On the Way to Denver

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Tom and Max had known each other since grade school. At age 18 Max came out of the closet- as Tom always suspected he was gayer than the Queen of England. Tom wasn't gay, but the fact that Max was didn't bother him a bit. They did everything together- and one of their loves was music. Both of them were huge fans of Americana music. Rock didn't do it for them and they thought Country was just lame. Fish and the Grateful Dead were their groups of choice and they listened to them constantly. When they heard Fish was playing at Red Rocks in Colorado, they had to go,

Tom and Max had driven all day- up at 5:00 AM, a quick breakfast, bags in the car and a quick stop to gas up. The hit the freeway at precisely 6:00 AM on a drive from Chicago to Denver. They planned on getting as far into Nebraska as they could the first day, find a cheap hotel to spend the night in then hit the road as early as possible. The Fish Concert started at 8 PM the next day and they still had to scrounge for scalped tickets once they got there.

By about 8 PM they had both had it. They had smoked a couple J's driving and the weed hit them pretty hard. Tom saw a sign for a Day's Inn two exits ahead and they decided to pull in and call it a day. Max pulled into the hotel lot and sat in the car while Tom checked in. Fifteen minutes later, Tom appeared back at the car. There was only one room still available and it only had one queen-sized bed. Max was fine with that- he was planning on crashing the second they got in the room.

They got to the room and Max immediately stripped down to his boxers and climbed into the bed. Tom turned on the TV then opened his bag and pulled out a pint of tequila. The two passed the bottle back and forth silently while watching some stupid sitcom on the television then Max got up and turned off the TV while Tom went into the bathroom. After a few, Tom stripped down and climbed into the bed.

"That was some drive," muttered Tom.

"Yeah. Hopefully we can make it to Denver by noon and find a hotel near Morrison then head to the arena and get some tickets." answered Max.

"I still can't believe that couple we passed this afternoon. Gotta say, that was a first for me. Top down for everyone to see and that chick is leaned over sucking of the while he's driving."

"Got that right. I still can't get over the size of that dude's dick. She pulled her head up just as I looked over and that thing had to be all of ten inches. Too bad you had to keep your eyes on the road."

"Shit dude- that's all you been talking about since we saw that. The guy's . You'd think you never saw one before! I caught a quick glimpse of it. It wasn't all that ."

"What do you mean? Fuck- I was staring at it for a good couple minutes. It was huge!"

"You're so full of shit. You wouldn't know a big cock if one was right in your face with your little pin dick."

"You should talk, asshole. I've seen yours before and it ain't all that big."

"You never seen it hard, jerk-face. I'm a grower, not a show-er."

"Yeah, right. There's no way your as big as that dude was."

"Want me to prove it? Then maybe you's shut the fuck up and let me get to sleep."

"Yeah- come on asshole- pull it out and let me see it."

"You're such a faggot. All you want is to see cock!"

"What, you gonna chicken out? Come on- pull it out and get it hard. You think your so huge, then I want to see it."

"Dude, I'm not pulling my dick out just so you can get your rocks off! Besides, why do you think my brother calls me Bo. It's short for Boa Constrictor cuz my cock's so big."

"Haha. Come on, prove it. Show me."

"Are you gonna shut up if I do?"

"Yeah- come on asshole. Pull it out. If you say you're so big then I want to see it."

"Okay- you asked for it."

Tom threw off the covers of the bed then pulled down his underwear. "Give me a second to get it hard- I'll show you a big cock." He reached down and took his shaft in his hand then slowly started to stroke it. Max was staring intently, with a stupid half-, half stoned look on his face. Slowly the blood started to flow into his flaccid five inches- and it grew. And grew.

Max's mouth dropped open and his grin went away. "Fuck, Bro! What do you feed that thing? Holy shit!" Tom's cock was now rock hard and had almost doubled in size. "You ever measure it? I mean, fuck! I've seen my fair share of porn and I've never seen a cock grow that much!"

"Told you so. I measured it once- 8.5 inches. Now let's see yours, pin-dick. You say you're not that small. Prove it."

Down came Max's boxers. No need for him to work it up-just the sight of watching Tom's member swell up did the trick. His cock was hard as a rock, curving a bit to the left, and a nice fat 7 inches. "See, fucker? Not so small, huh?"

Tom laughed. "Yeah. Now get to sleep, jerk-face. I'm tired."

"Dude- what's your girlfriend say when you fuck her? Does it hurt?"

"She's never complained. Get to sleep. I'm tired."

"Now I'm all worked up. I'm gonna stroke one off first."

"What the hell dude?"

"What? I got a hard-on. Why waste it? Shit, it's not like you've never seen me jack off before."

"Dude- that was ages ago. We couldn't even shoot our loads yet."

"So? We can now. Join in asshole. I wanna see that monster get angry and spew it's load."

"Dude, you are SO gay."

"What of it? At least I admit it." Max spit it in his hand and started to slowly jerk his shaft. "You joining in, Bro?"

"The hell with it- maybe it will help me get to sleep and SHUT YOU THE FUCK UP!" Tom laughed, then pulled his boxers back down and started to stroke his cock. It didn't take long and he as fully hard.

Max was staring intently at Tom's cock as he stroked away. "Man," he thought to himself, "I'd like to ride that thing." He thought for a second... what the hell. No harm in asking. "Bro- wanna fuck me? I want to feel that monster up inside my ."

"You're kidding..."

"No, really. Come on. Let me ride it. Just shut your eyes and pretend my ass is a pussy. Come on, dude."

"What the fuck. If it will shut you up."

"Lube it up with some spit first."

Tom spit in his hand then coated his cock as Max spit in his hand then sat up and fingered some up his ass. Max crawled over and straddled Tom's cock then grabbed it and slowly slid it into his ass. Tom shut his eyes as it slowly slid in. He felt an incredible tightness around his shaft as Max lowered his body, taking Tom in balls . "Fuck dude- that's tight."

"Yeah- feels good." Max started to rock his body back and forth and up and down, pulling Tom's full length almost totally out of his hungry hole then easing it back down over and over. Tom's eyes were shut, his head tilted back and he was moaning like crazy.

"Man, that's hot. Ride my shaft, Bro! Fuck..."

"God, that feels so good inside me. Fuck me, Bro! Cum in my ass!" Max's cock was just throbbing. He had never had a cock bigger than six inches at the most inside him and Tom's shaft was stretching him to his limits. "God, I'm gonna cum!"

Tom started to thrust his hips upward, keeping rhythm with Max's thrusts. Never in his life had he imagined that he would be fucking another dude up the ass, much less his friend. "Dude, I'm about to cum," he moaned out loudly.

Max was practically screaming it felt so good. "Dude- me too. Man, here it cums!" A huge jet of thick, white mess shot all over Tom's face and neck, followed my at least five more spurts.

"Fuck, dude!" Tom let out a grunt as his load filled Max's ass at the exact same moment Max shot his load.

Max let out a sigh then slowly slid Tom's enormous, cum-coated cock from his ass. He reached down behind him and fingered as much of Tom's load out of his ass into his hand as he could, then put his hand to his mouth and licked it clean. He then leaned over Tom and licked his own load off Tom's chest, neck and face then collapsed in the bed next to his friend.

Tom just laid there silently for a couple minutes, then turned to Max. "Dude- that was hotter than shit! You ever want me to fuck you again, just say so."

Max smiled. Suddenly their long relationship took a big turn to the better...

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