Piss Turns Me On

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Since I was home schooled until college, it all started in the I lived in at the university I went to. It was an older dorm and the bathroom room had no dividers between the urinals. It started with me just wanting to check out what other guys were packing, but I soon discovered that along with checking out cocks, just watching another take a piss was an incredible turn-on for me. Just watching the way that they held their meat then seeing the flow stream from their piss slits. Some guys spurted out little jets of piss, some long, steady streams.

Some guys thin streams, other guys thick streams. Seeing uncut guys piss, now that gave me a hard-on every time. I was an expert at taking side glances at guys standing next to me at urinals without getting caught. Another thing that gave me instant wood was occasionally catching guys pissing in the showers! I would masturbate almost every night while fantasizing about some dude I had seen that day pissing at the urinals. I don't know why it turned me on- it just did.

My thoughts and fantasies soon turned from seeing guys piss to wondering what it would be like to have a guy piss on me. One weekend when my roommate was out of town and I had the room to myself I got an idea. The floor in the room was linoleum so I figured anything I did I could easily clean up. So, on Saturday afternoon, I started to drink a lot of water. I was determined to hold off pissing as long as I could as I chugged water all afternoon. After about three hours, I was squirming in my chair I had to pee so bad. I just kept drinking. I figure I had to have at least a couple gallons if not more and my bladder was bursting. I couldn't hold it in anymore.

Still fully dressed, I laid down in the middle of the room on the floor, unzipped my pants and pulled out my and just let my piss fly all over my stomach, chest and face. I must have pissed for a minute straight and when I was done my whole upper body was just drenched and I was laying in a puddle of my own piss. I kept my cock out, got hard and jacked off, shooting my load all over my shirt. I got up and continued to drink more water. About an hour later I had to go really bad again- this time I stood in the middle of the room and just peed in my underwear and pants, drenching myself from the waist down.

That night, I got undressed and climbed into bed after pissing all over myself a couple more times and jacking off again. I dozed off pretty quick then woke up around midnight, having to piss real bad again. I decided what the hell and pissed in my bed. The next morning I woke up, cleaned up the floor, and washed my bed sheets and piss-drenched clothes from the day before. Later that afternoon, my roommate returned and not five minutes after he walked in the room he looked at me and said "Why does it smell like piss in here?" I just shrugged and said "I don't know" and that was that. I decided that it was probably not a good idea ever to do that again!

Spring rolled around and one day my roommate comes back from class and tells me that he scored a couple tickets to go see the White Sox home opener. He wanted to know if I wanted to go to the game with him- he told me that if I drove he would pay for everything else- room at a motel included. Chicago was a good four hour drive away. The game was on a Friday evening and we had gotten off to a late start leaving as I had a class I could not miss because of a test. I was driving as fast as I could and of course we hit heavy traffic just outside of Chicago. We're driving along and my roommate suddenly tells me to find a gas station pretty quick because he had to piss like a race horse.

I told him to just grab an empty pop bottle from under the seat and piss in that. so he did. Well, we got to the ball park in the middle of the inning and watched the game- the Sox lost- then we headed off to find a cheap motel. We found one just across the Michigan border is some little town and pulled in and got a room. We were both hungry so I suggested we go pick up a pizza. My roommate didn't feel like coming with me, so I drove down the road to the Little Caesar's and picked it up. When I got back into the car, I glanced toward the back seat and there on the floor I saw that pop bottle my roommate had used - it was full to the brim with dark yellow piss. Hmm... I wonder. I reached back and picked it up then unscrewed the cap and put it to my nose.

It smelled pretty strong. I looked around- no one was watching me- then put the bottle to my lips and chugged down every last drop of his piss. That was the first time I had ever done that. I had never even tasted my own piss before. My cock immediately hardened in my pants- so I pulled them down and jacked off in my car sitting right in the Little Caesar's parking lot.

When I got back to the room, my roommate asked me what took so long. I just lied and told him they got the order wrong and put mushrooms on the pizza. He believed me and then we're sitting there watching TV and eating and he looks over at me and says "What's that on your shirt?" I looked down and there's a blob of my cum about an inch long just next to my armpit. I just wiped it off. Around midnight I heard my roommate get up and go to the bathroom. I heard in him in there pissing, got up and walked in and said I had to piss too. I waited for him to finish then he walked out and got back in bed. He left without flushing the toilet, plus there was piss on the floor next to the toilet and some on the rim. I took my piss, then grabbed a plastic cup sitting on the sink and filled it with the pissed in toilet water, drank it down then I licked his piss off the toilet rim and floor. I went back to bed, waited until i heard him start to snore then I jacked off in bed right next to him.

That summer after school was over I decided that it would be great if I could find another dude as much into piss as myself, so I opened up a profile on Adam for Adam and a couple of days a guy answered. The thing is, the guy was like 78 years old and I was only 19. But I figured what the hell. He actually lived only about a mile away, and he was a widower who lived alone so I figured what the hell. Turned out him and his wife were swingers and used to have sex parties and he was into guys and REALLY into piss play.

He had an old mattress in his basement and we would go down there and spend hours naked with each other drinking beers and water, pissing in each other's mouths and all over each other. He told me about pissing in other guy's asses so we even tried that and a couple of times I even filled his with my piss then had him squirt it back out into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

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