Private Slave : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I woke up in the smell of cum in my face and mouth, master probably jerked in my face before he left for work.
My name is Marcus, 20 years old former cloth shop worker, i'm not ripped but i have abs to brag about.

My current work is a sex slave to Robert, my master, he has a family and discreetly meeting up with me.
I started yesterday, and he fucked me in a ping pong table. And we fucked on the bed two times last night. I am his pussy wife.

I ate the cum on my face,
There are rules in the huge modern condo.

1. Always eat cum whenever where they are.
2.Always be naked at all times.
3.When eating, "pets are not allowed on chairs" there are special chairs for me.
4.Always obey Master

I fix the bed before leaving the bedroom, the bed has lots of cum smell and master Roberts's luxurious manly scent. The condo has no blinds so i was walking around the condo naked with any bird catch me "bare"
I always wear leash that master gave me, it smells cum too.

I opened the master bedroom bathroom, it was huge... White marbles and golden faucets with glass shower and another Jacuzzi with glass floor seeing the city.
I stepped in the shower and scrubbed my body, soaped my arse, my butt cheeks are still red with master's slapping, i moved my hand around it still imagining his manly hands slapping my white plump .
I rinsed my self and the leash lost its cum smell. I looked in the mirror, fixed my dark blonde hair and notice a little cum but i ate it anyways.

I was hungry and grabbed a cereal and milk. I know what the special chair is... Its a metal chair with a huge dildo sticking at the center.
I sat on it, slowly my ass is being destroyed... Again with a huge flesh dildo pounding my ass.
I move up and down moaning and my face and eyes in pain, but master's dick is ten times bigger.

I ate the cereal while humping up and down and get fucked by a metal chair. My dick is standing up and dangled while i hump it in the air, my body moved on its own, faster and faster humping. I spilled the whole cereal in my body and hard dick, i moaned loud "fuck... fuck shit.... I need it...ahhgh" i moaned.

I pinched my nipples with my face facing in the ceiling closed and in pain. It was so good, i grabbed my dick and jerked it off my hump grew faster and faster with a huge flesh unlubed dildo fucking my ass dry!
After 40 minutes of constant jerking and humping i came in the floor and my abs... Guess what i did next... Of course i ate it.

I switched the huge flat screen tv on and there was only 1 channel gay adult channel and all the dvds are all xxx rated from all different publishing house. The computer and tablet are the same... Gay wallpaper and apps with a browser set homepage porn site.
I probably came 7 times before my master got home. The condo was packed with gay decor, with huge golden dildos in glass casing and porn stars on frames.

"Slave! Come at the door" i heard master at the big white French doors, he was kneeling with his dick out in the condo hallway.
I was on fours when i got the door so he was taller than me.
"Yes master?" I purred
"I watched a vampire in work today" he paused

I noticed his big dick dilate
"And in order a vampire enter a house... He needs permission from the owner"
I'm confused.

"You want me to suck the man out of you pussy slave?!" He screamed.
"Yes master" i said
"Suck my rod pussy" he smirked.

I sucked his massive penis that was at least 10 inch, he was still in business suit, and his white hair combed and perfect. He was such an handsome master that made me hard.
"Oh fuck yeah... Deepthroat that bad " he immediately pushed my head in his dick to the base.

I gagged while the whole thing is in my mouth. I removed it and coughed spilling some saliva, he slapped me in the face and told me bad slave.
He became aggressive and pulled my hips and inserted his rock hard dick in my bare ass.
He didn't move, he still kneeled at the door with like a barrier or something, i need to see that movie.

He fucked me so hard i moaned all the way to the elevator.
His groans and moans fueled my power to move by myself.
"Ah fuck... So good pussy...grr..grrn"
"Yes master, please fuck me... Don't stop" i moaned

He picked up the speed and after 10 minutes of constant doggy style.
He picked me up and i faced him while his dick inside him. He fucked me face to face with his blue eyes piercing my body.

His manly scent made me go faster and his dick is destroying my hole, my dick is rubbing against his suit so he spit saliva on it and made me go even faster.
We were moaning like there's no tomorrow so i came and he did the same inside of me with many spilling out even when his dick is still inside.

"Fuck" i said.
"He continued to eye me, "you think were finished slave?" He whispered.
He lift me up and walked leaving the door open and his dick still inside me.

He walked into the bathroom and stepped in the shower, "clean me slave I'm dirty" he let go of me and closed the glass shower.
I sucked his dick again but now im soft, his dick is still hard and sucked his balls.

He removed his coat and threw it int the bathroom. He turned on the shower while i sucked him telling me how dirty he was at work and he needed to clean himself and me.
Water poured in his white sleeves, blue tie, pants and brown leather shoes.
I got up grabbed the soap and scrubbed his whole body in it even while he's wearing clothes.

My one hand is at his dick stroking and my other hand moving around his body with soap, " undress me slave" i unbuttoned his sleeves and removed it, unzipped his pants while we French kiss still my hand doing their job. I left the tie because it smells cum from mine. I soaped his ripped abs and behind.

After rinsing and kissing. He pushed me and turned me around, he fucked me from behind. His bent long dick thrusting deep in me from behind, his manly hands on my mouth finger fucking it so hard. Our moans echoed in the white marble bathroom and the hot water from the shower steaming our bodies to lust. Sweat poured on my face to my neck with a leather leash and to my body. His sweats dripped to his tie to the floor, our gasps and moans were louder than the shower and his suit on the floor covered the water noise.
We fucked in the shower for 30 minutes getting me cleaned for my punishment today.

He removed his dick and i saw it so hard it reached his upper button, he looked at me with his blue eye and pulled my leash to the bedroom, he opened the dresser and ripped open a plastic and wore a tight dark purple bikini bottom. We went to the large balcony, its a cold night and he sat on the seat and said "dance slave"

I was dancing in the cold night and i saw his dick head peeking in the bikini, its so huge i saw it throbbing while he drinks his beer. He whipped me and said to go faster and i surprisingly love the whip in my body leaving a red small mark in my twink white smooth body that was only for him and his 10 inch dick. I showed my hairless ass in front of him and i heard him giggle and whipped and slashed my butt, it was like ecstasy i moaned and moaned louder in the skyline.
I turned around face his he said "eat my brief pussy!"

I smelled the briefs and smelled like strawberry, i ate it and lick it tastes so sweet.
I bite off the part under his balls first, he smelled manly and sweet at the same time, toward up until i made a hole in middle of the edible briefs and his huge dick peeked and slap me in the face.
I licked his manly dry dick, deep throat it and sucked it dripping saliva in the chair. He moaned and i groaned. He continued to whip me while i suck and he removed the briefs and continued sucking. It went on for an hour and my butt cheeks are red but i liked it.
He lift me up and i clanged in the glass fence with my arms on the glass fence facing the city with strong winds blowing my hair.

He was behind me spreading my legs inserting fingers in and out for about half an hour in my gaping hole, he fisted me in the end and i screamed in the city. "You like that slave? Does it hurt bitch? No matter i will do this everyday of your life"
It went on for 10 minutes his whole manly hand inside me moving his fingers and i screamed and moaned and yelled stop but inside me i know i want it more.

He removed his hands and my ass squeezed itself and throb with so lustful pain he licked his hands, then forcefully fucked me.
My ass couldn't take it from all the pain but i loved every second of it, he lift my legs up and literally i have no safety.
My hands on the glass railing and my legs in his hands fucking the shit out of me.

" i knew you were perfect for this job slave your ass is tight even after my fist"
"Thank you master" i moaned " please don't stop"

We fucked for a solid hour, thrusting deep in my tight hole his dick doing its job. He cummed so much inside me his cum flooded in my hole, i licked cum of my own and his on the floor and we slept naked in the bedroom with me on top of him coz i cant properly sit and lay on my back.

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