Pig Story

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'm a very submissive person, and enjoy being used as a slave. I had been watching a web site on BDSM, where visiting men were used as slaves on the farm of the Master. The men would be stripped, collard, and taken to the barn, where they were shaved and made ready for use by the Master and his alpha slave. The slaves would be put through and ball torture, then have their tits and worked over. Any number of devices would be used, weights on cock and balls, as well as on their tits. Their ass would be beaten by whips, canes, paddles, and straps. There are different types of stretching devices, and crosses for delivering pain. The Master has electrical devices for use on different parts of a slaves body.

I joined the web site, with plans of visiting the farm to experience the things I was observing. I chatted with the alpha slave, on line, to acquainted and learn more about the farm and what I could expect while there,since I was a novice. The alpha slave and I became very good friends through our correspondence, and I was really looking forward to being under his control. The Master would turn the visiting slaves over to his alpha, to be broken in, used and put to work on the farm. At this time I was still a virgin even though I was in my sixties. The alpha slave was only a couple of years older, but I had come to admire him as a older superior man.

Just before I was about to make reservations at the farm, they had a shake up. The Master had become romantically involved with a visiting slave, and offered him the position of alpha slave if he would move to the farm. He accepted the offer and moved to the farm, where he stayed with the Master in his quarters. My friend was then put under the control of the new alpha slave, who gave him the choice of becoming his or leave the farm. My friend had feeling for the Master, so he chose to stay on the farm as a pig. The new alpha slave did everything he could to make life miserable for his pig. My friend underwent extreme beatings, and any number of other harsh treatments. My friend was made to lay in mud, have his face pushed into the mud by the alpha's boot, pissed on, and anything the alpha could think of to humiliate his pig.

I would with my friend whenever we got the chance, and would try comfort him. What I really hated was that he was accepting his treatment, and was beginning to enjoy some of the abuse. I would tell him, that I felt he was too good a person to accept being their pig. I told him how much admired him, and even the fact that he was able to endure all the abuse he was going through. I ask him if he could help me learn to be a pig, so that I could try some of the things he was doing as a pig. He agreed, and would give me encouragement to try things with dominant men in my area. I found myself doing things I thought I could never do or endure, and found myself enjoying being a pig.

I'm not sure of all the details, but something happened and my friend fled from the farm. Later my friend tried to mend things, and wanted to return to the farm. He and the Master came close to getting things worked out between them, but the alpha stepped in, and the end result was my friend (the pig} was ban from the farm.

As a result of all that happened by friend got out of BDSM. I continued to correspond with my friend, and tell him how glad I was that he had gotten out of BDSM. I had been afraid he would be permanently injured, or worse, and had wanted him to give up being a pig.

Not sure exactly how it came about, but little by little my friend became the dominant one in our relationship. I had been calling myself his pig, while he was helping with my pig training. He would always start our correspondence out by calling me PIG, and I would always call him by his name. One day he ask me why I had always called him by his name, and had never used the term PIG when referring to him.

I told him I had always admired him, thought of him as someone superior, someone who should never have been treated as a submissive. I told him I had a deep respect for him as a man from the very beginning. He said he was beginning to enjoy the respect of others around him. He had taken a prestigious job, and was doing great, getting complements from his boss and everyone he dealt with on the job. I was using a name that was given to him by visitors to the slave farm. It was a name showing authority (Sarge) his rank in the Army, and his authority over the visiting slaves as the alpha. He ask me not to call him Sarge anymore, and if I really wanted to show him respect to address him as SIR.

I told him I would be honored to address him as SIR, that I had always viewed him as a superior and had great respect for him. We continued to correspond, and exchange our feelings with one another. He would help me try different thing with guys I would get with as a pig. One day we were chatting and I don't remember what I said, but he came back with the statement you are my PIG. I ask him if he was kidding, or if he was serious. He said he was serious, that he come to the conclusion I need a Master, and he wanted me as hi PIG. I told him that would be fine with me, that I would having him as a Master.

A friend of mine ask if I would like to make my relationship official, that I could register on the Slave Register. The Slave Register would show I belonged to my new Master. I jumped at the chance, and I'm now registered as the slave property of my Master.

I have been given rules I must follow when with my Master, and restrictions to my activities when on my own. I drop to my knees and bow when we get together, he attaches his leash to my collar, and I service his cock while on my knees. He then puts me through my duties and uses me as his PIG.

When we attend a gay camp ground, I'm kept naked, wearing my collar, the entire time we're there. I can speak only when given permission by Master, while at the camp. I have to service whomever Master tells me to service, and cannot allow myself to be serviced without Master's permission.

My friend the extreme pig slave, has transformed into a Master, who I serve and respect. I, on the other hand, have transformed from a shy submisssive man to a slave pig.

This is the story of two pigs and their transformation.

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