Parking Lot - Part Five - Fire All Torpedoes

(Part 1 from 5. Fiction.)

Part Five - Fire All Torpedoes

Mondays usually were lightweight for me and the ramp guys. Today was no exception, with only five railcars to off load and three to load. During my morning break in our building, I wrote down my address and phone number on a small piece of scrap paper. Then, I caught Tolsen driving down one of the rows in a new Acura he was taking to the staging area.

He rolled down the window and frowned, “What the hell do you want?” Then he cracked a miniscule smile, just to let me know he was staying in character for anyone who might be around. I had made sure there wasn’t.

“Don’t mess up that new leather with your greasy butt, Jack.”

“Fuck those rich bastards. They deserve to sit in my sweat.”

I handed him the paper. “Call me when you get your last load out of here. We should be done on the ramp in about two hours.”

He took the paper and rolled up the window, tucking my info in his shirt pocket. We finished loading our three railcars and I was home by around 3 pm, where I saw a familiar car in the apartment complex lot.

Gary got out when he saw me pull into my spot. “Are you up?”

“I don’t know, let me look.” Looking to my crotch, I answered, “Not yet. How about you?”

“I’m still holding it.”

“Follow me.”

Along the way, I told him I’d given Jack my phone and address, so he could come over some time and get better acquainted. Gary pretended to be hurt.

“How come he’s got your number and I don’t?”

We had just reached the second floor and, as I unlocked my door, I played along with him.

“Hell, you ain’t nobody. Why should I give my phone number to you?”

“Oh, I see. You just take whoever comes along. I’m old news now.”

Once inside with the door closed, I unbuttoned his shirt and explained, as I got a hand rubbing into that chest hair.

“I’ll give you my number, darlin’. We’ve just been too busy lately. You won’t be old news until tomorrow.”

“Hurt my feelings, will ya?”

I let go of his fur and wrote the number down. “I didn’t know you were the sensitive type. Here, don’t lose this, ‘cause I only give it out once.”

He took it from me, unzipped his pants and stuffed the paper inside. “There, now I’ll remember where I put it.”

“Let me get showered, then we’ll see what else will fit in there.”

“Why don’t we just take a bath?”

“Aren’t you cleaned up yet?

“Yeah. I showered about an hour ago.”

“Why you pervert -- wanting to rape me in my own bathtub.”

He stood there with a smile, hands on hips and belly hanging out.

“No, really. I’m funky. Let me shower, then I’ll run some bath water.” I gave him a poke in the belly button.

“Oh, please sir. Don’t beat me. I’ll be good.”

“Don’t make fun of poor old Jack, he can’t help it. I think we freaked his shit out.”

“Yeah. Well, it’s my turn now.”

“I’m gonna shower now, you heartless S.O.B.”

“Ok, I’ll wait.”

I got cleaned up and dried, then rinsed out the tub and started running a hot bath. Still nude, I headed for my bedroom to get some undershorts, where I found Gary stretched out on my bed, also stripped.

“Nice bed. Queen?”


I grabbed a pair of shorts to put on, but was interrupted. “What do you need those for?”

“I thought I’d get us a couple of beers in the kitchen.”

“I don’t want one. Go ahead, if you want. Where’d you get this mirror?”

“Same place I got the bed.”

When I bought the bed, I’d also purchased a mirror to go with it. Mounted on the wall to the right and two feet away from the edge of the mattress, the heavy glass ran the full length of the bed. The bottom was even with the mattress and the top four feet above that.

“I hired two guys to put it up properly. Had a good time watching them mount it, too. They both knew what it was for, but with two of them here, they were afraid to admit that they wanted to get their dicks sucked. If either of them had been alone, they’d have been easy targets. It was a kick watching them squirm.”

“You should’ve done ‘em both. What about this header?”

I had also purchased a brass railing, which separated the head of the mattress from the wall. With two posts at each end, 10 rails ran parallel in evenly spaced increments, giving a fellow multiple choices of where to latch on with hands and pose in a bondage position.

“Got ‘em all at once. Those two guys weren’t worth messing with by the way, unlike other people I know. I’ll be right back.”

I went to the kitchen and got a cold drink of water from the fridge, when the phone rang.

“Is Kenny there?”

“This is Kenny. Hi, Jack.”

“You told me to call when I finished up.”

“Yeah. Let’s set up a time this week to get together over here.”

“Will Gary be there?”

“No. Just you and me. Do you know how to find these apartments?”

“Yeah, I know that street. Why do you want me to come over?”

I wondered if he was just pretending to be stupid or if it was for real. “Hell, I don’t know. I guess I kinda like you.”

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