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(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I sat in the coffee shop in a table facing south with a window to my right side. The sun glared down on my skin as I waited for my coffee cup to be brought. A walked by very fast, wearing a khaki trench coat and leaving a scent of Creed cologne. He sat in at a table to my left and facing north and quickly pulled out the newspaper. My coffee quickly came after he sat down and I quickly noticed I had no sugar. My eyes searched around for a waiter so they could bring me sugar, but everyone seemed to busy. I noticed this man had the sugar container at his table and I decided to ask him for it.

He was older, way older, but didn't seem like it, he had blonde hair swept back naturally and a chiseled jaw with soft skin, his eyes were turquoise blue and his physique was very nice. He removed his trench coat and revealed his very good body with his fitted white button down shirt. I shyly went up and asked him for the sugar and he politely lent it to me. I went back to my table and slowly poured the sugar into my coffee as I simultaneously stared at him. I knew he felt my look on him and he suddenly looked at me and without saying anything he approached me and asked me if I wanted to go to the park across the street.

I was deeply attracted to this man and he was attracted to me. I got my coffee to go and we walked out the shop heading to the park. We sat in a bench and began talking very briefly. He told me he was married and had a wonderful family yet he came on to me by telling me I was very and had a great smile. I told him I was a student, majoring in advertising at the local college. The sexual tension between us was noticeable and very thick you could cut it with a knife. He invited me to his office which was only a few blocks away for another cup of coffee since we both had finished ours. I knew what was bound to happen in his office. As we walked in his warm, spacious office we both sat in his leather couch and kept the conversation going. His sight was locked to mine and he was very close to me, our knees touching, and hands almost overlapping. His head got closer to mine and kissed me.

I remained quiet as he pulled away from my lips with a shy look on his face. I then pulled him towards me again and gave him a kiss. I laid back on the couch as we made out, his body rubbed upon mine and his hands making there way to my crotch. He took off his blazer as I took off my jacket. He immediately unbuttoned my shirt and I his. I could feel he was getting excited by the bulge that was perturbing through his trousers. I placed my hand on it and began rubbing it feeling out his hard . He groaned with each movement my hand made and he unbuttoned my jeans and stuck his hand down my boxers. As we continued making out, I got lost in the lust and excitement I suddenly was laying fully naked on his couch with him on top of me, also naked. Our bodies humped each other as we continued making out and touching each other. I began feeling him making his way up my anus, I groaned loudly and he spit in his hand and lubed my hole.

A few seconds later his cock was fucking my , I moaned out of the pleasure his was giving me. With his left hand he grabbed my and started stroking it to his pace and I was completely loving it. I laid there being fucked by a man a barely even knew, a man I had just met two hours ago in a coffee shop. His cock was and was filling my hole each time he fucked me on his couch. I was lost in utter ecstasy. I suddenly felt a warm sensation shoot up my ass and he let out a loud moan. I quickly cummed after and blew my load all over myself. His lips remained locked with mine as we both reached our climax.

He then kissed my neck and chest as he breathed heavily trying to catch his breath. I sighed out of relief and pleasure and just laid there with my hole full of this man's cum. He got up, gave me a kiss and went over to his desk and handed me a business card and said "It was a pleasure doing business with you"

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