ROTC Friends

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was a regular day of school going on until i got to ROTC class. When i got to ROTC every thing was going on as normal. The cadets were in formation and the Sergeant was calling out role.

After role call, the school announcements were read which usually took about five to ten minutes and then everyone but the company commander and the executive officer for that period went into the classrooms.

The staff was doing its normal duties as usually except for me because i always was ahead in everything i did in rotc while i was on staff. So he was basically me and the company commander and executive officer playing around in the range while everyone else was doing their work.

Brian, the company commander and Greg aka Jersey, the company executive officer and i were playing around doing things boys usually do when their bored. We played on the computers and did others things.

When we were in the computer room, i was about to leave when Jersey smack me on the butt. So when i came back in to the room he was walking out the room and i smacked him on the butt. So he squeezed my butt the next time and said, "Do you like that?" And i just smiled. So he said "So come and get me if u want it" So we started chasing each other around the room trying to catch each other.

Later on, Brian joined us in the act. While chasing each other Jersey let his pants down saying "LOOK AT THIS BOYS" And Brian and i ran over to Jersey sucking on his . Brian and I took our clothes off and we all started sucking each other in a circle. We jerk off and later we all cummed at the same time. We all got dressed just before any one could ever see what we have done and clean up our mess.

I have not seen any of them to this day except Jersey but me and him still talk about that day at school everytime we talk to each other.

To be continued...

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