Otis and the Policeman

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Immediately after the tour Otis began working on his album for CJ'S record company. Occasionally CJ would drop by the studio and give Otis a taste of his to motivate Otis.

One late night, when Otis was in the studio, and he couldn't get the note for the song right. CJ, who was in the next door studio, decided to drop by Otis' studio. In the middle of the song, the beat cut off, and before Otis could object, He heard CJ'S voice tell him that was enough for the night and it was time to come out of the booth. Otis obeyed. When he came out of the booth, he saw that the producer and engineer had left and CJ was sitting by the sound board with his pants and boxer underwear down to his knees and his 11 inch dick sticking straight up. Without a word, Otis immediately dropped to his knees and began to suck and lick CJ's dick. "Ooh yeah Otis suck your daddy's dick. You know what you're doing. Do you like daddy's dick?" Otis muffled a reply of yes. CJ then said "Daddy wants to you, do you want me too." Otis took CJ's dick out of his mouth and said yes.

"Daddy's gonna get you ready for this rapper dick." CJ then pulled Otis up from his knees and laid him on the sound board. He then began to eat Otis' booty, which made Otis moan with pleasure. After 20 minutes of this, Otis began to beg CJ to fuck him. CJ complied and put on a condom and began to fuck Otis. While CJ was fucking Otis, CJ said "Sing for me baby." Otis began to sing. CJ said "Sing louder let daddy hear your beautiful voice." Otis sang loudly and fully. "Yeah that's how daddy likes it, yeah bitch, don't stop. I'm gonna fuck the right notes out of you. You're never gonna sing the wrong notes in front of daddy again, are you?" "No Daddy CJ' "Yeah baby, who's pussy is this" It's your CJ, all yours." CJ continued to fuck Otis for 30 minutes then he said "I'm cumming inside your pussy baby- aaaaaaaaahhh yeah" with that CJ came and fell on top of CJ.

After 5 more minutes CJ finally pulled out of Otis and spoke, "Get outta here Otis, i'll see you tomorrow at the recording session." He kissed Otis. cleaned himself up, pulled up his pants, kissed Otis and left the studio.

The next day, as Otis was parking his car in front of the studio, he saw police cars. Otis' first inclination was to go home, but he decided to see what the trouble was about. Otis got out of his car and walked in the station doors. When he walked in he saw that the police had CJ handcuffed and were walking him out of the studio. CJ blew a kiss to Otis as he passed him. Otis blew it back. Otis began to follow CJ and the police out to see what would they do to CJ, but a tall muscular , bald headed police got in his way. The officer asked "Are you one of the artist that Clarence Johnson has worked with. Otis scaredly said "yes" He noticed on the officer's badge it had the name Joseph on it. Officer Joseph told Otis to follow him. Officer Joseph then led Otis into the back studio for questioning.

As Otis followed Officer Joseph, he thought in his mind. "This fine chocolate brother, is too damn fine. I wouldn't say no if he asked me to give him some" Just then, Officer Joseph broke Otis' erotic thought by saying "Otis please sit down. I have a couple of questions for you." Otis timidly sat down.

Officer Joseph began questioning Otis "Otis please state your legal name for my report." Otis said "Otis Aaron Baker." "Mr. Baker, how long have you've been working professionally with Clarence Johnson and what is the nature of your working relationship?" "I've only been working with CJ for about 5 months. I was just signed to his record label 5 moths ago, and we just had began working on my debut album. "'Mr. Baker, during the past 5 months of you working with Clarence Johnson, CJ as you call him, have you witnessed any illegal activity?"

No Officer Joseph, he has carried himself as a legit businessman, whenever I have been around him." "Is that right, Mr. Baker?" "Yes it is, Officer" "CJ has never indicated to you about his check scams or his illegal drug and prostitution rings?" "No Officer, this is the first that I have ever heard of all this. (Otis begins sobbing) I can't believe that my CJ would be caught up in all of that." "Believe it Mr. Baker, we have been following Clarence Johnson for 2 years now and we know all of his criminal activities" Otis sobbed "No not my CJ, Not my CJ. You must be talking about someone else. I don't believe that." "Believe it Mr. Baker, your CJ as you call him is a criminal. I really am not convinced that he never shared his personal life with you, especially since you were intimate on several occasions with him" Otis looked up "How did you know about CJ and I" "Like I said Mr. Baker, we have been following and tracking Clarence Johnson for 2 years. Plus we had our surveillance team, along with our company spy bug this studio and his home." "OMG no," Otis said. "Yes Mr. Baker, (Officer Joseph said slyly, stepping closer to Otis) We've heard you calling CJ 'daddy and him fucking you."

Officer Joseph stepped even closer to Otis and whispered in his ear "To be honest, that shit turned me on. (as he grabbed Otis' left hand guided it to his hardening dick). Do you feel me Mr. Baker?" "Yes Officer" Otis sensually responded. "I wanted to feel the pleasure that you were giving CJ. I wished that it was my dick that you were sucking, and I was fucking you. I wanted to lick that beautiful pussy and make you scream my name." "I think we can make that happen Officer, but first let me go and lock the door."

Otis hurried to the studio entrance door and locked it, when he turned to face Officer Joseph, he found that Officer Joseph had already unzipped his pants and was playing with his hard . "Come over here Otis and take care of your new daddy." Otis walked sensually over to where Officer Joseph was standing and knelt down before Officer Joseph. Otis then began to suck on the head of Officer Joseph's hard black cock. Otis did this for awhile, Officer Joseph then exclaimed "Stop playing and suck on this cop dick." Otis readily obeyed and took more and more of Officer Joseph's cock in his mouth until he was almost gagging on his cock. "Slow down baby, take your time with Daddy's cock." Officer Joseph said. Otis obeyed and began licking and sucking the shaft and all around Officer Joseph's cock. This pleased Officer Joseph, who let out a low sensuous moan of pleasure.

After a couple of minutes Officer Joseph said "Oooh yeah baby, you suck my dick better than my wife ever could. Now lick my balls Mr. Baker, lick it for me baby." Otis took Officer Joseph's left ball into his mouth, and began lick and sucking it. He then began licking and sucking Joseph's right ball in his mouth. After a minute, he took both balls in his mouth and put his face in Joseph's pubic area, which drove Officer Joseph crazy, Otis then alternated between sucking Officer Joseph's dick and licking his balls.

Officer Joseph moaned "I the way your pleasing me, but I want you to strip so I can give you Daddy's dick. Otis complied, within a minute Otis was naked. Officer Joseph then said "Bend over Mr Baker NOW." Otis readily bent over. Suddenly, he felt the hot tongue of Officer Joseph on his waiting hole. Officer Joseph began to lick and eat Otis' pussy like a hungry man. Otis moaned in pleasure. "Yes Officer eat me Daddy. I've been bad. I've broken the law"

After ten minutes, Officer Joseph who still had his on, stopped eating Otis' pussy, stood up and said "Mr. Baker, it's time for me to fuck you with my 10 inch dick. Are you ready?" "Yes Joseph yes." Otis hornily exclaimed. Officer Joseph then pulled out a condom from his uniform pants and said "I always come prepared." Officer Joseph then pulled down his pants and rolled the condom on his large member. "Keep bending down Mr. Baker, i like it like this." He then begin to slowly put the head of his cock inside of Otis' pussy, which made Otis scream in pain. "AAAAAAAH DADDY". Officer Joseph began to insert more and more of his cock inside of Otis' waiting pussy, which pleased Otis.

When Officer Joseph was all the way inside of Otis, he began to thrust his cock faster and faster inside of Otis' pussy, making Otis yell even louder. Officer Joseph also began to smack Otis' pussy cheeks with a loud clap. "Ooh year spank me Officer, I've been a bad criminal." moaned Otis. Officer Joseph stopped after 15 minutes and told Otis to lay on his back on the couch in the studio. Otis obeyed and then Officer Joseph layed on top of Otis and began fucking Otis with his legs in the air. "Yeah Mr. Baker." I like this. Doesn't this cop dick feel good to you. Say it, say it." ooh yes Officer Joseph, this is want I've been wanting Daddy. Give it to me, give it to me. Fuck me." Just then Officer Joseph leaned down and kissed Otis on the lips. Their tongues wrestled together as their bodies moved to the sensuous rhythm. "Lay on your side Mr. Baker." Exclaimed Officer Joseph. Otis layed on his side as Officer Joseph continued to take him from behind." "Oooh give it to me Officer, I love this yeeeeaaaah."

"Sit on my cock Mr. Baker, I want you to bounce on my cock." Otis did it. As Otis began to bounce on Officer Joseph's cock, Officer Joseph began smack Otis's pussy cheeks again. This drove Otis crazy. "aah yeah" "Play with your dick Mr. Baker, while I'm fucking you. I wanna see you cum." moaned Officer Joseph. Otis began playing with his cock in rhythm with Officer Joseph fuck him. After ten minutes of riding Officer Joseph, Otis exclaim "I'm cumming daddy, I'm cum-mm-ing, Aaaaah" Otis then came. Which also sent Officer Joseph over the edge. "I'm about to cum, Where do you want this cum Mr. Baker" "In my mouth officer." Officer Joseph, then pulled off the condom and stuck his cock in Otis' mouth and yelled "Take my babies Mr. Baker. Suck all of them out of me. AAAAAAAAHH YEAAAHHH." Otis then sucked Officer Joseph's cock until Officer went soft and pulled out of his mouth.

"Yeah, that was everything that I expected and more Mr. Baker. You've got skills. I might need to question you some more very soon" Officer Joseph said. 'Feel free to question me anytime. Otis said as got dressed and handed Officer Joseph his card. They kissed and left the studio.

The End

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