Out of Shape

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Ugh. I had just climbed out of the shower. There in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door I saw myself. I was getting a gut. Not a one, but there it was. I had always prided myself in taking good care of my body and I didn't like what I saw. I was one month in on a three month lay off from work while they retooled the factory and I was definitely getting lazy- sitting around the house all day eating nothing but crap and getting zero exercise. I dried off and walked out into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. There on the counter was yesterday's mail, unopened. I picked up the pile and started to thumb through it and came across a post card from a local 24-hour fitness center.

Hmmm.... $10 a month, no entry fee. I had never been the "gym" type of - but hey. It was cheap and of all, open 24/7. I was a nighttime person, having worked second shit my entire career. What the hell? I picked up the phone and gave them a call. The gentleman on the line suggested a tour and said he had a 7 PM opening. It was already 4 PM. I told him "Fine- see you at 7PM" and that was that.

I arrived and was given the tour. I did notice, however, that the place was packed. Plenty of machines, cardio equipment and the such, but almost everyone was in use. "How's the crowd after midnight?" I asked. Tom, the guy giving me the tour, replied "Pretty empty. I've worked the late night shift before and some nights the place was empty for a couple hours at a time."

"Great" I replied, "Can you show me the locker room?" Tom led me off down a short hall and we entered the locker room. "You can either rent a lock from us for a buck or bring your own. Lockers aren't reserved- it's first come first serve and be sure to clear all your stuff out. If we find a lock left on for more than a day, we cut it off and hold the stuff behind the counter" Tom flatly stated. He showed me the showers- an open room, no stalls. Down a little hall we went off to the side of the showers. "We have a steam room and a dry sauna for your use.

Both are closed down for cleaning between 4 AM and 6 AM." Just then the dry sauna door opened and out walked an older gentleman, towel wrapped around his waist. He gave me an embarrassed glance and continued towards the showers. Not a second later a younger man emerged from the sauna, towel around his waist too- and the clear outline of a partial hard-on sticking sideways under the towel. Tom just shook his head as the guy walked by. I let out a little chuckle. "Damnit," Tom stated, "sorry about that. We've had some problems. Looks like I'll have to check in here more often."

We returned to the desk and I filled out all the required forms. On the bottom of one of the forms was a paragraph stating "Any sexual harassment or behavior is strictly forbidden by the Management. If found, Management has the authority to immediately revoke membership with no refund and permanently ban any persons reported or found exhibiting such behavior." I checked the "I agree" box and signed the form. "That's $10 upfront and $10 advance for the second month. We can automatically deduct future dues from your bank account if you want." I said "I'm fine with that" and filled out the automatic withdrawal form. "All set then!" stated Tom, "Here's your membership card- just scan it at the counter when you come in."

The next night, 11PM rolled around and I decided to pay my first visit. I checked in at the counter. There was a skinny Emo-type kid behind the counter- probably some kid from the local college, with shaggy hair, nose and eyelid piercings and a skull tattoo on his arm. He smiled and nodded as I walked in. There were only five other guys in there working out- no women- all just minding their own business on various machines. I proceeded to the locker room to change. When I walked in I heard a shower running. I found a locker and started to change.

I was just putting on my jock strap when an older gentleman, probably in his early 40's emerged from the showers. Well muscled, handsome, with streaks of gray hair on his temples and a very hairy chest. He had his towel thrown around his neck. He walked over and opened the locker three down from mine, glancing over at me as I stepped into my jock strap. He smiled and said "Well, hello there! I haven't seen you in here before!" I just looked and smiled, not saying a word then finished getting dressed. He took a seat on the bench and started to dry himself off, never taking his eyes off me and with a slight smile on his face. I just gave him a look then grabbed my towel and walked out into the gym and started on the cardio equipment.

As I was working out on the treadmill, the guy next to me kept glancing over at me eyeing me up and down and smiling. He had on a muscle shirt and a pair of skin-tight lycra shorts. I could clearly make out every detail of what he was packing down below and he was pretty well endowed. I just smiled back at him when I noticed him checking me out, then continued my work out. Eventually he stopped and got off his treadmill and wandered off to the locker room, glancing back at me and smiling as he walked. After about another 45 minutes of working the treadmill, stationary bike and stair climber I had enough and headed to the lockers.

As I walked in the door, I glanced down the hall towards the sauna and steam room. Just coming out the door of the sauna came the guy who was on the treadmill next to me and the guy who had been in the locker room when I arrived. The guy who was on the treadmill had his towel rapped around him, the other guy had his towel around his neck. I looked over at him and noticed that his was considerably fatter and slightly hard as he walked towards the lockers. I got undressed and headed to the showers, quickly showered off then went back to my locker and got dressed. The other two guys were both standing over by the sinks, totally nude and talking amongst themselves. As I dried off, I noticed both of them looking over at me and smiling. I just ignored them and got dressed and left.

Once I got home, I pulled out my computer and went to a review site for local businesses and looked up the gym and started to read the reviews. Hmmmm... Quite a few reviews reported that the gym had a considerable crowd of during night time hours. Some of the reviews were quite negative, complaining about "suspicious activity" in the lockers and a few were obviously from gay men and reported that it was a good place to meet other men. Now I wasn't gay- but I did consider myself somewhat Bi. I enjoyed the company of other men and subscribed to a men's physical fitness magazine and admittedly enjoyed checking out the photos of well-sculpted men in workout attire. I had only acted on my bisexual leanings a couple times, stroking off with a gay friend while watching one evening and getting a blow job from one of the guys I worked with after having a few drinks with him at his house. One thing I never considered was fooling around with another guy in a public locker room.

I continued to go to the gym every night around eleven. A few times I was the only one in there when it was early in the week. The Emo guy was always at the front desk and every once and a while he would come out from behind the desk and talk with me. He was always wearing the same pair of VERY tight black jeans and, crap, he was hung like a horse. The outline of his cock could clearly be seen on the inside right leg of his pants. It hung down a good 5" or more... I also noticed that sometimes he would head into the locker for an extended period- no real long as he had to pay attention to the gym floor. I also noticed that when other guys were there, quite a few of them would head to the dry sauna after their workouts. I had yet to go into the sauna- it really wasn't my thing.

About the third week after I had joined, one night I arrived at the gym a little after midnight. There were a couple of other guys there working out. I walked into the locker room and started to get undressed. I had just pulled off my clothes and had to take a piss, so I walked over to the urinals. As I approached, the Emo dude walked in the door and turned towards the urinals. There were two of them, no divider between them. I took the urinal to the right. I started to piss, taking a quick glance over at him. He was looking right towards me, smiling as he peed. I took a look down.

Wow! He was hung- uncut and at least 6" long. He smiled and looked down at me, scoping out my four inches of flaccid meat. "Wanna touch mine?" he asked. I figured "What the heck" and reached over and held his. We stood there silently, me holding his cock as we pissed, smiling at each other as we looked down checking each other out. I started to get a little hard. We finished off pissing, and I muttered "Thanks!" and he just walked out towards the door. I walked back to my locker and put on my kit then went and worked out as usual.

As I was working out, one of the other regulars took the treadmill next to me and we started to talk. "I saw Brian walk into the locker room while your were getting changed," he said. I looked at him. "Who's Brian?" I asked. "Our young stud up at the counter. Did he show you his cock?" he inquired and laughed. I smirked back at him and answered, "Yeah- he did. Pretty massive tool." The guy laughed. "Yup- he does that a lot. He just likes showing it off. One time he walked in while I was changing and pulled out his cock and just stood there staring at me. I asked him if he wanted to fool around and he said no and that he wasn't gay." I laughed and answered, "Well, he let me grab him" and the guy answered "Really? Haven't heard of him doing that before." I changed the subject and we kept talking.

We continued talking- he followed me around from machine to machine always taking the one next to me. He was older, probably mid-30's and nice and with a shaved head and pretty good looking. After a bit I said I was heading to the lockers and he followed. I had just gotten undressed and wrapped my towel around my waist and started to head to the showers. He appeared from around the corner in the other row of lockers and followed me, saying "I'm heading to the dry sauna, Care to join me?" I said sure and we walked down the hall and entered the sauna. No one else was in there and he took a seat right next to me, removed his towel from his waist and wrapped it over his shoulders. I glanced down at his crotch. He was shaved and had a slender, four inch flaccid cock nestled between a low-hanging huge set of balls. We sat there silently for a second when he suddenly turned and said "Did he get hard?"

I replied, "Huh?" then thought a second. "Oh- you mean Brian. No, he didn't."

"I've seen him hard before. That thing is massive. Sticks straight up a good 7". Tiny set of balls though. Every once and a while he'll come in the lockers and head to the sauna, open the door and come in and just stand there watching guys fool around, jacking off." I laughed and replied "Pretty hot. Does he shoot a good sized load?"

"Nah- he never shoots. Just jacks off for a few quick minutes then walks out and goes back to the desk. He's just eye candy. Hey, are you Gay? My name's Mark by the way- don't think I ever mentioned my name."

I smiled. "I guess you could call me more Bi than anything else. Never fooled around much. I just like a well-defined hard body on a guy. I have a steady girlfriend and she keeps my libido in check."

"Cool" he replied, scoping me out as I sat there. I stood and removed my towel and threw it around my neck and sat back down.

Mark looked over at me and smiled. "Is that an invitation?"

I grinned back at him. "I don't know about that- I'm pretty nervous about doing anything in public. Don't want to get caught or anything."

Mark placed his hand in my leg and started to slowly caress my inner thigh, coming close to my nut sack but never touching it. "Don't worry- the only other guy out there never uses the locker room. He just comes in his workout clothes and leaves. We won't get caught." My cock started to stiffen a bit, going partially hard, inching up and eventually resting across my leg. "You sure we won't get caught?" I asked, looking down at his stiffening member. "Yeah, I'm sure. Why don't you stand in front of me and I'll suck you off?" I sat there for a second looking down at his hand massaging my leg. My cock went fully hard, sticking out to its full 6". "Nice" Mark muttered. I stood up in front of him and he leaned in and started to gently lick my shaft, playing with my balls with one hand and stroking his meat with the other. Within seconds, he was fully erect, his slender uncut cock curving off to the left, about 6" fully erect.

He worked my cock with his tongue for a bit then took me into his mouth, his tongue moving in circles around the tip of my cock. "That feels good," I whispered and he looked up and smiled, my cock still in his mouth. After a bit he removed my cock from his mouth. "Turn around and let me see your " he whispered. I turned and he reached up and spread my ass cheeks apart and started to gently finger my hairy pucker then moving in and starting to tongue my hole, diving his tongue in and pushing against my tightened sphincter muscle. God, that felt amazing. I had never let another guy play with my ass before. I bent over slightly and reached around and spread my ass for him, freeing up his hands to reach around and stroke my shaft with one while tugging off himself with the other.

After a bit, he pulled back and said "Turn around again" and I complied as he went back to work sucking my cock. I was leaking out a considerable amount of pre-cum and soon felt my balls draw in towards my body. "I think I'm going to cum" I muttered and Mark just let out a "Mmmmmmm" as he quickened his pace and started to bob his head up and down, pulling my throbbing meat in and out of his mouth.

"Oh GOD, here it comes" I muttered as my shaft started to pulsate. I moaned softly as he answered with another "Mmmmmmm" as my thick, creamy white load filled his mouth. He stood and pressed his lips into mine. I had never let another guy kiss me, but it felt amazing and I opened my mouth as our tongues darted in and out of our mouths, him passing my cum into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum either and I was pleasantly surprised at its creamy texture and mild, almost sweet taste. I passed it back to him and felt him swallow as we continued to kiss. He pulled away from me and muttered "Wanna suck my cock now?"

"I never done that before. I guess I can" I stated as I smiled nervously. My heart was just pounding in my chest. I took a seat on the bench and Mark turned, saying "Lick my ass for a bit first." What the hell, in for a dime, in for a dollar. I spread his cheeks and went to work, tasting the tangy bitterness of his sweaty hole and I probed my tongue into his hole. It slid in past the tightness of his sphincter and I felt the creamy texture of the inside of another man's ass for the first time in my life. It was strangely very enjoyable and my cock went immediately back to a fully erect state.

"Suck my dick now" Mark stated and he turned around, presenting his cock to my awaiting mouth. I pretty much copied his cock sucking technique, working his shaft with my tongue and diving it under his foreskin, tasting the slight saltiness of his dick cheese in my mouth. Suddenly I heard the door to the sauna open and I quickly pulled away from Mark's rock hard cock. I turned, and there stood Brian, unzipping his pants. I watched for a second as he pulled out his cock, then looked up at Mark and whispered "Turn a bit so I can watch Brian stroke his cock as I suck you off." Mark turned a bit and I continued sucking his throbbing shaft, glancing over at Brian's now firm, long shaft as he stood there, mouth hanging open and slowly massaging his meat.

Brian stood there for no more than a couple minutes, then tucked his cock back into his tight pants and walked out of the sauna. I went back to work on Mark's cock.

Minutes later I heard Mark mutter "Dude, I'm gonna blast. Let me cum all over your face!" I pulled away, placing my face right in front of Mark's twitching shaft. He pulled back his foreskin and started to furiously stroke his cock. Damn. Blast was right. I mean FUCK- this guy was a power shooter. The first spurt shot far over my head, then the second blasted right into my eye. I quickly shut my one eye he blasted in- it stung a bit- and blast after blast of his thin, yellowish load just coated my face. I had never seen so much cream shoot from another dude's cock in my entire life.

After he finished, I looked up at him and muttered "Fuck, man- that was amazing!" He smiled, reached over and started to rub his cum all over my face. I stood and then he leaned over and licked me clean and dove his tongue into my mouth, passing his load back and forth between us. We both swallowed it down- it tasted salty and had a slight piss taste to it, but I didn't mind at all.

We exited and walked together into the shower, taking the same shower and soaping each other off, rubbing our bodies together as we kissed. After a bit, we went back to the lockers and dressed, walking out into the gym together and exiting the building. I got into my car and Mark waved and said "We'll have to do that again some time" as he entered his car. I drove off, got home and immediately pulled off my clothes and laid on the couch, jacking off a couple times before I went to bed.

Mark and I repeated our dry sauna tryst a couple more times- one time another newcomer we hadn't seen before joined in and let us both fuck him up the ass. A couple weeks later I went to the gym at my usual time, and Brian wasn't at the counter. An was there, sitting reading a book. I got to the locker room and on the door inside of the door was a sign. It read' There have been complaints of sexual activity going on in the locker room. This will not be tolerated as per the guidelines of our contract. Any further activity will result in the immediate expulsion of any one caught." That was that- no more fun at the gym.

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