Prisoner C0C5UK3R 69 - Part 3

(Part 1 from 4. Fiction.)

As cuntboys moans echoed around the night quiet of the wing Mr Carter eased open the door to ‘The Pricks’ cell, stepping inside he was delighted by the sight that greeted him.
The large hairy body of Len, ‘The Prick’ was partly covered by the young hairless body of pussyboy, even better Len’s huge thick cock was positioned directly over the slightly parted fuckchute of the youth. Carter could clearly see the soft pink of the opening hole. ‘Len was really working this one fast’ he thought. He walked into the cell leaving the door open, behind him cuntboys moans could be heard gently echoing in an ever-increasing crescendo; the boy was closing in on his climax.

“Hi Len,” Carter spoke pleasantly and as he reached over to caress pussyboys sweat sheened back he added, “hello pussyboy.”
Len gave him a two-fingered salute back and pussyboy stared up slightly vacantly at the warder. Dimly he recalled who the man was. But such was the sexual plateau he was on that he made no other move or acknowledgement.
“I see the boy’s responding to his training,” smiled Carter.

Len shrugged, “ He’s so so. I’ve had better. He’s still got a long way to go.”
Cuntboys moans now reached to a howl and at this Len threw of pussyboy who fell to the floor and dazed looked up as both men left the cell. Gingerly he picked himself up and followed them as far as the door. As he got to the doorway his training kicked in. He coughed gently, now unsure as to how to attract Len’s attention. Both men turned to look at him.

“May I,” he stuttered softly and added, “should I leave the cell master?” he asked uncertainly.
Len gave him a cold look and snarled back at the youth, “On your knees pussyboy, get on your knees.”
Obediently far more obediently than for either of his parents the boy sank to his knees and crawled to the landing edge.
“Stand up,” snarled Len, “and look down and learn.”
Pussyboy did as he was told.

Down below on the ground floor he could clearly see cuntboy laid out on the sheet covered dining table. Standing either side of cuntboys head were two naked warders whose joint cocks were thrusting in and out of the boys mouth. At the other end of the table cuntboys legs were being held up and apart by another warder who was thrusting deep and hard into the boys hot hole. As they watched cuntboy spasmed and he howled as his cock spurted his boyjuice over his pulsing stomach. Pussyboy watched in awe as the boys body was heavily abused.

The thrusting warder suddenly threw the boys legs down and grabbed the youth by his spermwet waist and ground his climax into the pulsing youth, the boy locking his freed legs behind the firing warder broad back. Abruptly the man withdrew, thrusting the boys legs aside. Immediately the warder to cuntboys left removed his cock from the boys sucking mouth and plunged it into the throbbing spermdripping hole and began fucking the boy with hard fast thrusts.
“How many on tonight?” asked Len, his thick cock poking through the railing and dripping a thin stream of pre-cum down on the action below.
“The usual thirty,” replied Carter, “a full complement tonight, word must have got around. Even Big Bertha's in tonight.”
“Good,” smiled Len, “that means the fucker will get a good forty loads inside him, that’ll teach him to keep his lips to himself in future,” and turning towards pussyboy he grabbed the boy by the head and bent him down low over the railings, catching the boys thickening cock between his stomach and the metal rail, causing pussyboy to wince with the unexpected pain, “you getting a good look pussyboy,” he said, “cos someday that’s going to be you down there,” and he cackled evilly.

Pussyboy almost unable to see from his pain tear-filled eyes now found himself pushed to his knees and the slimy throbbing cock of his master was thrust into his bruised mouth.
“Clean it pussyboy,” came the soft order.
Carter watched as the boy carefully licked the leaking essence of the mammoth tool.

“I can’t believe how quickly you got him to suck cock,” Carter said in admiration.
Len snorted derisively, “Cocksucking is easy, they all want to see if they can take it. Now fucking him,” at this point pussyboy trembled which luckily added to Lens excitement, “yeah fucking him now that’s going to take some time, but I’ve felt his hole he’ll be tight. He’s also got lovely childbearing hips and he’s going to enjoy delivering this baby.” Again he chuckled throatily and grabbing pussyboys head pushed his cock almost past pussyboys gagging point for the first time.
Pussyboy tensed, his gag reflex taking over as he tried to eject the hard object inside his mouth but Len held him in grip of iron and as the boy relaxed into submission, Len began to slide the huge dickhead into the first part of pussyboys throat.

“Breathe through your nose boy,” he ordered as pussyboy began to panic and his tightening grasp around pussyboys neck reminded the boy of his earlier experience of being stifled. Submissively the survival part of his brain took over and despite the huge expanding impediment in his throat, pussyboy found he could breathe gently through his nose.

Relentlessly Len pushed in and down slowly. Inexorably the of fuckmeat slipped inside the boy until at last pussyboys lips came into direct contact with Lens groin. Every one of the eleven inches was now inside the boy and pussyboy knelt astounded at his masters feet, filled with his masters godhead. Len paused so the boy could get used to sensation.

Pussyboy breathed softly conscious of the living being that had invaded his gullet, he felt stretched and uncomfortable. He looked up at the man mountain of flesh before him wondering what was going to happen now. He could not believe that in so short a time he had become nothing but a sperm depository, his past youthful life an aeon away. As he looked up at Len, totally demoralised and subjugated a part of his mind was wondering how it would actually feel when the tube of flesh currently inside his mouth was pushed inside him down there. As the thought crossed his mind he flinched.

Len felt the twitch and smiled, he knew what was going though the boys mind.
“Brace yourself against my legs,” he whispered and began to ease his cock back ready to start thrusting. Pussyboy’s opened wide with fright as the tube began to move and this sign of terror caused to Lens cock to throb with heightened sensation. 

Len breathed with tensed emotions, this was what he was looking for, the knowledge that his victim knew he was at his mercy and Len never gave no quarter. With pussyboys trembling hands locked against his thighs he began to thrust deep throated inside the boy.

“God your so tight, almost tight,” he said knowing that the thought would produce an extra tremor to pleasure his rocking cock. Pussyboy inadvertently twitched as Len spoke and found himself swallowing the huge weapon down further.

Carter watched with wonder. He had seen Len in action before and knew the power of the man but this was something else. Unconsciously he began to caress his own hard throbbing cock under his dressing gown as Len fucked the boys throat.

Down below cuntboy had a clear view of pussyboys throat deflowering and as he watched the unfolding scene above he sucked even harder at the two new cocks that were slicked inside his mouth. Again he recalled the first time he had deep-throated Lens gigantic flesh and he envied the boy above him. He sucked the two cocks deep inside his mouth trying to emulate the sensation of deep thoating that huge cock and as a nerve was touched found his own cock spitting again much too soon. Engrossed in his beloved memory he was totally unaware that the warder who was fucking him had unloaded inside his sperm filled fuckchute. Cuntboy wasn’t counting the fucks, he knew from past experience that it would only make the ordeal last longer in his brain. Len had trained him well and he knew he would get through this nightfuck, after all it wasn’t his first train pull. Cuntboy lay back and tried to take some enjoyment from his precarious situation, he knew some of the warders would be gentle, it was going to be the hard fuckers that would cause the pain.

Len took up a steady rhythm occasionally bringing his hand around to caress pussyboys throat where he could feel his cock though the swollen neck; he loved the feeling as he masturbated himself though the boys skin.
“Shall we go inside?” broke in Carter, “I’d like to help in the boys training.”
Len looked sharply at the warder and grinned, showing his yellowing teeth in a knowing leering smile. Abruptly he pulled his cock free of its confining sheath and stepped back into the cell. Pussyboy shocked by the sudden withdrawal lay collapsed upon the landing, gasping as his normal breathing pattern established itself. He coughed gently causing a spurt of Lens pre-cum to fall back into his mouth. He held it there and then without thought swallowed the fluid back down.
Mr Carter pulled him up to his knees and knelt down to the boys level. Still unfocused pussyboys eyes looked vaguely back at him. Satisfied the boy was all right he spoke softly.

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