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Posted by Joe (email: Morb)
That was so awesome! And to think other superficial teen bullcrap stories get a high rating... You took me away from reality and emersed me into your fantasy. It was great. You really paid attention to detail and explaining things for the perceptive reader. The notion of 'father and son' was a great addition to the prison context and was quite funny at times. Cheers buddy on your great story telling!!
Posted by Gary (email: gtm9)
Great story, great writing...
Love the straight guy conquest stories the most, write a few myself, but love your twist of the straight guy being taken by another straight guy.
Thought a few pages back that you were going to pull it around for Sike and Jack to find out that they were biological father and son. Had that thought crossed your mind?
Anyway, loved it, maybe I'll submit a few of mine here...thanks for a couple of good boners..Gary
Posted by eddie (email: edd)
thanks for the great story... Don't know what to say, other than wow... i've started reading some the stories throughout this site and came across yours and was mind blown. I will agree with Joe, the detail in your writing really took me on a journey. I couldn't stop reading your article. It is a shame that it isn't complete, would love to read the ending. If you've got more stories like this please do post. Will keep an eye out for them. Cheers
Posted by Martin (email: emen)
Excellent story, fucking horny
Posted by Bob Davis (email: reda)
A BIG DITTO to all of the above comments. Besides the "Sex on Fire" scenes, which fulfilled some of my fantasies, your character development really fleshed the dad and son out superbly. The only disappointment was not having more to read. You left us hanging with so many direction possibilities: 1) Phil's promise to Jack of some gangbang action. 2) the beginning of Jack and Sikes'true love for each other. 3) their continued relationship after they left the slammer 4) a possible triangle with Harry, Sikes, & Jack. DON'T STOP NOW! Loved it all.
Posted by Peter (email: P)
I agree, this is the best story ive read in a very long time.

Whens the next part coming out? Got me in suspense now!

Cant wait to
Posted by Jay sumerville (email: vaul)
Omfg... I think I just chummed about 8 times when reading it. Great work. I love how Sike is sooo over powering and how innocent the son is. Ohhhh ot was too good. All I could think of is the first tome my dad fuck me and how much I chummed then. I would love to see a video of that so I could really see what it is like!!! Just for tue record I am 19 still living with my mum and dad and while iam sitting here in my dads briefs jizzin all over the place they are down the stairs having dinner. So thnk you very much for such an aammaazziinnggg read!!!xxxx33 BRAW!!!
Posted by brooks (email: broo)
fucking hot story man,,,,how true is it? smile
Posted by shawn (email: wolf)
amazing story!
Posted by Joanna (email: joa)
Fantastic! Not just good for getting off (although it certainly did the trick), also filled with emotion and beautiful metaphor. Excellent writing!
Posted by John (email: john)
Wow,what a masterpiece. I enjoyed that three times, more in the future.
Posted by Ken Murphy (email: murp)
Mark - This story is amazing. I can't think of anything I would have added or subtracted. You should do a story about a college guy, a wrestler, who finds a freshman that made the team. He slowly but relentlessly pursues him in a loving, intense manner. He's wealthy, and bestows gifts, while guiding the confused kid to become his lover.
Posted by kk (email: kosk)
amazing.. can anybody tell where is next part when they ouy off prison...
i request writter on mail and even can't get return... somebody help
Posted by Sarah post (email: Hell)
Posted by raytulloh (email: rayt)
Your stories super ceed all other stories. 'So full of pure animal lust..and pure excitement. I think we all lust to have our dreams fulilled. You do that with your great human details and pure animalc sex...I wish I had been Jack...but in a real world..Dominated by a big cock fucker ...Dream on thanks again your servant Ray
Posted by Petr-Johan (email: pjst)
Secretly, Sike is the father every man wants at a certain age. Doesn't matter your sexual orientation, but to find a man in whom you can place your trust is beyond important. What he's teaching him will only expand and they'll be a double pair of shot callers. When they get out...Some neighborhood will be terrorized then found they're also protected by the man and his man/boy. Jack will grow up and, one day, Sike will let him find out what and where control emanates. Great story, best sort of father and son, two males, two studs, two men right in synch. Hope there's a sequel.
Posted by Tom (email: toml)
I've cum so many times reading this....incredibly powerful stuff
Posted by IsabelleFoster (email: Isab)
Great story with great characters and really hot sex. Well done. Now i go here bit. ly/ivanovoivanovo.ru and hookup someone))))
Posted by Dare Jackson (email: Camb)
Wonderful story. Great writing. Mostly happy ending. Feel good ending. Read the either series over 3 days. Shot 5 times.
Posted by Ashke (email: ashk)
This was a damn good story. I would like a continuation of it because it's too good to leave it lime this. They now love each other and we both know people in love seal it with a kiss. And being in their situation, a kiss would mean more than anything.
Posted by EvansJ (email: new_)
Every gay guy knows the only thing better than sex is sex drama! Ok so maybe nothingz better than sex (I don't know ) but you sure know how to blend sensual sex and fast pace drama! I love it.� Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit.ly/homotinder
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