One Love: Part One

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The bus sways me side to side and the bus driver hits an occasional bump in the rode. I have my headphones in and I am listening to music while sitting on this boring old bus. The bus ride from my house takes about thirty minutes and I'm the first stop so I can choose to sit anywhere my lonely heart desires. I just choose to sit in the first seat right behind the bus driver. I just don't feel like drawing attention to myself so I sit right in the front.

The bus jerks and then suddenly stops and I assume someone is getting on, and I'm right. Two girls get on the bus, the first girl that gets on has dark brown hair in a ponytail with dark brown eyes. She has a few freckles and has glasses on. She wears a pair of jeans with a shirt that is orange and has some sort of design on it. The next girl to get on has short blonde hair and seems to wear too much makeup and has a light pink dress with high heels. She is chewing gum and gives me a "what are you looking at" look. I just roll my eyes and look out the other window.

The bus starts moving again and I just stare out the window looking at the blur of things passing by. I look down at my iPod to change the song but I see my reflection first. I have short dirty blonde hair that I spike up in the front. I have eyes that are just pure blue, and some people ask if I wear contacts because they just look so unreal. I don't have any facial hair because it would just look really weird on me, and my ears are a little bigger than normal peoples.I'm wearing a purple shirt, a pair of dark blue jean that show off my very well. I'm not muscularly built, just skinny and I'm fine with it.

The bus driver stops the bus and I look up to see that we are at school. I grab my backpack and walk into the aisle and head towards the stairs to get off the bus. I smile at the bus driver and he smiles back. The bus driver is old and just seems really friendly towards people. I stepped off the bus and start heading to the main doors to go into school when I see my friend Lexi.

Her real name is Alexandra, and she is on the cheerleading squad. I met her when we were in the third grade and we continued our friendship even though she gained tons of popularity. She has Light brown hair which is put up in a ponytail and she is wearing a white shirt, blue and green plaid scarf, and a pair of skinny jeans. She sees me and walks over to me.

"Hey lonely boy," she laughs while lightly punching my arm.
"Hey," I say while laughing because she says this basically everyday.
"Okay, I have news," Lexi states while I acknowledge her, "so last night Dylan asked me out," she lets out a high pitched shriek.
"Oh wow that's great," I just roll my eyes.

"You don't really care, do you?" she asked
"Eh, I'm not really sure,"
"Well maybe you need someone who you can make out with and do whatever else you gays do," she smiled the whole time while saying that.

I just shrugged and went to my locker to get my books for my first class. Lexi came over and started suggesting people for me to date but I just ignored her knowing that from my own knowledge all the guys here are straight. I walked into science to find the jocks all sitting around one table talking to the cheerleaders. Lexi went over to Dylan the Quarterback for the football team and gave him a hug and she sat next to him.

I however hate the front so I went to the back of the room and sat in the same chair I usually sit in. I put my notebook down on the desk and sat down trying not to draw any attention to myself. We still had five minutes until the class would start and the teacher wasn't here yet, so I just stared at my notebook. Then I heard someone yell my name and I looked up to see who it was.

When I looked up a fist nailed me straight in the jaw, and my nose started bleeding. I was laying on the ground covering my face when the person kicked my in the side repeatedly. I just curled up into a ball and hoped it would stop soon. While being kicked I heard the person yelling stuff like 'faggot' and 'bastard'.

Soon the kicking stopped and I looked up to see what had happened and I saw that Lexi had pulled Dylan and a few of his friends away from me. I wondered what had taken her so long to get here, she said that she was in the bathroom. I just simply got up with all these pains running through my body, and grabbed my things and ran out the door.

When I ran out the door I bumped into my teacher Mrs. Crump and she looked at me with shock on her face. I didn't want to cry, not here so I grabbed my things and went to the nurses office and she asked what happened. I told her that I fell down the stairs because if I told her the truth the jocks would come and make me pay for it later. The nurse did what she could and called my mom to come get me.

Since my mom was a stay-at-home mom she was here in about twenty minutes. She came in and signed me out and took me to the to go get my wounds checked out. When we arrived we walked in the office and my mom started doing paperwork, while I went and sat on the chairs in the lobby. I looked down at my phone and saw that I got a text from Lexi, it read 'im so srry i wasnt there 4 u, they got busted and have detench'. I smiled down at my phone and had a little sign of relief and then a sharp pain was sent up my arm.

"Christopher Peters," the nurse said from the doorway.

I got up with my mom and walked through the door and the nurse checked my weight, height and stuff like that. Then she lead us to a room and me and my mother sat down. I sat on the big bed thing and my mom sat in the chair next to the bed. The nurse asked a whole bunch of questions and mostly my mom answered them. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack or something.

I still stuck with the falling down the stairs story and when the doctor came in that's exactly what I told him. The doctor seemed to be really young about twenty or twenty one. He had dark brown hair he was slightly longer than mine and he did nothing to it. He had real pale eyes that were just amazing, he looked to be about six and was well built.

The doctor did some X-rays and found out that I had a broken arm. My mom just looked at me and told me to be more careful and to watch where I'm going. I just gave a fake smile and followed the doctor into a room so he could put a cast on me. I sat on another one of those weird bed things and waited for him to come back into the room.

"You know you have really pretty eyes," the doctor said startling me.
"Thanks, your eyes look really cool too," I had a slight smile on my face.
"What color do you want?" he spoke with so much strength in his voice.
"Whatever color gets me noticed the least," I told him.

"Okay, black it is," he smiled while he got my arm ready for the cast.
"You look pretty young to a doctor," I started to say.
"Yeah, I get that a lot. I was really smart and got to finish early, and my parents were both doctors so that helped me," the words poured out of his mouth like he said them over fifty times a day.

I thanked him for wrapping my arm and he shook my non-broken arm. He held the handshake a little longer than a normal handshake. I smiled and me and my mom went to the lobby and she paid while I took the keys and went to the car. My mom came out a few minutes later and we started our long silent drive home.

When we got home it was about 1:30 P.M. and I was a little tired so I went up to my room and just layed down and turned the TV on. I layed in my bed and thought about my whole day, being beat-up, having a broken arm, and Dr. Tanner and how he seemed so nice to me.

I slept through the whole day and woke up at 6:00 A.M. I got out of my bed and my room was really dark so I opened the blinds and saw that it had snowed when I slept through the day. The roads were covered with snow and it looked to be at least two feet deep, which is enough to cancel school.

Then my mom walked in and told me that school was canceled and I could go back to sleep. Since I slept the whole day yesterday I choose to make myself breakfast. I changed into my pajamas just so I could be comfortable while walking around the house.

I live in a one story house with my mom and dad and we don't have that much money so our house is a little small. I really don't care as long as long as I'm safe and with my family. It took about a minute to get the ingredients for the pancakes that I was making. I was about to start making it when I realized that it would be a lot better if I had hot chocolate with my breakfast, and of course we didn't have any.

I was really hoping for some hot chocolate, so I decided to go to the grocery store and get some. I went to my parents room and told them I was going to go and get some, and with them being half asleep they didn't seem to care. I went to my room and changed into some sweat pants a plain tee-shirt. I then put my snow boots on and grabbed my jacket and went out the front door to start walking to the grocery store.

My parents won't let me get my drivers license for who knows why so I'm stuck walking to the grocery store. I checked my phone and it read 6:50 and it would take me at least thirty minutes to walk to the store and the store doesn't open until 8:00

I choose to walk very slowly so I didn't have to stand in front of the store for a while. As I was walking I stared thinking about random things like what do other people do when we have a snow day. My mind tends to wonder when I'm not fully focused.

I continued kicking the snow around while I walked through the very slowly melting snow when I noticed a bus stop and check my pockets for change. Lucky enough for me I actually had change in my pocket, so I went over to the bus stop and brushed the snow off the bench so I could sit down.

I started to think that the bus wasn't going to come because of the snow but the roads were pretty clear so I decided to just wait it out. Ten minutes past and the bus still didn't come so I just decided to start walking again.

I continued to walk on what I thought was the sidewalk when I notice a car coming my way down the street. I thought to myself that this was just any ordinary car, and as it got closer my heart beated faster thinking of all the different possibilities that could turn up. The car sure enough did pass by me and I gave a sigh of relief knowing I was fine.

I checked my phone and saw that my older brother texted me, and since he's in the Army I got excited seeing that I might get to see him. I typed my passcode in and read the message in my head 'hey lil bro im comin home in a week and havin a want 2 no if u can make it.' I texted back immediately 'yea cant wait 4 the party.'

I checked the time and it said 7:30 A.M. which meant that the store opened in thirty minutes. I choose to take a longer route through the woods right by here so I didn't look like an idiot standing in the snow waiting for it to open.

I stepped out in the road and started walking across the street. I could hear the crunch of the snow under my feet as I stepped each step. I made it to the other side and entered the woods. Each tree was covered in snow and it looked so beautiful with all the branches covered in snow.

I had to stop and just look around at all the trees because nature is just so amazing. I feel that whatever nature produces is better than anything else on Earth. I then started to think about all the things in my life and how my arm is broken and how some people in this world don't give a care about other in thisssssssssssssssss.........

The next thing I am having a real hard time breathing and someone is choking me. I feel someone start to rub something on my neck and it's cutting me. I grabbed the persons arm and tried to pull it off. The person holding me let go and I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw that the person attacking me was Dylan.

"Hey faggot, what are you doing out here all by yourself?" he asked with a slight grin on his face

All I could do was cough and I looked up at him with a look of disgust and then back at the ground. I coughed again and this time blood came out of my mouth. I tried to get up by using a tree but Dylan came over and kicked me back down to the ground.

"Don't bother getting up, fag," he seemed to be enjoying this. "I'm going to give you what you like, okay?"

Dylan started to unbuckle his jeans, he then undid the zipper. My lip quivered because I knew he was going to rape me right here and right now. I tried to crawl away but before I could Dylan grabbed my head and turned me around. The next thing that I saw was Dylan's dick being shoved into my mouth.

I gagged and he didn't care he just moaned and yelled things like 'suck it, fag' and 'fuck yea bitch' I on the other hand was helpless and I was starting to feel a little dizzy. He continued face fucking me and didn't seem to want to stop.

Then all the sudden Dylan stopped shoving his dick in my mouth. I looked up and saw a real wicked smile spread across his face. He then kicked me in the side and I fell into the cold snow while he stroked his own dick for pleasure. I pulled myself out of the snow and Dylan pulled me up on my feet.

I could barely keep myself standing so I had to grab onto a tree for support when I feel Dylan grab my shirt and pull me close to him. He laughs in my ear then grabs the waistband of my sweat pants and pulls them down, and he lets them go to my knees. Then the frozen cold air bites my ass and I start to become cold. My teeth start to chatter and I begin to shiver.

I hear Dylan spit on his hand and then rub his dick a few times before he just shoves the whole thing up my hole. Since this is my first time ever being fucked his cock hurt so bad it felt like my hole was on fire and would never stop. His dick kept moving in and out of me and it was pure torture.

I screamed loud and every time I screamed Dylan would slap my ass to make me shut up. He grabbed my hair and pulled back on it so my back would be arched and so uncomfortable. I started to cry and Dylan showed no sign of stopping and kept fucking my abused ass.

All at once I heard Dylan moan really load and he pulled really hard on my hair and shirt. I soon felt a warm liquid in my ass and I knew that he had shot his load in my ass and the torture had just about finished.

"Your good fag boy," Dylan said to me as he put his clothes back on and started to walk away leaving me here on the cold, snowy ground.

I looked down at the snow and saw the red pool of blood that had come from the slice Dylan made in it. I quickly pulled my pants back on and tried to do my best to cover the redsnow with other snow so it didn't look really obvious that anything had happened. I put my hood on my head put my head down and started walking towards home.

*** End of Part One

Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how my story was. Let me know if you want me to continue writing this or not. Please, I am open to suggestions just comment and rate my story to let me know how I did.

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