Photo Shoot 3

(Part 1 from 4. Fiction.)

I stood up and hitched my briefs down, kicking them to one side. My cock sprang upwards looking as hard and proud as Daryl's.

Jono grinned over at us from behind his camera, looking from my cock to Daryl's as he mentally compared our organs. He chuckled, "This is one hell of a shoot... you guys are gonna be able to charge pretty much what you like for these photos with dicks like yours..."

I guess we did look pretty impressive: we were both reasonably good looking, both had nicely toned bodies and we both sported well-endowed erections.

Jono snapped a few shots of us grinning at each other as if amused by having hard-ons together. Then he suggested that we ought to pretend to compare our lengths, even though it was quite clear that Daryl's cock was slightly longer than mine.

Daryl turned and bent over the desk, rifling through the stuff on it to find a ruler. Jono gestured for me to stand behind him so that my erection curved upwards towards Daryl's slightly-splayed buttocks.

I said, "I'm supposed to contemplating fucking him again, am I?"

Jono chuckled, taking a few shots of us. "You certainly are..."

Daryl grabbed a ruler and turned back to me, grinning. "Like you ever contemplate anything else, Seb..."

We pretended to measure our dicks and to be surprised that Daryl's was the part of an inch longer than mine.

Then Jono suggested that we compare how thick our cocks were. "Put your forefinger and thumb around your own," he said, "and then reach over and see how your girth compares with each other's..."

We did as he said, exaggerating our actions to make it clear what we were doing to the guys who'd eventually be looking at these, and felt how thick our own cocks were before wrapping our fingers and thumbs around each other's organs.

We stood like that, feeling slightly ridiculous holding one another's cocks, while Jono took two or three shots of us, and then the two of us burst out laughing.

Jono wasn't too amused: "Come on, guys - just a few more in this position. I know it seems a bit bizarre..."

We grabbed each other's cocks again, squeezing one another gently with our fingers and thumbs. Although it felt a bit weird to be holding Daryl's dick and the shaft of his cock was a little more veined than mine is, our erections felt pretty much identical in terms of thickness.

Jono took a few more shots and then Daryl wanked my cock a few times between his forefinger and thumb, making us both laugh again.
Jono asked Daryl to wrap

Jono pulled another roll of spent film from his camera, and, hastily replacing it with a fresh one, called over to Daryl, "Okay, mate, let's see you kneel down in front of Seb and put a tattoo on his cock like he did with you..."

Daryl grinned. "I thought you'd never ask..."

I stood side-on to Jono, so that he could photograph the profile of my swollen cock arching upwards next to Daryl's face.

Daryl chose a tattoo of a pair of thick juicy lips to apply to the stem of my cock.

He looked up at me and smiled. "I suspect these won't be the only lips you get around your knob this afternoon, mate..."

I smiled back, concealing my surprise at how nonchalant Daryl seemed about the prospect of using his mouth on me. "I dare say they won't..."

When Jono had adjusted the level of his camera to get a few close-ups, Daryl started rubbing the tattoo onto my cock with the blunt pencil.

Unlike his, which had started oozing beads of precum almost as soon as the tattoo had touched it, my bell-end remained almost dry. As a rule, my cock doesn't produce a lot of fluid when I'm aroused.

It seemed there was no need for Daryl to clean me up with his mouth as I had him. He seemed disappointed: "Looks like a don't get to lick your lollipop, Seb," he said as he peeled the transfer from my cock.

Jono clicked away, clearly enjoying seeing my cock, with the bell-end engorged and throbbing, poking into Daryl's face.

Then Daryl had an idea: "Actually, your dick looks a bit too dry... the head should be more kind of polished looking... don't you think, Jono?"

Jono shrugged behind his camera. "I guess..."

Daryl grinned up at me. "Yeah... a bit of moisture might help after all..."

Before I could suggest that I'd lick my finger and smear a bit of my own spit around the head of it, Daryl put his lips around my purple head and gently licked it inside his mouth.

I gasped: bolts of pleasure shot through me.

Daryl pulled back and, still grinning, shook his head. "Hmmm... looks like maybe it needs a bit more..."

He put his mouth around my cock head again, sucking it more forcibly this time and sweeping his tongue around my piss-slit.

The sensations of pleasure overwhelmed me; I called out, "Fuck... Daryl... Jesus!"

He pulled back again, almost laughing, and examined my cock closely. "You know... I still think it needs a bit more work..."

Before I could refuse, he quickly engulfed my bell-end with his mouth and then bobbed his head rapidly up and down on the top couple of inches of my cock, sucking firmly. He was, for all intents and purposes, giving my bell-end a blow job.

I gasped and moaned involuntarily. "Aah... aah..."

He pulled back from me, laughing now, and looked at my cock that was now so stiff that it ached. The head of it looked slick and shiny.

Daryl chuckled, "Yeah, that's got it." He turned to Jono, who was looking over the top of his camera, open-mouthed with astonishment.

Daryl said, "You'd better take a few snaps of it, mate, before it goes off the boil..."

Jono did as Daryl suggested, taking half a dozen photos of my almost bursting erection next to Daryl's grinning face.

After Jono had finished, Daryl stood up. His own cock hadn't lost any of its excitement; if anything, the head of it was looking larger and redder.

I managed to mutter, "Jesus, Daryl -"

He shrugged and laughed. "Come on, Seb. I was only returning the favour you did me..."

I said, "I guess... but -"

He patted my shoulder affectionately. "Come on... no worries, mate..."

Jono asked him, "Was that one of the ideas you had, Daryl?"

Daryl didn't seem to understand him. "Ideas?"

"Yeah... you said you had some ideas for the shoot... I just wondered if that was one of them?"

Daryl smiled. "Oh right. No - that was just me repaying Seb for doing the same to my dick..."

"So what were your ideas, then?"

"I dunno... I just thought it might be a bit of laugh if the two of us pretended we were... you know... getting it on together..."

He looked at me and I just smiled.

He went on, "I mean, we're too pissed mates, right...? We've staggered out of some to put tattoos on each other... then we developed hard-ons and neither of us were too freaked out about it..."

I nodded.

"So what I'm suggesting is that we start kind of wrestling or play-fighting or something... just messing around while we're naked. And then... well... what do you think happens next...?"

I chuckled. "Could it be... I dunno... might we end up fucking like a pair of bunnies...?"

Daryl laughed. "Got it in one, mate... or at least, we end up pretending to fuck..."

Jono smiled. "If you guys would be happy with doing that, that'd be great... I mean, I wouldn't have suggested it in case you thought it was step too far..."

Daryl looked over at me. "I'd be okay with it, if you would, Seb..."

I hesitated. "I dunno... are you absolutely sure, Jono, that no-one other than a few old blokes wearing macs are gonna see these photos...?"

Jono nodded. "Absolutely. One hundred percent. And in mind that the price we'll get will be a lot higher if there's a suggestion of actual sex..."

Daryl seemed particularly eager; the money was obviously a major attraction. "Come on, mate... it'll just be like we're messing about..."

I grinned and shrugged. "Okay... in for a penny in for a pound and all that..."

Daryl grinned. "Nice one, mate..."

We decided to act like we were play-fighting, as though we were both trying to smudge the other guys' tattoos. Why we would have spent half an hour carefully putting tattoos on each other only to then try and wipe them off wasn't raised as an issue.

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