Pensioners Fuck Club - Initiation!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had been chatting on-line with an older assertive called Don for quite some time exchanging fantasies back and forward but we had still to meet. One day he observed that I had recurring theme of being restrained and used anonymously by a number of older guys and a wish to swallow huge loads of cum. He ask if this was true and I had to admit that his observation was accurate. He told me if I was up for it he could make it happen. I said that I would to take part in this kind of fun but as we lived miles apart this was highly unlikely. I asked him for details of what he had in mind but the subject changed onto other topics and we continued our on-line exchanges over the next few weeks.

One day he told me that he was coming to a town near to where I lived to visit a friend and he asked if I would be interested in meeting up. We had been chatting for several months by this time and felt that I knew him quite well and could trust him so I quickly agreed to meet. The date was set for four weeks’ time and he insisted that I should not cum for the whole period until we met. I was told to wank for at least an hour every night, imagining one of the fantasies that I had shared with him, and keep wanking right up to the edge but I was not to go over, keeping myself fully primed for the night.

We chatted every night with him reminding me of a different fantasy that we had shared and he told me that when we met he would make a combination of my fantasies cum true. Every night it was harder and harder to stop just before that point of no return, but somehow I managed it. I normally keep my , balls and hair free but on the night before he told me to be extra smooth and cleaned inside and out. He signed out giving me the address of where we were to meet with the instruction to call when I got to the place. It turned out to be only half an hour’s drive from where I live!

I arrived at the agreed time and called as directed. I was told to let myself in through the front door and follow the instructions on the table just inside the front door. With trembling hands I turned the handle and nervously entered a very plush hallway and locked the door behind me. I found the instruction card and which was sitting on a used nylon stocking. I pulled the dark stocking over my head to protect my identity as instructed and entered the first room on my left. This room was very warm and also very plush and I found the next set of instructions sitting on top of a box. Shivering with fear, anxiety and excitement I followed the instructions to the letter, quickly emptying the box, I replaced the contents with my shoes and clothing, then donned the contents which comprised hold-up stockings; a basque; and heels. I could hardly manage the fasteners on the basque because my hands were trembling that much but eventually I got there but It was no surprise that I had the hardest erection of my life.

At that point Don entered the room and told me in the same commanding voice that I had become accustomed to from our numerous chats that I looked fabulous but I could only stare at him as he was wearing a Leather half face mask that covered the top half of his head and face so that he could not be identified. He also wore a long black cloak that suddenly opened as he approached revealing a very impressive fully erect cock, sporting a cock ring that pushed his shaved cock and balls into further prominence. He also wore the same matching hold-up stockings and heels that I had on.

He led me over to a very sturdy massage table and helped me up onto it telling me that he had been looking forward to this meeting for a very, very, long time as he had not cum for the past four weeks just as he had instructed me. He quizzed me until he has satisfied that I had kept my promise too. When I was lying flat on the massage table he took my wrists and ankles and secured them loosely to the sides of the table using soft cords that were fixed to the table. I still had quite a bit of movement but I was secure and could not get up.

Stretched out and tied to a table with the anticipation of being used for some very dirty sex, I could feel my cock throbbing up against my belly. He told me that he had something very special lined up or me and although I was helpless and everything was disturbing I was very; very turned on and excited. I gasped as He took my cock and wanked me, quickly bringing me right to the edge then he stopped abruptly saying – Later - - - - Later! He left me throbbing and frustrated as he crossed the room and opened the door!

I heard footsteps, the sound of several feet coming towards me and whilst I looked all round I could not see who was there. As, the excitement and anxiety overwhelmed me, I was absolutely wild looking to see who was there. Then several figures moved into my line of sight on either side of me. I could discern the figures were all dressed in exactly the same way as Don.

What happened next startled me with anxiety! The figures wearing the long black cloaks, suddenly opened their cloaks revealing that they all had fully erect cocks. They all took hold of their cocks, slowly wanking themselves and then Don Spoke:
“We understand and know that you are a slut desperate for the taste of cum”.
*** When I tried to respond, my voice quivered: “yyyyyyYES, I do . . . . I am”.
“You have been chosen for a very special initiation ritual. This is the ceremony where you will satisfy your desire for warm sperm. Brothers, now join me”, Don said in a raised voice.

My Lord, what were they going to do with me? I felt dizzy with anxiety, I counted about 8 men in total around me! 8 men – 4 on each side – 8 cocks - 8 bulging horny COCKS ! While I was staring at them, anticipating thing to happen, they all pointed their fat hard cocks to me. Sizes varied, some; were very fat and would be a struggle to even fit my mouth, and some were long and thin and one was simply massive. However, all men were well equipped. They were all senior citizens; around 65 years old plus but they were to a man fit, tanned and in very good condition for their ages. To maintain their full erections, each figure began to stroke, massage, and rub their hard cocks harder and faster

Don then spoke again:
“Each of our Pensioners Fuck-Club members has been carefully selected for you. Each member is capable of producing a huge load of cum. In this club we have been improving our load capability; for the past 4 weeks to maximize the volume of cum released! All this time we have been abstaining from sex except we have been masturbating only; just like you. This is for you to get massive loads of semen.

"You, You Dirty Cum SLUT, will receive the biggest helping of your life from our huge cum explosions.”

When I looked around me at all those numerous pulsing cocks, I could feel the juice dripping from the tip of my cock pooling on my stomach. One of the guys pressed against my lips to open my mouth and forced a finger into my mouth tearing a hole in the stocking mask, then another of the guys rubbed his fingers in the pool of cum on my belly and then smeared it all over my lips, up my nose and in my mouth so that I was overcome with the taste and scent of cum.

Moving closer to the table they began to rub their warm rigid dribbling cocks over my face, chest, stomach, and stockinged legs. Warm cock ravaged my entire body. I then had a cock in either hand which I pleasured within the limits of my bounds, as they massaged me with their hands and cocks.

They adjusted the table so that the head rest was tilted backwards causing my head to tilt backwards too. Then my ankle restraints were released and fixed to ropes dangling from the roof that I had not seen up to that point. My legs were raised and spread till my ass was off of the table then the bottom half of the table was removed leaving my ass exposed and vulnerable.

Firstly a long thin cock was fed slowly into my mouth going back and forward slowly edging deeper and deeper, each of my hands were massaging a cock one on either side of me then I felt a hand slowly massaging my cock with long slow strokes going very, very slowly keeping me on edge all the time. Then I felt hands spread my ass cheeks and a tongue enter my ass as and teeth and lips nibbled at my nipples. I was overwhelmed with sensations ready to explode but never quite getting there.

The tongue in my ass had me slippery and gasping, going deeper and deeper, then it was replaced with a finger . . . . . then two. This was done so slowly that it felt very comfortable throughout, although I felt very stretched when the third finger made its way past my sphincter but the rubbing of my prostate was overwhelming. When the first cock slid in to my slippery ass, another pushed past my lips, going deeply into my mouth and throat until I was gagging. I was also stroking two very long and thick shafts with my free hands, while the remaining cocks rubbed across my entire body. I had my ass and mouth fucked while giving hand job to another 2 rods. Soon they changes places and now 2 other lucky men were fucking me. Thus they all took turns in banging me. I was feeling like some dirty slut getting severely fucked!

The taste of pre cum filled my mouth. I could feel the warm clear liquid begin to build up in their balls. My hungry body was aching for their shots! The explosion of semen was supposed to be very massive, because each cock could no longer contain its warm sticky fluid!

On a signal from Don they all stopped except for the incredibly slow wanking of my cock . . . . Then the guy with the biggest cock pressed against my ass hole as the others gathered around my head rapidly wanking their cocks. As the huge cock increased the pressure and slowly eased into my ass another pushed into my mouth rapidly fucking my face. I was told to keep my mouth open and stick my tongue out as they started to shoot cum, it was absolutely amazing. The first guy pumped his cock and when he came, he was just holding his cock at the base letting his cum flow out freely. Opening my mouth to taste his warm cream, jet after jet of his hot sperm leapt onto my face. Oh, God, there was so much cum! I couldn’t believe how much cum came out from only one cock! It seemed he wouldn’t ever stop releasing his thick sticky juice!

One after the other they stepped closer to my face and drained their balls. Each ejaculation gave way to another one, bigger and much more massive! Each cloaked man seemed to release at least 6 to 10 spurts of cum! Heavy cream filled my mouth; trickled down throat and was covering my entire face. Some drops fell on my eyes and my mouth had no free space from cum! My face was drenched with warm sperm and I was spluttering and gulping it down to stop myself from choking. It dangled from my chin, it filled my mouth, was up my nose and it seeped into my hair through the stockinged mask. I was completely coated and it tasted really so good! I could taste each man’s cum and I should note each cum shot tasted different.

As a conclusion to the proceedings the huge guy in my ass pulled out, pulled off his condom and fed me his cock as the others pulled my legs up and over my head until my cock was pointing at my face. I was wanked very rapidly as other free fingers massaged my prostate. The guy in my mouth fucked my mouth slowly and deeply causing me to choke as an anonymous hand brought me closer and closer to cumming. Suddenly the guy in my mouth exploded cutting off my air supply and I came just as I was about to pass out from the lack of air. I exploded all over the guy who was fucking my mouth coating both him and myself with the most powerful orgasm in my life. After that all the guys left and Don slowly released me.

After I had gotten my breath back I was asked if I wanted to come back next week for some more fun . . . . . WELL, that is another story!

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