bedroom.

Hank had his pants down around his ankles, although he still had his equipment belt around his waist, and he was all bug-eyed staring at the photos while he pulled on his good-sized dick.

With a mind to what he’d said he needed to perform, I quickly got him into a pair of cuffs hanging conveniently from the upper wall in front of him, which pulled his arms over his head and trapped him there, facing the wall. Then I stood close behind him, my crotch plastered to his exposed butt cheeks so he could feel me getting bigger down there and wrapped my arms around him. I took over stroking down on his cock and squeezing his hefty balls with one hand, while I unbuttoned his shirt with my other hand. As I went for his nipples, he arched his head back to me and we kissed deeply. There was no doubt that he was ready for this.

I broke and looked behind me to see what sorts of toys and aids our perp might have dropped around the room. With little effort, I came up with a leg spreader bar, a ball gag with two nipple clamps hanging from it at the end of small-linked chains, an outlandish-sized flexible dildo, and a of lubricant. If Hank needed bondage to get excited, then I’d see just how excited Hank could get.

Coming up behind him, I had the ball gag in his mouth and snugly tied off before he even knew what was happening to him. I then stripped his pants all of the way off his legs and clamped the spreader bar between his thighs, forcing him into a wide stance. He was squirming around now and pulling at his wrist restraints. I moved around to in front of him, between him and the wall, and lifted the long, thick dildo up to his eye level. He went all wild-eyed and backed away from me as far as the restraints would permit, but I had one of my hands wrapped around his dick, so I knew he was finding this very stimulating. I rubbed the dildo around on his cheeks for a short time to let him feel the texture and size of it.

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