Passing the class

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was the first day of my senior year and I had just gotten my schedule. I looked down at my first class. It was statistics with Mr. Thompson, then I noticed that I had Mr. Thompson again later that day for Health (which I had failed) and then again for AP Biology. “Damn it” I thought “I hope he’s at least cute.

I was about 5’ 10” with short blonde hair fairly chiseled body, due to the fact that I danced like hell, this also made my butt nice and perky ^.^ I was a “Horny as Hell” 18 year that had just come out of the closet. I REALLY needed to get some.

I walked to the room and took a deep breath; this would be my first day in the school year where everyone knows I’m gay. I walked into the room, as everyone fell silent and stared at me. I blushed, “I might as well get used to it” I thought as I hurriedly walked to one of the seats in the back row. I kept my head down, hoping I wouldn’t catch anyone’s eye as the bell rang. I looked up, at the front of the room was a man, well he wasn’t a man, he was a god! He had short brown hair, sharp jaw line, glasses, and natural blue eyes. He was wearing a white button-up shirt which was tucked in and slacks. Even through the shirt you could tell he was muscley as hell! Needless to say my little man went to full attention.

He called role, with his soft rumbley voice, when he got to my name my cock throbbed and my heart skipped a beat “here” I said a little too loudly. A few people around me giggled. He smiled, he had perfect teeth. Well the class went by for most of the year and I didn’t learn much. I was to busy studying the teacher to learn much about the subject! Almost every night I’d come home and pound my meat thinking of him plowing my with a huge rod.

Then it got close to report card time and one day after math Mr. Thompson stopped me as I was getting ready to leave.

“Tom” he said, my legs wobbled, “come here for a second, he beckoned to me to come towards him. I did, almost in a daze. “I’m worried about your grade in this class and my other classes” I nodded; I knew I wasn’t doing well, and hadn’t been for some time. “Well what should we do about this then?” he asked.
“Well” I said, my voice still shaking a little “you could just give me an A” he laughed a deep rich laugh.

I smiled, “you’re a jokester, huh? Well I would love to just give you an A, ‘because frankly it would be easier on you and me, but I think we both know that you are going to have to put some work into it.”
“What kind of work?” I said tentatively, knowing full-well that it would be some extra credit packet or something else like that.
“Well I was thinking you could come in at lunch and do some extra credit a couple of days, how about that?” I paused for a second. Give up my lunch? This man must be crazy.
“Umm, Could I come in any other time?” Hoping he would just forget about the whole thing completely and I could save my lunch.
“Nope” he said with a little chuckle “in fact I’m going to require you to come in today at lunch, or I will call your parents!”
“Shit!” I thought trapped “fine” I sighed “I’ll be here at lunch”
“Good!” He said with a satisfied smile, as I marched from the room half-heartedly dreading the lunch session later that day.


I walked in as the lunch bell rang, and the class picked up and left. I looked around as the last person left the room and shut the door.

“Well come on” he said happily “sit up here in the front row.” I looked at him then began to walk as slowly as I could, without making him mad, up to the front.
“So what do I have to do?” I said, already dreading the answer.
“Just watch a couple clips from some movies and then answer some questions.”
“Not to bad.” I thought as he got up and popped in a . I glanced at his butt in those tight Dockers. “Could be a lot worse” I thought with a smile.

The first two movies were boring, just people brainwashing kids to not try drugs, and don’t have sex, and don’t drink. Blah, blah, blah. Then as the second movie ended he popped in a third, I groaned. He paid no attention to me, and just sat down and stared at me as the movie started up. Only this time it wasn’t some old woman preaching about abstinence, no, it was a porn . Not just ANY porn it was , with lots of hot guys humping and grinding all over. I must have gasped in surprise, because he quickly shut the T.V. off and said “I’m sorry, it’s just I heard that you were out, and I was just….” But he didn’t finish, I had already gotten up out of my seat and started walking towards the door. “Wait!” he called. I kept walking, what did he think I was a cheap little whore?

“Well, yes I want him, but this is just wrong!” I thought.
“Please stop” he said softly. I stopped with my hand reached towards the door handle. I looked back to him; he was just standing there like a little boy, who just had his candy taken away. He looked so sad, I thought he might cry.
“What?” I asked, my voice breaking a little.
“Well, it’s just……I thought.” He began “I mean you’re staring at me all the time during class and all and it’s just….” He looked down and I blushed.
“Was it really that obvious?” I thought to myself “well yes I do stare at you all of the time” I told him, he looked up a little surprised. “Did I just say that?” I thought, but my mouth kept moving. “I really do want you a lot, it’s just this is a little forward….”
“Oh!” He said perking up right away “okay we’ll take it slower!”

Then something came over me, I don’t know what to this very day, but I began to run. Not away from him like before but to him, I ran to him and kissed him hard.
“I don’t know what’s come over me” I said breaking the kiss “but I do believe I am falling for you Mr. Thompson.” He smiled at me and kissed me again deeply and passionately. “So what did you have in mind for this little of ours?” I looked around the room for any signs of planning.
“Well I don’t know” He said puzzled “I didn’t really think past this part.”
“I have an idea” I said, feeling a little mischievous “why don’t you strip for me? Then if I like it we can go further.”

“Okay!” He said brightly as he began to unbutton his shirt, while swaying his hips to an invisible song. He un-tucked his shirt and threw it off. Now all he had on was a wife-beater and his slacks, he never wore shoes. He un-did his belt, which made the muscles on his chest stretch and contract. That made my cock jump, real fast. He pulled off his belt and smacked it up in-between my legs. It hurt a little bit, but the pleasure over shadowed that by a lot. By this time I couldn’t take it anymore, I rushed over to him and jerked down his pants. He wore silk boxers, with a large tent poking out from it. He gasped, as I licked down his chest to the silk cloth and inhaled the most intoxicating aroma I have ever experienced. It made you feel all energized and awake. I looked up at him, he looked at me.


“Is this your first time?” I nodded. “Well, well, well….a virgin!” He smiled “I think we’re going to have to fix that!”
I quivered with excitement. “Really?” I gasped

“Yes” he replied as he forcefully grabbed my head and put it back on his bulge. I hungrily lick and sucked on it more. He moaned and groaned and rubbed my hair. I really loved him and wanted to please in every way possible. Finally he pulled my eager head up and tucked his thumb underneath the elastic band of his underwear. He slowly pulled them down teasing me. There in full view was my teacher’s beautiful 9 inch cock. The gods themselves must envy this man. I quickly jumped on it, licking it and tasting a real man for the first time in my life. I was I heaven, and apparently so was he. He was breathing really heavily and fast, I looked up to see his head back and his eyes closed. I continued my work on pleasing this god of men. I tried to swallow his cock but choked about half way down.

“It’s alright, just take it slow” he assured me. So I tried again slower this time, and I got to about 7 inches, before I choked again, so I just pulled back a little and wait for a few seconds then started back down. I was amazed to get the entire 9 inches down my throat. I wasn’t even choking or anything it just felt really tight in my throat. His cock was throbbing in my mouth, so I decided to give him a treat. I reached for his balls and squeezed them a little, his cock jumped. I squeezed them again, but harder. His penis jumped again hitting the back of my throat.

I then trailed my finger down the little valley in between your balls and your asshole, which made him shiver. I reached the glory hole and traced it with my finger pushing a little on it. At this point I was still bobbing up and down on his cock, but when I began pushing on his puckered hole, his balls shot straight up, and his cock gave two great throbs, before liquid hot sperm came rushing into my waiting mouth, there was so much of it I had to pull off to breath, he was still shooting so it shot me in the face, on the cheek. I swallowed the man spunk. It was the thing I had ever tasted. So sweet yet salty and slimy, and it smelled like man. I was in heaven to say the least. Though at the same time I was scared to think what was going to happen next.

At that point in my life, when ever I came I lost all energy and did not want to do anything else, but apparently my teacher, was not like me. I swallowed the rest of his cum and stood up to meet his face. He leaned over and licked his spunk off my face. I loved it.
“So are you ready for the main event?” he asked.
“Huh?” I said bewildered that his cock was still so hard.

He said nothing but turned me around and leaned me over; I knew then what he wanted.

He pressed his face into my crack and breathed onto my hole. It made me shiver. He slowly started to probe my quivering hole with his tongue reaching places no one else had before. I became intoxicated with the smell of and the feeling of his tongue digging into my hole, after a few minutes he stuck his finger up. This was nothing, since I had done that many times before, so he stuck in two, then three, then four. Finally he leaned over me and said “Here we go.”

I felt a searing pain in my ass as he quickly jammed his cock in. I screamed, he held me tight and covered my mouth, holding my squirming body in his strong arms. Quietly whispering in my ear “it’s okay, it’s okay” after five minutes or so I began to relax to the behemoth that was inside me. He felt this and began pulsating his hips, slowly moving more and more. I moaned, which he took as a signal to FUCK ME. He threw me onto the desk, and pounded my ass like there was no tomorrow, saying things like “Fuck yea” and “take my cock bitch” and “yea you like that don’t ya?” he was also me and all of this was EXACTLY what I wanted. He pounded my ass for like 7 minutes until he pushed in as far as he could, took a deep shuddering breath, and came up in my ass. Torrents of spunk flooded my ass canals. Warming my insides, washing away the virgin kid I once was.

He rested on my back for a while as we caught our breaths, and then he pulled out with a little “slop” and turned me around. By that time I had realized that my asshole had been bleeding from his forceful penetration. I sighed happily, and kissed him. My rock hard cock brushed against his balls. “Oh, time for the grand finale” he sat down and gave me a blow job. My first one ever. I blew my load after like 1 minute of his mouth working over my little man. It was the happiest moment of my life. Needless to say I got an A in everyone of his classes for the entire year.

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