Really? Fucked by an African Tribal Chief

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

In the summer of 1974 Theo was promoted from his job in the state department to a new position working for the Department of Commerce. It meant moving to the Washington DC area and it meant that I would have to quit a job that I was comfortable with and try to find another. I had quit a good job years earlier when I decided to move in with my then lover, Mohammed. I had been living in Pittsburg, he in Philadelphia and we were both tired of the commute to see one another every weekend.

When Mohammed left me to return to Saudi Arabia, I had no recent work experience and was depressed. It took me completely by surprise that just months after Mohammed left, I would find love once again, this time with Theo, a Jamaican born citizen that had lived in Philly since he was a child.

I fell hard and fast, just as I had for Mohammed when I was only twenty-three. Now, at thirty-one, I had a hard time believing that I would find love once, let alone a second time. I had been a male prostitute as a means of paying my way through college and I had learned that sex was an act of passion, and love an emotion. I never expected to find that I could have both with the same individual.

I was crazy about Theo. I had loved Mohammed with the same passion, but they were very different. Mohammed was wealthy and didn't allow me to work. His sex drive was overpowering even for a guy like me that sometimes had turned three or four tricks in one night. He had a lust for young, white boys and brought them into our bed on a regular basis. He allowed me to have sex with other men, but they were always men chosen by him. Some his friends, some that he met at various orgies that he attended, and sometimes, business associates that knew of his gay lifestyle.

I loved Mohammed and found plenty of joy in our relationship. In spite of his frequent overnight absences as he attended parties and orgies without me, our sex life was great. If I had any complaints, it would be that he had an unquenchable thirst for sex and when he wanted to fuck, he did it even if he had to wake me from a sound sleep to push his cock in my , still again, after already taking multiple loads from him before we had gone to sleep.

Mohammed gave me a reasonable amount of oral sex, sucking me and tonguing my ass before he entered me, but Theo's lovemaking was the I had experienced. He loved eating my ass, sucking my cock, and when he fucked me, he always seemed to know when to take me slow and easy and when I wanted a good pounding. His black cock was cut, unlike most of the Arab men that Mohammed had hooked me up with over the years. He was built in such a way that when he held my five four frame, I wasn't overpowered by his height, his muscles or demands of any kind. I was lucky to have him.

Our first three months in the suburbs of Washington DC were some of the best months of my life. Theo didn't travel as he had so much of the time when he worked for the state department. He sometimes stayed at work late, but always, he came home to me, we had dinner together and went out a lot. I developed an interest in his music, classical, and attended symphony's and a couple of operas.

After his third month with the Department of Commerce, his assignments took him to Africa. He went from no travel to frequent travel. His trips were even longer and more frequent than when he had worked for the state department. I missed him.

When he returned from his trips, sometimes it was only for a few days and I tried to get every minute of his time. I hated seeing him off again and wanted tried to convince him to find a job that would keep him home more. It wasn't that simple, of course. He had been a career employee until his most recent job and now, as a political appointment, he had such loyalty to the and the president that he just couldn't leave.

I made it through our first year in a rented house in Virginia, and when he asked me to join him on his next trip, a three-week assignment, I quickly jumped at the chance. I only had two full weeks of leave available to me, but I was able to take an additional week of leave without pay so that I could spend the entire trip with him.

We stayed in one of the most posh hotels in Tanzania's largest city, Dar es Salaam. Sometimes, I got a little lonely and bored during the day, but I got acquainted with Oyoo, a twenty-four year manager of the desk and reservations and was able to eat some of my meals with him when Theo wasn't available. Oyoo showed me around a little and cautioned me about where I could go on my own and where not to go. As a man that had always been attracted to men older than myself, I was surprised that I found Oyoo so sexy and hot. I had fantasies of falling to my knees and servicing his African cock.

In Africa, Theo warned me that we must me very private about our relationship. When he introduced me to various government officials that he spent time with, I was his "personal secretary." Two of them, Enyinnaya and Chukwuemeka, ate dinner with us several times. They were polite and spoke clear English. They had both spent some time in the United States and were familiar with western culture and while with them, it sometimes seemed like we were back in the US.

In our second week, Theo was required to go to a small village with a couple of government officials and I was left on my own for the night. Oyoo invited me to dinner with him at a place distant from our hotel and I gladly accepted. There, we were joined by two of his good friends, Tau and Kgosi. They too spoke English and I was comfortable with them immediately.

Kgosi, I learned, was a chief in a village about one hundred miles away from the city. He was twenty-four, the same age as Oyoo, and equally as handsome. He talked a lot and laughed a lot. It would have been impossible not to like him. He was five foot eight with a moderate build and I was not only physically attracted to him, but couldn't get enough of his humor, his stories and contagious laughter.

Tao was five foot seven, a little more muscular and quieter. He was twenty-nine. He told me that in English, the name Tao meant Lion and that he was the father of two girls and currently separated from his wife. She had gone to live in a village with her parents for the time being.

It seemed odd to me that for once, I was the oldest person in the . Both Mohammed and Theo were older than me and as a result, their friends were generally older. I liked , but I was equally attracted to Oyoo and his friends. I hadn't enjoyed myself as much in a long time and they promised that we would get together again when Theo was able to join us.

When I returned with Oyoo to the hotel, I invited Oyoo to have a drink with me in my room. I was happy that he accepted and he sat back in a cushioned arm chair with his legs apart as he sipped on his peppermint schnapps and I couldn't help but let my eyes wander to his crotch. He was gorgeous and in some ways, I found him to have some of Theo's behaviorisms and characteristics. We covered dozens of topics. He even brought up homosexuality in the United States and asked me how I felt about it. I tried to answer as honestly as I could without giving myself away. "I know some and I find them all to be decent and fun to be with," I offered.

He changed the topic quickly and if I hadn't been in Africa, I would have asked him to spend the night with me. I was getting tired, but he seemed to have endless energy and drank two glasses to each one of mine. We were both by the time he left. I went to sleep thinking about him and wondering how it would feel to have him hold me in his arms and kiss me.

The next day, when Theo returned from his trip, I stood watching him shave at the bathroom sink in his white briefs. I was horny and he had insisted that he was horny as well, but that he wanted to shave and shower before we made love. I teased him and told him that he didn't need to shower for my benefit. "I like you, dirty or clean,"
I told him.

He pulled the front of his briefs down and exposed his nine inch cock and his nut-sac and then covered it again as quickly. "Oh fuck, you're a tease," I chuckled and went to have a drink to wait for him.

I had been thinking about Oyoo and his friends all day and with each hour, I got more excited about having my man back again. He took far too long to shower and when he came out, he had put on a fresh pair of briefs and stood next to me, pulling my face into his crotch. I pulled his briefs down enough to take his cock in my mouth and feel it swell as I sucked him. I licked his nuts and worked my face behind them, licking his taint and poking my tongue between his meaty cheeks. "Wow, you're raring to go, aren't you, baby?" he commented.

I rarely volunteered to rim him, but I wanted to taste every inch of him. "Oh god, can we go to bed now?" I whined.

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I loved it when he carried me. I loved knowing that I was his and that he would soon fill me with his seed as he grunted and fell heavily upon me.

I didn't suck his cock as long as would normally, but I did lick his balls, and push my tongue into his anus, making long, sweeping swoops with my tongue upward between his cheeks and then downward, covering his balls with saliva and working my way up again, to push my tongue into him. I needed him to know that I loved him and even though I wanted him to take me quickly, I licked his inner thighs, worked my tongue down the back of his strong legs and sucked his toes. I had done it before and wasn't even sure if he liked me to do it or not, but my intent was to send a signal that whatever he wanted from me, he could have.

Theo likes taking his time and never hurries when he fucks me. I always stay with him, doing my best to hold off my own ejaculation until I get some subtle signal that he is close to cumming. This night, he told me to lie on my stomach and he put a pillow underneath my groin. He entered me slowly, as he almost always did and pushed forward until I felt his wiry bush scratching at the soft skin of my buttocks. "OH GOD, YOU DO THAT GOOD," I declared, my cock throbbing beneath me.

I couldn't last more than three minutes before my cock erupted into the pillow beneath me. I yelled and yipped and moaned and he knew that he caused me to ejaculate. He had done it that fast a few times in the past, and he loved it. As my cock slowed from spewing to oozing the last drops out onto the pillow, I knew he was proud of himself for making me cum prematurely.

Theo, never one to be hurried, continued to take his time, moving me onto my hands and knees and later onto my back, before telling me to get back on my hands and knees again. Once when I thought he was close to cumming, he pulled out and began licking my ass. When he pushed me down and lay hard on top of me, and wrapped his arms around my chest and rolled, putting us on our sides.

It had been twenty minutes since I had cum and I was ready for his release. I know he could have made himself last longer, but he whispered into my ear and asked, "if I cum now, will you be disappointed."

He knew that after ejaculating so far ahead of him that I wanted him to cum, but I wouldn't tell him that. "It's your ass baby. Fuck it until you're satisfied."

Theo chuckled. "I don't believe you. I'm gonna breed your hot little pussy right...NOW." His cockhead was pulled back so that when it flared out and spewed forth his load, I could feel the thick veins and the mushroom head as they chanelled his cum into me. I listened to his panting then his hard push forward, sending the last of his cream, deeper into me.

Theo reached down and held my limp cock in his hand and kissed my neck. Pulling my face around, he kissed my mouth just before his body went limp and then there was nothing but the sound of his heavy breathing. It had been an intense orgasm for both of us, but almost always, we did our best to time our release so that they occurred close together. Not so this time. I had anticipated his return since Oyoo had left our room the night before. I let myself think of the young African briefly as Theo pulled his cum soaked cock from me and waited for me to lick it clean of the goo that covered it.

Later, we rested and then went down to the hotel restaurant for an early dinner. I saw Chief Kgosi as we walked through the lobby and stopped to introduce him to Theo. They spoke briefly making small talk and as we said good-bye, Kgosi said, "Listen, I'm meeting Oyoo and our friend, Tau for drinks in a hour or so. It would be great if you would join us," he said.

Theo was hesitant. "I'll see. I'm pretty tired. I've been away for a night and didn't sleep well, so I'll have to see how I feel after dinner," he responded.

I wanted to go and I needed to work on Theo to agree. I ate a light dinner and we each drank a glass of wine instead of a carafe. We finished quickly, checked the lounge and our our new friends were not there so we went to our room.

Theo looked over some papers for a while, but I was itching to go meet our new friends. I knew it was selfish of me at the time, but I told Theo that I really wanted to go meet Kgosi so that he could meet Tau and Oyoo as well. I knew that he would agree, even if he was tired. Theo did a lot for me.

We went, introductions were made and drinks were ordered. Theo had seen Oyoo and even talked with him a couple of times, but never on a personal level. He sat next to him, I sat between Kgosi and Tau sat across from me.

The night turned out be more fun than either Theo or I could have imagined. Kgosi, with his usual wit, kept everyone laughing. I knew that Theo liked him.

As the night passed, Kgosi grew quieter and Oyoo picked up the slack, telling childhood stories and making jokes. It was not my imagination that Kgosi had began pressing his leg against mine, and even moved his chair a little closer. My cock got hard as my mind wandered to actually being able to go home and tell my best friend, Orlan, that I had gotten laid by a real tribal chief. I was drunk. I decided to back off and put my chair away from him a little, closer to Theo.

I knew Theo was having a good time. The hours slipped away and when the bartender told us he was closing and that we had to leave, it was Theo that invited everyone to our room for a nightcap. Laughing too loudly and making too much noise, we went to our room on the third floor and we continued to drink. I had been drinking vodka and tonic, but now that I was in my room, I decided to skip the tonic and just have the vodka over ice. Theo and Oyoo had peppermint schnapps and Tau continued with white wine.

I made sure that I sat some distance from Kgosi, but I knew that there was some chemistry between us that he continued to pursue. I almost wanted them to leave, I was so nervous. They seemed to make no hints that they should go, so I stood and said, "I'm going to have another drink. Would anyone else care for a refill?"

Theo spoke up, handing me his glass and as I stood to go to the little closet-like kitchen, Kgosi stood and said, "I'll have another. I'll get it myself. You don't have to wait on me."

The bar was really a tiny little kitchen with a small sink, a small hot plate and a tiny cooler and freezer. All that was in the cooler was ice. I stood in front of the small cooler and leaned over to open the door for an ice cube tray when I realized that Kgosi was standing behind me, his groin pressing firmly against me. I stood, trying to pretend I hadn't noticed as I poured Theo's schnapps. Kgosi was relentless. He put his arms around my chest and I nearly spilled the drink. I could feel an erection pressing into me, but I ignored it as I said, "I'll take this to Theo and come right back for my vodka.

I hoped that Kgosi would come out of the tight little area before I returned, but instead, he stood there, awaiting me and without warning, put his arms around me and kissed me hard on the mouth. It was both disturbing and wonderful. I wanted to stop but couldn't. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth as he reached around and squeezed my right buttock. I stood with my hands at my side, sweaty and afraid. He cupped my basket in his hands as he ended the kiss and then he walked away with his glass, leaving me in a bundle of nerves. I pulled myself together and went back, trying to look as innocent as possible. Kgosi had gotten a second wind and was telling stories again and creating laughter amongst the others. I didn't even know what he was talking about, my mind was so cluttered.

I was grateful when Tau and Oyoo stood and said it was time for them to call it a night. Theo said, "I'll see you out as he stood also. The two men shook my hand and thanked me for our hospitality and walked toward the door. Kgosi said, "I'm in room 62."

I pretended to ignore him.

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