Rebirth of a Cocksucker

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

These are the adventures of a dude (ME), who strives each day to take at least one in his mouth. I am a cock sucking cum slut who thrives on sucking .....any dick, and this is Chapter one of my long, horny, slutty, cum gulping, ball licking, gang banging, cock sucking tale.

Life on my knees began back in 1995, when I conjured up the courage to do something I had dreamt about since I was a young , I made my way to an adult bookstore and found myself witin minutes after arriving, on my knees staring through this hole in the wall, yes, unbeknownst to me at the time I was staring into a glory hole, and like Alice in Wonderland I saw a big suprise waiting on the other side...a big huge long dark super thick cock...growing up as an innocent lil white boy, I could not have dreamnt anything better. I had to have it!

Having been to an adult store before, but never seeing this hole in the wall, this glory hole, and not realizing the years of pleasure this hole idea would bring me, I wasn't sure what exactly to do. But know I had to, without reservation, get this enormous black cock between my lips and on my tounge. I must be fair and honest in this story and tell you at first I was quite nervous, and very cautious not being sure what would happen. I decided that this fine gentleman, who appeared to be a thug/gang memeber of some kind based on his numerous tatoos, was kind enough to stand there with his 12" cock stroking it, knowing very well that I was watching. So my thought was try to give him some sort of sign that I wanted, well, I needed to suck him. Practicing safe sex on this first trip I decided to place a condom in the glory hole, thinking this would give him the idea of what I wanted from him.

Easy as that, he took the condom, put it on and within seconds I had one giant mouthful of cock. When I say mouthful I underestimate, my jaws, and lips strecthed out to their max just to as much of this monster cock in my mouth as I could. Oh my goodness I was immediatley obbsessed. I knew once his cock touched my lips, I would be doing this a lot more. On that same afternoon back in 95, I sucked 3 cocks, (2 black, 1 white) through that same glory hole...I was off...I just couldn't get enough. Let's just say I got very hungry and over the next 2 weeks I visited that and a number of other adult stores and sucked on over 30 cocks in just 2 weeks, a feat that I would later pass in just one night, but for a new kid to cock sucking, I was on a roll.

Since that 1st cock back in 1995, I have been deligent about keeping a number of how many men have put thier cocks in my total as of now August of 2011 is: 2,303 blow jobs, that's an avg. of almost 3 cocks a week for 16 years. Not to shabby I think.

Cumming up in Chapter 2, I will talk about learning the joy of sucking cock without condoms. Chapter 3 will be about my introduction to cum. Check back soon.


Once a week my plan is to add to my bio, and add a current story. I would like very much to make you a part of it, here's how: If you live in or are traveling too the New England area, and would like to become part of my historic cock sucking story, email me and let me know where in N.E. u are and we can talk about how, where and when we may be able to meet.


I DO THIS COMPLETELY OF MY OWN WANTS AND DESIRES AND SIMPLY BECAUSE I AM A SLUT. : ) Please do not read anything else into this, and don't expect anything other than some fun and a nice relaxing free blow job....Some people collect stamps or coins, I collect cum...simple as that.

Email me at: its-sogood at hotmail dot com (no ' in its) so recheck before u send, due to spell check. I really am looking forward to talking to you and hopefully more. PLEASE NO OBESE MEN OR TV'S. 18+ ONLY.

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