Our Crazy Day: Story of Two Young Studs

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was one of those days that you knew that something was going to happen but you didn’t know what. One of good friends and I were going to the movies later on that day. We both were attracted to girls but we sometimes had those moments where you wonder what it would taste like or feel like with another male. He was turning 16 and almost out of our puberty stage, while I was 16 and had a car. We arrived at the movies and got all the snacks and goodies that would keep us preoccupied for the . We sat in the front row where we knew that we were going to be alone, because we both didn’t like having to move so someone would have to get up and use the bathroom.
I was about 5’9” with silky hair, bold brown eyes, with a nice hard six-pack and light tan, and my friend was 5’2” a short little thing with blond hair, beautiful green eyes, and has small but strong muscles all over his body.
We sat down and began eating the food that we had gotten, and then the movie started. We went to go see a horror movie, at that time it was the only thing to see because the rest were chick flicks. As time past a sex scene came up and I glanced at my friends’ crotch to see if he was getting off as much as I was. I quickly looked up to see his eyes pouring right into mine. He took my hand and zipped down his pants and let me feel his nice hot sizzling . I didn’t know what to say so I just sat there fondling his penis. He then zipped down my fly and reached in after putting up the cup holder. We were both sitting there fondling. When he said,” do you want to give me head”, my mouth just started to water. A few thing when on in my mind like what was going to happen to our friendship if we do this, what if someone finds out about this, and what will our other friends would think. He soon whipped out his 6 incher and said,” Well”, I look at him and said,” if we do this nothing can happen to our friendship and nobody can find out about it ok,” he agreed right away.
I look down and saw his circumcised penis dangling there; I opened my mouth and went down on him. He started to breathe a little faster and I knew that he was enjoying it as he was forcing his fat dick in and out of my lips. About 15 minutes past and I knew that he was about to cum as he started to moan slightly, and then bam it happened, he shot his white sperm into my mouth and at first I didn’t know what to do with it. He gently put his dick back into his pants and asked me,” So what did I taste like?” I looked at him and swallowed the creamy substance that was in my mouth, and said,” a little salty but sweet”. He looked down at my throbbing crotch and took my 9 incher out of my pants and said,” Now my turn”. I sat back and enjoyed every little back and forth movement around my dick. He was fondling my uncircumcised dick with his tongue and I could help but to say,” Faster”.
I lasted about 25 minutes because I guess I was more experience and had sex with 10 girls, as to him only 2. I was sitting there as my coursing dick lay in between my legs. There was about 30 minutes left of the film. He knew the theatre in and out, I guess because he has been there so many times, so he told me to follow him to a closet and I did. Once we got there he turned and closed the door, we started to kiss and his tongue in my mouth just made me want him more. I pulled down his pants and licked his dick. He turned around bent over and held his ankles. I first put my fingers into his hole and wiggled them around. I then spit in it and start to pump in and out of him. I remembered butt fucking a girl before so it was all just following steps to me. I got such an orgasm when I was fucking him; his hole was like fucking three virgin girls, my abs were rock hard and he was laughing at me because I could not get them down. It was my turn and I knew that this was going to be a new experience so I did then same as he did. He followed the steps just as mine and started pumping in and out, in and out. I was getting so much pain but a lot of pleasure. He finally finished and I could feel his hot cum on my ass crack and he plugged out. He moaned and started to kiss me. We stayed in that closet for the rest of the night together making out, and using our clothes as a blanket. We got up and headed home about 3 in the morning and never talked about that experience again, but once in a while we both get together and fuck each other up like it was our first time always.

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