Realization becomes reality

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This story is true, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I have always been pretty open when it comes to sex. Toy play, bondage, , fetishes, all was part of the excitement. Especially porn, I loved watching it. It was always hetero action though. I could not take my eyes away. I soon came to the realization that it was the guys hard that I was really watching. I love women, dont get me wrong, but the bigger, the thicker, and the longer lasting the was, I was glued to watching. Once I realized what my interest was really, the thoughts of touching one, feeling it in my hand, tasting it, and oh yes, riding it began to swim in my head.

I started watching . I would go to a non-local place that had a back room and rent chance of running into someone I knew. I loved watching it. Seeing men together, pleasuring one another got me harder than any woman ever had. I longed for it, wanting so desperately to try just once and live out this huge fantasy. I was so afraid, that if I did do it, I would change. Weird I know, but it was so taboo and I was brought up with it drilled in my head how wrong it was. So I bought a dildo online to satisfy my cravings, and the idea of being with a man was burried away.

I didn't stop watching though. I went twice a week to get a new m2m flick to watch. One occassion I was there on a Thursday night, not a rental night, and there was one other guy in the back room. I hummed and hawwed pretending to look at different straight titles until I saw him select one and leave. I hurried to the section of my real interest and quickly was lost in the selections. I never even noticed when this gentleman came in. He half coughed and startled me. I was near the edge of the gay section that butted up to the girl/girl section so I quickly, and I thought slyly, grabbed one of those and exited quickly. I went to the counter feeling flushed and embarrassed that I may have been seen looking at porn. I paid and was out the door.

As I got to my car, I fumbled to get the keys out of my pocket. I was lost in my own head disappointed that I had grabbed the movie I did, and was also trying to convince myself that I wasnt seen, that everyone minds their own business in the back room. That is when I was startled by a man saying excuse me. I looked at it was the guy from the back room. I stood there looking at him unsure what he could want. I pretty much lost it when he handed me my wallet, that I had dropped on the way out. I thanked him and he asked if I had got the movie I wanted. Sure, I replied and opened the door of my car. He pulled out his movie, showing me the title. It was the one I was lost in when he came in the room. My mouth was agape and my thoughts were racing when he asked if I wanted to watch it with him. I could feel my heart pounding, my face getting red, and my mind screaming to me to just go for it. I stepped back, closed my door, looked at him and just said "yes".

We went to his car and I watched him, scared and wondering what the hell I was doing, as he drove. He tried chatting with me, but I only remember giving him my name and an occasional one word answer. His name was Steve. The ten minute drive seemed like an hour, finally pulling into a sub division of nice 2 story homes. We pulled in the drive and straight into the garage. We got out and entered through the garage doorway into the kitchen of his home. He set the movie on the counter and went to the cupboard, pulling out two glasses. Want a drink? You look as though you could use one. He said to me. I nodded yes. I finally got to look at him as he poured a shot for both of us and walked over to hand me one. Salt and pepper hair, probably 50ish, a little taller than my 6' heigth, in shape, clean shaven, business suit guy like an insurance agent.

Take your coat off he said. I am going to set the movie up and went into the ajoining room. I slugged my shot and yelled to him asking if I could have another. He said sure, so I poured myself half a glass and slugged it down in two gulps. I poured another, took a deep breath, and went into the room with him. He was on the couch, working the remote for the dvd player and I sat down. The movie was running the beginning ads and he jumped up saying he wanted to change and asking if I needed anything. I shook my head no and he tossed me the remote telling me to pause it when it started. The 5 minutes of adds was long enough to feel the beginning warmth of the alcohol, and I was beginning to relax. He came back in a robe that reminded me of hugh heffner. I almost chuckled as he sat down and I could see he had striped boxers on underneath.

The movie started to play, and he motioned me to move closer to him. I did and sat rigid, scared more than ever. The porno was my savior, and 10 minutes into it, I was feeling the stirring in my tight jeans. I glanced over and saw that Steve's robe was open and his dick was sticking out of his shorts. Oh my goodness, here it was right by me, a man growing hard as I watched. Steve noticed I had no interest in the movie and put his hand on the back of my head. You have never done this have you? he asked. I shook my head no and added that I really wanted to though, I was a bit scared. Just do what I tell you, I will guide you and help you with it. He responded. His hand moved down and covered mine and he guided me over to his lap. Touch it, he said as he laid my hand on top of his cock. I could feel the pulses and closed my hand around it, giving it a little squeeze. My heart was pounding and I was shaking pretty bad, but I didnt want to stop. I felt Steve's hand on the back of my head again pulling me down to his lap. Get closer to it, get a good look. By now he was fully hard, and it was incredible. I could touch the tip of my thumb and first finger together around the shaft. As my head came down on his thigh, his dick was a mere 6 inches away from my face.

The thoughts were racing, I heard a voice screaming get out of here. I was ready to listen to it, but then it happened. I jumped up and looked at steve. The look on his face told me that he knew I wanted to leave. Instead I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down and off. Steve looked at me and asked are you sure? I replied by stripping down in front of him and laying my naked self back in his lap. I grabbed his newly freed cock in my hand and looked up at him. I dont know what he was thinking, but I closed my eyes and put the head of his cock into my mouth. He shuttered out of surprise. I started bobbing my head up and down. I couldnt believe it, I was giving a guy a blow job, and I liked it...a lot! I tried to take the whole thing in my mouth and gagged, bad. I found what my limit was and started again. I continued for a couple minutes trying to keep my teeth out of the way, trying to please him. I stopped to ask if I was doing ok. Steve gently pushed my head back down telling me not to stop. So I didn't, because I was loving it, and he was enjoying what I was doing.

I felt Steve's hand rubbing my back, and moving down. He rubbed my and gave it a little smack. I liked how his hands felt on me. He licked his hand a grabbed my dick, stroking me slowly. It took 10 seconds for me to cum. I was in the orgasm I have ever had and started choking, realizing that I had somehow lost all bearing and had him as far in as I could. I felt him rub my load on my side and my ass cheek as I really started to suck him. I wanted him to cum like I did. I wanted to be the reason he would cum. Steves started bucking his hips upward into me, and I soon got the rythem down to I would meet his thrusts. Soon he began to moan and I felt the head get really hard. I meant to pull my mouth away, but it was too late. Steve yelled to me he was cumming and did just that. The first splash went deep into my throat as I pulled back. Three made it in my mouth before I had his cock out, and the rest hit my chin and cheek. I jerked him til he stopped, 8 spasms that I counted. I still had his cum in my mouth and I tasted it, pushing it around in my mouth with my tongue, finally swallowing it. I stood up and Steve followed, telling me that felt great. He grabbed my head and kissed me, poking his tongue on my lips. I have never kissed a man before, but heck, I never sucked a dick or swallowed cum either, so I kissed back. I had my arms around him and was grabbing his ass. It was hot, hotter than I ever dreamed. We stood there kissing for awhile pressed up against one another. Steve finally suggested we clean up and lead me to the bathroom for a shower.

We chatted as we washed one another and talked about what happened. I told him I was so turned on by it, and wanted more. I told him that I wanted to feel it inside of me and asked if he would fuck me. He laughed, seriously laughed. I was floored until he kissed me hard and told me he was trying to figure out how to ask me if I was interested in that. I have wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you in those jeans, he said. I told him that I was his for the night if he wanted me and dropped to my knees. And since we have all night, I want to taste more of what this has inside of it. I said as I guided his dick into my mouth. Giving head, now that is great...but feeling it go from soft to hard in your mouth, that is incredible! I felt every pulse as the veins throbbed, pumping life back into it. Steve wasted no time in grabbing my head and thrusting into my mouth. I had the base of his shaft in my hand so he didnt choke me, but here I was getting face fucked. I got hard and started jerking off as Steve fucked my face faster and faster. I came again and reached around to grab a handful of Steve's butt. When he came, I took it all, gulping it hungrily, loving the feel of how it shoots out and splashed into my mouth. I drank his whole load.

We rinsed off, toweled dry and wondered back down for a snack and a drink. We started watching the movie again snuggled close, playing with each others balls and cocks. After 2 drinks and about 20 minutes of the sex dvd, we were both getting pretty horny again and steve was growing. He turned off the movie and took my hand, leading me back upstairs...this time to his bedroom.

I will finish the rest soon. Out of time for today.

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